Chapter 511: The Challenges (Part Two)

 Chapter 511: The Challenges (Part Two)

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"So powerful! Not only his Zhen yuan, but also profound sense martial arts are all more powerful than mine. Only my martial intent has got a bit of advantage, but it cannot make up for the first two weaker parts."

On the edge of the battling stage, Li Xiaoyun stood up in pain; blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth.


The blood in his chest was boiling; it was indeed the blood attributed Zhen yuan eating his body and blood from the inside. Without timely treatment, his body would die and his blood would be drained soon.

Popping a top rank wound healing pellet and a top rank blood and qi pellet, Li Xiaoyun pushed hi Zhen yuan, trying his best to counteract the Blood attributed Zhen yuan.

"I have lost!"

Jing Aoxuan frowned seriously, the result seeming to catch her by surprise.

"This Blood Hand Tang Jie, is he really that powerful?" Mo Xiang had already gotten the identity of the four from Jing Aoxuan. But, Li Xiaoyun was still the Edict Prince after all, who was a top warrior of the whole young generation. Even if Tang Jie seemed that powerful, Mo Xiang would still not be able to accept the truth.

"Don't overthink it. After me, there will still be Chu Zhongtian and Ye Chen." Jing Aoxuan had already decided to go onto the stage. As for Ye Chen, who was the most powerful of them all, he should be saved until last. Chu Zhongtian's defense was extremely special and powerful; perhaps he could win a battle or two.

"What is going on? Tang Jie is wounded? Is it because he was being careless?" Cui Yinghao made a face. He thought that Tang Jie should be able to beat Li Xiaoyun with a great advantage instead of getting wounded himself, even though the wound he had received was not that serious.

Ling Luohan, who did not speak much, glanced at Li Xiaoyun, who had been blown away, and said lightly, "In the last minute, Tang Jie had tried his best. But, the attacking power had a flashing sparking effect. After breaking Tang Jie's defensive Zhen yuan, Tang Jie only received ten percent of the attack's power."

Hearing him, everyone from the Snow Iron Region was shocked. With only one look, everyone was able to know how Tang Jie had lost and how Li Xiaoyun had attacked. Even the percentage of battle power Tang Jie had received in the end had all been seen clearly. It was indeed the One Blade Ling Luohan who had the greatest insight.

Xie Zhiqiu laughed, "It seems like the south region is not that bad after all." Turning his head, he said, "Ling Luohan, it is your turn now."

Ling Luohan nodded. Right then, Tang Jie was perfectly fine to fight, but he was still wounded after all.

Standing up, Ling Luohan held his hands in front of his chest before shooting out into the air.

"You get back. You can hand over all of this to me."

"Hehe... Once you show your hand, Ling Luohan, I am afraid that you might kill everyone here." Not only were the others scared of Ling Luohan. Tang Jie was also scared, since Ling Luohan seemed to be able to see every single tiniest flaw and throw out deadly attacks.


With that, Tang Jie flew back into the café after looking at Ling Luohan one more time before flying back and sending a message to Jing Aoxuan via Zhen yuan, "You be careful."

Jing Aoxuan nodded slightly before landing onto the ground like a beam of thunder in front of Ling Luohan.

Ling Luohan lifted his head to look at her and said lightly, "You do it! My blade will not be taken out easily. Once it comes out, then it will be the moment you reveal your flaws."

"Royal Extreme Tyrant World Fist!"

Jing Aoxuan did not speak as she threw out her deadliest attack immediately. The seventy percent trained Royal Extreme Tyrant World Fist in her hand brought up countless thunders which filled up the sky completely. There was a white fist amidst the countless thunders, looking like an emperor that had arrived, displaying the thunder will power perfectly.

"Back out!"

A lot of people who saw this were secretly glad, since Jing Aoxuan's this attack was designed to force her opponent to back out while she maintained her post. Once the opponent started to back out, it would only make her fist aura stronger and smoother as it went ahead, and the attacks would only become more and more aggressive. It would also mean that she might win this battle.

But, only Jing Aoxuan and Ye Chen did not think the same.

Although Ling Luohan seemed to back out, the way he did it was very strange - even though he was backing out, it somehow looked like he was going forward. It was an extremely smart battling technique, backing out to actually go forward and use qi to pressure the opponent.


Ye Chen shook his head vaguely. Although there was no core difference between the power of Jing Aoxuan and Ling Luohan, the real gap would show up in the battles. Although he had displayed his own battling techniques to the three last time, they would not be able to learn and use it perfectly yet. And, this Ling Luohan had an even better basic power than the Blood Hand Tang Jie, while his battling technique was even stronger as well.

"Ye Chen, do you think Jing Aoxuan can win?"

Tuo Baku had no idea what was actually going on frankly, since battle technique was his weakest aspect.

"Ling Luohan's battle technique is one of the best. It should have something to do with his style of only using one attack at a time. Wanting to beat him, one would have to leave him no chance or time to put his blade back into its scabbard, and force him to throw out an attack immediately."

"Not letting him put his sword back in its scabbard? Continue to perform the second blade attack? What is this logic?" Tuo Baku had no idea what Ye Chen was talking about.

On the other hand, Lin Qi started to think by himself deeply.

On the stage...

Ling Luohan threw out the first blade attack. Besides only a couple of people, none of the rest saw how he did it. They could only see one white cloth-like tangible lightning shoot out of his back and land in the middle of Jing Aoxuan's fist. It indeed seized the moment when Jing Aoxuan had her weakest Zhen yuan vibration.


Burning hot sparks spilled everywhere as Jing Aoxuan's arm shook, the clothes around being torn apart.

Ling Luohan did not throw out another attack after trying to beat her immediately. He jumped to the side at the same second, putting back his blade.


