Chapter 509: The Uninvited Guests

 Chapter 509: The Uninvited Guests

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After beating You Xin, Ye Chen jumped lightly back onto the South Rudra Region Cafe. Perhaps people knew that they were not his rightful opponents, or perhaps they wanted to save the top battles in the end; but because of any reason, no one challenged Ye Chen after that, neither did anyone challenge Li Xiaoyun, Jing Aoxuan, or Chu Zhongtian.

Besides the four, the second round of the battles were just as intense.

Luo Shanv from the Gold Sand Region, Mo Xiang from Thunder Region, Tuo Baku from South Rudra Region, and Lu Hun from Light Region, were competitors for being in the top five. Once one of them won the title, the next tea gathering host would be him or her.

"Ye Chen, do you think Tuo Baku will have a chance?" Looking at the battle between Tuo Baku and Luo Shanv, Li Daoxuan could not help but ask.

Ye Chen said, "I am afraid it would be hard. If I have guessed it right, the next host would probably be Luo Shanv, since she has the least weaknesses and highest general power."

Just as he finished his sentence, Luo Shanv, who was struggling against Tuo Baku, yelled with a low voice before using her spear to blow away the latter's lizard shadow while using her another short spear to hit his defensive layer. It was a powerful attack indeed; even if Tuo Baku was famous for his defense, he could still no longer handle that attack and puked out blood.

"It seems like it will indeed be Luo Shanv." Li Daoxuan forced a laugh. As a part of the young generation of the South Rudra Region, no one would not want their region to continue being the host region of the tea gathering, since it would be more than just the honor; it would also act as a push for the young warriors to try even harder. As for Chu Zhongtian, even though he had not hosted the tea gathering yet, judging from his proud personality, he would probably not be the next one, unless Ye Chen, Li Xiaoyun, and Jing Aoxuan all attended, which would be rather impossible.

Ye Chen shook his head and said, "Perhaps Tuo Baku did not want to accept the host position yet, because he knew that the next tea gathering would definitely be one level weaker."

"Quite right. After all, he is a battle manic who never cares about wins and losses."

After beating Tuo Baku, Luo Shanv continued the momentum; not only had she beaten Lu Hun, but also the most popular competitor, Mo Xiang. Hence, the position of the fifth warrior eventually went to Luo Shanv.

"Whoo! Finally, it is the most exciting moment of the whole tea gathering! After two years of training, I wonder who will be the true top warrior of the whole Southern region?"

"Yeah! Although Chu Zhongtian had only lost to Ye Chen in the last tea gathering, he had managed to break it even with the Thunder princess. Then, Thunder Princess and Li Xiaoyun, and Li Xiaoyun and Ye Chen had both managed draws. The result was so ambiguous!"

"Who do you think will win?"

"I think it will be Ye Chen or Chu Zhongtian. One has an extremely powerful battling power, and the other has a unique body type."

"Do not underestimate Li Xiaoyuan and the Thunder princess. Li Xiaoyun's body is also very mysterious, as both his hands have the sealed power of wind and stars. The Thunder princess is training the Thunder Zhen yuan and thunder profound, in which no one can compete with her."

As the second round finished up, everyone's emotions were once again hyped. They really wanted to know who was the most powerful amongst the four.

Lin Qi in his white attire sat close to the walls. He could not help but take a glace at Ye Chen, wanting to see what kind of facial expression would Ye Chen have, who was living in the same time as him but now stood at the top of the South Rudra Region. However, he was disappointed; Ye Chen was still Ye Chen, as he continued to drink tea and talk with Li Daoxuan and Tuo Baku. He did not look like he was bothered by the upcoming battles at all.

Inside the tower ten miles away, people from the South Rudra Region were also excited; it was finally time for them to witness Ye Chen's true power. They wondered what kind of epic battles they would get to watch soon.

After drinking the whole pot of tea, Ye Chen lifted up his head and spoke with his Zhen yuan spreading out as media for his voice, "Three friends, shall we?"

"Yes!" Li Xiaoyuan was the first one to answer.

"Yeah." Jing Aoxuan was very calm.

Only Chu Zhongtian did not answer, but the qi above the Gold Sand Region Cafe suddenly peaked, looking very different from the others.

"Ye Chen, I did not get the chance to battle with you in the last tea gathering. This time, should we start?" Jing Aoxuan stood up as a slight electricity spread out in the air.

Ye Chen smiled lightly as he was about to stand up.

"Eh? Someone is coming!" Ye Chen looked to the south.

Meanwhile, Li Xiaoyun, Jing Aoxuan, and Chu Zhongtian had all noticed the change in the south as well where the clouds started to scramble and thunder started to explode. A wave of shockingly powerful qi spread out toward them, eventually clashing with the four's qi. All of a sudden, all of the qi flow near the garden started to augment, changing from calm to intensive and aggressive, full of hidden danger.


This huge aura would be impossible for the others to not find out. Everyone present stood up, looking toward the south with a serious expression.

"Who is coming?"

As the host of the tea gathering, Ye Chen had the responsibility to maintain the reputation of the martial tea gathering. If his aura was pushed down, then it would be more than just the reputation of the Southern region being lost; it would be a loss of his own reputation as well. Therefore, he reacted immediately; he took a step out while the center of his brows raised up a bit, as an equally shocking qi spread out in the area, messing up the sky and bringing up the clouds and winds. Soon, his invisible sword qi covered the whole garden while pointing southward.

At that moment, everyone was frightened by Ye Chen's aura. With only one movement, his aura had grown to this level. They could even sense that each inch of the space above the garden had been invaded by that invisible sword qi and filled up completely. Ye Chen with his power alone had fought against everyone's qi.

Li Xiaoyun forced a smile again. He had to admit now that Ye Chen had already gotten to the level where he was too frightened to do anything to the latter after two years. It had never happened to him before. Losing the confidence to even take him anymore was the one thing one could not have when facing powerful opponents.

"Perhaps I am not his opponent after all." Li Xiaoyun let out a breath and sat down, You Xin following him as well.

Jing Aoxuan looked at Ye Chen, who was standing on the top floor of the South Rudra Region Cafe, and also sat down. With Ye Chen there, there was no need for her to show her face.

The one shocked the most was probably Chu Zhongtian. Judging from the Zhen yuan vibration, Ye Chen was still not as powerful as him, and it was by a lot as well. But comparing aura, Chu Zhongtian knew that he had lost completely. That dark red qi spread out in the space was pulled back unconsciously, as if it had even sensed the power of Ye Chen's invisible sword qi.

"Hahahahha! It seems like that there are one or two martial geniuses in the Southern regions as well. What a surprise!"

The clouds were pushed away as four human figures flew out from within.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Within a blink of an eye, the four appeared on the battling stage, all carrying extremely powerful qi. It was unpredictably powerful, and that qi they leaked out was just for a test. Especially in case of the leading teenager with long hair, the horrifying qi that came out of his body could even dim the sky like the night.