Chapter 494: Sun Xiaojin

 Chapter 494: Sun Xiaojin

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"An ape kind demonic beast! It can talk!"

This was the first time had come across a talking demonic beast. Although demonic beasts could talk after cultivating to Beast King level, this black-furred ape was clearly not a Demonic King, but a ninth or tenth grade demonic beast. The reason it could talk was probably that he was human-shaped!

Wang Snake and Wang Mei were also seeing a demonic beast that could talk for the first time, so they seriously observed the ape.

"What kind of thing are you? How dare you interfere in the business of our Ao family!"

Ao Seng flew back over from several miles afar, looking quite miserable. The appearance of the staff was too sudden, making it impossible for him to dodge. Even more astonishingly, his protective Zhen Yuan couldn't even endure a single strike as he was struck back several miles away, suffering injuries that were not light.

The human-shaped ape pointed toward Ao Seng and said arrogantly, "Firstly, I'm not some 'thing'... I'm Sun Xiaojin. Secondly, I don't care about your Ao family. It's nothing before me, Sun Xiaojin. If I want to fight, I'll fight. I don't need your permission."

"You better learn what background my Ao family has first." Ao Cheng spoke with a gloomy complexion.

Sun Xiaojin glanced at Ao Cheng, "Why? Is your Ao family really awesome?"

The two black-clothed individuals couldn't endure, "My Ao family is a lord of demi-beast clans. We have a demi demon king as overseer, and more than five master grade elders. If you leave now, you'll still have a chance to live. Otherwise, you'll have to suffer consequences."

"So, it's demi demons. No wonder you dare to be arrogant. But, your grandpa is a demonic beast of Orthodox Sect. Eat my staff." Sun Xiaojin's words were eccentric and bearing arrogant. He raised the deep-black staff in his hands high in the air and smashed toward the four individuals.

As the staff descended, countless staff images burst forth, as if a starry river had obliquely descended, bringing an immense aura with it.


Ao Cheng didn't expect the former would strike without giving the Ao family any face at all. He roared and immediately pushed his Zhen Yuan to the peak. With that, reddish-black chains emerged and interweaved one after another, forming a net which tightly protected his body.

Ao Seng, who had already suffered Sun Xiaojin's staff, immediately used his palm technique, slapping out a huge demonic wolf claw. The demonic wolf claw flickered with a desolate green light and collided with the staff images.

The two black-clothed individuals immediately joined hands to defend as well, looking for an opportunity to counterattack.

"Kids, it's not over yet. Fly for me."

Sun Xiaojin's arms rapidly bulged, and the iron staff in his hands seemed to have turned as light as a feather. With that, its chopping motion immediately turned into a sweep.


The four half demonic Sea of Soul realm experts immediately shot back; the two black-clothed individuals even spurted out a mouthful blood.


Ao Cheng's pupils shrank. This talking human-shaped ape's strength was simply appalling. It didn't seem like a simple demonic beast at all.

"Scoundrel, don't be too arrogant!"

Ao Seng was, after all, the sixth elder of Ao family; he ought to have some strength. His figure shook once, and the phantom of a Blue-Eyed white wolf appeared behind him, roaring toward the sky. A frightening pressure spread out, covering dozens of miles. His two hands quickly created seals, and by the time he was finished, the wolf phantom opened its mouth and condensed a cyan-colored light sphere, the insides of which were completely dark.


With a swooshing sound, the light sphere transformed into a light beam and rushed at Sun Xiaojin.

"Empty tricks." Sun Xiaojin grinned and smashed his staff at the light beam.

A thunder-like explosion rang out, and the light sphere immediately scattered away. At the same time, Sun Xiaojin couldn't help but retreat a dozen steps, his sturdy body still standing tall and proud.

As Ao Seng had attacked, the two black-clothed individuals had also unleashed their fierce counterattacks, the boundless Zhen Yuan drowning Sun Xiaojin.


Ao Cheng was the last to act. Greenish-red chains shot out, covering the earth and veiling the sky. They bound up Sun Xiaojin, who had just struggled out.

Seeing this scene, Ao Seng and the two black-clothed individuals wearing bamboo hats let out sighs of relief. As far as strength was concerned, this human-shaped monkey was equivalent to a Daoist grade expert. His body contained a strange but dreadful power. However, being bound by hundreds of qi chains, regardless of how much skill he had, he wouldn't be able to free himself.

Sun Xiaonjin's face revealed a sneer, "You wish to trap me with just this? Big...Big...Big!"

With every sound of 'big', Sun Xiaojin's body expanded by ten folds. By the third sound, he had become a frightening three thousand meters tall ape. The shortest fur on his body was a hundred meters long, shimmering with a metallic black light, His two deep red eyes seemed like two red stars in the sky, emitting rays thousands of meters afar.

As for the chains restraining him, they had long since shattered into pieces.

"Did I not tell you? This is my true battle form." With his voice resounding like thunder, Sun Xiaojin looked down on the four individuals.

"Giant!" Wang Snake was tongue-tied. Standing high up in the air, Sun Xiaojin was indeed too big. The sea of clouds was curling about his body, seeming like white-colored waterfalls. The air coming out of his nose seemed like wind blades, causing the whole area around him to be filled with whirlwinds.

Ye Chen was also stunned. This ape was too abnormal; not only it could talk in human language, it could even adjust its size, thereby increasing its battle power.


