Chapter 499: The Undersea Meadow War (Part One)

 Chapter 499: The Undersea Meadow War (Part One)

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"I have trained the green lotus sword spell to the highest level, the fifteenth level. The purity and total quantity of my Zhen yuan has increased a lot as well. Perhaps I should continue training, trying to make more improvement."

Ye Chen stood up and opened the door before walking out.

The sixteenth level!

The seventeenth level!


The twenty-first level!

Ye Chen arrived at the twenty-first level, near the twenty-second one. Inside the room, Ye Chen let go all of his thoughts before sitting down and starting to train again.

After three days and three nights, he had finally stabilised his newly-reached fifteenth level of the Green Lotus Sword Spell. The green lotus roots and lotus heart sword qi inside his dantian started to become more and more condensed. Under that extreme pressure, he pushed his Zhen yuan to circulate at the fastest speed possible. He could vaguely hear the flowing sound of water, which was a sign of having an extremely rich and pure Zhen yuan. Besides that, Ye Chen finally completed his spirit body. Every move of his had the power of the greatest weapons, and his defense and body strength had ameliorated as well.

"I have finished cultivating the spirit body and reached the highest level of my Green Lotus sword spell. Even without using my lotus heart sword qi, I would still be able to increase my battle power by about twenty percent and would be able to compete with the weakest sprint warrior. On using a huge amount of lotus heart sword qi, I would be able to create a sword qi tornado, doubling my battle power straightaway. After all, no one would be able to throw out a couple of killing attacks at the same time, not to mention tens of them."

One and two lotus heart sword qi might not be horrifying, but once it was used on a big scale, it would be horrifying indeed. In fact, with Ye Chen's power now, he could only compete with weakest spirit warriors. Yet, even though he would not be able to kill such warriors, he would be able to burn them out, which was the advantage of his endless lotus heart sword qi.

"The settled time I decided upon with brother Sun was three months. Right now, it has already been three days past the time. I will get out of here first." Earlier on, Ye Chen had made a deal with Sun Xiaojin to come out of here with him together after three months. Of course, if one of them were about to make a breakthrough, the other would have to wait for a week or so outside.

Outside tunnel, inside the palace, Sun Xiaojin sat on the ground on the side.

"Yeah, I am out!"

Sun Xiaojin opened his eyes, looking toward Ye Chen who had just walked out of the tunnel.

Ye Chen apologised, "Brother Sun, I have let you wait for long..."

"This Undersea Spinning Tunnel is indeed mysterious. Using the pressure to inspire potential, the effect of increasing training speed is indeed significant."

"I come here once every half a year, but I rarely make breakthroughs anymore. I did not expect you to make such a huge progress on the first try. What a scary warrior amongst the humans you are!" Sun Xiaojin was shocked at Ye Chen's training speed. What kind of a human was he? 'If I don't try even harder, I will be surpassed by him in a short period of time.'

Sun Xiaojin was proud, and being the top demon beast of the world was his target. He thought that he could continue to walk in front of the young generation. Therefore, when his grandpa Sun Tai was admiring Ye Chen's potential, he only thought that Ye Chen's potential was comparable with his own, but his power was nowhere close to his. But right now, he did not think like that anymore; he knew this human martial genius in front of him was, and would be, the most horrifyingly powerful warrior of all time. No one else could compete with him on that.

Ye Chen laughed as he looked over at the palace and outside, saying with a curious tone, "Where are the people?"

Sun Xiaojin frowned, "I have no idea. Perhaps something huge had happened... Let's get back to the Water Ape cave now!"

"We have no time to waste. Let's go!"

Walking out of the palace and leaving the gray light cover, the two flew toward the Water Ape cave at their fastest speed.

After half a day, the two got back to the area.

"If you guys are back, then come to my place immediately and greet me!"

The sound reached the two's ears as they just reached the abode; it was Sun Tai, the leader of the Water Ape race.

Ye Chen exchanged a look with Sun Xiaojin, then they started to walk toward the stone palace behind the lobby.

Inside the lobby, Sun Tai sat on top of his seat.

Sun Xiaojin asked, "Grandpa, what happened?"

Sun Tai forced a laugh, "There is a war going on."

"Is it with the deep sea parties?" Sun Xiaojin seemed to know what was going on.

"Not bad! This time, they came with determination, and I am afraid that this is going to be a long-lasting battle. The alliance has already posted a lot of soldiers and warriors around the sea. We, the Water Ape race have also sent a five hundred people team to support them. The leader is your second uncle, while the second and the third in command are your old uncle and third uncle."

Ye Chen could not understand as he asked: "Elder Sun, this battle and the powerful parties of the undersea...what is going on? Is it very dangerous?"

Sun Tai explained, "The three hundred thousand miles wide ocean region is mostly the shallow ocean, beyond which is the deep zone. Between the two is a string of Deep Sea High Meadow. The deep ocean is extremely huge, but there is not much connection with our shallow ocean. Yet, that is also not a certain thing, Some of the powerful parties close to the shallow ocean have been seeking our geographic location, wanting to take cover. Of course, we would not agree with that, so there have been battles between us every couple of years. There are a lot of shallow ocean parties in the south region, but there is not enough cooperation. Therefore, we had formed the alliance in order to link us all together and form a defensive line, protecting our houses against the deep ocean's parties. It has been hundreds of years since the last huge battle, but we had not foreseen it would come this soon again.

"I see." But, Ye Chen could not understand the benefit of being in the shallow ocean that was worth the deep ocean folks to fight this hard for it.

