Chapter 508: A Slight Difference

 Chapter 508: A Slight Difference

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"Apologies, everyone! Ye Chen has arrived a bit late. I ask for everyone's forgiveness." At the huge entrance of the garden, Ye Chen in his blue attire and with his longsword around his waist walked inside with big steps. His robes flew in the air, seeming to have the power to shrink the ground. Each step of his had him walking more than ten meters of distance.

Li Xiaoyun put away his surprised expression as he laughed across all the way, "You are here now finally. So, let the tea gathering begin now!"

Ye Chen nodded. He came onto the battling platform and looked around him, then said, "Martial tea gathering is a place focused both on tea drinking and martial battling. I wonder who wants to be the first one to open the event and add joy to our tea drinking?"

Just as Ye Chen finished talking, two people flew up to the stage immediately. In midair, they both saw each other and froze a bit before letting out a big laughter. They then maintained their speed and landed on the battling platform safely.

"The battle should be mild. Stop before getting too intense. I guess you two can start it for us now!" Ye Chen saw what had happened and backed out, flying back onto the top floor of the South Rudra Region cafe.

There were twenty-three warriors from the South Rudra Region joining the tea gathering, twenty-four if counting Ye Chen in. After seeing Ye Chen, everyone greeted him.

Tuo Baku could not hold his curiosity and asked, "Ye Chen, you seemed to have changed a lot from two years ago."

Ye Chen knew what he was asking. Ever since he carved the killing attribute onto his sword spirit formation, his qi suddenly changed from humble natured to horrifyingly aggressive. And a couple days ago, he had also learned a bit more of the gold profound, so he was even a bit sharper now. If it were just that, it would not have been this obvious. But, because of all of the chaotic qi inside the garden, his qi had been stimulated and resonated without his control, hence the effect.

Ye Chen chuckled and answered, "I have made some breakthroughs on my training, I guess I will be like this for a long while."

"I see."

Right next to him, Li Daoxuan nodded. Being able to change Ye Chen would only be the breakthrough in his sword arts. Right now, although his qi was not as humble as before, it was even more dangerous. If Ye Chen was a hidden sword artist before, then he would be the king of the sword artists right now. He was no longer hiding his power away, but it was scarier than before, because he was not even trying yet.

On the platform, the battle was very intense. Everyone did not stop growing in the two years of time. They had all stepped onto a new level.


The platform shook. It was indeed the Black sword artist and the Deadly sword artist. They were both sword artists; one had comprehended the slaughter sword intent and had an aggressive sword qi, while the other one was famous for his speed, and was great at one hit kills. Besides Ye Chen's battles, the battles between the two had attracted all sword artists present.

Eventually, it was still the Deadly sword artist who was slightly stronger. He had stabbed right through the shoulder of the Black sword artist. Although the latter had also blown away the former with one sword attack once, he still lost most of his sword qi because of that.

Soon, two days had passed.

During this period of time, Lin Qi had battled three times on the stage, but he had lost all three. It was not because he was weak, but because his opponents were just too powerful. In fact, all four hundred and sixty warriors present were mostly stronger than him. Besides him, most of the young warriors from the South Rudra Region had all battled on the stage. Amongst them, Tuo Baku was the one who gained the most attention. Although both Li Daoxuan and Yan Chihuo had also made huge progress, their ranking had only moved up by one or two spots, which was not quite obvious. As for Sikong Sheng, who had shown his face in the last tea gathering, he did not come this time. Murong Qingcheng seemed to be also in a closed-up training right now. So, in general, the whole South Rudra Region seemed to be actually weaker than the last time.

"So powerful! Each one of them are a couple of times more powerful than me."

All of the fifty young warriors of the South Rudra Region on top of the tower ten miles away had their eyes wide open. They did not even realize that they were all holding their breaths in case they missed anything.

Inside the South Rudra Region, they were one of the tops. But being placed in the context of the whole Southern region, they were nobodies. They were just observers...useless observers at that. And, even this opportunity of being able to come here and watch was given by Ye Chen. After seeing these frightening battles, some of them became depressed, thinking that they would never reach this kind of level no matter how hard they tried, while the others secretly made promises to themselves, wanting to attend the next tea gathering with their own power.

"Ye Chen, I will be your opponent."

Sensing Ye Chen's power, You Xin, who was always right by Li Xiaoyun's side, flew out. She wanted to go before Li Xiaoyun and test out Ye Chen's real power.

Li Xiaoyun forced a laugh to himself; he knew it was impossible, but he still could not help but get slightly excited. He wanted to see how far You Xin could push Ye Chen.

Putting down the teacup, Ye Chen stood up. A blue phantom flashed once before reappearing on the stage.

You Xin closed her eyes. When they were reopened again, there was light shooting out from within. A pattern appeared in the air out of the blue as if it was hit by something.

That mind power attack did not land on Ye Chen as he moved his body suddenly like the gravity did not affect him at all, leaving seven figures in one straight line. As a result of the attack, three out of the seven were shattered.

You Xin was not in a hurry as her eyes followed Ye Chen's movement; that bizarre attacking style had frightened most of the people.

"What kind of attacks are these?" On the tower, Luo Hanshan could not figure it out.

Su Wen guessed, "It looks like martial mind power, but it could not be this powerful. Perhaps, it has something to do with the sight power?"

After avoiding for a while, Ye Chen said suddenly, "Are you from the underworld?"

You Xin's expression changed, "It has nothing to do with you." With that, the mind power attack from her was intensified.

Ye Chen stopped avoiding and flicked his fingers, beams of bullet-like lotus heart sword qi shooting out. Wherever they touched, the mind power was cut off and the air was torn apart. The sword qi covered every spot of You Xin's body, leaving no blind spot to escape at all.

"Light Battle Armor!"

The air around her was twisted as a see-through, fitted battle armor appeared around her body, including the hair; leaving her beautiful eyes out.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

After seven crispy sounds, blood dripped from the corner of her mouth while the armor was shattered completely.

"You Xin, give up..." From the top floor of the cafe, Li Xiaoyun let go of the idea of letting You Xin test Ye Chen, because he knew that even three of hers up there would not be able to test out anything. Compared to two years ago, Ye Chen had changed drastically. Just the sword qi alone had doubled its power.

You Xin let go of the mind power around her body as she looked at Ye Chen, rather surprised. She then turned to go back to the Gold Sand Region Cafe.

"A warrior from the underworld... a holy daughter?" Ye Chen did not expect that You Xin could use her mind power to attack at all. Since she could do so, then she would be most likely from the underworld. And her power could make her a holy daughter at some tribes, since she would only be more powerful than Gold Wind Holy Daughter.

"I wonder if that Evil Demon Master has come out?"

Ye Chen thought about the Evil Demon master that had been trapped in the underworld, who was the first master level warrior he had encountered. He had no idea exactly how powerful the latter was; all he knew was that he would not be able to beat him at all even with his power now. Perhaps, only after he reached the Sea of Souls Realm would he have the chance of escaping from him.

"Two years... He got that powerful! It has exceeded my imagination. Princess Jing, how confident are you against him?" Inside the Thunder Region cafe, Mo Xiang could not believe his eyes. He had not fought with You Xin, but judging from the power she displayed, she would not be weaker than him. Hence, he could not help but ask Jing Aoxuan.

The latter shook her head, "Beating him? No more than forty percent tops. But, I have more than fifty percent of confidence in not losing."

After training her Royal Extreme Tyrant Fist attack and Shocking Fist Attack to seventy percent, she could admit that not being as powerful as Ye Chen was already very unbelievable.