Chapter 488: Sword Light Flying Art

 Chapter 488: Sword Light Flying Art

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"Five Poison Ghost Warrior... He used to be the leader of the one hundred and eight ghost warriors in the Nine Ghost Cult. I had not expected him to have already reached the Sea of Souls Realm. Too bad that he still died under my sword. Speaking of which, there have been four ghost warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult that I have killed. I wonder who you are though?" He guessed that the elder standing in front of him might also be one of ghost warrior, but he somehow managed to catch up and reach even beyond the Five Poison Ghost Warrior.

In Master Rain's eyes, Ye Chen was already a dead man walking. Therefore, he said without even thinking, "There is no point in hiding now. I am an outer master of the Nine Ghost Cult, You Youtian."

"Yu Youtian? Very well! The ghost warriors are not enough for me anymore. I guess I will start to take on master level warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult."

"Huh! Not humble at all, are you? Perhaps I would be afraid of you when you were at your peak. But right now, I can squeeze you with just one hand. Two Loop Lock Sun!"

Although the elder said that, he did not dare to underestimate Ye Chen at all. Although losing by being careless did not happen that often, it was not impossible. Even lions would fight rabbits with their full power. So, Yu Youtian did not want to make the same mistake, at least not before he had killed Ye Chen.

That sky-covering blue halo appeared, with one loop layering on top of another.

Blood poured out of Ye Chen's mouth, but he did not avoid or even flinch; the green longsword in his hand was waved out horizontally in response. It continued to avoid the blockade of the loop while seeming like a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean; the possibility of it being destroyed seemed to very real.

Seeing that, Yu Youtian let out a breath; it seemed that his opponent had indeed got wounded, and he wondered what kind of wounds they would be.

The number of loops out there was uncountable, and they were traveling in an unpredictable pattern as well. However, Ye Chen's sword was even faster; it was fast, aggressive, and accurate. No matter how the green loops changed, it seemed to be impossible for them to get close to Ye Chen, not to mention stop him.

"Huh! I want to see how much longer you can last. Rain Thousand Kill!"

Yu Youtian sneered as he formed a spell at an extreme speed. As he did that, the natural qi started vibrating and the sky turned gray. Countless raindrops shot down like thousands of arrows being released at the same time. At the same time, they also seemed like ice chips falling down from the sky which brought a loud sound.

"Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!"

Ye Chen held his sword backward and sliced, causing all of the loops and rain arrows within thirty miles to be flicked away.


After he finished doing all that, he puked out another huge chunk of blood, looking extreme pale.


Suddenly, Yu Youtian felt that he should not kill Ye Chen right now, because he realized that he could not kill him before discovering the secret that Five Poison had mentioned before. Otherwise, all of the time he spent with the ghost warrior would be for nothing. With that thought in mind, he decreased his attack by thirty percent. A huge water dragon was shot out amidst his Zhen yuan, carrying a dominating aura that seemed to be enough to destroy everything.

"Flying Water Dragon Kill!"

This was his most powerful profound martial art. The One Loop Moon Attack and the Two Loop Sun Block were both restricting type of killing attacks. However, this Flying Water Dragon kill was the actual ace attack that he used against the truly powerful opponents. Even if he had just used seventy percent of its original power, it should still wound Ye Chen badly.


The second that the water dragon jumped up into the air, a cross-shaped lightning appeared out of nowhere, looking extremely horrifying. A cold light flashed though Ye Chen's eyes, as if someone had waved out a deadly attack inside them as well.

The emerald colored longsword of his started to vibrate at an odd frequency. Within a second, it shook at least one thousand times while a textured golden light wrapped around it, spinning and turning. As Ye Chen waved out his sword, the light poured out like a flood.

"Gold Resonant Radiance!"

Without offering any kind of resistance, the water dragon was separated into two parts immediately, shooting by Ye Chen's side on both left and right.

"What! Impossible!! Perhaps..."

Yu Youtian could not believe his eyes. However, he then realized that whatever Ye Chen had done before could all just be an illusion, a lie. Perhaps, he was never wounded, but had just been faking it so that he would be fooled and let his guard down.

And yet, that attack from before had indeed landed on the latter's back. Even if he wore a top rank armor, the power would still have passed through and caused quite some damage. What was actually going on?

Yu Youtian was confused, and he felt that he could no longer organize his thoughts anymore. It was just impossible to make sense out of the situation.

If it were the Five Poison ghost warrior who was here, he would not have made this kind of mistake, because he would have known that Ye Chen had trained the undying body. Hence, he would have been extra careful about that. The reason he did not tell Yu Youtian the truth this whole time was because he was afraid that the latter would ditch him the second he learned the truth, and try to take all of the benefits for himself.

Yu Youtian had thought about everything except this undying body of Ye Chen's. Hence, this mistake was inevitable.

Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Attack shot out, seeming completely unstoppable. Waves after waves of power penetrated the mid rank armor and rushed into the elder's body. With that, a mouthful of blood could not be held back at all by him, spilling everywhere.

"Brat! You are so tricky!"