Perhaps Sun Tai had seen the confusion on Ye Chen's face, so he continued to explain, "In this endless ocean, there is only one true spirit continent. In everyone's understanding, the land has great value, and the shallow seas that are closest to the land would be the best hopping board for those deep sea parties to get to the land. Of course, most importantly, the closer to the land, the more spirit hills with great treasures there would be. Although there are also plenty of spirit hills and treasures in the deep ocean, they are too scattered and hard to find, since there could be so many dangerous traps all over the world."

Sun Xiaojin said then, "Grandpa, I will join the battle."

Hearing him, Sun Tai said with a smile, "I asked you to come here because I wanted to ask if you two want to join the battle. Don't worry! Although this battle is huge and covering a huge area, most of the fights are only small battles trying to burn out each other's power. Without surprises, this battle would last at least ten years, and would be a great time for your young generation to train. And I guess you two have yet to see wars with rank 7 and 8 beasts along with Astral Reaching Realm warriors as the main forces, right? This would be a great opportunity."

"Since this is the case, I would like to go and see as well." Ye Chen knew that this battle would be the largest there could be, and would definitely be rare to see. The battle between nations normally would be fought by Condensing Qi Realm warriors, but the battles between deep and shallow seas would be made up of rank 7 and 8 beasts, as well as Astral Reaching Realm warriors. There was no reason for Ye Chen not to see it for himself.

The scene on the parallel space battlefield was still vivid in front of Ye Chen's eyes. It was a battle with king warriors involved. As the peak of the chaotic years was not there yet, the king warriors would not be able to come out and fight. Therefore, it would actually be a good timing for him to join the battle, since he would have to think twice before joining if there were king warriors involved.

"Yeah, not only are you two joining, I have already picked out a thirty people team from our Water Ape race, all from the young generation. They will be led by you two. Xiaojin, although your power is extremely mighty, but your temper is too fiery. Therefore, the head leader will be you, but the decision making should be left to Ye Chen. Ye Chen, are you willing to be a leader for the team?" Sun Tai looked over at Ye Chen.

The latter was slightly hesitant as he said, "Elder Sun, the battle is heartless. I cannot guarantee everyone making it back alive."

He had to worry, since there was already a limited population in the Water Ape race. With one of them less, there would be no one else to replace him or her. They were unlike humans, which were countless and continued to grow in population.

"Haha!" Sun Tai laughed. "You don't have to worry about that at all. Since I have decided to send them there, I have mentally prepared for losing all of them. The only thing I want to ask is for you two to not risk things too much and come back alive. Other than that, I have nothing else to say. After all, the powerful warriors would have to take on challenges anyway."

"Senior Sun, I will take it on."

Sun Tai had said everything to comfort him, so Ye Chen was no longer worried anymore.

"Alright! Come on out, you all!"

Sun Tai looked toward one side of the stone palace,


A group of young Water Apes walked over, the lowest whom were at rank 7, and most at rank 8, including Kong Xiaohui.

"You all, pay attention now. Xiaojin will be your head leader, and Ye Chen will be your second in command. While battling, Xiaojin will lead you and before you battle, Ye Chen will be the one making plans and decisions. Whoever dares not to listen will face major punishment."


Thirty young Water Apes' voices were loud as thunder.

Nodding satisfyingly, Sun Tai waved his hand in the air, causing the walls in the back to crack open as a transporting stone door appeared from within. "This transportation door had been built two weeks ago, and the location it will take you would be at the Undersea Meadow. The door on the other side is guarded by our Shallow Sea alliance . You should go now!"

"Grandpa, I will take my leave!"

"Elder Sun, goodbye!"

Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen led the thirty people into the transporting stone door.


Amidst a flash, the group disappeared immediately.

Waiting after everyone had left, Sun Tai said to himself, "Indeed the top martial genius! Compared to him, Xiaojin is lacking in potential after all. Also, it seems to be more complicated than what it seems like on the surface. His potential is more than it appears, so much so that probably no one knows where the limits of his potential are."


The Undersea Meadow, the border between the deep and shallow sea, was fifty thousand miles in height and a million miles in width; it was like a huge ancient dragon resting under the sea.

On one side, a huge amount of marine beasts gathered on top of it; they were not the same as the normal ones, seeming more evil. The small ones were only a few meters big while the big ones were hundreds and thousands of meters. With all of the evil qi leaking out of their bodies and gathering together, the sea water started to become dirtier and dirtier. At the same time, undercurrents were appearing everywhere without a pattern.

On the side of the shallow sea were the armies from the Southern Shallow Sea alliance. Within the armies were ten percent human warriors and ninety percent sea demons. Regardless of whether it was a human or sea beast, there seemed to be a hint of similar qi vibration coming from their tags which was the best way to find out whether the individual in front of one was a friendly or enemy. After all once the war began, the sea demons from shallow and deep sea would be really easy to get confused between.


Behind the group of five hundred water apes, the transporting door lit up and thirty-two figures came out from within, with Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen leading ahead.

"Xiaojin, you guys are here!" The second uncle walked over and handed over their name tags.

Sun Xiaojin said, "Second uncle, how many warriors do we have here?"

"The total number would be more than two hundred thousand!"

Hearing him, Ye Chen took a deep breath. An army with two hundred thousand soldiers, and not with rank one or two sea demons and Condensing Qi Realm warriors, but rank 7 and rank 8 sea demons and Astral Reaching Realm warriors... It was unimaginable!

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

Suddenly, a loud drum sound was heard, spreading out in all directions. Due to the vibration, even the sea water started to shake and scramble.

The battle had begun!