Chapter 490: Blue Eye Trackers

 Chapter 490: Blue Eye Trackers

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Taking in a deep breath, Wang Mei said slowly, "In the ancient era, there were a lot of mixed blood races, amongst which, the most powerful was also a Demi-beast family. Our Wang family was also one of those races. As for the term Demi-beasts, those were the shapeshifting beasts who were descendants of the Beast Kings and humans. They carried the bloodline of both beasts and humans. Once the beast bloodline woke up, they...well, we would be able to summon beast shadows, which could increase our general battling power drastically. With them, we can even battle higher realm warriors easily."

"The beasts who have trained till the Beast King realm can have babies with humans?" Ye Chen was not that surprised to hear that the Wang family carried the bloodline of both beasts and humans, having already suspected it till now. Even so, it was still quite unbelievable to hear about it. But on second thought, it was nothing too special. After all, once the beasts trained to the level of Beast Kings, they would be able to have two forms normally: beast form and human form. There was not much difference between a Beast King in human form and a real human. If they wanted it, the Beast Kings would be able to maintain the human form throughout their lives. Of course, some of the beast kings preferred the beast form and refused to turn into humans.

Wang Mei shook her head, "No...Even if normal beasts reach the Beast King level and manage to transform into human forms, they will not be able to leave behind descendants with humans. Only some rare beasts from the ancient era could do so, such as the ancestor of the Wang family - the Nine-headed Snake King."

"Nine-headed Snake King!"

Ye Chen was surprised slightly, since the Nine-headed Snake King was a very infamous beast in the ancient era. When it was born, it already carried a rank 7 beast worth of power. When it reached adulthood, it reached rank 10; once it reached the Beast King level, it was even ten times more powerful than normal Beast Kings.

"Those people who killed off your whole family were also from the demi-beast family?" Ye Chen asked.

Wang Mei nodded, "Indeed! I heard grandpa say before that they were from the Ao family, which carries the Blue Eyed White Wolf bloodline. Previously, Ao family was only one of the powerful families amongst us, while we were the King family back then. Unfortunately, the Wang family fell apart ages ago and became one of the normal families, while the Ao family became one of the King families a hundred years ago."

"Why would the Ao family destroy the Wang family, who is also a demi-beast family?"

"It is because they want our bloodline crystals."

Ye Chen did not say another word, waiting for them to explain more.

"The bloodline crystals can increase the density of the bloodline and the chance of waking up the bloodline potential. These kinds of crystals would only be obtained from the beast kings, and they contain dangerous poisons. The Demi-beasts with low percentage of beast blood who use the bloodline crystals would die almost immediately. Only demi-beasts with high percentage of beast blood would be able to use it more effectively. Both of us had used it once, improving my five-headed snake all the way to the six-headed snake state. Once the bloodline had been woken u, the cultivation would increase rapidly without any more side effects."

"This is the reason they killed off everyone from your family? Perhaps, they could use your bloodline crystals as well, right?"

Wang Mei said, "The bloodline crystals are made of beast power and beast king essence blood, and have a similarity in their usage with the spirit stones. So, they could indeed use ours as well."

"Alright, tell me about their power. Tell me everything you know... Do not hide any information."

"The Ao very powerful!" Her voice sank lower as she said, "Although I know nothing about the Ao family specifically, but I know very well about a Ling Family's power. Wanting to become a King family would require three different conditions...First, they would need to have an alive demi-beast king. Secondly, there must be more than four demi-beast masters. And lastly, they would have to have a demi-beast prince as well."

Hearing her, Ye Chen looked serious, lost in his thoughts. The Ao family was indeed powerful, too powerful almost. It seemed that amongst the demi-beast families, the King families would be equivalent to rank 5 martial institutions. No, perhaps they were even more powerful than normal rank 5 martial institutions, since there would be barely any Sea of Souls Realm warriors in the latter. "What is a demi-beast prince?"

"The bloodline inside the body reaching half of the Beast King's level would make a warrior a demi-beast prince or princess. We call it the perfect demi-beast bloodline."

'Perfect demi-beast bloodline... It seemed like the one Murong has.' This kind of requirements perhaps would be even harder than becoming a demi-beast master since no one would be able to control their beast bloodline and push it to fifty percent consciously. So, without great opportunities, it would be impossible regardless.

"What kind of percentage do you guys have?" Ye Chen asked casually.

Wang Snake answered, "We are nowhere close. You have to reach nine-headed snake state to develop the perfect bloodline. But, we have trained with only one bloodline crystal so far. If we train with a second bloodline crystal, the percentage of increase in our beast blood percentage would have half the effect compared to before. And further on, the third one would be half of the second one. Of course, we would not dare to try it recklessly. The first one did not poison us to death, but the chance of the second one killing us would increase twice as before, and so on. After training with three bloodline crystals, we would not be able to train more, because only people who carry the purest nine-headed bloodline would be able to train more than three crystals. We are only demi-beasts, so we will never be able to have that purity."

After knowing everything he needed to know, it was time for Ye Chen to say something.