Yu Youtian's body had been blown away, seeming like a falling star.

"Do you think you can make it out?"

Ye Chen performed his movement art and followed right behind him.

One was badly wounded while the other was completely unharmed. Furthermore, the distance between them was shrinking; it was already within Ye Chen's attacking range.


Deploying his sword qi, Ye Chen threw out an attack.

However, it was as if Yu Youtian had eyes growing on the back of his head - his body moved immediately, avoiding the incoming attack of the sword qi. However, the speed was still half a step too slow after all.

"No! If this continues, I will be killed for sure! I guess I will have to use some of my essence blood and perform my Blood Escape."

With this thought in mind, Yu Youtian moved his body, his speed increasing drastically. The Zhen yuan he let out was blood red in color, contrasting with his face which was totally pale.

The purity of Ye Chen's Zhen yuan was not as good as Yu Youtian's. Earlier on w hen his opponent was still badly wounded by him, he would still have been able to catch up with him slowly. But now, the distance between them was only getting longer and longer; eventually, he would lose the chance of killing him completely.


At this moment, Ye Chen's protective Zhen yuan shattered, turning into light dots that scattered in the area. But soon, the loose pieces started to fuse together and turned into beams of sharp sword light.


His right hand index finger was pointed out suddenly, causing the sword light to bring Ye Chen with it and shoot out into the distance. The kind of speed it attained was close to the speed of actual attacks. It was like an auroral arc that sliced open the sky while looking dreamy and surreal.

"What kind of secret art is this?"

Yu Youtian looked frightened as he tried his best to activate his Blood Escape.

One bloody light and one sword light, both of them were trying to race forward as quickly as possible. However, it was still Ye Chen's speed that was slightly faster.

"The success rate of me using my sword light flying art was not even ten percent back then. But right now, it has reached one hundred percent. It did not even take a second of delay."

When he was in the Blood Demon battlefield, Ye Chen was being chased by the top four Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. When he was badly wounded, he had used his sword light flying art, which helped him escape his fate of being killed. He had been training it ever since, hoping that he would one day be able to employ it whenever it was needed. And this goal was something that had been achieved a long time ago. Yet, he had never gotten a chance to properly use it, as this attack would have to be used in a situation when he was chasing or being chased by someone. After all, the condition of using this art would be to let go of his protective layer.

Less than thirty miles away from the border to the south of the mountain region...

The two had already left the area without them even knowing, and arrived on top another mountain range; their speed had been above ten times that of sound all this while.

"If you kill me, you will be chased by all the powerful warriors from the Nine Ghost Cult. You and your family, as well as martial school, will be ruined. Do you think it will be worth it?"

Even if Yu Youtian was already a powerful Sea of Souls Realm warrior and had managed to train the spirit body, the blood essence in his spirit body could still not be endless. After the past half an hour, he was already running out. If he continued, he would die himself by tomorrow without the need of being chased by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen sneered, "The Nine Ghost Cult had been destroyed decades ago. The remaining ones are only rats on the streets. Do you think I will be afraid of them?"

"Huh! The remaining warriors of the Nine Ghost Cult exceed your imagination. Do not put yourself into a dead end and cause trouble for your family."

"Leaving you behind would be the trouble."

"Damn! Even if I die, I will take you down with me."

With that, Yu Youtian gave up on running away. He prepared to die with Ye Chen while he still had the power to do so.

Just as he turned, a blue sword light with a hint of gold flew right in front of his eyes, followed by the sensation of numbness on his neck. He then saw a headless body quite far away from him, slowly falling down onto the ground.


After killing Yu Youtian with one sword attack, Ye Chen let out a big breath. He was indeed the outer master of the Nine Ghost Cult, so tricky to take on! 'If it were not for the immortal body I had trained and the strategy of pretending to be wounded, I might not have been able to wound him at all, not to mention kill him."

As he reached out his hand and created a suction force, the storage ring on Yu Youtian's finger landed on his hand. Ye Chen subsequently put it back into his own ring without even checking.

"This should be the Star Reaching Mountains, right? Once I cross this, I will reach the Star Regional Lake. It has been years since I was there. I wonder how powerful Wang She is now."

Back then, he had personal business with the Floating Mountain Island, and was afraid that the people there would take it out on the Wang Family on the Snake Island. So, he had never been in contact with Wang She. After all this time, the grudge they held should have faded away by now. It would be time for him to check it out.

Without hurrying, Ye Chen found a quiet island and sat on the ground to recover his Zhen yuan.


A hundred miles away from the blue rock town, a group of men in hats gathered together. They were mostly in white, with only three of them in black.

"Did you bring the blood of the Wang Family?" A man in black asked.

"Yes!" The leading man in white took out a see-through bottle from his storage ring, containing a red liquid inside.

Taking over the bottle, the man in black opened it and took a sniff, before handing it over to the other two men in black. After the three of them all took a sniff at the blood, the leading man said again, "Alright! We have already memorized his smell. As long as he is less than one hundred miles away, even if they have hidden in the deepest holes, we will be able to find them."

"Follow me!"

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The group flew into the distance, aiming toward the south.