Chapter 501: The Formation Of Killing Sword Spirit

 Chapter 501: The Formation Of Killing Sword Spirit

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Inside the camp of the Water Ape race, the first commander let out a breath in relief when he saw Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen coming back safely, and asked, "Did we lose any?"

Kong Xiaohui said with a dimmed face, "Sun Xinqi, Kong Xiaoxia, and Kong Xiaolian are dead." Kong Xiaolian was his lover, which was the reason why he had jumped out of the line.

The commander sighed, "Death is doomed in wars. Right now, the alliance is counting the dead soldiers... Apparently, forty-three of us have died in total from our Water Ape race. You only lost three, which is already rather surprising."

Kong Xiaohui looked over at Ye Chen. If it were not for him, he would have been killed as well, and many of the rest of the young Water Apes would have had died too.

After half an hour, the headcount of death had been completed: it was eight thousand five hundred and forty-five soldiers, which was about thirty percent of them already. Amongst them, there were three hundred rank 9 sea beasts, twenty rank 10 sea beasts, and forty Sea of Souls Realm warriors.

"So brutal! One battle cost us this many rank 9 and 10 sea beasts, as well as Sea of Souls Realm warriors. If teaming all of them up, they would be able to take out a dozen or even twenty rank 6 martial institutions." However, this figure was nothing for the South Shallow Sea alliance. Since with all of the parties of the alliance combined together, there were more than thirty thousand soldiers, including those from five rank 5 martial institutions. The South Shallow Sea was about one-third of the whole true spirit continent, so its power was needless to say.

Letting out a breath, Ye Chen looked at the Water Apes inside the camp. He wondered how many of them could last till the war was over.

Of course, he would not be able to see the outcome of the war, since it would at least for last three to five years, perhaps even one or two decades if it got tricky. It would be impossible for him to stay here for a long period of time. Once every aspect of his abilities was stabilized and he could no longer make any more progress in a short period of time, it would be time for him to get back to the mainland.

The scale of the first war was huge; therefore, the number of deaths was very high as well. In the following period of time, the scale of the war got smaller, seeming more like child's play compared to before. Both parties would send out small groups to ambush one another. They normally did not make huge impacts, but it was long-lasting.

"The sixty-second enemy!"

Ye Chen carved six "yuan" characters on the wooden board inside the camp. The seventh "yuan" had only got two strokes; with all of them together, there were sixty-two of strokes in total. It meant that he had killed sixty-two enemies so far.

It was the tradition of the water ape race, and also a proof of hard work.

Turning his head to look at the wooden board of Sun Xiaojin's, Ye Chen shook his head. Sun Xiaojin was indeed a battle enthusiast: his number was more than twice of his. Within a short two months of time, he had already killed more than one hundred and forty of them. Most of them were the ones he killed during the first big war.



The unbearable sound lingered around the area as all of the Water Apes rushed out. Their bodies had a strong killing vibe and evil qi around them, with their eyes turned blood red.

Ye Chen was not very nervous. Ambushes like this had happened a lot of times; the commander had also led them to ambush the Deep Sea parties twice.

Because there were a lot of alliance soldiers, they were all scattered around the area. Sometimes, the other camps would not have the time to support them when this camping ground was under attack. By the time they got here, the enemies would have had already left. Therefore, when they were under ambush, they would have to fight head-on, fighting to gain more time for the backup to arrive. If they had enough power, they would not need the backup at all; but if they did not have enough power to fight back and the enemies were too powerful, the result would be horrifying, since the enemy would have brought along plenty of soldiers with them having chosen to ambush them. In addition, they would have powerful pawns to support them.

This time, it was a thousand blood-craving octopuses that attacked them. Their bodies were the size of mountains, eight surprisingly long tentacles reaching out from each of them. What was most horrifying was that once the tentacles of the octopus beast had been cut down, they were able to grow back immediately, which was similar to the effect of Ye Chen's undying body art.


It was not the blood-craving tentacles that attacked first; it was actually Sun Xiaojin in battling mode, who was three thousand meters tall right now. As he threw out a fist attack, all of the natural power had been gathered around him. One of the octopus beasts did not escape in time and was smashed into pieces, leaving no chance to fight back at all.

The rest of the octopus beasts were furious. Bloody red beast power surrounded their bodies while countless tentacles attacked toward Ye Chen.

"You are looking for death!"

The octopus beasts were extremely tricky, and there were more of them than the Water Ape race beings camping here. There were seven and eight camping grounds nearby, with all of the soldiers adding up together to make it close to one thousand and five hundred, which was a little more than the total number of the blood-craving octopuses. Therefore, after seeing the incoming attack, all of them fought back at once.


Ye Chen waved one sword attack out, his sword qi cutting down a huge number of octopus tentacles. And to these beasts' surprise, their limbs were unable to grow back anymore somehow, seeming like something was there to burn out their healing power.

"The more I killed, the more powerful my killing intent has grown." On the battlefield, Ye Chen had only used his killing sword intent, rarely employing his destruction and immortal sword intent. Facing the sea beasts with rich blood and qi, the killing sword intent was just as powerful as the other two, if not slightly more powerful.

Plus, after a long time of killing, he could feel his killing intent changing a little, such that even the octopus beasts with powerful recovery abilities could not avoid it.


Another sword qi was shot out, resulting in two octopus beasts being decapitated.

The battle did not last for a long time. After about fifteen minutes, the beasts abandoned the dozens of corpses and ran away, which gave the incoming support party no chance to capture them.


It had been another eight months; and with the two months in the beginning, this war had lasted for about ten months in total. The dead soldiers of both parties added up together had exceeded fifty thousand of them. It seemed like a relatively low number, but there had only been three huge scaled battles: the first one was on the first day, the second one was four months ago, and the latest one was three days ago. The rest of the times were only testing rounds; after every round, there were only hundreds of soldiers that were wounded and killed. On the lucky days, only dozens of deaths happened, and there was one week of no battles.

Therefore, fifty thousand kills were mostly from the three big-scaled battles.

Inside the camp of the Water Ape race were thirty-two "yuan" characters on Ye Chen's wooden board, which represented the fact that he had killed three hundred and twenty enemies. Sun Xiaojiao had killed five hundred and fifty enemies, so it was not hard to tell that the gap between Ye Chen and Sun Xiaojin was decreasing. In the beginning, Sun Xiaojin had killed more than twice of what Ye Chen killed; but now, it was no longer the same.

Inside the soundproof tent of Ye Chen, he sat on the ground in cultivation with his eyes closed.

There was a rich killing vibe around his body; invisible and shapeless, without any shadow or marks. But, anyone would shiver on looking over at him even briefly. It was such a horrifying qi that it seemed to have the power to invade into people's brain and cut down souls, reaping away the life present in people.


All of a sudden, the killing qi vibrated slightly and poured inside from the center of Ye Chen's head.

Inside his soul, all of the killing qi had rushed in, slowly but firmly landing onto an ancient looking newly-formed sword spirit; the killing qi continued to carve onto the sword, seeming to make some changes. Not only did its body start to develop a red shine, but the sword intent had also changed from silver colored to light red: it was the color of slaughter and cruelty.

Soon, the soul pool nearby had another wave of vibration, as a new ancient looking longsword was created.