Without any treasured weapons, Sun Xiaojin's right hand clenched into a fist and punched down, seeming like a small mountain crashing downward. It aroused astral winds, even producing fire, thunder, and water.

"Not good! Retreat...Quick!"

The four retreated hurriedly with pale complexions. However, Sun Xiaojin's punch was much quicker. In less than one tenth of a second, it struck their bodies directly.


Ao Cheng and Ao Seng spurted out huge mouthfuls of blood, their faces crestfallen. The two black-clothed individuals wearing bamboo hats were even worse; they directly passed out, their life and death unknown.


The two spoke no further as Ao Cheng picked up one black-clothed individual and escaped. Ao Seng followed closely behind him while carrying the other black-clothed individual.

"Next time you see your grandpa Sun Xiaojin, remember to flee as far away as possible." Sun Xiaojin seemed arrogant and completely reckless, but he was more clear of the situation than anybody else. Injuring these four was fine, but killing them would be troublesome. The Blue Eyed white wolf phantom behind them was not some ordinary beast. It had been a powerful Demonic King since the ancient times. So, how could its subsequent generations be ordinary? He still hadn't reached the realm where he could kill anyone he pleased.

"Many thanks for elder brother Sun's help. I'm Ye Chen." At this moment, Ye Chen rushed over and cupped his fists.

Sun Xiaojin's body abruptly shrank to three meters tall before he chuckled and said, "I merely found them unpleasing, especially the aura on their body."

Ye Chen blankly stared, but soon understood. The nature of demonic beasts had always been ruthless. When two equally powerful demonic beasts ran into each other, it was extremely likely that they would have a huge battle. Evidently, the bloodline of Blue Eyed white wolf in Ao family made Sun Xiaojin quite uncomfortable. Thus, he went out of his way to suppress them.

Of course, regardless of his real objective, he had indeed repelled the Ao family members.

"Your two friends seem to be demi beasts as well!" Sun Xiaojin's brows creased and a cruel light flickered in his eyes.

Ye Chen was stunned, wondering what the former was planning.

"Rest assured, as long as they don't provoke me, it's all good. You best not release your bloodline power before me."

Ye Chen let out a sigh of relief. This Sun Xiaojin was indeed quite strange, making one rack their brains.

"You three ought to have come from True Spirit Continent, right?" Sun Xiaojin asked.

"Indeed." Ye Chen nodded.

"Then, you better be careful. This Boundless Ocean is unusually dangerous. Even I can't roam everywhere, and can only go to the areas I'm familiar with. How about you come back with me to Water Ape Cave? Our Water Ape race is really hospitable, and we haven't had any guests in so long."

"Water Ape Cave, is it at the ocean bed?" Wang Snake inquired curiously.

"Just follow me."

Sun Xiaojin's character was rather forceful. Not concerning himself whether the others had agreed or not, he dove straight into the ocean from the clouds.

'Let's go." Ye Chen said after a bit of hesitation.

It was night time, and thus, Ye Chen couldn't observe much about the Boundless Ocean. However, as the sun rose, the three individuals could immediately sense the depth and vastness of the ocean. Black waves rose and fell, easily reaching more than thousand meters high. If one wished to sail on the ocean's surface, even tens of thousands of meters big ships wouldn't be able to endure the waves, and would be overturned, followed by being torn apart. The ocean was boundless and with no end in sight, generating a maddening pressure.

Water cleaving sounds resounded as three individuals and one beast made their way to the bottom of the ocean.

When they arrived around fifty thousand meters deep, an underwater mountain range appeared before their eyes. The mountains were several thousand meters high and extended indefinitely. On the wall was an enormous cave opening, which was sealed off by a light membrane. Above the opening, three words were written in huge golden letters, "Water Ape Cave."

"This my Water Ape clan's aboding cave."

Sun Xiaojin introduced the three individuals while greeting high level demonic beasts that were roaming in the vicinity. Then, he charged straight into the light membrane.

Ye Chen and company also followed him in.

Passing through the membrane, the water stream immediately disappeared. Replacing it was a huge internal space which had mountains, water, forests, constructions, and also numerous gray-colored apes. These gray apes looked quite similar to Sun Xiaojin, evidently belonging to the same race. However, the tyrannical aura coming from their body was quite weak compared to Sun Xiaojin, although there were a few apes which didn't seem weaker than him.

"They all are members of Water Ape clan. But, the bloodline in their body isn't that concentrated, and hence they are only ordinary water apes." Sun Xiaojin revealed a proud expression, not hiding his arrogance at all.

Ye Chen stroked his chin. As he saw it, these gray-colored apes were not ordinary demonic beasts either. Compared to the continent's demonic beasts, they were several folds more powerful, and had an ancient bloodline.

"Xiaojin, you sneaked out to play again? Who are these people? Eh...? A human and two demi beasts?" Some gray apes swarmed over. The old ape, who was in the lead, said with astonishment.

Sun Xiaojin said, "Second Elder, they are my guests. You don't have to find trouble with them."

"Xiaojin, are we not enough to be friends with you? Why did you have to go and befriend humans?"

Sun Xiaojin raised his head high, "I'll befriend whomever I wish. I don't have to ask you."

Ye Chen smiled inwardly. It seemed like this Sun Xiaojin was a little tyrant in the Water Ape Clan.