Chapter 486: Five Poison Spell

 Chapter 486: Five Poison Spell

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"Poison qi attack!"

Ye Chen's expression changed as he took out his longsword and threw an attack toward that toad.

With that, the toad was separated into two parts before recovering immediately, as if nothing had happened. Its open mouth then opened, a dozen meters long purple tongue striking out toward Ye Chen.

"You are looking for death!"

A huge number of people in the restaurant were now on the ground. Ye Chen looked extra serious as the sword in his hand was waved out at an imperceptible speed, creating sword shadow everywhere.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The toad was minced into a fog that slowly disappeared into the air.

But in the next second, the broken restaurant started to make a cracking sound. The people standing next to the window were shocked at what they saw - when they were distracted, a scarily huge snake had wrapped around the whole restaurant and was now prepared to tighten its body and crush everyone within.

"This poisonous qi can easily melt through Zhen yuan. What kind of person would be this evil, making everyone in the restaurant die for their goal?" Ye Chen knew that these were the people who had attacked him before. He did not get a chance to meet these people the last time, but they appeared right in front of him today.


A horrifying roar was heard as a room inside exploded with a huge wave of qi flow. It blasted all the walls down while shooting in all directions and blowing away the huge snake.

"Another kind of bloodline?"

Ye Chen looked over and saw nothing left where the rooms were before. What was revealed in front of everyone was a group of men in bamboo hats. These people looked extra creepy as huge wolf shadows appeared behind their back. They were different from normal wolves- their scary-looking blue eyes and white hair were almost one hundred percent fitting with the rumors of the blue eyed white wolf which had not been spotted for a long time on this land.

"Lizard-dragon shadow, three snake shadow, blue eyed white wolf shadow... What are these bloodlines? Why are they so strange?" Ye Chen frowned while thinking.

The information he got from the Battle King was mostly about cultivation or things related to cultivation. It was rather lacking in other aspects.

Even with all the commotion, the poisonous gas' attack continued to affect the surroundings. The huge snake had just been shattered when countless spiders with purple mist around them appeared. They were extremely fast, so much so that they could create illusions out of nowhere. Hence, besides Ye Chen, there was only the group of men in hats left in the whole restaurant, which itself was soon melted away by the gas.

Without the impediment of the wall, Ye Chen and the men in hats were exposed to the open air.


A powerful wave of killing qi exploded from Ye Chen's body. As he looked around him, he saw that not only the restaurant, but the whole Blue Rock town had drowned in this purple poisonous qi. It was like an area filled with mists, with endless corpses on the ground everywhere; they were on the streets, inside the houses, cafes, shops... In Ye Chen's soul power vision, he saw corpses everywhere across the town. They first rotted and then turned into white bones, before shattering completely into dust. It was so brutal that Ye Chen could not believe his eyes for a moment.

And all of that was just for targeting him.

"Just for me... To kill me, you killed the whole town brutally... Even if you guys do not want to go after me after today, I will track you down!"

A frightening sword intent shot into the sky, tearing a huge hole in the mist layer created by the toad. Ye Chen held his sword with both his hands before waving it out heavily.


The blue Stone Town was cracked open suddenly, as the misted area was divided into two parts.

Extending his body, Ye Chen followed the passage without poisonous qi and flew out. Only when he reached outside the town did he get to see the real appearance of the attacker.

But, just as he flew out for dozens of meters, the passage closed up instantly. Countless centipedes rushed out in waves like water in the ocean.

Ye Chen was calm as he jumped into the air, trying to create some space to break free from above him.

Sizz! Sizz! Sizz! Sizz!

However, even above him was a dead end! Countless huge snakes traveled within the mist, layered up like nets waiting for Ye Chen to jump in.

"This is a spell! Let's get out of here!"

The leader could tell that the people were here for Ye Chen. So, he gave up on killing whoever was causing destructionhere, since he did not think that Ye Chen would be able to make it out alive. Of course, if the attacker was not smart enough and wanted to kill them as well, then he would have to take measures, and it would not be pretty.

"Shoo! Shoo!"

The men in hats had a white wolf shadow as protection and were extremely fast. Fortunately, the attacker obviously did not make a "stupid" decision and actually opened a tunnel for them to leave.

"Only one person's Zhen yuan would not be so huge and rich. This is a spell for sure." Ye Chen was not silly, knowing that he was in the middle of a spell. There would be only two ways of getting out from there: using his power to break through, which meant he would have to use an extreme power to shatter the pattern of the spell, or finding the flaws and breaking through with a precise power. Of course, that would be the ideal option for anyone.

"Down there!"

Ye Chen suddenly realized something as he twisted his foot and plunged into the ground like a beam of light.

