Chapter 489: Wang Family’s Forbidden Place

 Chapter 489: Wang Family's Forbidden Place

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The Star Regional Lake was a high tier lake, and could at least be ranked in the top five, if not top three, in the region. Its coverage reached millions of miles, which was way bigger than the whole of South Rudra Region.

Being a huge lake, there were many islands present in it. They were like stars in the sky, as one could spot them every now and then constantly.

Wavy Wind Island was a small island that was ten thousand miles away from Snake Island. There were millions of humans on that island, so it was rather busy.

A population in the millions was rather a lot for a small island like this.

Inside one of the fancy restaurants, Ye Chen sat next to the windows and drank tea. He wanted to obtain some information from the warriors' chatters.

"Did you hear? Everyone in the Wang family from the Snake Island near the Black Dragon Emperor has been killed...every single one of them! Even the dogs and animals had been killed. It was like the top of the Snake Island had been destroyed altogether."

"Entire family! Who can be so brutal? They were at least a rank 9 family after all. How could it happen so easily? I heard that in recent years, two young warriors had emerged in the Wang family who were both at the Astral Reaching Realm. It would take more than a rank 8 martial school to take them both down."

"You still haven't traveled enough after all. The Wang family is powerful for us, but to those of who are truly mighty, they were still nothing but ants. It would not have taken them much effort to kill them all."


Ye Chen did not hear what they were talking about next, because he had already left the place.

In the sky, Ye Chen rode on his flying puppet at ten times the speed of sound.

"Who did they piss off to get killed? How is Wang Snake now?" Many questions flew past Ye Chen's mind. He did not expect to get this kind of news just as he was about to go there. Although he was not that close to the Wang family or Wang Snake, they had still given him three three-thousand-years old Blood Sun Flowers, and he had protected Wang Snake as well.

Without knowing why, Ye Chen had thought of that group of men in hats. He did not even know why he would have this kind of thought.

"Wang Snake, when I have met you before, you did not look like someone with a short life. You should still be alive, right?" If he had died, then there would be literally nothing left for their family. Ye Chen was very sure about Wang Snake's potential. He was able to know a lot from Tuo Baku, and Wang Snake was even slightly younger than him


The flying puppet shot across the sky, fast like a flashing light.


From far away, Ye Chen was able to see the Snake Island which had lost the top level, as if it had been shaved off with a blade. But, looking from far away, it was more like it had been done by a claw than a blade.

There were a lot of warriors on that not-so-smooth edge.

"You did not see what had happened that day. A group of men in white robes and hats surrounded the Wang family and killed everyone, even the children. Before they left, the leading man waved his hand and the whole top level just disappeared!"

"So brutal! Leaving not even corpses behind."

"Ah! This is a world of power. If a powerful warrior wants to kill you, you will die without a chance to argue."

"Eh? A peak level Late Astral Reaching Realm warrior is here."

A lot of people had noticed Ye Chen, who had a powerful qi.

Ye Chen had heard them, especially the description of the men in hats. If it were no coincidence, then those people he had run into in the Blue Rock town would be the ones who had done all this. It was not a baseless conjecture - firstly, although there were other warriors who liked to dress in white robe and hats as well, having a group of them at the time place would be rare. Secondly, the leader of the men had the Blue Eyed White Wolf bloodline, and the Wang family had many snakes bloodline; there must be some kind of connection for sure.

Therefore, Ye Chen was quite certain that it was them who had killed everyone in the Wang family.

"So tricky! That group of men in white robes did not look like they would be easy to take on, especially the leading one... He seemed to be just as powerful as Yu Youtian." Ye Chen frowned seriously. He knew how powerful Yu Youtian was. Perhaps if it were just that leading man in hat, he might not have worried this much. But, with that group of them, he would have to be extra careful. Plus, people with this kind of special bloodline would have even more powerful battling power. Ye Chen did not have one hundred percent confidence in winning against that leading man alone, not to mention the group together.

"Enough about this for now. Let me search for some clues."

The centre of his eyebrows raised up a bit as he secretly released his soul power.

Thirty miles!

Fifty miles!

Eighty miles!

Ninety miles!

He continued to push his soul power down onto and under the Snake island until he could not push it any further.

"Eh? There is a slight space vibration that I can sense. It is weak, but it is present there nevertheless."

His expression changed, and he rushed to arrive onto the peak of the snake island so that his soul power could dive down even further. After he realized that there was nothing suspicious, he dove down into the bottom of the lake.

"Is it a transporting stone door over there?"

Ye Chen had finally found the source of the vibration, which was somehow three hundred and sixty miles away from where he was standing. He could only find it thanks to his mighty soul power; otherwise, even normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors might not have been able to find it. The leading man in white robes must have attempted it as well, but it might have been because of his limited range that he did not manage to detect it.

Of course, more importantly, Ye Chen had trained the Void Shattering Finger Art which contained the mentality of space. This made him more sensitive to the space vibration emitting from this transportation door.