Just at the second he flew away, another fist of Jing Aoxuan's had landed in the mid air. Thunder and light had intertwined in the sky, forming an angry-looking dragon.


At that second, the second blade attack had appeared, and the white light spread out the whole area.

Jing Aoxuan was extremely furious - her opponent was like a slippery fish, escaping her hand once she touched it. Each time the attack would only come when she had just spent all of her power, and the new wave of power had not grown back it.

She was not stupid as well - the moment she realized when she would get attacked, she immediately changed her battling style and threw out a new punch, but with only half of the power. She would use more power on the second attack after the opponent fought back, using one attack to win.

Ye Chen and Ling Luohan both shook their heads.

The advantage of Jing Aoxuan was indeed going forward without backing out, and it was not just physically but also mentally; she had the mentality of going all the way forward, and even if she lost, then that mentally could want to get the most out of the loss. Therefore, she could not afford a second of hesitation.

Indeed, as they had foreseen it, Ling Luohan had seized the second when she changed her tempo, pressing his body onto her and throwing out a blade attack.


Jing Aoxuan had tasted the fruit of her own decision. She had only used half of her power then, and even if she managed to add it back up, there would still be a slight time gap. Hence, she decided to back out.

Ling Luohan chased up, taking out his long blade back out after just putting it in. The way he took out the blade this time was slightly different, as he stopped three times during the whole process. The first when was when Jing Aoxuan was just about to fight back, when he forced to take back his sword; the second time was when Jing Aoxuan decided to use all of her power to fight back regardless of the consequences, since she already knew that she had still fallen into her opponent's tempo and lost her usual style.

Unfortunately, it was still all too late. Ling Luohan stamped onto the ground and jumped high up into the sky, taking out his long blade and throwing out a huge beam of white light.

With both of her arms crossed, Jing Aoxuan was blown away while a chunk of blood was puked out.


All of a sudden, the Gold Sand Tea Cafe shook. Chu Zhongtian with his head full of red hair looked like a mad dragon as he jumped out and attacked toward Ling Luohan.

"I will be your opponent."


Ling Luohan was not caught off guard. To him, any time could be the time for a fight back. There was not much difference for him in fighting back and attacking. The only difference would be that of the opponent.

Chu Zhongtian was powerful. His advantage was nothing else but in his evil spirit body type and evil yuan. Therefore, he had nothing to worry about as he threw out his most intense attacks. He was just like a furious mad dragon; anything that came in between him and the things he wanted to get would be torn apart.

Ling Luohan frowned, as Chu Zhongtian's aura was too crazy. It was not Zhen yuan that had been thrown out by him, but evil yuan.

Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin!

Unlike Li Xiaoyun and Jing Aoxuan, Chu Zhongtian was almost beating Ling Luohan all the way to the ground. Rarely would there be one attack of Ling Luohan that landed on his body. But, it was still not able to break through his protective evil yuan and physical defense.

"Evil spirit body!"

On the top floor of Snow Iron Tea Cafe, Xie Zhiqiu squeezed his eyes. He had not expected to see a warrior with the evil spirit body appearing in the Southern region, since it was so rare that even one would not appear in thousands of years. People with this kind of body type would naturally be hard to beat. They would have barely any flaws or weaknesses. They were also the kind of warriors that people hated to encounter, since these warriors could basically ignore everything one threw at them.


The clothes on his chest exploded open, revealing a cross sword mark. Chu Zhongtian did not care about it but continued to attack, "You are nowhere near. There is only one person who could leave a mark on my body. But, you can try your best."

Ling Luohan was also getting frustrated and mad. He did not believe the other to be this powerful. Since his opponent had already asked for it, then he would do it for the sake of it. All of a sudden, the frequency of him taking out his blade increased. Blade after blade landed on Chu Zhongtian's protective evil yuan. With the preciseness of the attacks, one out of five blade attacks managed to break through the evil yuan.

It was an intense battle that lasted extra long. A lot of people had a new understanding of Chu Zhongtian, realizing exactly how powerful he was. They then remembered that it was Ye Chen who had left that sword mark on his body, and finally realised how powerful Ye Chen could possibly be.

Soon, one hour had passed; the two's evil yuan and Zhen yuan had both been burned out quite a lot. But, the result of the battle was still unclear.

Once Ling Luohan's Zhen yuan weakened, it would mean his loss. But, once Chu Zhongtian's evil yuan weakened, he might also lose as well, because the natural defense of his evil spirit body would weaken because of that as well.

"Enough! This battle will be a draw."

Xie Zhiqiu did not prepare to continue watching this kind of battle; it was awful to look at.

"Chu Zhongtian, you can get off now. Leave the rest to me!" Ye Chen had also opened his mouth to stop the battle. Being able to battle until this stage was not a loss.

Hearing them, the two both backed out for a couple of steps and stopped fighting.

Chu Zhongtian made a noise before returning to the Gold Sand Region Café, while Ling Luohan followed to get back to his Snow Iron Region cafe. On the way back, Cui Yinghao flew past him and landed on the stage.

Taking off the whip around his waist, Cui Yinghao's arm waved once, as it attacked toward the cafe where Ye Chen was sitting in. "Get the hell out of there!" He was already pissed off at Ye Chen and his attitude, as well as the feeling that Ye Chen had given him as if he could beat him so easily.


However, the long black whip was flicked away. That surprising sword qi seemed to be compressed for a long time before finally being released now, creating countless shockingly powerful sword qi in the air.

"If you can take one sword attack of mine, then I will let you leave in one piece today." Without an expression, Ye Chen flew out of the café. His hair danced in the air, and even seemed to have a shockingly powerful penetrating power that managed to tear apart the space around him.