Chapter 497: Undersea Spinning Tunnel

 Chapter 497: Undersea Spinning Tunnel

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Getting back inside the cave, Ye Chen came to the stone room lobby.

Inside the lobby were a lot of Water Apes gathered together. They had gray hair, and their eyes were red. Each one of them was at least two meters tall; a couple of them were even four meters tall, which was slightly shorter than the leader of the race, Sun Tai. Judging by the qi, the four-meter-tall Water Apes were rank 10 beasts.

"Ye Chen, we, as beasts, are not as good at martial arts as you humans. Training the mentality is even harder for us. You are a martial genius of the humans, you should be quite good at this. Do you dare to compete with me, Kong Xiaohui, for a bit?" A young rank 8 Water Ape walked out.

Ye Chen knew that he did not mean harm, but the rank was just too low for him. So he said, "Although you and I are at the same rank, you cannot be my opponent."

"Do not underestimate me. We, the Water Apes, are not a normal beast race. Our potential is above the mid rank, not something those low rank beasts can compete with." The young Water Ape was a bit annoyed.

"Alright then, let's do this!"

Besides being short-tempered, the Water Apes were also known for being stubborn. There would be no point in trying to convince him, so Ye Chen knew that he would have to show the reality to them.

On the empty ground outside the lobby, Ye Chen stood one hundred meters away from Kong Xiaohui. The rest of them stood around them, chatting and discussing in a low voice.

"What do you think? Between Xiaohui and Ye Chen, who will win?"

"Does it need to be said? Of course, Xiaohui. Within same rank battles, the beasts win most of the times because of our advantages. Even if Ye Chen is regarded as a martial genius amongst humans, Xiaohui is the genius of our race, and our race is at least mid rank after all."

"It is tough to tell now. We will know when they battle. It is about to begin anyway!"

Hearing him, everyone else started to quiet down.

"Take this!"

The gray hair danced in the air as Kong Xiaohui waved his bowl-sized fist and threw out an attack toward Ye Chen. As that fist attack was thrown out, a huge amount of water yuan qi gathered together and formed into a cloth-like water flow. It started to spin around Kong Xiaohui's fist while a wave of intense beast power exploded out.

"Back out!"

Without moving his body, Ye Chen put his index and middle finger together, pointing them in the direction of Kong Xiaohui's fist.


The water flow was instantly blown away, along with Kong Xiaohui. The gray hair on his body had been shaved off quite a bit by that shapeless sword qi, scattering around in the air.

"Damn! Expand! Expand!"

Kong Xiaohui's face turned purple from shame as his two meters tall body suddenly expanded to twenty five meters tall, and two hundred and fifty meters tall. His dark red pupils shot out two beams of light as if they were two light towers while a heavy qi flow was pushed out of his nose.

"Take another fist attack of mine!"

Without moving another step, Kong Xiaohui had thrown out a fist attack from where he was standing. His hundred meters long arm reached over and arrived right in front of Ye Chen within a second. What was more horrifying was that he had switched into battle mode, which had increased his battling power by many times. The front of his fist was filled with powerful water flow and thunders, which looked like unceasing fireworks.

Kong Xiaohui did not need to move, but Ye Chen did not want to wave either. He still pointed out his fingers at his opponent's fist.


A sword clinging sound was heard again as everyone could see clearly that huge sword shadow on top of Ye Chen's fingers and the powerful sword qi in the air.

In the next second, the power on Kong Xiaohui's fist was dispersed immediately while the hair on his left arm had been shaved off completely as well. His body was then blown all the way away into a mountain.

Everyone couldn't help but gasp at the scene. All of those Water Apes looked like they could not believe their eyes. Kong Xiaohui was a rank 8 peak level Water Ape while Ye Chen was a peak level Astral Reaching Realm warrior. The two had similar cultivation, but their battling power was somehow completely different. Kong Xiaohui was not able to take even one sword finger attack at all.

"Ye Chen, I, Kong Dalei, want to battle with you."

Kong Xiaohui was already one of the famous martial genius amongst them, but even he could not take one attack of Ye Chen. So, there would be no point for other people to come on stage and embarrass themselves. Therefore, it was not a rank 8 Water Ape anymore, but a rank 9 one. Once the Water Ape stepped in front of Ye Chen, he activated his battle mode and grew two thousand and eight hundred meters tall. He seemed to contain stars in his eyes; besides the fact that he did not look as aggressive as Sun Xiaohui, his qi was also quite powerful.

"Don't worry! The Water Ape cave has a restraining power to protect the construction. So, you and I can use all of our power to battle." Kong Dalei looked down at Ye Chen and said.

Ye Chen had his palm on his sword handle as he said, "There is no need. If you can take this sword attack of mine, then I lose."

The Water Ape race was always famous for their directness, so Ye Chen also said what was on his mind without trying to phrase it better.

"So arrogant! You will see how I, Kong Dalei will beat you."

He crossed his arms before reopening them suddenly. That aggressive beast power raised up into the sky while all of his hair stood up, which made him look one size bigger. One already could no longer use the word powerful to describe him; he could only be referred to as horrifying, looking like a beast gone rogue.

"Beast Screen Bomb!"

Opened his giant mouth, Kong Dalei shot out a wave of bright light toward Ye Chen. It was crystal clear and extremely condensed, carrying an incredible amount of power.


Ye Chen's body continued to flash in the air, tilting slightly and swishing past the light wave. He soon arrived above Kong Dalei's head.