Without much hesitation, Ye Chen started to activate his protective Zhen yuan and squeeze into the muddy ground, making his way toward the door, soon arriving next to it

The door was located in one of the underground stone rooms, but there did not seem to be a direct path to it from above. One could reach it only from the side. There seemed to be a well-hidden entrance there, which was also at the bottom of the lake. It was covered in seaweeds, making it a not-so-smooth trip. There seemed to be a lot of traps on the way, which was also why Ye Chen did not enter through the side path. It was not that he was scared of the traps; instead, he was afraid of the sounds it might create.

"I wonder what kind of place this path will lead me to!" After thinking for a while, Ye Chen eventually entered the transportation door. He believed that the Wang family would not create a transporting stone door that would take one to a death trap, since it would not be necessary at all, and not many people would be able to find it in the first place. The job of this door would probably serve as a way to send some of the important people away in an emergency. So, perhaps Wang Snake was still alive!


A swirl appeared the second he touched the door, and he disappeared within completely.


"Sister Mei, someone is getting through the transportation door."

Inside a dark underground building, a teenager in black started at the transporting stone door in front of him with a nervous expression. It was indeed Wang Snake whom Ye Chen had not seen for many years. Behind him, a cold-looking beautiful woman in black attire walked over, who was indeed another top martial genius from the Wang family named Wang Mei. Back at the Star Regional Lake, the Three-headed Snake she raised up had attacked Ye Chen and the big boat Wang Snake had taken before.

"Snake, our Wang family could very likely have been killed by now. This newcomer might be an enemy after all. In a while, I will stall the person. You have to run on your own without looking back." A hint of sadness flashed past Wang Mei's eyes before looking determined again.

Wang Snake shook his head, "No, sister Mei! I will face it with you."

"Silly boy! What would be the difference if you stay behind? It will just be one more corpse. Only by living you can fight back for our Wang family. I believe that you have the potential. You have already reached the peak of Early Astral Reaching Realm from Condensing Reality Realm within the past couple of years after all."

Compared to a couple of years ago, Wang Mei had grown a lot.


Just as the two were talking, the swirl inside the door suddenly increased its speed as a human figure walked out.

"Go die!"

Two Six-headed Snakes appeared out of the backs of Wang Mei and Wang Snake. With that, twelve snakeheads attacked the newcomer, the power seeming extremely aggressive.


The incomer waved out a fist, making the two back out continuously.

"It's me."

After blowing away the two, Ye Chen shouted out.

Hearing his voice, Wang Snake was extremely happy, "Brother Ye! It is indeed bother Ye! Sister Mei, he is not the enemy. He had saved my life before. He is my brother Ye."

A confused look flashed past Wang Mei's face, then she nodded calmly, "I know."

Ye Chen looked around and realized that he was already in the deep end of the underground caves. Shiny crystal had been carved into the walls, making the place not that dark. It was indeed a rather fancy looking stone lobby, seeming to have been there for a long period of time.

"Wang Snake, what kind of place is this?"

"This is the forbidden place of my Wang family, bother Ye. Is my Wang family still there...?" Wang Snake asked carefully. In the past couple of years, he had more than some feelings for the Wang family. Besides a small number of people there, the rest of them had been kind to him, especially the leader of the Wang family, Wang Heng.

On the side, Wang Mei looked over at Ye Chen with hope as well.

Ye Chen thought about it, then shook his head and said with a low voice, "Wang family has been decimated to the ground. I learned that your Wang family had been killed off just before I found this transportation door."

"Grandpa, Uncle Zhou... Are they all dead...?"

There were tears brimming up in Wang Snake's eyes.

"People die and cannot return. You guys having made it out is already the best out of the worst. You have to cherish what you have. Once you have the power, you can go avenge them." Ye Chen comforted them.

"I know... and I will!"

Wang Snake tightened his fist. Not only had his main family been destroyed, the family he was with before was eradicated as well. Not a single person was left from his family up there. In the past few days, he was getting more and more depressed. The good thing was that Wang Mei was with him; she was his only relative now.

The light of the stone transportation door dimmed down before returning to normal. Ye Chen knew that it meant the door was out of energy, since it was really low ranked compared to the other ones he had seen. There was a limitation on the population, as it would be impossible for it to transport people limitlessly.

"How did you make it out?" Ye Chen asked.

Wang Snake explained, "After my original family had been killed, grandpa Wang Hang made me and sister Mei enter the transporting stone door, which was a one-way path only. There was also a limitation on the number of people that could be transported. There was just one more turn remaining..."

"Can you tell me what happened?" It was something Ye Chen wanted to know the most, since he would not be able to make any plans without the information.

Wang Snake looked at Wang Mei, who nodded and said, "I will say it then. Since the Wang family is already gone anyway, there is no need to keep it as a secret anymore. There are some things that even you do not know."