Chapter 498: The True Advantage of Soul Power

 Chapter 498: The True Advantage of Soul Power

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In fact, it was not because that Sun Xiaojin had a great charm, but because he had great potential. There was one rule that all powerful parties from the South Shallow Sea Alliance passed onto their disciples, which was not to piss off Sun Xiaojin. Instead, they were told to try their best and make friends with him. If one could become a normal friend of Sun Xiaojin, their martial institutions would train the individual with high focus, regardless of his or her power or potential. Moreover, if one became great friends with Sun Xiaojin, the individual would get all of his or her martial institution's attention, and would be given all that he or she desired in training.

Of course, being able to be Sun Xiaojin's friends, or even the most common acquaintance, their own power would not be that low anyway. Otherwise, they would not even have the common ground to meet with Sun Xiaojin in the first place.

All of that was all because of Sun Xiaojin's potential and experiences.

The top rank potential was even rare in the ancient era. According to the statistics, five out of the ten Demons with top rank potential could become Demon beast kings. Within the Water Ape race, Sun Tai and Sun Xiaojin were both top rank potentials. Without any surprises, one of the two would become a Demon beast king; perhaps even both of them at the same time, which would mean having two Demon beast kings in one race. But, if that was it, all of the other powerful parties would not be that crazy about Sun Xiaojin. The reason for the focus was that inside Sun Xiaojin's body, besides the bloodline of water apes, was another even more powerful bloodline, called the Red Gold Evil Ape Bloodline. It would allow him to become one of the top demon beast kings throughout history.

Therefore, once he became the Demon beast king, he would activate the second bloodline to its max and became the one Demon beast king of the entire world.

It was just too meaningful in so many ways, since there were ranks of powers even amongst king warriors. Top rank king warriors were both stronger in their aura and actual power than the normal ones. The great example of that would be the old dragon king from the Dragon God Heaven Palace in the east shallow sea; he was able to put pressure on all the other four powerful parties to the extent that they could not dare to do anything against his will. So, after all these years, all they had been doing was to wait for the old dragon king to die.

Sun Xiaojin could not care less about the crowd as he took Ye Chen to the center of the light cover, where there was a huge palace.

Inside the palace, the walls were dark blue colored, and in the middle was an octagonal platform with a stone tomb standing on each side. The first one had "Sky" written on it, "Earth" on the second, "Mountain", "Lightning", "Thunder", "Wind", "Water", and "Fire".

These stone tombs were extreme old, such that even the qi that leaked out from within had a sense of ancientness. The eight stones tombs combined together like they had the power to control everything from the ancient era all the way until now.

Sun Xiaojin pointed at the circular hole in the middle of the platform and said, "This is the Undersea Spinning Tunnel that I told you about. This is your first time, so perhaps you should just train at the seventh level for now. If you go further down, you will feel extremely awful, and will not be able to calm down to focus on training. Also, you do not have to worry about people ambushing you down there, since no one dares to do that in the Undersea Spinning Tunnel. If they did, they would be long dead."

"The seventh level? What are the requirements for the people who want to enter?"

"Normally, the more powerful you are, the deeper you should go. But, it is a requirement for us demons. For you humans, you can use your martial arts to adjust your power. Yet within the same level, you cannot enter as further as us. The pressure inside the undersea spinning tunnel has three different effects. Firstly, it would have an impact on your will, then your Zhen yuan, and eventually your physical body. Your will is very strong, and your Zhen yuan is also very pure and rich. But, the total quantity is still too little, so it would cause your body to take on extra pressure. And once your body caves in, then you cannot go down any deeper, and will have to stop immediately."

"Alright, let's go down!" Ye Chen also wanted to see what was inside the tunnel.

"Let's go!"

Sun Xiaojin walked onto the platform toward the entrance.

It was a twisting staircase leading downward, each stair being about twenty meters wide nine meters long. There were countless rooms on the side of the wall, seeming to be three meters wide. Therefore, in other words, there was only a width of six meters allowed for people to walk on.

The two started to walk down following the stairs.

First level!

Second level!


Seventh level!

"Eh!" Sun Xiaojin was rather surprised, as he thought that Ye Chen would reach his limitation once they reached the seventh level. But, Ye Chen looked just the same as if nothing had happened.

Eighth level!

Ninth level!


Thirteenth level!

"I guess I have underestimated you after all."

It was Sun Xiaojin's first time seeing anyone in Astral Reaching Realm being able to come to the thirteenth level. Before, none of them had even made it past the seventh level.

Ye Chen said, "I don't have much advantages in my Zhen yuan and physical body, but my will should be able to make it even."

"Will power... Interesting! People who have a strong power of will normally end up becoming mighty figures. You have what it takes to become my future powerful opponent."

There were not many people who could have Sun Xiaojin's acknowledgment. In other words, Ye Chen had made him feel threatened. He knew that within the same realm, he would not have one hundred percent confidence in taking on Ye Chen's challenge.

Only after reaching the fifteenth level did Ye Chen start to sense that he was reaching his limit.

In his mind, he felt more than easy, but his Zhen yuan and body would no longer take any stronger pressure. Even if his will power had already canceled out a lot of the pressure, it seemed to approach his limit.

"Brother Sun, I will train here."

Under the invisible pressure, Ye Chen felt that it was rather tiring to even talk in this kind of condition.

