Chapter 504: Determining The Fifty Candidates (part 1)

 Chapter 504: Determining The Fifty Candidates (part 1)

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After staying in Sky Cloud Sect for one day, Ye Chen headed toward Luo City's Ye family on the next day's dawn.

Luo City was twelve thousand li away from the Sky Cloud Sect. He remembered how he had spent half a month to return back to his home when he was just an outer disciple. However, it only took him half an hour now as he sat on the flying puppet. If he were to fully use the Sword Light Flying Art, this interval would be further reduced by quite a bit.

Hou! Hou!

In the sky above Luo City, the flying puppet unhurriedly lowered its altitude; its huge wings flapped incessantly, producing bursts of gales.

"Young master Chen is back!"

When Ye Chen jumped off the puppet's back and stood before Ye family's entrance, all of the several thousand members of the family were jolted into action. Some took charge of preparing a banquet, some rushed to the gate to welcome him, while some started sweeping the courtyards; it was an extremely busy scene.

"Chen-er! "

Ye Chen barely entered when Ye Tianhao and Shen Yu had already arrived ahead of everybody. Following closely beside them were one boy and one girl, around six to seven years old each. Their appearances seemed quite similar to the young Ye Chen.

"Father, mother!"

A gentle smile appeared on Ye Chen's face; it was a smile filled with longing for home. He then immediately greeted the other elders.

"Good, very good!" Ye Tianho couldn't muster any words at this moment except for these. Then, he tried to size up the other with all his might, as if trying to see through all the changes his son had undergone during all these years.

Shen Yu simply grabbed Ye Chen's hand and spoke with red eyes, "You little b*stard, you never returned once in all these years. You didn't miss your mom and dad even once during all this time?"

Ye Tianhao immediately recovered at this moment and glared at his wife, "Our son is now an important figure. How can he return whenever you want? But having said that, Chen-er, you should return from time to time."


Ye Chen felt quite warm inside. The members of Sky Cloud Sect were not blood related with him after all. With the passage of time, they would grow unfamiliar. However, the family was eternal. The sentiments would not dull due to time. Regardless of how powerful he became, it would never be an obstruction.

"Big Brother! Piggyback!"

Perhaps it was because of bloodline relation, or the fact that they had a wisp of Ye Chen's dragon Qi on their bodies, his little brother and little sister immediately recognized him; there was no unfamiliarity at all. They wrapped themselves around each leg of his, pulling with all their might. Their flushed cheeks and limpid eyes gave off an extremely cute appearance.

Ye Chen chuckled and swooped one sibling in each arm, then spoke brightly, "Father, mother, I've caused you worry. How about Xiaoxuan and Xiaoxiao? They're obedient, right?"

Shen Yu's face turned bright as she said, "Xiaoxiao is still alright, but Xiaoxuan is a master troublemaker. He has become a tyrant in Luo City."

Ye Chen glanced at Xiaoxuan, "Xiaoxuan, is this true?"

"Big brother, I don't bully anyone." Ye Xiaoxuan lowered his head, afraid that Ye Chen wouldn't like him.

"Bullying is not right, Xiaoxuan. If you keep doing it, nobody will like you. Do you want others to not like you and even hate you? Of course, big brother won't have you suffering without being able to fight back. As long as you don't go provoking others, it's all good."

"Got it, big brother!"

'Hehe!' Ye Xiaoxiao laughed behind her sleeves. Seeing Ye Xiaoxuan dispirited made her quite happy.

"Chen-er, I've already asked to prepare for a banquet. Let's go in first." Ye Tianhao said.


Ye Chen, carrying his two little siblings and followed behind his mother and father.


The banquet concluded late at night. Ye Batian had also attended the banquet. As for Ye Tang, he was still at Emerald Martial School. Ye Feng, however, had joined South Rudra Sect. Since the destruction of Purple Sun Sect, their disciples and elders all had joined either the South Rudra Sect or Emerald Martial School. There were only a few who entered Sky Cloud Sect, because there was simply too much previous conflict, and they might end up being marginalized if they did join.

