Chapter 506: The Extreme Void

 Chapter 506: The Extreme Void

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The Extreme Void...The second heaven of the three...

If the first one, the Surprising Sky, was full of pure yuan qi, then the second one, the Extreme Void, contained solidified yuan qi. Inside that gray-looking huge space were countless strange views. People who came here the first time would think that they had entered a parallel space of another world.

The most common things here in the Extreme Void was the floating mountains, which came with all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some of them had formed into a mountainous area. No matter what kind of mountains on saw here, they were all formed with the purest mud yuan qi.

Some of the mountains were completely barren and with only muddy cracks on the ground, while others were full of plants and forests; they were all naturally made of wood yuan qi. Some of the mountains had only one huge tree, which was so large that it would be impossible to tell exactly how big it was. Its branches and leaves acted as a huge umbrella, covering up the whole of the "sky". There were also some kind of unknown plants floating in the air, comprising of miles and miles of vines. The ones that were close to mountains had house-sized flowers growing on them.

Inside the gray looking space were also countless green-colored light beams. Looking from far away, they seemed like strings in the air; but after looking from close up, they were found to be rivers formed with water yuan qi. They layered on top of one another, running around mountains and in midair before gathering to form an even larger lake which was only one of the million lakes there.

In addition to that, there were many fireballs up in the air. It was because of the existence of these fireballs that the whole Extreme Void was lit up nicely.

There were other manifestations such as gold, wind, thunder, darkness, bone yuan q...displaying themselves in their solidified forms.

"What an amazing place!" It was indeed Ye Chen's first time there, so he was shocked by the amazing views. Although he had learned about what it might look like from different sources before, even if he had heard about them for hundreds of times, it did not give him the visual shock that he was experiencing now. It was hard for him to imagine how this Extreme Void functioned as an organism.

"Inside the Surprising Sky, the speed of me learning mental perspectives doubled. And inside this Extreme Void, I think I would be able to achieve double the speed of comprehending the profound. It is easy to tell that the yuan qi here did not form into solid objects casually or randomly. Otherwise, there would be no point in learning this kind of profound. All of the things in here had been formed and pushed by the profound of nature. Even if it is just a rock, it would contain the easily comprehended mud profound...Even the drop of the water would hold the profound of water. The more complicated the things are, the deeper the profound would be."

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen activated his Zhen yuan to the fullest to counteract to the washing-off of the Extreme Void's natural yuan qi.

The yuan qi in this Extreme Void was not just pure, it also contained the profound. Without a certain level of defense, it would be impossible to fight against it. Of course, people would have to be able to tear apart the blockage of the Extreme Void to get inside first. Ye Chen being able to come in and secure his post had naturally proven his attacking power, which allowed him to break through the blockage easily. His newly-trained highest level of Green Lotus sword spell and his spirit body had allowed him to survive the high intensity of Zhen yuan inside the Extreme Void.


Under the extreme pressure, his speed was only equal to that of sound right now. He used the natural yuan qi in the air as a counterforce to fly on top of an upside-down triangular mountain.

"Gold yuan qi normally hides within the mud yuan qi. It is very hard to spot plainly. Let me have a close look at the internal metal core of the mountain first."


Taking out his longsword, Ye Chen used one sword attack to create a huge hole in the mountain before flying within.

Inside the mountain, there was indeed metals created by the gold yuan qi; they came in different colors, such as natural gold color, black, silver, yellow, and pure green...In short, any color possible.

Sitting on a tall rock, he made a grabbing gesture, and a fist-sized golden metal landed in his hand.

"It's so heavy!"

His wrist sank down visibly, which was shocking to Ye Chen.

He poured his soul power inside to sense that gold profound slowly but carefully, trying to see how it worked and maintained its form.


Ten thousand miles away from here, a teenager with red hair sat right next to the exploding volcano.

His aura itself was like beasts and monsters, which was extremely aggressive. It was indeed Chu Zhongtian, who had been beaten by Ye Chen in the tea gathering.

In the last tea gathering, Chu Zhongtian was only at Late Astral Reaching Realm, not even at peak level. But now, judging from his evil yuan's vibration, he had already reached the peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm a while ago, since it looked like it was already completely stabilized.

He opened his eyes, a sharp red light flashed across his eyes.

"Although I have reached the peak level, my evil yuan is not be much purer than before. But still, the total quantity of it has increased by twenty percent. My evil yuan was already powerful, and with the total quantity having increased, my battling power has increased as well. Not only that, the fire and mud double martial arts that I trained have both reached their fourteenth level. My battling power now is incomparable to the me two years ago. In this coming tea gathering, I am going to beat everyone before challenging other even more powerful opponents."

He was proud, and because of his pride, he did not allow any kind of failure, not even once. Losing to Ye Chen was the biggest shame of his life. And this time, he wanted to regain his reputation. As for the Thunder Princess and the Edict Prince, they were both not much of a threat for him, because they were completely different types of warriors compared to Ye Chen. They were actually pressured by him in a way, since his evil body and evil yuan were both extremely hard to take on.

"But, just in case, I want to learn more about the profound sense martial arts. I think that the next couple of months should be enough. By then, I want to use the extreme power to directly beat them."


Right now, the tornado was exploding even more intensely. The fire and mud evil qi combined with the fire yuan qi and mud yuan qi was extremely aggressive and brutal, and the fact it contained two different profound was already extremely powerful.

Chu Zhongtian continued to look closely and carefully at his fire and mud profound individually.


