Chapter 500: The Undersea Meadow War (Part Two)

 Chapter 500: The Undersea Meadow War (Part Two)

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"The leader has asked you to come here to train, but you should know that the battlefield is heartless. If you run out on your own, you will not make it beyond one blink's time. So right now, you should follow behind us and throw out attacks together. Do not separate until the two groups clash together."

Second uncle Sun reminded Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded; although he had not experienced this kind of huge scale battles before, he had imagined it a thousand times in his heart. The war was not about fighting alone, as the two parties would start to throw out long-distance attacks from far away already. With those kinds of high intensity continuous attacks arriving all at once, even master level warriors would not be able to survive.

"Alright! Let's go!"

All of them started to roar, leading the five hundred water apes as they ran out, while Sun Xiaojin, Ye Chen, and the young generation followed behind them. Meanwhile, the armies of the South Shallow Sea Alliance were like dark clouds, seeming terrifyingly powerful. Although there were still ten thousand of them staying behind to guard the transporting stone door, there were at least hundred thousand of them mixed with human warriors and sea beasts rushing out. The scene was so rare that it might not even happen once in a century. The ocean in the undersea meadow had been brought up completely, as thousands of meters huge waves shot out into the sky.

The two leading armies were only five thousand miles away. After another fifteen minutes, both had seen each other coming.


The commander of the Shallow Sea alliance waved his hand and screamed.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Colorful beast power and Zhen yuan flows shot forth from the Shallow Sea alliance's side, fusing together mid-air without leaving any gap in between, covering up the whole area. Wherever it passed, the sea water was vaporized immediately, forming countless vacuum spaces while targeting the army of the deep sea power parties.

Their commander was a seahorse sea beast with a human head. He stood in the middle of the formation, his inhuman beast pupils dyed red instantly as he continued to yell while signaling the armies to attack furiously. At the same time, he even took out an extremely large-sized bow himself. He used his beast power to form a human arm before shooting out ten arrows in a row.

All of a sudden, a huge amount of beast power welcomed the incoming fusion of beast and Zhen yuan flow. The next second, it seemed like a hundred thousand deep sea bombs had exploded all at once. The powerful blast wave shook the whole meadow unceasingly. The good thing was that there was a huge amount of deep sea earth qi in the meadow, which made it extremely tough. The impact had only created countless cracks, but it did not cause any danger.

At the border of the two armies, most of the qi flow had been canceled out completely; the ones who escaped from the clash jumped right at the enemy.


Over at the Shallow Sea alliance, hundreds of soldiers had been killed immediately, leaving no corpses behind. Meanwhile, it was no better for the deep sea parties either, as they had also lost hundreds of deep sea soldiers.

"Attack! Do not stop!"

The commander of the Shallow Sea alliance continued to wave his hand in the air, signaling his soldiers not to stop. There was still a huge distance between the two armies, and that kind of distance, it which would be enough to kill more enemies.

All of a sudden, sounds of explosion rang everywhere while the scrambling sea water was pushed in four different directions, not being able to handle the continuous pressure.

"Horrible! In a round of exchanging attacks, there are already more than one thousand soldiers that have been killed, all of whom were Astral Reaching Realm warriors! So many of them have been killed all at once." People who had never been on the battlefields would never know how scary it was to battle for life. In here, life was like grasses on the ground, while blood flowed like rivers. Wanting to survive, one would have to move as a team, because moving alone would definitely not help in lasting longer than a blink of an eye.

The constant attacks continued, causing more and more soldiers to fall onto the ground. Some of them belonged to the Shallow Sea alliance, and others to the Deep Sea parties. Five water ape soldiers from the water ape race had been killed; four of them were rank 8 water apes, while one was actually a rank 9 water ape. They were not even able to make a single noise before they had been killed brutally.


Watching their family members being killed without leaving even bones behind, Sun Xiaojin's eyes turned red like blood. A horrifying evil qi spread out everywhere, making him look like an extremely rare evil ape beast.

Ye Chen looked cold as a wave of invisible sharp qi surrounded his body. As he waved out a sword, countless hundred-meters-long sword qi shot out aggressively, tearing five deep sea soldier's bodies apart.

Finally, the two armies clashed together; and this time, it looked like two aerolites crashing together. The number of soldiers being killed was shocking. The aggressive blast power spread out for hundreds of miles, continuous and unstoppable.


Sun Xiaojin rushed out as the lead, forgetting everything Sun Tai had told him.

Ye Chen did not say anything, as he turned his head and said, "Form into the water ape formation! Do not run ahead by yourself."

"Yes, sir!"

Water apes were known for their short temperament, liable to act recklessly. Especially after seeing blood, they would not be afraid of even death. But, Ye Chen was the appointed second-in-command by the leader himself, and his deciding power was even higher than Sun Xiaojin's, who was the head leader of the group. Plus, the sword qi that came out of his body was just too aggressive, and contained a great killing intent. It shook their mind clear, not letting their emotions affect their heads.


Turning into a meat-shredding machine, the thirty water apes and Ye Chen jumped out into the battle as well.

Pooh! Pooh!

Countless deep sea soldiers were killed as blood spilled everywhere.

On the front, Sun Xiaojin had already killed more enemies than the group and Ye Chen combined. Each time the dark blue iron stick waved in the air, more than ten lives would be taken away. At the same time, Sun Xiaojin's red eyes shot out horrifying light beams.


A hundred thousand miles long deep sea shark rushed toward Sun Xiaojin; It was a rank 9 sea beast, full of potential and endless powers.