As far as Ye Batian was concerned, Ye Chen no longer bickered with him. According to his father, he'd transformed into a different person. He'd begun to put the interest of family at the very front, and his relationships had vastly transformed. Therefore, if Ye Chen still went ahead and nagged him, it would be him being petty instead. Furthermore, he himself was no longer a little genius from back then. Although he wouldn't go so far as to say that the current him was invincible in South Rudra Region, those who could threaten him were almost non-existent. However, his goal was the entire continent, as well as the Boundless Ocean. If he continued holding onto past events, he would undoubtedly be narrow-minded.

The past was gone, and the future was yet to come.


By the time Ye Chen returned to the Sky Cloud Sect, the news of his return had begun to spread; moreover, it spread out like a forest fire. By the seventh day, the entire Windy Nation knew of Ye Chen's return. The originally somewhat calm martial world turned fiery again. A lot of people traveled tens of thousands of miles, hasting to Luo City or the few nearby cities, just in order to catch a glance of Ye Chen's real face.

Before the overcrowded Luo City, Luo City Lord, as well as Ye clan's leader Ye Tianhao, were somewhat helpless. However, they were actually quite prideful inwardly as well. It was especially the case for the former; he didn't have a close relationship with Ye Chen, so he cherished this glory even more. He firmly believed that as long as he diligently performed his duty and didn't go showing off his authority, Ye Tianhao would absolutely not allow him to step down. The current Luo City's prospects were looking too good. He'd already begun discussing the expansion of Luo City with Ye Tianhao, creating a plan to establish a city comparable to the Imperial City. As for Windy Nation's imperial family, they would certainly agree. After all, who would dare to offend Luo City's Ye family nowadays?

Furthermore, Ye Chen's statue had begun to be constructed in the plaza at the very center of the city. In scale, it would be a hundred meters high gold statue.

"Big Brother Ye Chen!."

Many people were gathered in the hall of Ye Chen's courtyard, and the speaker was the daughter of his fourth uncle and Wen Hao, Ye Xuan, who was only half a year smaller than Ye Chen. Her tall figure was beautiful; but standing before Ye Chen, she seemed somewhat reserved, and would occasionally steal glances.

Ye Chen faintly smiled, "Little Xuan, let the previous matters go. What happened, happened. No need to overthink things. You're now a Late Clasping Yuan martial artist as well. Keep working hard and enter the Astral Reaching realm as soon as possible. You think you can?"

"I will."

Ye Xuan let out a sigh of relief. The pressure she felt from Ye Chen was simply too big, almost making her unable to breathe. It was not done deliberately by Ye Chen, but because she had too many distracting thoughts inside her mind, which caused her to react in such a way. For example, there were many seniors and juniors in the family who didn't feel any pressure from Ye Chen at all. They only felt that Ye Chen seemed to have a lofty status.

"Ye Chen, we...." Ye Tang and Ye Feng were both nervously looking at Ye Chen.

At that moment, Ye Chen felt somewhat helpless. He faintly smiled toward them and said, "Same goes for you... As long as you think of the clan, it's all good. Of course, the most important part is to raise your own strength. Only if you raise your own strength will you have the chance to expand and protect the clan. Both you and I are a part of the clan."

"Many thanks, Ye Chen."

Ye Tang and Ye Feng both felt quite ashamed, feeling that their previous selves were simply too childish.

"That's right! What about Ye Hai?" Ye Hai was the one who had a good relationship with Ye Chen in the very beginning, and had given him a Yuan Light Ball.

Ye Tianhao said, "Ye Hai is like you, going out to follow his master. He hasn't returned till this day. His mother worries about him everyday... Sigh!"

Ye Chen creased his brows.

If he were still in the South Rudra Region, there would be no problems whatsoever. However, if he had left South Rudra Region, Ye Chen also had no ways to make inquiries, and he quite likely would have encountered some danger.

