Chapter 510: The Challenges (Part One)

 Chapter 510: The Challenges (Part One)

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"Blood hand Tang Jie, Shadowless Whip Cui Yinghao, One Blade Ling Luohan, and ... East Demon Tie Zhiqiu... Oh my god! Why are they here? And all four of them as well."

In this tea gathering, there were young warriors from other regions outside the Southern region, and it was the first warrior of the Snow Iron Region, Gao Hua who made the comment. The Snow Iron Region was only a small region within the Eastern region, being relatively closer to the Southern region.

Another warrior from the Snow Iron Region forced a laugh, "It seems like someone had spread the news of the last tea gathering over there. With Ye Chen and the other three's power, I guess they had exaggerated a little as well, which had caught these people's attention. Now, I guess they are coming to push down the reputation of the Southern region."

"Although we live in the Eastern region, but compared to this aggressive challenge of theirs, the tea gathering of the Southern region is more suitable for us. Let's notify Ye Chen and the others and let them prepare themselves. These people are not normal warriors. Each one of them has been to hundreds of battlefields and still managed to walk out as one of the best." After thinking about it for a while, Gao Hua talked to the four via his Zhen yuan.

"They are from the Eastern region?" Ye Chen's voice came back.

"Indeed! The warrior in bloody clothes is called the Blood Hand Tang Jie. He has already learned the profound sense of blood, and has an extremely powerful attacking power, being very good at battling front-on. He can break apart the defense of warriors at the same realm without any effort. I heard that after being hit by one palm attack of his, your blood will be drained completely. Without the help of top rank blood replenishing medicines, you will not be able to recover for at least three to five years. In extreme cases, people had been pushed to the edge of dying by one palm attack of his. It is very brutal."

"The one with whips around his waist is called Shadowless Whip Cui Yinghao. His body art is just as powerful as his title...People being targeted cannot even see the route of his whip attacks or his body. What is more horrifying is that he used to be the genius killer who frightened anyone who had heard his name. Killing normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors was easy for him like drinking water and eating meals."

"The one who has his head down and wears a battle blade is One Blade Ling Luohan. Every time he battles with people, he only throws out one blade attack, and then puts his blade back in after that, waiting for his next opportunity to throw out another attack...Hence the name One Blade. Because each attack would only be one blade attack, in order to be powerful, he has been extremely hard on himself toward his blade art, making it deadly with just one attack. He is a tough guy, definitely someone people want to avoid."

"And that last teenager with long better give up if you have to face him."

"Oh? That powerful?" Li Xiaoyun's voice came in.

Gao Hua took a deep breath as he continued to explain, "Xie Zhiqiu, titled East Demon, is one of the two warriors who made it into the Central region. His reputation continues to be heard in the Sky Martial City, which is the center of the Central region. A lot of parties have their attention on him. The reason that there is a 'demon' in his name is because he uses demon art, and comprehends demon mind power. He has also been extremely lucky while walking on this path. He had been passed on a lot of demon king warriors' secret arts, and he is mysteriously powerful himself as well. Normal children would cry after being born, but he started to laugh out loud immediately when he was born, which had frightened his whole family. After he was born, he had already learned to walk on the same day. When he was three years old, he had already killed a servant who did not dare to fight back. On encountering him, give up immediately...Otherwise, you will be wounded badly for sure, and even killed perhaps. None of his past opponents are still in one piece. All of them had lost something in the battle with him."

Gao Hua's voice was filled with terror. It was obvious that Xie Zhiqiu had given him a huge mental pressure.

"Huh! East Demon!"

Chu Zhongtian sneered as the beast like demon qi spread out everywhere.

"Thank you for notifying us!" Ye Chen's voice sounded calm, without any change in emotions at all.

Dong Hua sighed. He knew that the top martial geniuses would not back down at all. No matter how horrifying one described it, they would not retreat at all. But, those four were all not normal warriors. There were no tea gatherings in the eastern region; they only had brutal challenges which would turn into life and death battles.

"What? No one dares to answer us?" The Blood Hand Tang Jie had a cold smile on his face.

Ye Chen came to the window of the cafe, "You dare to intrude our South region's martial tea gathering, I wonder what it was for? If it is not something too big, do not blame me for kicking you guys out?"

"Oh, you can try." Shadowless Whip Cui Yinghao laughed, causing the sky to dim down a bit, looking extra creepy.

"So horrifying!"

All of the young warriors from different regions gasped. That Cui Yinghao was like a poisonous snake trying to eat its own kind. Whoever saw into his eyes could feel the chill down their spines.

Ten miles away, Luo Hanshan and the others looked extremely serious as well. The newcomers were all extremely powerful, such that they could sense the horrible qi from them even from ten miles away. Although this Cui Yinghao was not targeting them at all, they still could not stop the cold sweat dripping down their forehead. It was indeed the kind of killing qi only warriors who had killed hundreds would be able to achieve, morphing into a kind of death-like qi.

"I cannot handle it anymore!"

A young warrior who had just reached the Astral Reaching Realm hurried to look away, his face paper white.


It was then that Ye Chen's eyes met Cui Yinghao's. That sharp qi followed his eyesight and shot out while that beam of sword qi spread out in the whole area. There seemed to be countless swords hanging in the air, preparing to attack any second.

"Eh? It is you. You are that Ye Chen, right? I have heard about you before. But, you might want to be extra careful in front of me...I might break you."

