Chapter 487: Utilizing His Immortal Body For the First Time

 Chapter 487: Utilizing His Immortal Body For the First Time

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"What things?" Ye Chen really wanted to know what this thing was that they wanted from him, since he did not recall any encounters with these guys.

The ghost warrior gave up on using his spell again and said with a creepy tone, "Hand over the things you got from the Stone Man Underworld. You know what I mean."

Hearing him, Ye Chen's eyes narrowed suddenly. It looked like these people were also searching for the secret of undying body. However, he had never seen these guys before, so they must have been hidden in the dark. These were the kind of people that were the scariest, since they were like poisonous snakes that hid in the dark bushes and were always prepared to bite. One might not even be able to know how one died and what caused it.

"What if I don't want to give it to you?" His Zhen yuan traveled slowly and steadily while his mental power was highly concentrated, preparing for launching a deadly attack.

"If not, then you will wish that you were dead. Even if you manage to make it out this time, how many more times do you think you can escape from us? It would not just be you who would be in danger... Your friends, your women, your family... they would all go down, taking on an unnecessary burden and consequences for you. I think they would blame you right before they died." Reaching the end part of his line, the ghost warrior started to laugh recklessly. Although they did not have one hundred percent of confidence in keeping Ye Chen here, but the latter being able to do anything to them would be impossible, a joke even.

"Oh yeah? Don't worry! Even if you don't look for me, I will come for you. You will be just another pair of ghosts under my sword."

His body then shot out as he waved his sword horizontally. It was not his profound martial art or some powerful ace attack; it was just a normal sword attack. However, with his fast mentality employed, it reached an incomprehensive speed. Once the sword attack had been waved out, that new-moon like sword qi had already reached the ghost warrior's body.

Master Rain's senses and reactions were one level faster than the ghost warrior, and he was already prepared for Ye Chen's sudden attacks. After seeing him throwing out a sharp sword attack without thinking, he did not reveal too big of an emotion beside the slight surprise at his speed. A metal loop appeared in his hand which vibrated intensely, bringing a dreamy water wave to block in front of the ghost warrior, clashing with the tip of the sword.


Water spilled everywhere while the ghost warrior was blown away, crushing down three massive trees on his way out. At the same time, Ye Chen's sword style changed as it turned into a fast fish. Avoiding the intense part of the shockwave, he threw out another four attacks toward Master Rain, who had helped out in creating the barrier.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Pop!

The first three sword attacks had been blocked by Master Rain with his loop while the last sword sliced through and landed on his shoulder, leaving behind a long blood mark.


His body seemed like a reflection of the moon in the water, disappearing slowly but quickly. When he reappeared, he was already hundred meters away, having avoided Ye Chen's attack barely.

Turning to look at the wound on his shoulder, the master's eyes slowly turned more and more evil. Even though he had already treated Ye Chen as a powerful opponent, he still lost the upper hand of the battle.

"Little brat, you are looking for death."

The ghost warrior who had been blown away was furious. He lifted up his sleeves to turn all of the tree branches and leaves into ashes, before bouncing off the ground and slapping his hand toward Ye Chen.

"Five Poison Godly Palm!"

The purple Zhen yuan had been separated into five parts, forming different shapes in the air: a poisonous snake, centipede, spider, scorpion, and a toad. Five of the most poisonous creatures in nature had been created out of thin air, looking extremely vivid. Their eyes shone with an evil light as they attacked toward Ye Chen at the same time.


Besides the slightly powerful creatures he managed to create, Ye Chen did not care about his attacking power at all. Facing this poisonous palm attack, Ye Chen waved his longsword in the air once. With that, those five creatures looked like they had been hit at their deadly spots. Their bodies started to twist and scramble before exploding in the sky, bringing a huge wave of purple qi that burnt a huge hole on the ground.

"One Loop Steals The Moon!"

The attacks from Master Rain arrived as well. That metal loop vibrated in the air, forming a huge, green colroed light loop. It fused with the natural water yuan qi and turned into a deep sea swirl, wrapping around Ye Chen and crushing him with its high pressure, wanting to block all of his movements.

Ye Chen knew that he could not afford to be caught up in the attack as it would take a long time for him to break out of it, and time was too precious in battles to lose.


He lifted up his emerald-coloured longsword, slicing open the halo.

"Two Loops Lock Sun!"

In this moment, another loop appeared in the elder's hand. As he shook his hand to shoot out the attack, the two loops overlapped on one another, forming layers of shadows. It seemed to be impossible to tell which was the real one as their quantity continued to increase, layering on top of one another.

"Indeed tricky!" Ye Chen frowned seriously. This master's battling power was indeed horrifying; he must be one of the top Sea of Souls Realm warriors. And then there was the Five Poison ghost warrior, who had a not-so-powerful battling power, but an extremely threatening poisonous art. The pressure was undesirably intense.

"Sword Step!"

Ye Chen turned his body into a sword and eventually into a beam of sword light. It searched for and jumped through the tiny gaps between the overlapping loops. If there were zero gaps, he would use his sword to shatter open a way.

"What kind of step art is this!"

