Chapter 507: The Pressure Ye Chen Brought With Him

 Chapter 507: The Pressure Ye Chen Brought With Him

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Easy things could be achieved in a short period of time, but complicated things would take a bit longer. However, learning the gold profound seemed to make time move faster for Ye Chen. Every time he woke up from his learning mode, it would have been ten days or half a month since he entered his learning state. In order to spend more time with his family and also work on stabilizing what he had learned, Ye Chen would only go to the Extreme Void every other week.

Within a blink of an eye, four months had passed all of a sudden. There were only three days before the upcoming martial tea gathering. The venue of the event had already finished its construction one month ago.

Right now, the central martial city in the middle of the Mysterious Hills was extra crowded. The visitors' number had continually grown everyday; everyone was talking about the upcoming event.

Inside the cafes and restaurants were countless handsome young warriors. Of course, there were more young warriors from the South Rudra Region. Even though they might not have been able to join the actual tea gathering, they still wanted to meet as many top martial geniuses from other regions; such as the Edict Prince, Thunder Princess, and the Astral Spirit son, who had the highest reputation, and especially their regional legend, Ye Chen. After countless years, the South Rudra Region had finally climbed to the top, and it was all because of one warrior named Ye Chen.

"Look! This is the martial genius that is just below the Thunder Princess inside the thunder region, Beast Prince Mo Xiang. I heard that he had battled with Ye Chen in the last tea gathering."

"Where? Let me have a look."

Inside a cafe, the young warriors from the South Rudra Region discussed about Mo Xiang while secretly pointing fingers excitedly. It also included the group of people from the Sky Cloud Martial School.

"Such powerful qi! I cannot even breath in front of him." Luo Hanshan was frightened as he exchanged a look with Zhu Mei and Zhang Haoran. They could not help but think of Ye Chen, remembering that he had beaten these people in the last tea gathering and eventually became the unbeaten legend.

Mo Xiang made a face as he frowned, "These people are too weak. I have no idea how could someone like Ye Chen grow out of that."

"One or two of them always slip through the crack, you know? I wonder how much Ye Chen had grown in the past years. I want the gathering to start now!"

The Black Sword Artist, who had lost to Ye Chen before, was walking along with Ye Chen somehow.

"It has been two whole years. He must have grown even stronger. But, the other three must have improved a lot as well. Living at the same time as them is such a sad thing."

"Yeah! With two years of training, I had barely gotten where they were back then. Of course, even if I somehow were to encounter them at their level from two years ago, I think I would still be more likely to lose than win...Not to mention the today we are in right now."

There were more and more people appearing inside the Martial city, and the noise generated was also getting louder and louder. One day later, the Thunder Princess Jing Aoxuan and the Edict Prince Li Xiaoyun arrived one after another. On the same evening, Chu Zhongtian also arrived in the crowded Martial City with his aggressive qi. Up until now, three out of the top four people from the South Rudra Region had arrived.


"As the host, Ye Chen is so out of the order. Why hasn't he shown up yet?" In the middle of the restaurant, Li Xiaoyun joked.

Chu Zhongtian held both of his hands in front of his chest, "Don't worry! As long as he shows up in the tea gathering..."

"It seems like brother Chu is very confident!" Li Xiaoyun glanced at Chu Zhongtian and squeezed his eyes. He could sense the dangerous qi coming from the other, who was sitting there was like a powerful beast in slumber. Although it was at rest, but it could jump out at oneself at any time.

Chu Zhongtian made a grunt; Li Xiaoyun and Jing Aoxuan had both exceeded his expectation. One of them had the sky-deep qi while the other had an extremely powerful thunder will power, which were both more than twice as powerful as in the last tea gathering.

Of course, Chu Zhongtian wanted powerful opponents, the more powerful the better. Otherwise, there would be no point for him even in trying to compete with them.

Days passed by, yet Ye Chen was still not there.

On the street, young warriors were seen everywhere. Lin Qi, Su Wen, and Yu Yue were among them as well.

"Having not gone out for a while, I really have become a frog in the well, not knowing the wonders in the outside world. After walking through one street, I realised that nine out of ten people are more powerful than I am."

As the leader of the North Snow Martial School, Su Wen seemed to have matured. But, he still carried the ambition and passion a young man should have with him, perhaps even more so than before.

Yu Yue said, "Before, I thought that Ye Chen had over exaggerated the power level of the tea gathering. But judging from what is happening in front of me, I think he was still talking it down a bit. Lin Qi, I am not trying to talk you down."

"Only with this kind of confrontation can I grow. I do not mind." Lin Qi was very calm.

Hearing him, Su Wen nodded secretly. Lin Qi did not have a high talent even in the windy nation; he was not the number one warrior with the highest potential, or the second. But, his success was just below Ye Chen, which had a lot to do with this attitude toward things.

On the other street...

Liu Wuxiang looked over at Zhuang Fei and Ji Xueyan, "What do you guys think?"

Ji Xueyan did not talk for a while, then said slowly, "Very powerful! Not a single of them is weak. If they come to the Windy nation, besides the top warrior, all of the other rankings would have to be pushed back."

"Indeed!" Zhuang Fei could not deny it.

