Chapter 493: Human Shaped Ape

 Chapter 493: Human Shaped Ape

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"That sword just now... that was really powerful! It was the ice profound!" Snow Sword Master's sword just now hadn't pierced through the Stunning Sky, but Ye Chen knew it was only because the former had controlled it since it was only meant for demonstration. Otherwise, not to mention Stunning Sky, the might of this sword could even have pierced through the Extreme Void.

"This area is within the range of Wavy Snow Palace. This sword master ought to be Wavy Snow Palace's Lord, Snow Sword Master!" Ao Sengg said gravely.

Ao Cheng nodded, "It's her without a doubt. No wonder it's said that she can be ranked in top five amongst sword masters. The light of this sword could heavily injure ordinary master grade characters."

"As long as she doesn't plan on obstructing us, it doesn't matter. Otherwise, my Ao family's Master is not going to let it slide."

The two were only somewhat moved by her power, and not apprehensive at all. After all, they were merely passing above the Wavy Snow Palace.

Misty Snow Region was at the southern edge of the continent. Moving further south, one would arrive at the Boundless Ocean.

Compared to the True Spirit Continent, the Boundless Ocean was indeed boundless. Nobody knew where its end lay, or whether it was the edge of this world.

If the end of True Spirit Continent had been discovered, the end of Boundless Ocean was yet to known. Thus, the danger it carried was several times higher.

One of the dangers there were the oceanic demonic beasts, also called marine beasts.

In the True Spirit Continent, the demonic beasts were limited, but demonic beasts in the Boundless Ocean were unlimited. If True Spirit Continent supposedly birthed one Demonic King, Boundless Ocean would have dozens of them. But, due to its enormous size, the chances of encountering one were still quite low.

Once he arrived at the Boundless Ocean, Ye Chen immediately felt that the winds here were too strong, to the extent that they could even pick up Clasping Yuan cultivators. In some areas, the turbulence had even transformed into wind blades which were as swift as lightning and issued air-piercing shrieks. Apart from the aforementioned feature, the water Yuan Qi in the sky was unusually thick, having formed "water yuan drops". Some drops were like grains of rice, sparkling while reflecting light, and others were as big as small hills, gradually floating in the air.


A lightning bolt suddenly lashed out of the water yuan drops, dazzling to the extreme.

Ye Chen hadn't anticipated such an occurrence, and was forced to raise his left hand to block it.

En-route, Ye Chen suffered several lightning attacks. Fortunately, after being prepared beforehand, dodging them was not hard.

Soon after, Ye Chen saw an astonishing scene. A demonic bird was taken in by the water yuan drop after being struck by the lightning. Its corpse was slowly decomposed by it, absorbing it as nutrition.

"Could this drop have its own consciousness?" Ye Chen sighed inwardly at the marvels of the Boundless Ocean.

Around fifty-sixty li behind him, Ao Cheng and Ao Seng were in relentless pursuit like ulcers on skin.

"Five days and five nights...Is this guy made of iron?"

Ao Seng felt somewhat dispirited for the first time. This was inconceivable for someone who had inherited the Blue Eyed White Wolf bloodline.

Wolves were unusually tenacious species, and wouldn't give up so easily.

"Don't give up, Ao Seng."

Ao Cheng had much more patience than Ao Seng. Of course, he was a tracker, so patience was an important virtue for him.

Ao Seng smiled bitterly, "The Boundless Ocean is filled with danger. Don't tell me we're just gonna keep chasing, are we? This kid seems determined to play with us until the very end."

"Who knows? The very next instant might be the moment of our success. Patiently wait for our opportunity." Ao Cheng knew that Ao Seng's words were not without meaning. However, giving up before running into a wall was not his style, nor the style of Blue Eye Trackers. This had a huge influence on his martial dao.


"Big brother Ye, you must be very tired!" Wang Snake raised his head toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head in response, "Not really."

In Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone, Ye Chen had sought for the way out over several consecutive months. He had preserved even under those hopeless circumstances, so how could he fail now? Moreover, it wasn't as if these five days and five nights hadn't brought him any gains. In addition to his five viscera and six bowels, he had already branded his soul imprint on the left leg, and right leg was also just one step away from completion.

However, despite him not being tired, Ye Chen had to admit that the distance between them getting shorter. On the first day, he was able to throw them off by nearly two thousand miles. On the second day, it was about sixteen to seventeen hundred miles; the third day, it was twelve to thirteen hundred miles; the fourth day, it had been reduced to eight hundred miles; and on the fifth day, he could only maintain a distance of three hundred miles. At the moment on the sixth day of the chase, the distance wasn't even a hundred miles. He could instantly sense them using his soul power.

"The purity of Zhen Yuan in my body isn't even thirty percent of what it used to be!"

After cultivating Green Lotus Zhen Yuan to the fourteenth layer, its purity was incomparable. As of now, although the overall amount of his Zhen Yuan hadn't decreased, its purity could only be compared to Green Lotus Sword Arts ninth layer. Fortunately, the sword steps art was created while focusing on the offensive speed. The requirements for offensive speed weren't high in terms of purity of Zhen Yuan. Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn't be worth a fart before Sea of Souls realm experts.

Of course, the drop in the Zhen Yuan's purity affected the speed, but it was not that noticeable.

Fifty Li!

Thirty Li!

