Chapter 503: Past Like Dream, Dragon Qi Manifestation

 Chapter 503: Past Like Dream, Dragon Qi Manifestation

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Luo Hanshan shook his head and smiled bitterly, "I would rather have someone else take the position of Sect Leader, but my talent is only so much. I might reach the peak of Astral Reaching realm in this lifetime, but Sea of Soul realm is beyond my grasp. Even most of the continent's peak talents take so many years to attain the Sea of Soul realm, so how could I do it in twenty-thirty years?"

To be the sect leader or not, Luo Hanshan had pondered over this problem for a long time. Not everybody could have a lightning fast progress like Ye Chen, even if one strived with all of one's might. At the moment, he was quite satisfied with his accomplishments.

Ye Chen said, "Be a good sect leader... Who knows, you might have a chance in the future."

Luo Hanshan's current cultivation base was at the initial Astral Reaching realm. Astral Reaching experts had a lifespan of two hundred years, so he still had many years left. Who would dare to say with hundred percent certainty that he would be stuck at Astral Reaching realm throughout his life? Of course, his chances of entering Sea of Soul realm were still very slim, which was something nobody could deny.

"Then, I'll accept your auspicious words."

In a few moments, Zhu Mei, Zhang Haoran, and Wu Zongming also arrived. Zhu Mei and Zhang Haoran had already entered the Astral Reaching realm. The former had a cultivation base of Mid Astral Reaching Realm, while the latter was at the peak of Early Astral Reaching Realm. As for Wu Zongming, he was still at the peak of Clasping Yuan realm.

Zhu Mei and Zhang Haoran faintly nodded toward the three Supreme Elders. Their identities were similar, and an exchange of nod was an appropriate greeting. Wu Zongming, however, had to greet them with their proper titles.

The gazes of the three finally landed on Ye Chen.

"This aura...doesn't seem like Sea of Soul realm, yet seems stronger than Sea of Soul realm!" Zhu Mei's cultivation base was even higher than Luo Hanshan, and was equivalent to Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer. By relying on her outstanding eyesight, she could immediately sense the peculiarity surrounding Ye Chen. Last year, she had the fortune of coming across a Sea of Soul realm expert. However, the latter's aura was not as powerful as Ye Chen's; merely his Zhen Yuan ripples seemed more powerful.

"Long time no see! You all have made great improvements!" Ye Chen was also sizing them up at the same time as he smiled and said.

Zhu Mei said playfully, "You know that when the news of you defeating Astral Spirit son and drawing even with Edict Prince at Tea Gathering arrived, the entire South Rudra Region and Windy Nation were greatly shaken. Many people even said that you are an incarnation of a true dragon, proclaiming you as the number one genius of South Rudra Region since the ancient times. Now, every big sect has your picture, which only the core disciples are allowed to look at; thus, increasing the drive of their disciples."

Wu Zongming smiled and said, "That's right! Nowadays, if I ever roam in the Jianghu, there will always be people mysteriously coming to me and having a chat. Then, they would start asking about you. Zhang Haoran is even worse. You competing with him back in the day has become an anecdote, with everyone saying that you have climbed your way up by stepping on the corpses of geniuses."

Zhang Haoran curled his lips, not because he was not excited, but because he had long given up on competing against Ye Chen. For others to associate him with Ye Chen was already speaking highly of him. His most important objective from hereon was to enter the Sea of Soul realm.

Ye Chen suddenly felt emotional. Nine years had passed in a blink. Nine years ago, he was a mere servant disciple, not even an outer disciple. Then, he moved forth step by step; outer disciple, inner disciple, elder, supreme elder...The past seemed like a vivid dream in his mind. After nine years, everybody had already matured. At the very least, they couldn't be described by their former appearances. How could Ye Chen not sigh while recalling the former days? The passage of time changed everybody,from hazy juveniles to ambitious young men.

The only matter Ye Chen felt helpless about was that after meeting again after so many years, everybody seemed to have become a lot unfamiliar. Although they seemed fine on the surface, with his eyesight, he could tell at a glance that there was some unease.

"Apart from having a look at how sect and you guys are doing, the reason I've returned this time is to prepare for the new Tea Gathering."

Putting his emotions away, Ye Chen said.

Luo Hanshan's eyes shone as he said, "We might be able to participate in the Tea Gathering!"

He naturally knew that his strength was not enough, but since Ye Chen was the new host, perhaps they would be able to join with his words. There was nobody who didn't understand the meaning of participating in the Tea Gathering. Not only did it allow one to broaden their horizons, one might be able to ignite their buried potential as well. Going by some rumors and talks, he discovered the bunch of South Rudra Region who participated in Tea Gathering immediately immersing themselves into cultivation and making vast improvements.

Ye Chen shook his head, "Martial Tea Gathering has its rules which can't be broken. Otherwise, its level would have long since dropped."

Hearing these words, the three individuals felt somewhat sad. Indeed, Martial Tea Gathering was not a place where one could enter through backdoor channels.

"But, the host has a special privilege, which is to select fifty people that can watch the proceedings from afar."

In the last Tea Gathering, Glory Garden had a tower which had fifty people observing the Martial Tea Gathering. Of course, they were more than ten li away from the site. However, this much distance was still bearable for an Astral Reaching expert. Although, the one downside was that they wouldn't be able to feel the fiery atmosphere.

"That's right! I ought to have one spot!" Luo Hanshan was extremely nervous.