Liu Wuxiang forced a chuckle, "Walking amongst them, I feel like a child with no fighting power. Ah well, let's just be a plain audience! It is a chance Ye Chen has fought for us, and also an opportunity for us to see the gap between us and them."

It was not scary to have a gap, but what would be scarier was not knowing how big the gap was.


After three days, the tea gathering was held officially.

A thousand miles away from the Martial City was a meadow surrounded by sky-reaching mountains. It covered hundreds of miles, and had an extremely intense gravity. The grasses were even taller than the trees; a majestic garden had been built in the centre of the meadow. It was surrounded by hundred meters tall walls, which was guarded by ten thousand Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, in case people tried to sneak in. Of course, it was just a formality; even if someone wanted to go inside, the guards' Clasping Yuan Realm would not be able to stop anyone. However, there would not be people that stupid, since there would be countless hidden talents behind those walls. Without a cultivation at Sea of Souls Realm at least, no one would dare to break the rules. And even if it were a Sea of Souls Realm warrior, he or she would want to keep his or her reputation.

There were four entrances to the garden, with battling power testing columns at each door.

After thinking for a long time, Ye Chen decided to raise the standard of the tea gathering by a little: only warriors who could score at least seventy-nine would enter. The others would not be allowed to stay within the meadow area. As for within the mountains, it would be their choice, since the mountains had at least two to three hundred miles of distance from the garden, and even Seas of Souls Realm warriors would not be able to see anything happening inside from there.


There was already someone testing.

The first warrior had passed the test with a score of eighty.

The second one was eliminated.


"Lin QI, it is your turn!"

Su Wen and Yu Yue looked toward Lin Qi. The latter took in a deep breath before taking out his long blade.


The blade was stabbed right into the crystal shell of the testing column which made the crystal stones shine with an extremely bright light. It was eighty.


The Astral Reaching Realm warrior in charge said without an expression.


Lin Qi let out a breath. In fact, he could not hit an eighty every time. Sometimes, when he was not feeling it, he could not even get a seventy-nine.

"Lin Qi, we will go to the tower over there now."

Su Wen and Yu Yue both let out a breath as well, walking over toward the tall tower ten miles away.

After half an hour, all of the young warriors had been tested. Although the standard had been lifted up slightly, because two years had passed, the warriors fitting the requirement were more than the last tea gathering: there were four hundred and sixty of them in total.

The garden was huge, with a lot of cafes built within. In the centre of each circle of cafes would be a three-miles-long battling platform.

Arriving in the cafe with the title of South Rudra Region, Lin Qi saw a lot of top warriors of the region; there were Li Daoxuan, Yan Chihuo, Tuo Baku and twenty other people. As for the top warrior, Sikong Sheng, who was actually not there, he had no idea why.

"You are from the Windy nation, right?"

Yan Chihuo was the first one to notice Lin Qi. It was not because of anything else but the fact that they were both blade users.

Li Qi nodded in response.

"Not bad! Another one for the South Rudra Region." Li Daoxuan laughed.

Lin Qi found a place and sat down, looking at the other cafes. Each one of them was filled with powerful qi in his detection, all so mysteriously powerful. The thunder region, light region, and the Gold Sand region were the ones with the most powerful qi. The Thunder Cafe seemed to contain countless thunderstorms, while the Light Region had a star-like depth, and the Gold Sand Region Cafe was covered in blood red qi which was like monsters and beasts.

Right then, Tuo Baku said, "Why is Ye Chen still not here? We are just waiting for him now."

Li Daoxuan said, "Perhaps something is holding him up. No hurry."

Right then, it was still dawn. The water from the morning mist continued to fall onto the group like rain because of the gravity.

A thousand miles away...

A sword light was flying at ten times the speed of sound.

"I totally forgot about the time. But it's still okay...I am not horribly late yet."

It was indeed Ye Chen within that beam of sword light. Normally, he only spent not more than half a month inside the Extreme Void to train his gold profound. But this time, he spent a total of twenty days. Luckily, he had finally comprehended a hint of the gold profound and trained his Gold Resonant Radiance Art to sixty percent. Otherwise, if he had continued to drown in learning mode, it would have been hard for him to wake up himself.

Ye Chen was glad that he did not make a fool of himself the first time being the host of such an important event. He did not want to make himself a joke, or give people the impression of being arrogant.

The Mysterious Hills flashed past as he increased his speed again.

Right inside the garden, some people had started to express their disappointment at the absence of the host when a beam of bone-chilling sword qi suddenly appeared everywhere. It was different from Ye Chen's normal sword qi; it was more aggressive, like a hurricane.

"It is Ye Chen! This sword qi... so scary..."

"He is way more powerful than the last tea gathering."

As everyone discussed, Jing Aoxuan, Li Xiaoyun, and Chu Zhongtian's expression had changed. In the last tea gathering, Ye Chen's qi was still rather humble. If he did not take out his sword, no one could really tell his power. But this time, Ye Chen seemed to have changed into another person. Without even taking out his sword, that aggressive pressure had already made people suffocate. Countless qi had disappeared suddenly because of his arrival.

So powerful!

All three of them had only one thought in their minds.