Chapter 505: Determining Fifty Candidates(part 2)

 Chapter 505: Determining Fifty Candidates(part 2)

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The two gazes met in the air.

From her gaze, Ye Chen could sense a little regret, apology, and some other indiscernible emotions. She made no attempt to conceal them either.

In his gaze, Ji Xueyan could see vitality; an energy to go higher and higher. Before this energy, everything seemed miniscule like an insect looking up at a mighty bird flying in the air.

"So, is this the reason of your success?" She was stunned by this resolve. His will seemed almost boundless. A person with such a will, how could he be stuck on small matters from back then? He had long overlooked them.

"It turns out all of it was my own wishful thinking."

She was immediately relieved, but at the same time, also felt a little loss.

However, all of this no longer had any meaning. Henceforth, she would live for her own self. She wouldn't stop at Astral Reaching realm, as she wished to see a much bigger sky. Even if she couldn't fly through the nine heavens unrestrained, she would stake her life to at least open her wings.

"Take care."

These words from Ye Chen made no sense to others, and only she could understand that he'd seen through thoughts.

"I will." Ji Xueyan nodded.

After a few days the three left, the remaining people from ninth grade sects came one after another. However, they were all denied by Ye Chen. It had nothing to do with face, but his bottom line: if one had not reached Astral Reaching realm, they wouldn't be chosen.


After winding through Windy Nation's quota, Ye Chen obtained a few rare days of peace. After all, the sects in other countries were quite far away.

On this particular day, Ye Chen was practicing his sword arts by the lake.

During the last Martial Tea Gathering, he had a little meeting with the Thunder Princess and company, having the opportunity to experience the accomplishments of Thunder Princess in thunder intent. However, he needed to integrate Sky Thunder Cut with Stunning Cloud Sword Arts' ninth style. Therefore, he wasn't able to breakthrough.

Today, Ye Chen's thoughts had experienced certain changes; thus, he'd begun training in that direction.

The more he trained, the more his perception deepened. Every sword strike of his was merged with the Thunder Intent, becoming increasingly natural. It seemed as if thunder was continuously rumbling in the sky. There was no mismatch at all; this was the moment he realized that he still had not grasped the seemingly ordinary natural environment. He'd only grasped the basic essence of thunder intent. In terms of application, his thunder was lacking compared to the natural phenomenon in the end.


A blue light flickered in the air and the atmosphere was slowly ripped open, its process visible to the naked eye. On the layer of atmosphere, tiny lightning fragments flickered. It wasn't tyrannous, but natural.

"Ninth style is finally integrated, and the Sky Thunder Cut has officially become a profound martial skill." He slowly let out a breath and sheathed his sword. There wasn't much happiness on his face, only calmness.

Although the Sky Thunder Cut had integrated with the ninth style and turned into a profound skill, it was only equal to fifty percent completion. Ye Chen hadn't comprehended the thunder profound, and before that, Sky Thunder Cut's true might couldn't be brought out fully.

"With Sky Thunder Cut, the Reverse Sky Thunder Cut has also turned into a fifty percent completed profound skill. Adding Gold Resonant Radiance Sword, I have three big moves, and a huge hidden move."

The hidden move was the Sky Thunder Cut combined with its reverse form in Dual Blade Style. The combined might of this move even surpassed Gold Resonant Radiance.

Of course, realistically speaking, the Sword Qi Gale of Green Lotus Sword Qi were much more powerful. However, Green Lotus Sword Qi was at its end, and its potential was limited.


After the sects of WIndy Nation was the turn of South Rudra Sect and the sects of other countries. For other countries, Ye Chen had a new rule: sixth grade sects were directly overruled. Since one had the foundation of a sixth grade sect, one would already have people participating in the Tea Gathering. If they were given another slot, it would be too unjustifiable. As for sects lower than that, each sect had one slot. After all, twelve out of fifty slots were already occupied by Windy Nation. There were not many left.

"Young hero Ye, can we get another slot? My Iron ruler sect is willing to pay a huge price." The sect leader of Elephant Mountain Country's seventh grade sect showed a hopeful expression.

Ye Chen shook his head, "Not possible. Your sect holding two slots would be basically snatching slots from other sects,"

"Alright, then."

Actually, he himself wasn't hopeful either. He'd even thought that all the slots would be given to the younger generation of Windy Nation or Ye Chen's acquaintances.

A group of people again descended outside Ye family's gate; the leader of this group had withered yellow hair. His age couldn't be seen through, and his eyes were so bright that they seemed to be even shining. His body brimmed with confidence, as if anywhere he went in the world would become his home ground. Yuan Qi revolved around him intensely.

This was a Sea of Soul realm expert.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this way please." The housekeeper brought the group to the discussion hall.

The withered old man found the hall empty, so he said in a displeased voice, "Ye Chen?"

"Sir, young master is in a meeting with members of other sects. Would you mind waiting here?"

"In that case, there is no need to trouble you. I will look for him myself."

The withered old man spread out his soul power and immediately found Ye Chen's position, then headed in that direction with his group.