"Expand! Expand! Expand!"

Putting away the iron stick, Sun Xiaojin suddenly grew three thousand meters tall. Then, he threw out a fist attack carrying the power of nature, shattering the deep sea shark into pieces.

"Little brat, you are looking for death!"

It was not just the Water Ape race who had sea beasts that could talk. In fact, as long as the sea beasts were willing to, they could all learn to talk, as it was not difficult for a rank 9 beast to talk. Therefore, the rank 9 deep sea snake beast standing in front of Ye Chen shouted at the latter as it wrapped around Sun Xiaojin with his hundred thousand meters long body.


Sun Xiaojin screamed toward the sky, the teeth of his looking extra creepy. Both of his hands grabbed onto the deep sea snake's body and suddenly squeezed harder, causing the latter's body to be torn apart.

The deep sea snake had a tough life, such that even after its body had been torn apart, the top part still wrapped around Sun Xiaojin. The mountain-sized snakehead bit on his head, wanting to swallow him alive.

The beast did not know that Sun Xiaojin's defense was just as powerful as his battling power. When the deep sea snake bit down onto Sun Xiaojin's head, he ended up breaking one teeth. The burning hot sparks spilled everywhere, making a huge sound as the huge snake felt woozy.

Seizing this opportunity, Sun Xiaojin's huge right hand tore apart the neck of the huge snakehead, his long nails carved deep within the snake's skin.


The huge snake was decapitated, the top part of the body falling down weakly while leaving the snakehead still biting on Sun Xiaojin's head.

After taking off the snakehead, Sun Xiaojin tore the remaining body of the snake into tiny chunks while the evil qi spread out everywhere.


The blue colored sword qi had a hint of gold as it sliced open the sea water. Wherever the sword qi passed, the sea water was vaporized, and a thousand meters long sword mark appeared underneath. Every single one of the deep sea soldiers within the blasting area of the sword mark was killed instantly. The defensive power they were the proudest of was useless in front of that mysterious vibrating power.

Ye Chen used his soul power to continuously guard the surroundings in case of any unexpected danger.

The whole place was chaotic; each inch of the space had qi flow flying in different directions aggressively. Each area had countless soldiers of different parties trying to kill each other. Some of them had three to five of them taking on one soldier; the others were all in groups, clashing and fighting aggressively with each other. Right then, even shockwaves were not getting out properly; instead, they also filled up the space, joining the chaotic air flows.

"Go kill them!"

A group of lobster beasts with iron shells locked onto Ye Chen and the thirty Water Apes. These lobsters had huge bodies and black shells. Their huge claws were all dozens of meters long, easily able to cut down soldiers' bodies. The leading lobster beast was at rank 10; the beast power inside its body did not have to be let out specifically to show its power, as its leakage already made the sea water around him tremble aggressively.

"Keep your form! Let's work together." Ye Chen only had one order to give, after which, he jumped out at the leading lobster beast with the iron shell first.


The two clashed together, causing qi flow to explode out.

"It has already been thirteen humans that have died in my hands, and you will be the fourteenth." The rank 10 lobster waved his claws, attacking toward Ye Chen's skull.

Performing his sword step art, Ye Chen turned into a beam of sword light, avoiding his opponent's attack. Soon, the longsword in his hand had been stabbed out, a dot of blue light lighting up on the tip of the sword.


The protective beast power layer of the lobster beast had been punctured through and a sword hole appeared on its back, blue colored blood pouring out of it rapidly.


The lobster beast was slightly shocked; his tail bounced in response, flicking away the longsword of Ye Chen's.

The latter used the momentum and twisted his body as he shot out five attacks from his left hand fingers. Waves after waves of lotus heart sword qi shot out, each one of them having the power of the ninth movement of his Green Lotus sword spell, the Amaranthine Nature Art.


The lobster beast was frightened as he could feel the power of the incoming Lotus Heart sword qi attack. He increased his protective beast power layer to its max while using the claws to protect his chest and head.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The sword qi tornado formed from the Lotus Heart sword qi was too horrifyingly powerful; the lobster beast's protective layer had been punctured many times, leaving many different-sized holes. His extremely-tough claws could also no longer handle the continuous attacks of the sword qi, and had been cut down immediately. The next second, ten lotus heart sword qi went through his eyes, forehead, and mouth.

After killing the lobster beast, Ye Chen did not care for it at all, because although he was at rank 10, there were still different ranks amongst rank 10 beasts. The lobster beast's battle power was only at normal spirit warrior's level; perhaps he was even a bit weaker, and only his defensive power was slightly more powerful.


On the other side, three of the thirty young Water Apes had been killed.

"Die now!"

Kong Xiaohui rushed out of the battling line, his eyes blood red.

"Get back!"

Ye Chen arrived on time, grabbing and pulling Kong Xiaohui back at his post. Meanwhile, he threw out a new round of Lotus Heart sword qi, the sword qi tornado continuing to travel within the lobster beasts' group aggressively.

Paw! Paw! Paw! Paw! Paw!

Even a rank 10 lobster beast could not handle Ye Chen's sword qi tornado, not to mention rank 7 or rank 8 ones. All of a sudden, more than fifty of the lobster beasts had been shredded into pieces by the sword qi tornado, countless body parts falling down from the sky.

Repelling all of them away, Ye Chen was just about to yell at Kong Xiaohui when the sound of a horn was heard suddenly. With that, all of the South Shallow sea alliance soldiers had started to back out; the soldiers from the Deep Sea did not chase up, backing out themselves instead.

The first exchange of attacks had ended!