"The Ao family has a lot of power, and all I can do now is to ensure your safety for now. If it reaches beyond my abilities, I would have to say sorry. Right now, I doubt the Ao family is chasing after you. As for the things beyond that, we will decide later on." Ye Chen obviously hoped that the Ao family would not go chase after Wang Snake and Wang Mei. Such a powerful party could only be taken on by rank 5 martial institutions. He would not be able to do anything on his own, and his life might even be in danger if he forced things. The good part was that there were rules among King warriors. The demi-beast of the Ao family would definitely not come out, so the danger would decrease drastically, which would make their attacking power equivalent to rank 6 martial institutions.

"Thank you, brother Ye."

Wang Snake did not really know about Ye Chen's power, since the news about the tea gathering had not spread over here. But, judging by his qi, he was indeed at the peak of Late Astral Reaching Realm.

"This... They are very powerful. I heard from my grandpa that they had at least a demi-beast who had reached the Sea of Souls Realm." Wang Mei hesitated and reminded.

Ye Chen sighed, "If that is the case, then it would actually be good."

Wang Mei opened her mouth, not knowing what to say. It was not that she did not trust Ye Chen, but she did not think an Astral Reaching Realm warrior would be able to compete with Sea of Souls Realm warriors, especially when they carried the bloodline of the Blue Eyed White Wolf. Their power would definitely be more powerful than normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors.

After staying in the Wang family's forbidden place for one day, Ye Chen thought about it and said to the two, "We can't stay here forever. Perhaps they have left a long time ago, I will go to the Snake island and have a look. You two be careful and wait for me to come back."

Ye Chen had already remembered every detail about the entrance of this forbidden place; it was right under the island. After leaving, Ye Chen quickly flew into the sky.

"This is actually very close to the Blue Mountain island."

He had traveled above this island before, but had not expected that the Wang Family's forbidden place was right underneath the island.

Once he knew the direction, he started to move in a straight line toward the Snake island.


A group of men in hats had appeared on top of the Snake Island.

"Ao Seng, have you checked here?" The man in black robes and hat asked the leading man in white.

"I have checked everywhere! But, I have not found anything out of place."

"Oh yeah?"

The man in black did not believe it, so he and the other two men in black started searching carefully.

"Captain, there seems to be a transporting stone door three hundred and sixty miles down in that direction." A man in black observed something and reported.

The leader in black who was referred to as the captain glanced at Ao Song without saying anything. The latter looked rather embarrassed; it was a good thing that the black gauze covered his face.

The group of people arrived in the stone room where the transporting stone door was located, and could not help but frown.

"It seems like that the transporting stone door has already run out of energy. It looks like we will have to use the bloodline tracking spell." As they spoke, he took out the blood they got from the Wang family from his storage ring. He opened it vial and dripped a drop of blood onto his hand.


All of a sudden, a Blue Eyed White Wolf shadow appeared behind his back out of nowhere. The shadow wolf's pupils shone with a bright blue light as a mysterious power poured into the blood.


The drop of blood started to jump up and shoot out onto the stone walls.

"The west! They are still within ten miles. Go!"

The group of people started to travel at an extreme speed. After leaving the snake island, they started to fly toward the west rapidly.


"Ao Cheng, the family has sent you three trackers this time. It should be more than enough for finding the remaining people of the Wang family, right?" Ao Seng was very clear that it would not need three blue eye trackers for just a Wang family.

The leading man in black, named Ao Cheng, said, "We have another mission this time. We have to figure out the power level of this Tuoba Family."

"Tuoba family? They are one of the top families. Does the family want to move onto the Tuoba family?

"No. We are just trying to see how things are, since they have hidden their power very secretively."


Ao Seng let out a breath. Wanting to take out the Tuoba family would need the whole Ao family. Unfortunately, the leader of the family was a demi-beast king. Otherwise, he could take out the whole Tuoba family by himself.

After flying for about ten thousand miles, Ao Cheng stopped and continued to use his bloodline tracking spell, which still pointed toward the west.

During the trip, they saw a young man in blue flying near them.

"Eh? Isn't this that blue robed sword artist we ran into in Blue Rock town?" Ao Seng's eyes shone with a bright light as he said to Ao Cheng.

"What is going on?" Ao Cheng asked.

In response, Ao Seng then told him what had happened, "Should we kill him? I feel that something is wrong with this guy!"

"His power should be at Sea of Souls Realm. Do not try to create unnecessary drama." Ao Cheng shook his head. Ye Chen was able to stay alive from the Five Poison Major Spell, so he must have the power to do so. He did not believe that Ye Chen was just a normal peak level Astral Reaching Realm warrior.

Without revealing any expressions, Ye Chen continued to increase his speed, trying to increase the distance between him and the group.

"It is them! How come they are facing that way? Perhaps they have a way to find Wang Snake and Wang Mei, eh?"

"I will try my luck then, I guess."

After flying out for hundreds of miles, Ye Chen suddenly stopped and secretly followed the group. Although they were very powerful and he would not be able to fight them by himself, but saving people would still be possible. Most importantly, Ye Chen would be able to make it out alive for sure, and that would be enough.

Ye Chen had guessed it right, as the group was indeed flying toward the Wang family forbidden place as if they knew exactly where they were going.