Chapter 502: Supreme Elder Ye Chen Returns

 Chapter 502: Supreme Elder Ye Chen Returns

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'Slaughter Sword Soul Embryo? Two Sword Soul Embryos?'

Ye Chen opened his eyes, causing two light rays to shoot out.

Originally, Ye Chen's sword soul embryo was an ordinary one. Unlike other sword artists, he had three great attributed sword intents: immortal, destruction, and slaughter. These sword intents were hidden in his Soul Sea, and he could imprint them on his sword intent with a thought. However, such varying attributed sword intents in his Soul Sea made his sword spirit exceptionally hard to improve. There seemed to be something blocking him from successfully cultivating the sword soul and improving his sword Dao.

However, at this moment, the slaughter sword intent hidden inside his Soul Sea had thoroughly branded itself on the sword soul embryo. When Ye Chen urged the slaughter sword soul embryo, what came out was a pure slaughter intent. The immortal and destruction sword intents could no longer intervene.

Of course, due to the sword intent being purely slaughter attributed, its might was way higher compared to before. It had become Ye Chen's primary sword intent in a single leap.

As for the other two great sword intents, it wasn't as if they couldn't be used for the time being. This was because one more sword soul embryo had appeared in his sea of soul. This embryo was an ordinary one like before, and the sword intent it produced would be ordinary. Thus, it could be branded with the destruction or immortal sword intent at any time he wished.

"Just the slaughter sword intent is so powerful... What about when I brand the destruction sword intent on the sword soul embryo? And Immortal Sword Intent, which is the best among the three! The reason I've such a powerful sword intent is all because of the immortal attribute. With its presence, my foundation is incredibly sturdy. I wonder what will happen once I brand it on the sword soul embryo."

Ye Chen could never forget how powerful the immortal sword intent was. It could let him prematurely condense a sword soul embryo, allowing him to easily hold off the strike containing the Dual Sword King's slaughter intent as well as Iron Sword King's destruction sword intent. Without the immortal sword intent, his life would have had been completely different. He would have been following a completely different path.

"Although, it's really strange that my soul can actually support two sword soul embryos. One is slaughter sword soul embryo, and the other is an ordinary one. If no accident occurs, another ordinary embryo will appear once I brand the destruction sword intent on the ordinary embryo. It's no wonder that nobody has heard of one person using different attributes sword intents. Two sword intents would condense two sword soul embryos, which would be exceptionally hard to be sustained by one's soul. As for me, I seem to be an exception."

An exception or not, Ye Chen was completely confident that the road he was treading on by following his own will was hundred percent correct. On this road, he was the king.


"After ten months of fighting, I should be able to go back. I'll bring back Sun Xiaojin and other young Water Apes. As for matters after that, it has nothing to do with me."

Thinking up to this point, Ye Chen walked out of his tent.

One day later, Ye Chen, Sun Xiaojin, and the remaining young Water Apes returned back to the Water Ape Cave through the conveyor gate.

"You are leaving?"

Inside the palace hall, Sun Tai was quite astonished when he heard this news.

Ye Chen faintly nodded, "It has almost been fifteen months since I left the continent. I have to go back."

Adding in the two months of cultivation in Thunder City, as well as the time en-route, it had been over seventeen months since the Tea Gathering. Eighteen months meant one and a half year, which meant that the next Tea Gathering would begin in another half a year. This time, he was going to be the host.

"Then, be careful on your way. Besides, if you run into any trouble, my Water Ape clan can always help you." Sun Tai instructed.

"Many thanks to senior Sun's concerns, Ye Chen will certainly be careful. As for my friends, I'll trouble the Water Ape clan."

At this point, Sun Xiaojin said, "The True Spirit Continent... I'll come visit that place. I hope you'll be ready to fight the next time I see you."

"Certainly! Then, Ye Chen will take his leave."

Leaving the cave, Ye Chen arrived above the Boundless Ocean. He took out his flying puppet and hopped on it, sitting cross-legged.


The flying puppet's speed was ten times that of sound as it disappeared into horizon in a blink of an eye.


A month later, in South Rudra Region, Sky Cloud Sect...

The Clear Wind Mountain in the sect was the same as usual. Disciples who ought to do missions were preparing, while those who had to cultivate were diligently cultivating. Everything was neat and ordered.

On the road uphill, there were the most disciples moving back and forth.

"Ever since Supreme Elder Ye Chen claimed the number one spot in Hidden Dragon List, my Sky Cloud Sect's fate is ever increasing. In these past few years, nine new supreme elders have been added. Including the former Sect Leader who was also designated as a Supreme Elder, as well as the three original elders, we have a total of twelve Supreme Elders, even more than Emerald Martial School."

"That's right! Emerald Martial School has also added three new Supreme Elders, which is incomparable from us. North Snow Martial Academy, however, is a bit troublesome. They have added four of those."

"My Sky Cloud Sect has ascended to rank 7 sect just a year ago. I wonder when it will become a rank 6 sect. After all, the supreme elders will increase with time, which would involuntarily lead to some non-uniformity. Once we become a rank 6 sect, the supreme elders would be transformed into inner sect elders."

"That's too hard... A rank 6 sect must have sufficient Astral Reaching experts. Sky Cloud Sect is still quite lacking. Even more importantly, a rank 6 sect must have the support of a Sea of Soul realm expert."

