Chapter 491: This Brat!

 Chapter 491: This Brat!

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"This is it!"

Ao Cheng and the group arrived on top of an island, looking down.

"I will take some of the men and go capture them. You guys guard here." Ao Seng waved his hand and asked four men in white to follow him.

Ao Cheng nodded, then said to the remaining two men in black robes and nine in white, "You eleven, take your spots. No matter whom you see coming this way, kill them all. In addition, try moving around more, since our soul power will not be able to cover the whole island."

The island covered hundreds of miles in radius. If seen as a square, each edge would measure about five hundred miles, and the four edges added up together would make two thousand miles. Of course, because it was more like an even circle, its perimeter was just around one thousand and six hundred miles. If the twelve of them searched over the whole island, each one's mental power would have to cover one hundred miles. Even if those nine warriors were all at peak level Sea of Souls Realm, they still might not be able to achieve that.

"Yes, sir!"

The eleven people scattered around, flying toward the assigned spots.

A hundred miles deep in the lake, a blue figure continued to flash.

"Those three men in black are all Sea of Souls Realm warriors. They all have a very wide soul power detection radius, so they will be able to sense my soul power as well. Hence, I cannot risk it. Those men in white are all Astral Reaching Realm warriors. My soul power will not only avoid their mental power detection but I can also observe them without being noticed. I will go through them to get into the Wang family forbidden place."

After making up his mind, Ye Chen moved forward at a fast speed.

The whole process was risky, but Ye Chen still managed to go through without encountering any danger. He avoided the mental power detection of those men in white robes and arrived at the entrance of the Wang family forbidden place before performing his movement art at an extreme speed. The forbidden place was covered in a restraining power, so even soul power would not reach inside, making the outsiders not be able to know what was going on inside at all.

"Try holding on for a little bit longer!"

Ye Chen was afraid that Wang Snake and Wang Mei would have already been captured by the men in white, since it had been such a long time.


"You two having managed to train to the Astral Reaching Realm is already quite impressive. Hand over the bloodline crystals now and I will let you guys live." Inside the wide stone room lobby, Ao Seng arrived with four men in white robes, standing in a line.

"Sixth master, why don't we just kill them and get their storage rings? Why should we reason with them?" A man in white asked curiously via Zhen yuan.

"I was afraid that they had already prepared for it and hidden the bloodline crystals. You sure you can find them after killing them?"

Ao Seng was not stupid. As the sixth master of the Ao family, he had more than just stupid power.

Wang Mei looked extra evil, killing intent flashing through her mind, 'Did Ye Chen give us away? If not, how could the Ao family find us here? Isn't it too much of a coincidence? No! Why would he do so? His power was way more powerful than Wang Snake and mine. There would be no need for him to leave the forbidden place and go notify the others, since he would be able to take us both out all by himself.'

'This should be one of the Ao family's exclusive martial art, I guess!'

Wang Mei felt a bit embarrassed for briefly suspecting Ye Chen.

"We will never hand over the bloodline crystals. Dream on!" Wang Snake's eyes were bright red as a massive six-headed snake appeared out of nowhere from his back.

"Brat, you want to die!" A man in white yelled. He did not call out his Blue Eyed white wolf shadow, but just threw out a palm attack toward Wang Snake instead.

"Be careful!"

Wang Mei suddenly rushed in front of Wang Snake, blocking out that palm attack for him.


Inside the stone room lobby, it seemed that a bomb had just exploded. The aggressive qi flow shot out in all directions, blowing Wang Mei and Wang Snake away.

"Sister Mei! Are you okay?" Hundreds of meters away, Wang Snake saw that there was blood coming out from the corner of Wang Mei's mouth.

Wang Mei shook her head, "I am fine!"

After many years of training, Wang Mei had already trained from the Early Clasping Yuan Realm to Mid Astral Reaching Realm. Once she called out her six-headed snake shadow, she would be able to compete with top rank Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Although the men in white were at Late Astral Reaching Realm, they had not called out their Blue Eyed white wolf shadow yet, so their power should not be much higher than Wang Mei's, who was using all she got.

"Six-headed snake! I see...Not bad!" Ao Seng looked rather sorry actually, since he knew that if they were both the descendants of Ao family, they would be top talents worth nurturing.

Wang Mei looked at Ao Seng cautiously, protecting Wang Snake behind her body.

Ao Seng shook his head and took a step forward while saying creepily, "Since you guys are not willing to hand over the bloodline crystals, then don't blame me for being brutal and cold-hearted. Come here!" He made a grabbing gesture and Wang Mei could no longer control her body, being sucked toward him without even a chance to fight back.


It was right at that moment that a sword qi shot out, cutting through the sucking power.

"Who!" Ao Seng could feel that his eyes blurred out for a second and a man in blue appeared out of nowhere, dragging Wang Mei back toward him.

"Brother Ye!" Wang Snake was extra happy.

Locking his eyes with Ao Seng's, Ye Chen said lightly, "Don't worry! I will take you guys out of here."

"It's you!" Ao Seng had recognized Ye Chen, regretting not having killed him before. A sneer appeared on his face, "You? Since you are already here, then do not think you can leave."

Ye Chen's protective Zhen yuan layer shattered, turning into pieces of sword light. He then grabbed both Wang Snake and Wang Mei and yelled, "Let's go!"