The master was now genuinely shocked at what he had just seen, watching Ye Chen fly out of the attacking area.

The ghost warrior also had not expected to see Ye Chen breaking through Master Rain's Twin Loop art. According to his knowledge, even warriors who were more powerful than Master Rain would have to beg for their lives facing this attack.

"Mountain Melting Palm Attack!"

Resting his left hand onto his right arm, the ghost warrior concentrated the Zhen yuan on his palm. As a result, a purple swirl was created, somehow looking like mountains as it attacked toward Ye Chen.

"Amaranthine Nature!"

Ye Chen was not afraid as he performed another of his sword art.


The purple Zhen yuan was punctured through while a sword hole appeared on the palm of the ghost warrior. As it was literally about to go through his whole palm, the master arrived on time to help. He used his loop to deflect Ye Chen's longsword, while the other loop of his was thrown out.

Seeing that his attack did not hit its target, Ye Chen hurried to back out, avoiding the incoming loop.

'Not working! These two are helping each other out, with one being so poisonous and reckless and the other one with such strange attacking style. It will be impossible to get the upper hand like this.'

Ye Chen's eyes shone with a light as he looked at both of his opponents.

The master said coldly, "Hand over that thing and I will give you your peaceful life back. Otherwise, such battles would become your daily routine... And not just yours, but your friends and family's as well. I don't think they have your power, do they?"

Ye Chen did not hide the killing intent in his eyes as he sneered, "Even if I hand it over, I doubt you would let me go anyway. So, I guess I will just have to remove the danger before it actually manifest, right?"

"Since you have already made up your mind, then don't blame us for being brutal." Master Rain did not answer Ye Chen's question. Although he did not admit or deny it, he secretly agreed with Ye Chen at some level. Ye Chen was just too powerful and too full of potential. When he grew up, they would not be able to do anything to him even with the two combined. Therefore, for the future, they would have to chase after Ye Chen and never give up.

Right now, threatening Ye Chen was only to increase their own morale and dominance.

"Brat, you have chosen this path, so do not blame me for anything in the future. I, Five Poison Ghost Warrior, have plenty of methods for torturing someone like you." The ghost warrior knew that he could not fight this lad. Therefore, he let Master Rain take the leading role, since he knew that his specialty was not battling but his poison arts.

Pointing his longsword toward the ground, Ye Chen activated his undying body secretly, letting out an endless sword light. He then shifted onto using soul power to make soul marks onto his organs, which should have a bigger effect than the ones made with mental power, possibly lasting for at least half an hour. During that, all the organs wounds could be ignored unless his opponents had an attacking power that reached beyond his limits.

"I said, you will become ghosts under my sword."

Ye Chen gave up on battling Master Rain and jumped at the ghost warrior.

Master Rain frowned, knowing that the ghost warrior could not be allowed to die. Once he did, the former would not be able to control Ye Chen by himself. Only by working together would there be a chance of victory for them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Throwing out the metal loop, the master employed his most powerful attack.

When Ye Chen had almost reached the ghost warrior, he suddenly changed to holding three swords backward as well as turning his body around: it was indeed his Reverse Sky Thunder Cut.

The sound of metal exploding was heard while countless sparks appeared out of nowhere. After blowing away one loop with one sword, Ye Chen crossed both of his swords in front of him, performing his double sword style art.

"Not good! His target was actually me!"

The master just realised how tricky this Ye Chen was. Without the time to retrieve his loop, he threw out a fist at Ye Chen.


Ye Chen's attack was slightly weaker than expected. Although the fist was the master's full powered attack, it still was not his loop. However, Ye Chen had still been blown away like an arrow shot out of a bow. The next second, he appeared ten steps before the ghost warrior.

"Damn! That b*stard's target was still Five Poison. Him fighting with me was just to hide his real target and confuse us!"

The master was shocked to see Ye Chen's battling experiences, since it was not something that could be just cultivated, as it would also take some serious natural talent. A warrior with low battling talent would not be able to make this kind of a plan in such critical moments.

"Killing Five Poison would also mean that you will be badly wounded by me, so it will be your choice after all." Master Rain yelled as he controlled the two loops while attacking toward Ye Chen. He was confident that under this attack, Ye Chen would not come out unscathed.

Ye Chen did not care about the incoming attacks at all. His emerald-coloured longsword started to shake at an extreme frequency, the edge of the sword light that poured out seeming like it was made of gold.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Sword!"

Suddenly, a flash of golden light arose before their eyes. In the next moment, Five Poison was cut in half, with a red string extending from the centre of his scull to his crotch. Blood eventually poured out of that line while he had no idea that he was already dead, still wanting to attack at Ye Chen; only to realise that he was no longer able to move his Zhen yuan... He eventually landed onto the ground heavily and split into two halves.


The second that he killed the ghost warrior, Ye Chen had also received a loop attack on his back after avoiding the other one. Blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth as he turned around calmly.

Master Rain said with a scary expression: "Your organs should be shattered by now, right? How much of your power is still remaining at this point? Fifty percent? Thirty? I have told you... After killing Five Poison, I will make you die along with him. That was your mistake, cornering yourself in such a deadly situation."