Sun Xiaojin nodded, and his huge body continued to move down. Soon, he disappeared on the staircase leading to the next level.

After seeing him off, Ye Chen was planning to let out a breath to relieve some of the pressure. But once he opened his mouth, he shut it close instantly. He was afraid that once he let out a breath, it would cause the imbalance of the pressure outside and inside his body, which would lead to his chest bones caving in, causing him to be wounded badly.

"No harm in being extra cautious."

Walking in front of the door, Ye Chen opened it and went inside.

The room was neither big nor small, about three meters in length and width. A cattail hassock was placed in the middle and nothing else.

Sitting on the hassock, Ye Chen closed his eyes and slipped into his training mode.

"So slow!"

Before this, once Ye Chen activated his martial arts, his Zhen yuan would start to move at an extreme speed as if it was a running river. But inside this place, his Zhen yuan's circulation speed seemed to have decreased by ten times. Each move forward seemed to be extra hard.

"My body is at the edge of breaking, as is my Zhen yuan. Luckily, my will power is rather relaxed right now. Otherwise, it would not be worth it to train here, since I would not be able to focus at all."

He had understood the effect of this place in general - it used the extreme pressure to force one to reach one's limits, which would lead to faster improvement. Of course, it would not be good being under extreme pressure all the time, since not everyone's potential could be pushed up. If one lost the ability to even think, there would be no chance of training at all. Therefore, there had to be some kind of a limitation on the pressure as well, which would have to be controlled by the trainers themselves.

Soon, he realized that the Zhen yuan circulating at such a slow speed was not completely a bad thing. Sometimes when the Zhen yuan was circulating too fast, some of the details would be missed out. Only by forcing it to slow down did Ye Chen manage to have some new understandings on his green lotus sword spell. He was now able to observe it more clearly and carefully, seeing the change in each meridian of his.

"When Zhen yuan goes through this meridian, it seems to have an effect of increasing its speed slowly."

"Inside this meridian, it is not even and smooth enough, which causes the Zhen yuan to vibrate unnecessarily/"


After a month, Ye Chen had surprisingly trained the fourteenth level of his green lotus sword spell to its peak level. He also managed to breakthrough two out of the five blockages one would face when trying to reach the fifteenth level. It was definitely out of his expectation.

Before, most people who had come here would be able to increase their training speed a little. However, Ye Chen's will power was just too powerful. He was only at peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm, but he had the master level sword intent, which had a great effect on him when he was under extreme pressure. What was more important was that even if the others also managed to have a master level sword intent at peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm, they would not be able to be as powerful as Ye Chen, since his master level sword intent was based on the foundation of his extra powerful soul power. Because of that, he would be able to have endless power to push him forward.

In other words, in a battle with the same level of sword intent, Ye Chen could last longer than anyone, perhaps even ten times longer if he pushed it. After all, even Ye Chen did not know where the limitation of his soul power lay. Only by reaching the Sea of Souls Realm would he be able to use all of his soul power, so he could only guess it roughly for now.

It was rather easy to make the first two breakthroughs, but the coming three would have double the difficulty.

However, after two more months, Ye Chen still managed to break through his green lotus sword spell to its fifteenth level, which was the highest level. Once it made the breakthrough, he felt the pressure on his body disappear suddenly. His body became so light that he thought he could even fly.

On top of the green lotus root inside his dantian, countless lotus heart sword qi formed...One, two...ten, twenty...ninety-nine of them in total. But, Ye Chen knew that it was only the surface of things. Each one of them he used would immediately grow out another one to replace the old one. Before his Zhen yuan had all been used up, they would be endless for him to employ. They could also be used to form horrifying sword qi tornados.

"Doubled! My battling power has doubled again!"

Ye Chen, who was normally famous for his calmness, could no longer keep his cool as he got excited. After reaching to the level he was at, the meaning of his battling power being doubled would only mean even more horrifying power. Before this, his limit was at a normal Sea of Souls Realm warrior's battling power limit. But now, he would be able to even kill a normal Sea of Souls Realm warrior.

"This green lotus sword spell is so powerful! Even if I used ten out of the ninety-nine lotus heart sword qi, it would already be impressive, since each one would have the power of my Amaranthine Nature Attack's power. With ten of them being thrown out at the same time, how many warriors could compete with it?"

"It turns out that the usage of my soul power is just showing its effects now. I guess I have not paid enough attention to the advantage of my soul power after all."

All this time, Ye Chen had only been training normally, using the comprehensive ability that came with his powerful soul. But he understood now that under normal conditions, the effect of the soul could not show at all. The reason that his training speed of immortal body art had increased drastically when he was being chased after by the demi-demon of the Ao family, and the reason that he was able to increase his training speed here under the sea, was all because of the pressure, regardless if it was internal or external. Only with pressure would he be able to use the advantage of his soul. Thinking that he was only able to use twenty percent of his soul power, he felt a bit regretful.

"The bigger the pressure, the better my potential gets. I am nowhere near my limits yet. But now, I finally understand the advantage of my soul. It means that my life in the future would not be easy, since training in normal conditions would not yield the required pressure."


Forcing a chuckle, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'Does this mean that I am the uncertain factor of this era, the cause of the mess in the world?'

Ye Chen had never thought that he could not become a Life and Death Realm warrior. Therefore, in this era of chaos, he knew he would be one of the most important characters.