Although Ye Chen did not put too much of force onto the tip of his sword, its blasting power was still humongous. No matter how mighty Kong Dalei was, there seemed to be nothing he could do. His massive body rolled a couple of times on the ground and the hair on his head were shaved off for the most part.

Putting his sword back into its scabbard, Ye Chen flashed his body once before landing back onto the ground.

"Is this guy still human? He even beat Dalei across the realms!"

"Too horrifying! It seems like in our young generation, only Xiaojin has the power to beat him. None of the others would even last one attack of his."

"Yeah! Once Xiaojin activates his battling power, no one would be able to compete with him. But, he still hasn't reached the Seas of Souls Realm yet. Once he does, no one can tell exactly how powerful he would become."

Ye Chen's power had shocked most of the Water Apes there. In their minds, humans were always rather weak. Their Zhen yuan was lesser than that of normal beasts. But of course, humans were better at training martial arts, which would give them purer Zhen yuan than their beast power. It would level out some of their disadvantages; but, the gap between their total quantity of Zhen yuan was still way too big.

"What are you doing?"

Although he was not the tallest, his killing vibe was the richest as the Water Ape referred to "Sun Xiaojin" walked over.

"Xiaojin, this Ye Chen is way more powerful than we had imagined. Do you want to show your hands?" Some young Water Apes encouraged Sun Xiaojin.

The latter rolled up his eyes, "Idiot! Of course, he is powerful. Otherwise, why would grandpa pick him? Show my power? Which one of you can take one stick attack of mine?"

"Ye Chen!"

"Huh! My cultivation is one realm higher than his. It would not look great if I beat him anyway. Wait until he reaches the Sea of Souls Realm. I will battle with him then, not now."

Hearing him, all of the Water Apes were kind of disappointed. Sun Xiaojin was proud, so he did not think there was a need for him to battle with someone weaker than him.

Ye Chen forced a laugh and said, "I am not a rightful opponent for brother Sun. This is unquestionable."

The success rate of winning across realms would have to depend on the opponents. Sun Xiaojin had a top rank potential, and when he activated his battling power, he was able to wound even top ranked Demi-beast with only one fist attack. And that was already under the condition that he would be holding back. No matter how confident Ye Chen was, he would have to admit that he was nowhere close to battling with Sun Xiaojin yet, even if his opponent stayed in his normal form.

"Ye Chen, come with me. I will take you to a great place for training." Sun Xiaojin said suddenly.

"What kind of a place?"

"You will see."

"Alright then!"

Ye Chen nodded and followed Sun Xiaojin, walking out of the cave house.


After leaving the house, the two flew out of the water toward the northwest direction.

They had traveled for about ten thousand miles when they arrived at a creepy-looking sea region. It had the most horrible conditions -countless deep ocean swirls were spinning at extreme speeds on the surface, with lightning and thunder roaring in the sky constantly. Sometimes, a tornado would bring the water up into the sky, creating a sky water column that traveled everywhere. That horrifying tearing power could kill any Astral Reaching Realm warrior within seconds.

"Let's go down!"

After waving his stick and shattering one of the water columns, Sun Xiaojin jumped into the ocean once again.

Without hesitation, Ye Chen followed behind him.

There was an unpredictable water flow under the sea, especially under those sea swirls, each one of which contained a scary suction power. A huge beast was miles away before being sucked in and getting blended into pieces. As they got deeper and deeper, the swirls got smaller and smaller, but more and more solid; they were completely see-through and shiny like crystals. Ye Chen suspected that the swirl columns here would be able to kill even powerful Sea of Souls Realm warriors and rank 9 beasts.

Turned out that Ye Chen had guessed it right indeed as Sun Xiaojin warned him, "Be careful with those undersea swirls. Even if I got sucked in, I could not guarantee to come out without being wounded. Some of the evolved ones are even stronger, as even the yuan qi within has been compressed into solid objects."

"Brother Sun, where are we going?" Ye Chen asked.

Sun Xiaojin said, "Have you heard of the Undersea Spinning Passage?"


"To put it simply, the passage will be able to increase your cultivation at an even faster speed. The lower you get, the higher the pressure becomes. Up until now, no one has managed to go to the deepest part, including the king warriors. I heard that there is apparently something horrible sealed away here. I wonder if it is true or not."

Soon, the two arrived at the bottom of the sea.

In front of them was a hundred miles long, gray light cover, having a lot of beasts and humans standing within.

"There are six allies within the shallow sea south region alliance, two of which are humans...the Red Ocean King and Blue Silver King. The martial schools the two lead are the Red Ocean School and the Silver Light Island. These people are all disciples of them." Sun Xiaojin explained.

Ye Chen revealed a curious expression, as it was his first time seeing so many people working peacefully with so many beasts. He felt that there was nothing impossible in this world indeed.

"It is Sun Xiaojin from the Water Ape Race. Who is that human right next to him?"

"Walking alongside Sun Xiaojin, he must be not simple."

Sun Xiaojin seemed to be really famous here. He had not even arrived there, yet a lot of people had already focused their attention on him. Ye Chen had attracted a lot of attention as well by association.

Amongst the human warriors there, a lot of them looked over at them as well. After seeing how close Sun Xiaojin and Ye Chen were, they could not help but feel jealous.

Noticing the change in the crowd, Ye Chen touched his nose and glanced at Sun Xiaojin, who was full of killing vibe. He could not deny how charming he was, since all those human warriors could not even help but get jealous of him for simply walking along with this guy here.