"There is no hurry. Supreme Elder Ye Chen is currently twenty four years old. In a few years, he will certainly transform into a Sea of Soul realm expert. At that time, the sect will also have a sufficient number of Astral Reaching experts. Thus, we will naturally ascend to rank 6 and become South Rudra Region's seventh sect to become a rank 6 sect."

As disciples of Sky Cloud Sect, everybody had their own pride. The current Sky Cloud Sect was too powerful. There were twelve supreme elders, two hundred inner elders, and five hundred outer elders, which was a bit lower than the number of core disciples. Inner disciples were approaching two thousand, and outer disciples were over ten thousand. It was twice as strong compared to before.

And the source of all of this was none other than Ye Chen.

Without Ye Chen, Sky Cloud Sect wouldn't have such an accumulation of fate. Without Ye Chen, there was no way so many new people would have joined. Without Ye Chen, the disciples of the sect wouldn't have strived as they currently did. After all, every person of Windy Nation and South Rudra Nation aspired to chase after Ye Chen.

Ye Chen, by himself, allowed the sect to shed off its mortal body and be reborn. If the founder of the sect were to be resurrected, he would be scared to death by the transformation; it was such an intense change.


On the horizon, a black shadow was rapidly charging in. One moment, it was at the end of the sky; the next moment, the disciples above and down the mountain could already see the shadow's real body.

This was an enormous demonic beast, and the aura it gave off was several times more powerful compared to supreme elders. Its speed, in particular, far surpassed the speed of sound. As for how many times it surpassed the speed of sound by, they couldn't estimate it at all. It was too outrageous!

"What kind of demonic beast is this? Don't tell me it's here to attack the sect?"

"Notify the mountain, quick! This beast is at least at the peak of eighth grade, equivalent to a peak Astral Reaching expert."

Hearing these words, the faces of disciples paled.

"No, there is a person on it. A young man in blue robes, wearing a longsword...Why does he seem so much like Supreme Elder Ye Chen?"

"Eh, same here."

Although the majority of disciples of the sect had not seen Ye Chen personally, nothing was stopping them from seeing his portrait. With Ye Chen's fame, if one wished to see his picture, it was not hard at all. One was hung right in the Sect Hall, which was founded a few years ago. The Sect Hall had portraits of successive generations of Sect Leaders. Ye Chen was the only person who had a portrait in the Sect Hall without being the Sect Leader.

"It is Supreme Elder Ye Chen. Look at his sleeves; it has the cloud mark of our Sky Cloud Sect. Adding his appearance, who else it could be if not Supreme Elder Ye Chen."

"Supreme Elder Ye Chen is back!"

All the people witnessing this scene went wild and staked their lives to rush to the mountaintop as soon as possible.

Dreamy Cloud Peak...

Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer walked out side by side. Beside them was also Supreme Elder Luo Hanglie.

"sWhat a powerful sword Qi. It's my first time seeing such a strong Qi... Seems even more powerful than ordinary Sea of Soul realm experts."

Cloud Dreamer sucked in a deep breath.

"Who could it be?" Thunder Freer spoke with a grave expression.


The huge demonic beast's speed was too fast. In a few moments, it was already above the mountain peak. Then, the beast suddenly disappeared, and a blue figure landed on the ground.

"That's not a demonic beast. Don't tell me it's a puppet!" Luo Hanglie was stunned. A true demonic beast couldn't be placed into a storage ring, which could only store dead things.

"Senior Cloud Dreamer, Thunder Freer, Sect Leader... Ye Chen is back!"

A blue figure suddenly appeared before the three like a ghost.

"It's Ye Chen!" Cloud Dreamer opened his eyes wide.

"Haha! Ye Chen, you're back!" Thunder Freer first stared blankly, then soon laughed heartily.


"Supreme Elder Ye Chen is back. I just saw him"

"Bullsh*t! He hasn't been back in so many years."

"Will I lie to you?"

"Let's go take a look, hurry!"

The entire Sky Cloud Sect immediately turned lively. The scene much more frightening compared to the evening before a big war. From one ear to another, everybody in the sect was made known of Ye Chen's return in a few moments.

Sky Cloud Sect Palace Hall...

Luo Hanshan involuntarily shouted, "What! Ye Chen is back?"


The next moment, he disregarded the elders inside the palace hall and rushed toward the Dreamy Cloud Peak. He knew that it would be first place Ye Chen would go to upon his return.

"Ye Chen is back!" Zhang Haoran and Wu Zongming blankly exchanged glances before hurriedly leaving their spots as well.

"Ye Chen... It's really him." Luo Hanshan spotted Ye Chen as soon as he arrived. The latter was still wearing his characteristic blue robes, and had a clean and elegant appearance. The only thing that had changed was his temperament. Although the latter had deliberately reserved his aura, the incorporeal sword Qi still caused his scalp to go numb. Not just him, even Cloud Dreamer, Thunder Freer, and Luo Hanglie seemed somewhat reserved standing beside Ye Chen. This had nothing to do with status or friendship; it was the feeling they had after coming face to face with him for the first after several years.

Ye Chen smiled, "Congratulations on becoming the sect leader."