Ten Li!

At the dawn of the next day, the two parties were unprecedentedly close. For an ordinary person, the distance of ten li would take some time to traverse. However, for Ao Cheng and Ao Seng, traversing ten li would only take a blink of an eye. If not for Ye Chen always keeping a high speed, they would have already overtaken him.

"So close! Let's see how you dodge now."

Ao Cheng's both hands reached out, ejecting dozens of greenish-red chains which looked like steel tentacles. They shot forward, surrounding Ye Chen instantly.

With a grave face expression, Ye Chen flicked his finger backward.


Lotus Heart Sword Qi, which was as thin as a bullet, shot out and smashed into Ao Cheng's protective Zhen Yuan, setting off sparks. The next instant, the Zhen Yuan protection shattered with a bang.

"Internal Sword Qi!"

Blood splattered from Ao Cheng's shoulder. Just now, if not for his protective Zhen Yuan deflecting the sword Qi's trajectory, it wouldn't have been his shoulder being pierced, but his heart. If his heart were pierced, it would mean certain death unless one had the holy medicines made out of the flesh and bones of Life and Death Kings, and used them immediately.

"This person is very dangerous."

With his body turning faintly rigid and having lost his Zhen Yuan connection, Ao Cheng lost control of the chains. He eventually knew that not only Ye Chen had speed, but his battle power couldn't be looked down either. He had indeed been negligent.

Ye Chen's brows creased slightly. The might of Lotus Heart Sword Intent was multiplied greatly. He didn't expect that the former's protective Zhen Yuan could deflect its trajectory. Hereby, it seemed that Ao Cheng's battle power was even above Yu Youtian. If he were to battle the latter again, although he would have about sixty to seventy percent chance of winning, the chances in favor of the latter wouldn't even be ten percent.

"Come here!"

At this moment, Ao Seng launched his offense. A several hundred meters long Zhen Yuan hand stretched out, charging through countless water yuan drops and filling the whole sky with lightning.

"Hold tight, you two,"

Back in the forbidden zone, Ye Chen could see there were some feelings between Wang Snake and Wang Mei. Therefore, in order to let them be close to each other, he was carrying them with his left hand this time. With his right hand, he pulled out the green longsword and slashed at the huge Zhen Yuan hand.


A gigantic shockwave spread out, scattering the sword light around Ye Chen's body. However, it didn't decrease his speed. Instead, he was pushed forward by the shockwave.

On the other hand, Ao Seng's speed reduced greatly.

Ye Chen was injured, leaking a trail of blood at the corner of mouth. His Zhen Yuan's purity had decreased severely, leaving him at only sixty to seventy percent of his battle power. However, with his undying body, this much of an injury didn't impact him much.

"Hehe... Let's see how long you can hold on."

Seeing Ye Chen getting injured, Ao Seng seemed to have seen hope and his spirits were greatly raised.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Separated by dozens of li, although Ye Chen was leaking a lot of blood from the corner of his mouth, he wasn't scared of the several full-powered attacks. In the end, he didn't receive any major injuries.

"Impossible!" Ao Seng revealed an astonished expression. If he had an eighty percent advantage before, his advantage now was still eighty percent. Could it be that the former was not affected by his injuries at all?

On the other side, Ao Cheng had quietly reached three li behind Ye Chen.


Ye Chen had already produced another Lotus Heart Sword Intent inside his body, and he flicked his finger behind again.

The Lotus Sword Intent was extremely swift; hence, Ao Cheng had no choice but to exchange blows with Ye Chen head-on. In this exchange, both came out equal. It was not because Ye Chen had restored his peak condition, but because Lotus Sword Intent had basically suffered no impact of the impure Zhen Yuan.

"Beat him together!"

Ye Chen's tenacity had thoroughly provoked Ao Cheng's anger, so he loudly shouted toward Ao Seng.

One from left, one from right, both assaulted Ye Chen together. From the left came dozens of greenish-red chains, while from the right came a huge green colored claw shadow. Ye Chen, who was carrying two people with him, had his mobility greatly reduced. As a result, he was pierced by a shackle in his ribs, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

"Wind up!"

Ao Cheng clenched his hands, and the shackle coiled around Ye Chen's body.

Under these circumstances, Ye Chen's expression was still calm without any ripples. His forehead slightly swelled as his soul power was pushed to the extreme. He quickly found the weakest point of shackles and slashed it off.

Losing its source, the shackle slackened.


As he cut the shackle, he was chest was struck by the two claw images. His flesh burst open and even bones were partially broken.

Unable to tend to his chest, the green longsword in Ye Chen's danced at the fastest speed, resisting the continual onslaught of chains. He dismantled one chain after another, but more kept coming.

The injuries of his ribs and chest had already recovered, but his complexion eventually turned unsightly: the two black-clothed men in bamboo hats had caught up by now.

"So many of you ganging up on one... Do you feel no shame?"

At this desperate moment, a staff shadow flew in, dismantling all the green-red chains. All of them were pushed back for dozens of li back, including the user at its end.

"Who!" Ao Cheng's voice resounded.

From underneath the sea of clouds, a human-shaped aped covered in black fur charged out. In his hands was a deep-black colored iron staff. His bulging muscles seemed to be brimming with explosive energy; sharp fangs stretched out from his upper lips, and his eyes seemed extremely cruel.