His sword light shot out and the three disappeared in the tunnel instantly. It took Ao Seng a second to realize what was going on, then he yelled, "Where do you think you are going?"

Whoo! A Blue Eyed white wolf appeared out of his back as he turned into a beam of white light and followed up.

The two flew swiftly, one in the front and the other chasing behind. Soon, Ye Chen crawled out of the exit and flew out from the bottom of the lake.

Ao Seng was furious, yelling with a loud voice, "You four, go notify the others!" After saying that, he rushed to catch up with Ye Chen and the other two.

Above the island...

"What! They have been taken away! And by that sword artist in blue!" Ao Cheng had a bad look on his face. Earlier on, Ao Seng had suggested killing Ye Chen, and he was the one saying no. But now, the two people they were searching for this long had been taken away by him, which was indeed a slap on the face.

"The others stay right here. You two, follow me."

After performing his bloodline tracking spell and confirming the location of Wang Snake and Wang Mei, Ao Cheng took two men in black and followed behind them swiftly.



A water splashing sound was heard while a sword light shot out. Vaguely, one could see three human shadows wrapped in that beam of sword light.

Soon, another human shadow rushed out as well. Its speed was obviously quite slower than the sword light from before. However, it would be impossible to lose it in a short period of time.

"Stay back!"

Ao Seng twisted his hand into a claw and slashed out, causing claw shaped shadows to cover the sky.


The sword light was like a peppy fish, swimming amongst the claw shadows smoothly and flawlessly.

"What kind of a secret art is this, managing to reach ten times the speed of sound only at the Astral Reaching Realm." Ao Seng was furious, but felt it to be remarkable at the same time. After all, it would be already impressive for Astral Reaching Realm warriors to reach five times the speed of sound normally; six to seven times would already be a feature of the Extreme Astral Reaching Realm. As for some of the powerful martial geniuses who could battle across realms, even they would not be able to reach beyond ten times the speed of sound, and could only try their best to get close to that limit. However, Ye Chen's speed had reached beyond anything he had seen before.

"Huh! My Zhen yuan is already richer than yours. I will see how long you can last." Ao Seng did not believe that Ye Chen could last any longer, since Sea of Souls Realm warriors' Zhen yuan was like endless oceans, not something that Astral Reaching Realm warriors could compete with.

And just like that, one day and one night had passed.

Ye Chen had taken the two and flew a whole ninety thousand miles in one go, reaching one thousand miles ahead of Ao Seng in the process. However, he did not slow down at all, because he knew that it was not a coincidence for these people to find the two in the Wang family's forbidden place. There must be some kind of reasoning or tricks they had used.

In fact, Ao Seng was more than simply one thousand miles away behind Ye Chen; he was more than two thousand miles behind now. As time passed, he realized that he could no longer see Ye Chen anymore. All he could do now was to wait for Ao Cheng to catch up and use his bloodline tracking spell to locate them again.

"I cannot go on any longer. Let me use the flying puppet first!"

Ye Chen was feeling exhausted; he was not a Sea of Souls Realm warrior after all. Flying for a day and night straight was very tiring for him. If it were not because he had already trained his spirit body by half, he would not have been able to last this long at all.

The flying puppet could reach ten times the speed of sound at best. Ye Chen wanted to see whether Ao Seng and the group could catch up at all. If not, then it would not be a big problem for them anymore, since they could just find a place to hide away. If they did, then it would be troubling, since it would mean that they had some kind of tracking spells.

Within fifteen minutes, Ye Chen had tracked Ao Cheng and Ao Seng, who were catching up at an extreme speed.

He couldn't help but look serious now as he said to Wang Snake and Wang Mei: "If I have guessed it right, they can track you two with a secret spell."

"What do we do now?" Wang Snake asked anxiously.

"No other way except enduring it out." Ye Chen could actually go to the South Rudra Region with Long Biyun there, where he would be safe. But, it was the Ao family that they were dealing with, who were the king families and equivalent to rank 5 martial schools. Ye Chen could not go to the South Rudra Martial School and the Dragon God Palace every time he was in trouble, not to mention that it might cause huge troubles to them as well.

Putting away his flying puppet, Ye Chen continued to perform his sword light movement art.

As he did, Ye Chen multitasked and started to train his immortal body art.

Before, if he were already using his Zhen yuan, it would be impossible for him to train other martial arts. But, using the Zhen yuan did not jeopardize the training of his immortal body art, since the latter did not use Zhen yuan as the generating power, but his soul power. It used the soul power to form soul marks which were carved onto his physical body.

And soon, another day and night passed. By now, they had all left the region of the Star Regional Lake and arrived at the Wavy Snow Region.

"No way! How can he last this long?" Ao Seng and Ao Cheng were behind by more than a thousand miles. If it were not for their bloodline tracking spell, they would have lost them for sure.

Ao Cheng said with a cold voice, "It has only been two days. I don't believe that he can last for more than five days."

"This kid is strange, so I hope that you are right."

The Sword light sliced across the sky, and the speed did not seem to decrease.

"Before, I had left the soul marks onto my five organs. But now, I managed to mark the sixth organ as well. Now, I will just have to do my limbs. Once they are all done, I will reach about eighty percent of the first stage immortal body art. By then, I won't have to worry about not being able to last that long."

Perhaps it was because of the intense situation they were in, the speed of Ye Chen training his immortal body had increased by ten times. It was like a rocket shooting up into the sky.