Inside the Extreme Void, within an intense thunderstorm, Jing Aoxuan opened her arms wide while floating high up in the air.


Countless lightning bolts landed on her body continuously. Soon, her body had been wrapped around by a round electrical ball. Her hair danced in the air amongst like electricity, bringing up a hint of dark blue color.

After a long period of time, she suddenly opened her eyes wide, causing two beams of spinning electricity to shoot out as the ball around her exploded.

"Royal Extreme Tyranny Fist!"

The invisible qi flow containing electricity was brought up as she shot out a fist attack, which landed right at the middle of the thunderstorm.


This area of thunderstorm was shattered immediately, turning into pure thunder yuan qi before shooting out toward all directions. Wherever it passed, the mountains were broken, and the rivers were cut in half.

"Royal Extreme Tyranny Fist, seventy percent done! But, it is not enough. I want to be even stronger...Those three would not stay exactly where they were before...They would definitely grow."

Taking a deep breath, Jing Aoxuan continued to search for new thunderstorms, trying to learn more about the thunder profound.

If other people had known that she had already trained her low rank profound sense martial art to seventy percent and learned the thunder profound, they would have had their mouths wide open, since rarely anyone under the Seas of Souls Realm would be able to comprehend the profound. With that alone, she could already be considered as one of the top young warriors.


"Xiaoyun, this is the Above Heaven. The planet we are on right now is called the Glaze Star, which is one of the smallest planets inside the Above Heaven, and the least dangerous one as well. From now on, you will be training here. Remember, you have to be extra cautious, and do not run around carelessly. Some of the god light that contains more than five types of yuan qi would even kill Life and Death Realm warriors." Inside this dream-like small planet, an elder in white said to Li Xiaoyun.

The latter had already been attracted complexly by the beautiful rare scene before his eyes - the pitch dark sky, countless shining planets, and the visible traveling pattern that they had left in the milky way. They had taken his breath away, and also inspired his passion. One day, he wanted to use his own power to step onto this planet.

As if the elder had expected to see this joyous ambitious expression on Li Xiaoyun's face, he laughed, "You don't have to worry much. I have already set a small spell around here, it should be enough to keep you away from those god light's attacks."

"Thank you, master."

Regaining his consciousness, Li Xiaoyun said gratefully.

The elder waved his hand, "You are extremely talented, and you have the power of the stars sealed in your right hand, as well as the power of the wind in your left hand. These two powers are not a simple application of yuan qi, but something more mysterious. So, do not waste your own talent. Try to explore them deeper for even higher powers."

"Xiaoyun remembers!"

"Alright, I will go now. If you encounter any troubles, squeeze open that light ball."

Taking one step, the elder disappeared in the thin air.

Waiting till the elder had left, Li Xiaoyun looked around him. It was his first time coming to the third heaven, the Above Heaven, which was actually the closest heaven space to the land. But in his eyes, this place was too mysterious and complicated. The maintenance and functioning of those planets was extremely remarkable. Besides that, there would be continuous beautiful shooting lights slicing through the darkness now and then, dyeing the pitch black sky with colorful halos, which was extremely dreamy.

"It is the Glaze Star that is under my feet. Using the star power of the Glaze Star, I will definitely be able to comprehend the star power. Unfortunately, there isn't an actual star yuan qi inside the Extreme Void. Otherwise, why would I try this hard to come to the Above Heaven?"

He got rid of all of his random thoughts and sat in the middle of the stone platform before closing his eyes to sense the star power present around him.


Within these days, Ye Chen seemed to not have enough time to do all the things he wanted to do. He had to continue comprehending the gold profound and spend time with his parents and siblings, and also go to the Mysterious Hills to prepare for the tea gathering. He had to be there for each one of the tasks himself.

He was happy to learn the gold profound and spend time with his family, but organizing the tea gathering was a bit challenging for him.

The Mysterious Hills was still not like the beautiful garden inside the Thunder city. There was a forbidden restraining power protecting the location of the tea gathering, so it would be hard to make any real changes. But, although the gravity of the Mysterious Hills was huge, it would still not be able to stop the damage from the intense battles. It would be impossible to switch places after each battle, because that would just ruin the fun of the tea gatherings.

Therefore, Ye Chen had first picked a location at the place with the most gravity as the location for the next tea gathering. He then paid for the construction of the buildings, using the metals that were used to build low rank soul containers in the Martial City. On top of that, he used wood to wrap the outside, making it look extra ancient but graceful. The actual place for battling had been set in the middle of the buildings which had a huge battling platform, with three miles of length and width. It was completely constructed with the metal same as the building. Not only that, he had also laid down layers and layers of stabilizing spells.

Ten miles away, he had built another sky penetrating tower which was provided for the young warriors to watch the battles who were not invited to the tea gathering itself.

Before, the construction of the buildings alone would have cost him a fortune. But it turned out that the construction fee did not have to come out of Ye Chen's own pocket at all. So many martial institutions and nations from the South Rudra Region had fought for wanting to pay for the soul stones. Everyone knew that it would be the biggest honor to be the sponsor of this kind of an event, and they also knew clearly that the location of the tea gathering could not be shabby. Otherwise, it would not be a good look for them. Therefore, they had all assured Ye Chen that no matter how many spirit stones he wanted, it would all be okay. He just had to promise them a great venue with a great style that could represent the South Rudra Region, so that the other regions would no longer think less of them.

Plus, the tea gathering's location would not be a one-time thing, since the South Rudra Region might be the next host of the tea gathering as well. Then, they would not have to bother building a place for it anymore.