Cloud Dreamer and the other two heartily laughed. The current Luo Hanshan's appearance was nowhere close to a clan leader. Although, he could hardly be blamed, since he was still young after all.

Ye Chen didn't gave a direct reply, and asked instead, "How many people does my Sky Cloud Sect have that are below thirty and in the Astral Reaching realm?"

Zhu Mei said, "Four... Me, Luo Hanshan, Zhang Haoran, and Meng Chong. Furthermore, there are many that are half-step Astral Reaching realm experts."

"Eh? Meng Chong entered Astral Reaching realm!" Ye Chen was rather astonished, but understood soon after. Even Zhang Haoran could enter the Astral Reaching realm, so there was no reason that Meng Chong couldn't. The latter's talent was higher than Zhang Haoran's after all. Speaking of which, four Astral Reaching experts under the age of thirty was a bit low. However, that was because Ye Chen's gaze was set too high. He was comparing Sky Cloud Sect with other sixth grade sects. For sixth grade sects, four newly promoted Astral Reaching experts was indeed a bit pathetic. They should have at least a dozen.

"Wu Zongming, sorry, but privilege also has a bottom line." Ye Chen apologetically glanced at Wu Zongming.

Wu Zongming spoke, "Ye Chen, I'm not unwilling. Even if you asked me, I wouldn't go to watch, lest others say that our South Rudra Region doesn't have young Astral Reaching experts and have to bring in a Clasping Yuan martial artist."

"Hehe... It's good that you think like this." Ye Chen glanced at the other three and spoke, "You four will go to watch the gathering when the time comes. I'll have a tower constructed in the mountain range."

Luo Hanshan let out a sigh of relief. Then, as if he recalled something, he spoke, "Ye Chen, you hardly ever come here. Can you have a face-to-face with the disciples? It doesn't have to be long, just a few lines would suffice. The majority of people haven't seen you, and they have always wanted to have a look at the real person."


Ye Chen thought for a bit, then nodded. Having a face-to-face was a small matter for him, but it would be fulfilling the wishes of thousands of people. Such an opportunity was quite rare.


On the vast plaza, an ocean of crowd was gathered. All of the disciples of Sky Cloud Sect were present: servants, outer elders, inner elders, sect leader, and supreme elders... At this moment, it seemed as if the entire sect was fortifying itself.

"It's Supreme Elder Ye Chen. I am finally getting to see the real person! This is too exciting!"

"How young! He's in his early twenties at most. How good would it be if I could have him marry me!"

"To see a legendary character this up close, I feel like I am dreaming."

The disciples were extremely excited, while the elders were also excited. They felt as if they had become a few years younger when Ye Chen's gaze went past them.

With Sect Leader Luo Hanshan and the twelve supreme elders standing behind him, Ye Chen cleared his throat, which made everybody quiet down.

"Nine years ago, I was still a servant disciple. In the same year, I strived and entered the ranks of outer disciples, and then inner disciples. During that time, I was just like you, trying as much as I could to become a strong martial artist. At present, I've achieved half of it, and I will continue striving for the rest. Therefore, you keep on striving as well. As long as you do, you will succeed... Perhaps, that success will be limited, but you will have no regrets at the very least."

Suddenly, Ye Chen unsheathed his sword. His blue robes fluttered and his long hair swayed as he slashed upward toward the summit.


A sword Qi pierced through the sea of clouds, zig-zagging through the heaven and earth, and continued on to pierce through the Stunning Sky. As far as the one could see, the sky was being pierced through completely, opening up a rift that was tens of thousands of meters long and dozens of meters wide. Including the twelve Supreme Elders, all the people sucked in a breath of cold air. What kind of strength was this? To be able to pierce the Stunning Sky with a single sword strike while standing on land- this was a strength that could make the world change colors and call upon the power of thunder.

As an incorporeal sword Qi curled around his body, dragon Qi rose up from the base of the mountain while assuming a dragon shape and enveloped Ye Chen. Ye Chen swept his gaze across the disciples and said, "I hope that you all can attain this level one day. Do you have that confidence in yourself?"


The clamor reached the sky, shaking the surroundings. Conforming to the huge dragon around Ye Chen, it became an everlasting scene.

"Good! Today's face-to-face ends here... Keep striving!" Ye Chen concluded.

Next, Luo Hanshan began to scatter people, although many were unwilling. At the same time, every big sect in Windy Nation could feel the changes in Sky Cloud Sect. The commotion caused by the dragon Qi was too big.

In South Rudra Sect, Long Biyi gazed in the direction of Sky Cloud Sect.

"He can actually manifest dragon-veined Qi! What in the heavens is his current level?" Once dragon Qi was out of Ancient Hidden Dragon City, it was very hard to sense. However, the atmosphere within tens of thousands of miles around Sky Cloud City was rapidly changing at this moment. Dragon cries echoed one after another while the might of a true dragon was majestically and tyrannically spreading in every direction. It caused even Long Biyi to exclaim in astonishment. There was no other genius who could break her control over her emotions to such an extent.

"A dragon enters the ocean sooner or later!" Long Biyi sighed.

North Snow Martial Academy...

Lin Ji looked in the direction of the Sky Cloud Sect in a daze. The former clan leader and the current supreme elder, Xue Wuren, walked over to him and said, "To be in the same generation as him is you people's curse as well as a great fortune."

As for the Emerald Martial Academy, most people there were dispirited and bitter.