Cui Yinghao was rather surprised, and then he laughed, showing his moon-white teeth.

"You don't want to live anymore, do you?"

His fingers clicked on the wood as the killing sword intent inside his sword spirit started to vibrate. It was his first time using it actively. When he came to the garden for the first time, he accidentally leaked out a little bit because of the chaotic qi here. And earlier on, he had sensed the four's detection, so he had purposely hidden away his true power. But now, he decided to give the others a tough lesson for their rudeness.


A huge laughter was heard. Xie Zhiqiu glanced at Ye Chen and said with a loud voice, "I heard that the level of the South regional tea gathering is very high. Therefore, we came all the way here to see it for our eyes. I wonder who among you would dare to battle with us. But of course, if you are not powerful enough, then do not come out and embarrass yourself. Otherwise, you will die brutally."

"If you want to battle, we will battle with you as long as you want." Jing Aoxuan said with a cold voice.

"Alright... Great! Tang Jie, let's start with you! Do not dim our Eastern region's reputation." Xie Zhiqiu said to Blood Hand Tang Jie on the side.

Tang Jie walked to the center of the battling platform, "Who wants to come down and receive their death?"

"How rude!"

Li Xiaoyun expanded his body, looking like a tornado while landing on the battling platform.

"You? You are barely at my level." Tang Jie glanced at Li Xiaoyun and shook his head before nodding.

"No need to sh*t talk...Let's begin!"

Although Li Xiaoyun's thunder had been stolen by Ye Chen, but, he was undeniably a top warrior of the young generation in the Southern region. So, everyone was confident in him, and felt that he would definitely be able to beat Tang Jie and increase their region's reputation.

"Let's go up. There are somehow people from our East region as well."

Xie Zhiqiu, Cui Yinghao, and Ling Luohand arrived at the top floor of the Snow Iron Region tea cafe.

"Xie Zhiqiu, please!"

The top warrior of the Snow Iron Region, Gao Hua actively got off his seat; he looked very respectful, and even had a hint of fear.

Xie Zhiqiu did not reject as he sat down smoothly while the other two seats had been taken over by Cui Yinghao and Ling Luohan. The rest of the people had tried their best to stay as far away from them as possible.

"You guys have lost face for our Eastern region." Xie Zhiqiu said seemingly relaxedly.

Gao Hua could feel the cold sweat dripping down his forehead, 'Did...we...?'

Cui Yinghao sneered, "Joining this tea gathering but not being able to get any rankings...You are all losers! Is this not losing our face or what?"


Everyone from the Snow Iron Region did not dare to speak a word.

"Alright. Let's talk about this next time." Xie Zhiqiu looked over toward the battling platform, where Tang Jie and Li Xiaoyun had already started their battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tang Jie's attacks were very aggressive; once he threw out an attack, bloody hand prints spread out in the whole area. Each one of them was made with the profound sense of blood. Once Li Xiaoyun's Zhen yuan touched it, it was blown away immediately, causing him to lose the upper hand.

"Wind Blockage!"

Li Xiaoyun released the wind power that was sealed in his left hand, forming layers after layers of wind walls. They were all very mysterious, continuously maintaining their active status inside.

"Small party tricks."

Tang Jie sneered as he followed with his palms, throwing out an attack onto those wind walls.




The wind walls were shattered one after another continuously as the bloody handprint moved toward Li Xiaoyun in the air. The five blood red Zhen yuan fingers looked like sky-rocking columns.

"Seven Stars Travels!"

Seeing this, Li Xiaoyun released the star power in his right hand as well, closing his iron fan and waving it at a different angle.

The seven stars were arranged according to astronomy. The second that the move was finished, seven stars flashed once before falling down. The next second, the whole battling platform turned pitch dark, as everyone seemed to have arrived inside the sky, with only those seven "stars" shining continuously.

Compared to two years ago, his killing attack now was twice as powerful. When he performed his attack with all of his power, the seven stars far away in the sky all shone once, spreading the mysterious power of the stars.


Tang Jie was rather surprised, since this Li Xiaoyun was not as simple as he looked. The functioning of this killing attack was something even he could not figure out. But he, Tang Jie, always enjoyed fighting head on. Therefore, the more powerful Li Xiaoyun was, the more fun he would have. He pushed his blood attributed Zhen yuan to its limit and yelled once before jumping high up in the sky, throwing one palm attack down from above.


The pitch-black "sky" was shattered as the five blood red Zhen yuan fingers seemed to form the largest hand of the universe making a grabbing gesture at those "planets", breaking Li Xiaoyun's killing attack completely. Meanwhile, he lifted one of the fingers and pointed at some random direction into the "sky".


The blackness disappeared, and Li Xiaoyun puked out a chunk of blood before being blown away.

On the stage, Tang Jie was not unharmed either. The clothes on his right arm and shoulder had been torn apart, with three circular prints left there. It was indeed the aftermath of that seven stars attack. Unfortunately, only three of them had made an effect, and ninety percent of the power had been lost; so, those were only tiny wounds.

"The Edict Prince has lost!"

"He has really lost!"

None of the young warriors from the Southern region could believe their eyes. It was only a powerful warrior coming from the east, and Li Xiaoyun, the previous number one warrior, had lost immediately. Exactly how powerful were these people? They could not help but wonder, and thought that this tea gathering might end up being the embarrassment of the Southern region this time.