"I'll have some people make inquiries later on."


Ten days passed in a flash. Apart from the necessary cultivation, Ye Chen spent most of his time with his father, mother, and siblings, as if making up for absence of so many years.

After some time, South Rudra Sect's sect leader, Long Biyi, personally brought three young disciples, which were Yuxia Nangong, Yuan Xuemei, and one more whom Ye Chen was not familiar with. All three of them had attained the Astral Reaching realm.

The purpose of their visit was simple- the observer seats of the Martial Tea Gathering.

As expected, Ye Chen agreed without a word.

Long Biyi and Celestial Dragon God Palace had shown great kindness to him after all.

After the South Rudra Sect left, the following party was North Snow Martial Academy. They had also promoted three youngsters: Prince Northern Snow Su Wen, 'Swift Blade' Lin Ji, and 'Tyrant Blade' Yu Yue.

Su Wen was currently the leader of North Snow Martial Academy, and had a cultivation base of mid Astral Reaching realm. Yu Yue had a cultivation of base of initial Astral Reaching realm, while Lin Ji, who had the most ordinary appearance, had the highest cultivation at late Astral Reaching realm. His body was covered in a thin layer of formless and powerful blade Qi.

"Lin Ji, your blade intent has already reached perfection. You have the strength to participate in the Martial Tea Gathering." How powerful was Ye Chen's discerning power? Even though Lin Ji had painstakingly tried to conceal his blade intent, it couldn't escape his perception.

Xue Wuren, who had abdicated his position for that of Supreme Elder, smiled and said, "Ye Chen, I wonder where Lin Ji would rank in the Martial Tea Gathering?"

Ye Chen thought for a moment and spoke, "I can't say for this one, but in the previous one, he would have been in the lower ranks."

Hearing these words, the faces of everybody inside changed, including Ye family members.

Lin Ji's strength was acknowledged in the entire Windy Nation. In fact, if not for Ye Chen, Lin Ji would be the number one expert of Windy Nation.

Such a strength was only considered lower rank in Martial Tea Gathering. Moreover, this year's Martial Tea Gathering's level was supposed to be even higher? How high could it be then?

This was simply horrifying!

In the end, members of Emerald Martial School came over.

Among these three people, one was the valley leader Zhuang Qingxian, one was Liu Wuxiang, and the last was Ji Xueyan. Prince Emerald, Zhuang Fei, was naturally an Astral Reaching expert as well. However, the latter had not come.

Ever since Ye Chen's rise became simply unstoppable, Zhuang Qingxian gave up on establishing himself as a tyrant in Windy Nation. Therefore, he gave up his position to Liu Wuxiang, allowing him to be the sect leader.

The latter was actually a calm and patient person, and thus, was quite suitable for the position.

"Ye Chen, as a sect of Windy Nation, I wonder if my Emerald Martial School's Leader, Li Wuxiang, and Ji Xueyan have the qualifications to enter amongst the fifty observers." There were still a few months before the beginning of the next Martial Tea Ceremony. Therefore, all the sects gradually found out about the privilege of the host. For this purpose, Zhuang Qingxian abandoned his pride as a genius and immediately brought his people along. In reality, he was still somewhat afraid if Ye Chen would reject on the spot.

Ye Chen faintly nodded and said, "Two or three."

"Three...One is my son, Zhuang Fei." He spoke cautiously.


Ye Chen himself intended all the young Astral Reaching experts of Windy Nation to watch the Martial Tea Gathering, regardless of who it was. Of course, if one didn't wish to come, he wouldn't take the initiative and register their names. After all, there were many young Astral Reaching experts in South Rudra Region apart from the Windy Nation.

Standing beside Zhuang Qingxian, Ji Xueyan had an extremely complex expression. Biting her lower lip, she stared at Ye Chen blankly, trying to see how the little genius from back then had become the unrivaled talent of the whole South Rudra Region.

At this moment, Ye Chen's gaze also found Ji Xueyan.