Chapter 492: Snow Sword Master

 Chapter 492: Snow Sword Master

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"Brother Ye is so powerful!" Being held with one hand by Ye Chen while flying at an extreme speed, Wang Snake could not help but admire Ye Chen to the maximum. After all, those were not Astral Reaching Realm warriors chasing behind them; they were four Sea of Souls Realm demi-beasts. And under such conditions, Ye Chen was still able to take them out of their hands. It was so bizarre and definitely beyond Wang Snake's imagination.

If the Wang Snake before was only a newbie to the world, then he could be considered the new generation of demi-beast martial geniuses right now. So, he would not be impressed by anyone that easily anymore. But, the admiration he had for Ye Chen was so pure and sincere, coming straight out of the bottom of his heart.

Wang Mei was also surprised. Before, she did not hold high hopes for Ye Chen, not believing that they would even make it out alive because of the huge power gap. She thought that there was barely any reason for them to even fight back if their consequence was to be killed soon anyway.

But right now, she did not think like that anymore. She knew that she had a chance to live, and the reason for that was all because of Ye Chen.


The sword light was like an auroral arc that traveled through the surreal space. Each flash could cover about ten miles of distance.

By now, the group chasing behind them had been separated into two groups: one with Ao Seng and Ao Cheng, who were more than two thousand miles behind. But, even when they fell far back, it just seemed impossible to lose them.

The other group was made up of two men in black robes and hats. Although they were also Sea of Souls Realm demi-beasts, they seemed to be much weaker than Ao Seng and Ao Cheng, since they were more than six thousand miles behind Ye Chen. The good thing was that the two also knew the Bloodline Tracking Spell, so they would not get lost either.

"Ao Chong, is this guy really at peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm? How come we still cannot catch up with them after two days and two nights?" The man in black robes seemed shocked.

"Huh! This guy dares to take on the Ao family! Once we catch him, we will teach him what it feels like to want to die but not being able to." The man in black robes called Ao Chong snarled.

"I think it is not that simple. Since he dares to fight against us, he might have some kind of powerful help behind him. Normal parties would not have martial geniuses like him anyway."

"What are you afraid of? Our Ao family is a king family after all. Even rank 5 martial institutions will have to respect us. If we cannot kill him, then we can take him back and torture him. I don't think anyone would dare to say a word about it."


The weather in the Wavy Snow Region was very cold. Even high up in the sky, one could still feel the freezing qi flow that was sharp like ice blades.

"Come up!"

After taking out his flying puppet, Ye Chen jumped on top.

"Brother Ye, is this a top rank flying puppet?"

Wang Snake seemed a bit relaxed. Back in the days, Ye Chen had already helped him to get to the Wang family on the Snake Island, and now the latter was protecting him again. Ye Chen to him was like a big brother and also a senior warrior, which gave him a sense of security.

Ye Chen nodded, "I have found them in some ancient ruins."

After answering, Ye Chen did not speak another word, closing his eyes to train.

During the two days and two nights of travel at extreme speed, Ye Chen had swallowed plenty of Zhen yuan recovering pellets. Right then, his Zhen yuan had started to become impure, since the pellets were manufactured objects at the end of the day. After using them for a long period of time, there definitely would be some side effects. If he did not get rid of them, he would face a lot of danger from them.

Pushing his Zhen yuan to follow the Zhen yuan map of the fourteenth level of his green lotus sword spell, Ye Chen slowly purified his Zhen yuan, making it even richer.

"I can see him. Indeed, his Zhen yuan quantity is still at Astral Reaching Realm, definitely not as rich as ours." After fifteen minutes, Ao Seng and Ao Cheng were slowly catching up. They had only taken one pellet each, so they did not have much side effects to worry about.

"Let's go as fast as we can. They are not far anymore."

Ao Cheng was afraid that something else might happen out of their expectations and ruin their plan. So, he risked the chance of damaging his meridians by continuing to push his Zhen yuan circulation.

Seeing that the two were about to catch up, Wang Snake and Wang Mei started to panic.

"Don't worry!"

Ye Chen's face looked like it had been carved by a blade, without any expression. As he said those words, two iron sticks appeared from the back of the flying puppet. One of them shone with a beam of orange light which was getting thicker and thicker, eventually turning into a huge light ball.


With that, a beam of light shot out, turning into a wave of bright red light.

"Not good! Dodge now!"

Ao Seng and Ao Cheng were traveling too fast, they had reached the flying puppet at such a fast speed when it threw out a bomb-like attack toward them. As a result, the impact of the attack had become even more powerful, and required faster reflexes. It was an unexpected attack, but even if it were a predictable one and Ye Chen had the time to prepare for facing it, he still might not have been one hundred percent sure about avoiding it.


The light wave exploded, causing the two's speed to decrease drastically.

"It was only Extreme Astral Reaching Realm level attacking power, but damn...the attacking speed was even faster than ours." Ao Seng did not care about the power of the puppet cannon, but its attack speed was pissing him off, since it was able to get them even from forty miles away.

"Let's separate. I want to see what other tricks he has to show." Ao Cheng suggested.


Shoo! Shoo!

The two of them flew in different directions, increasing the distance between them. By doing this, the impact of the energy wave's explosion would not be able to get them both at the same time.

Ye Chen used his soul power to focus on the two the whole time. After seeing them had separated, he flicked his finger and the cougar shaped flying puppet appeared out of the blue.

"I will give this flying puppet to you two to control. Use it to attack them!"