The housekeeper was anxious. The other party's aura made him find it hard to breathe. He quickly caught up and said, "Young master is busy. Regardless of who it is, they have to wait here. Please understand."

"Hmph! Making a Sea of Soul realm expert wait here...Who do you think you are?" The withered old man glanced at the housekeeper.

Deng Deng Deng!

With that, the housekeeper retreated for several steps, leaking a trace of blood from his mouth. As a Sea of Soul realm expert, the old man's gaze was lethal; not to mention the fact that the housekeeper was merely a mid Clasping Yuan martial artist.

In the courtyard, Ye Chen felt somebody's soul power sweeping past him. He creased his brows and tracked the source of soul power. As he did, he saw the old man injuring the housekeeper with his will infused gaze, causing a cold light to flicker in his eyes.

Following loud sounds of footsteps, the group arrived in Ye Chen's courtyard.

Entering the courtyard, the old man glanced at Ye Chen, "Are you Ye Chen?"

"I am." Ye Chen looked straight at the old man.

"I am Lunarlight Country's seventh ranked sect, Swallowing Moon Sect's supreme elder. These are my sect's six most outstanding disciples. Have them enter the list of fifty candidates." The yellow-haired old man was Huang Lin, called Yellow-haired Spirit Warrior in the martial world. He had entered the Sea of Soul realm in the recent years. If not for Swallowing Moon Sect's Astral Reaching experts being a bit too lacking, he would have long proclaimed the sect as South Rudra Region's number seventh sixth grade sect. Upon entering the Sea of Soul realm, he had begun to treat everyone beneath him with contempt, and his actions had become increasingly tyrannous. When he heard about the Martial Tea Gathering, he immediately rushed over, intending to snatch spots on the list by relying on his strength,

He thought that Ye Chen would be apprehensive of his strength and would try to look for a way out. Then, they could make a compromise. How could he have expected Ye Chen would simply say, "You can leave"?

"What do you mean?" Huang Lin's eyes squinted threateningly.

Ye Chen sneered, "My meaning is clear. Your Swallowing Moon sect doesn't get a single slot."

"Presumptuous! Supreme Elder has already left so much face for you. Don't try to force things." One of the young experts.


Ye Chen waved his hands, and this young expert flew back while spurting out blood.

The other young experts immediately turned alarmed and furious. But before they could move, they similarly flew back while spurting out blood.

"You are provoking me!" Huang Lin intended to teach him a lesson. "You can't act however you please just because you're the number one genius of South Rudra Region. Don't overestimate yourself."


Ye Chen didn't offer an explanation; with a flick of his finger, a slender green lotus sword Qi shot out.


Shattering the protective Zhen Yuan, it pierced through old man's shoulder.

"Damn it!"

The old man was first stunned, then turned furious. He fiercely raised his Zhen Yuan, intending to go on a rampage.


At that moment, another green lotus sword Qi pierced through his left shoulder.

"Get lost right now, or I don't mind spilling your entire blood out." Ye Chen's cold voice sounded.

"You!" Huang Lin was furious and ashamed at the same time, his eyes turning crimson.

"Do you really want to die?"

Ye Chen stood up from his head seat. As he did, the wind and clouds above the city's sky intensely fluctuated, and a dense sword Qi pervaded the environment. Inside the hall, the old man only felt an incorporeal sword Qi assaulting him on his face. His surroundings seemed to have blurred, turning into swords pointing toward him.

"How is this possible? How could his strength be so frightening?"

Huang Lin despaired, and the Zhen Yuan he'd aroused immediately scattered. He didn't even dare to glance toward Ye Chen. His contempt for the world had been immediately shattered by Ye Chen, leaving behind solely terror. He simply couldn't imagine how Ye Chen could be so powerful; he almost had no power to retaliate. The aura Ye Chen released gave him a feeling that as long as he said the word 'no', his body would be slashed apart by the sword Qi, and even his corpse would be dismembered.

This kind of realm was no longer within his imagination.

"We'll leave."

Huang Lin was about to dejectedly leave with the stupefied young generation of his sect.

"Don't forget to apologize to my housekeeper."

From behind, Ye Chen's voice seemed like sword Qi as well.


At this moment, Huang Lin felt an incomparable humiliation. However, regardless of how humiliated he felt, he had no choice but to do as asked. However, even more than humiliation, he felt regret. If he had come according to the norm, he wouldn't have suffered the humiliation, and would have also obtained one slot.

He had truly become muddle-headed.

Outside the main hall, Ye Xuan was also dumbstruck.

She had already returned several days ago, and was about to return to Emerald Martial School. Therefore, she was thinking about greeting Ye Chen once. However, she didn't expect to see the scene of a Sea of Soul realm expert being chased out by Ye Chen in such a manner. Sea of Soul realm had always been the realm of her dreams, and had been the target she had always been striving for.

At this moment, Ye Chen's figure in her mind became even more invincible, for she knew that even if she entered the Sea of Soul realm, she wouldn't have the qualifications to be arrogant.