Wang Snake and Wang Mei was extremely interested in the flying puppets, so they hurried to nod.



Countless light waves were shot out, their speed fast like lightning.

"Damn it! Let's attack as well."

Ao Seng and Ao Cheng were struggling, their speed sometimes fast and sometimes slow; it was impossible for them to control their tempo. The reason that they did not attack Ye Chen before was because it would have affected their traveling speed. But now, they knew they had to fight back; Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to ever catch up.

"Ghost Wolf Claw!"

Ao Seng's right hand and the claw of his Blue Eyed white wolf shadow both reached out, causing countless green claw shaped lights to shoot out and tearing the clouds in the sky apart.

"Hunting Chain!"

Ao Cheng had trained the gold element Zhen yuan which was shot out of the center of his palms. The two beams of dark red chain shadows seemed extremely real. They made loud clanging sounds and brought up bright sparks, aimed at all three of them.


Ye Chen jumped into the sky while making a grabbing gesture with one of his hand. With that, he got Wang Snake and Wang Mei in his control while the two flying puppets had also been put back into his storage ring.


A beam of sword light sliced open the sky, traveling between the claw and the chains.

After seeing what had Ye Chen done, Ao Seng and Ao Cheng almost puked out blood in anger. It was just too frustrating for them - they could neither catch up nor strike them down.

"How long are these two guys going to continue chasing?" In fact, Ye Chen was also exhausted. In the past half an hour, he had only managed to purify fifty percent of the impure Zhen yuan of his. The total Zhen yuan of his was not as rich and powerful as before anymore. If it continued, then his speed would drop significantly, and they would end up in the two's hands.

Glancing at Wang Snake and Wang Mei, Ye Chen let out a bad breath. If he ditched the two, the chance of him getting out would be one hundred percent. Even if he did not decide to run away, those two guys might not be able to do anything to him, since his sword steps were just too fast.

"But right now, I guess they really want to live."

The thought of ditching the two flashed through his mind momentarily, but he then made up his mind; he wanted to take these two out and give them a chance to live on.

Without noticing, the three arrived above a string of ice mountains.

There were a lot of palaces on top of the mountains, on top of which were plenty of people coming and going, looking extra busy.

"Teacher, I still have some questions about the attacking movement of the Ice Snow Sword Realm, the Sword Realm Cut. Could I bother you to explain to me again?"

A beautiful young lady and an even more beautiful girl stood on top of a mountain; the latter was indeed Feng Yanrou.

The former said lightly, "There is no use in explaining. I will show you once again!"

"Thank you, teacher."

Feng Yanrou widened her eyes as she stared at the older lady without even blinking. Her teacher was indeed the leader of the Wavy Snow Palace martial school, the Snow Sword Master, a master level warrior. She was one of the most famous ones amongst all the master level warriors.

"Now, focus!"

The teacher slightly stood on her toes as countless sword lights appeared around her body. They connected their heads and tails with one another, layering over each other. It was almost like an iron ball made with countless swords, hundreds of times more powerful than the one Feng Yanrou deployed before.


Using the ice element Zhen yuan to form an ice sword in her hand, the Snow Sword Master waved it toward the sky.


With that, all of the sword light around her was sucked away. A piece of white cloth-like thing shot out into the sky; it was ten thousand meters long, and seemed to be able to tear apart the sky.

The clouds were shattered into ice chips and fell down onto the ground, revealing the true view of the amazingly colorful sky from behind the veil of the clouds.

Feng Yanrou slowly let out a breath. Each time she saw her teacher perform, it always amazed her. The title of the Snow Sword Master was not coming out of nowhere. "Eh? Teacher, there seems to be a chase up there. The one in front seems to be really familiar...This qi! It is Ye Chen!"

Ye Chen had been wrapped in his sword light, which made him impossible to be seen by naked eyes. But, Feng Yanrou had recognized the qi that leaked out of his body instantly.

"He is the Ye Chen I had told you about, the top martial genius that shocked the crowd in the tea gathering."

Her teacher was slightly surprised. With her eyes, she could tell that his future was full of potential. He already had master level sword intent when he was just at Astral Reaching Realm. It was something she had never thought was possible before. It was indeed something unprecedented. So, in other words, Ye Chen had changed history and created a record that might not be broken even in the future.

"Teacher, why don't you save him this once? Making friends with such a martial genius would be good for our Wavy Snow Martial School as well." Feng Yanrou looked at her teacher.

As the latter was just about to agree, her eyes froze suddenly at the sight of the men in white and black robes and hats, as well as that blue eye white wolf shadows behind their back.

"No, if we save him, it will bring the school huge troubles." She subsequently rejected it immediately.

"Why?" Feng Yanrou was a bit confused.

"Those people chasing him are no simple men. Even the rank 5 martial schools would not dare to take them on easily. They are from the family of Ao. They have at least five master level warriors, and perhaps even more. Do you think our school has what it takes to fight them?" She really wanted to save Ye Chen as she could imagine what kind of man he would become in the future. It would not be impossible for him to become a sword king. Yet, she could not save him right now.

"Five master level warriors!"

Feng Yanrou stopped talking. She knew the power of master level warriors since her teacher was one herself. Although she knew that her teacher was extremely powerful and she would not have to worry about any master level warrior from any martial institutions, she was not sure with five of them in the opposite side.

"Let's get back! He will not die that easily. Otherwise, he would not have made it to today."

The teacher shook her head and turned to leave.