Outside the mist-covered Blue Rock Town, the Five Poison ghost warrior sneered, "Do you think I don't know about the flaw under the ground? The Five Poison Major Spell digs ten thousand meters into the ground. Therefore, this place will become a dead place for at least one thousand years from now on, and no one will be able to live here."

Master Rain looked to the side and said, "They are coming."

"This group of people does not look simple. They seem to also carry an impressive bloodline. If we can avoid messing with them, that would be the best." The ghost warrior was threatened by the men in hats; otherwise, he would not have let them out. He was worried that he might be considered as the enemy by them, which would create a whole new situation,

The men in hats stopped a hundred meters away.

The leader said with a cold voice, "Such impressive methods, laying this Five Poison Spell without anyone noticing and managing to annihilate a whole town worth of people."

The ghost warrior chuckled as he continued to perform his spell and said, "That brat has taken something from me. I cannot care that much anymore. As for you guys, I am very sorry for disturbing you. I hope you will forgive me."

"Huh! You say that we should forgive you and we will? How easy do you think things are?" One of the men in the group sneered.

Master Rain shook his head as he took out a top rank weapon from his storage ring and tossed it over while saying, "This is your compensation."

Reaching out to grab the shiny top rank weapon, the leader's qi and blood boiled up for a while. It was not because of touching the top rank weapon, but because something was calling for him. It was due to the blue eyed trackers. 'They are here three days earlier?'

"Let's go!"

Putting away the top rank weapon, the leader did not say another word before leaving. The others had also sensed the calling, so they followed behind their leader.

"Strange! They seemed to have some kind of urgent business?" Master Rain looked curious.

The ghost warrior laughed, "That would be the best, in case they were too bored and decided to bother us for fun. Now, even the universe is trying to help us. That brat has no reason to still stay alive. After I get what I want from him, I will turn him into a poisonous corpse, which I think would be really interesting to see."

" I do not know if it will be interesting or not. All I know is that if you don't try a bit harder now, you will lose him soon." Looking from Master Rain's direction, he was able to see it clearly that there was an immense sword qi shooting from different directions within the misted area. The huge snakes, centipedes, and toads had been torn apart already.

"Hehe... The Five Poison Major Spell would take six hundred and twenty-five thousand highly poisonous spirit stones to work. I finally got everything after ten years of searching. How could it be broken so easily?"

Although he was very confident in his own spell, he still did not wait for even a second further before pushing more Zhen yuan and increasing the speed of the purple poisonous gas forming into poisonous beings to attack Ye Chen, using the advantage of quantity to cancel out Ye Chen's attacking advantage.

Within the purple area...

Ye Chen's Zhen yuan protective layer continued to melt away, and he could sense the speed of his Zhen yuan being consumed. He was not a Sea of Souls Realm warrior yet, so his Zhen yuan was incomparable to them, and definitely not as pure. Regardless of his battling power, his disadvantage in defense was inarguable. Facing the endless and thorough coverage of the purple poisonous qi, the only thing he could do would be to use his protective Zhen yuan to fight head-on before figuring a way to break out. As for the method of attacking the flaw to make it out would be impossible now, since he did not know anything about the spell. If a spell was so easy to break, then it would not be that hard to set up after all.

"I cannot go under the ground as the mud has been soaked by the poisonous qi. If I rub my protective Zhen yuan against it, it will consume even more of my power. The sky would be a no-go as well, since all of the poisonous gas is rising upward and piling up in the sky. I guess I will have to go for a head-on."

After making up his mind, the protective Zhen yuan outside Ye Chen's body shone with a layer of golden light. It was him activating his top rank defensive armor. He then put back his longsword and took out a long emerald sword. It was a top rank great sword which was something he got from killing that green-clothed sword artist in the parallel space battlefield. Ye Chen had not got a chance to use it all this while.

He put on a top rank armor while holding his top rank longsword. With this, his general power had increased drastically; even if he ran into a top Sea of Souls Realm warrior, he would have thirty percent confidence of making it out alive.


As he waved out a sword attack, countless poisonous beings exploded, creating a safe path straight for him.

"Top rank armor, top rank longsword... This brat is richer than I thought!" The poison gas from the purple mist served as the eyes and ears of the Five Poison Ghost warrior. Therefore, he knew about everything that Ye Chen did. Right then, after seeing Ye Chen put on his top rank gears, his face did not look good anymore. He pushed his Zhen yuan to its extreme and formed a poisonous army, attacking toward Ye Chen.

"The Blue Rock Town is not that big. The purple mist area is not as scary as the forbidden mist place. I can use my Zhen yuan layer to make it through a certain distance. After that, I will break out of the spell and run."

A cold light flashed through his eyes as the protective Zhen yuan outside his body got thicker and thicker, as well as more and more stable. He then extended his body and headed toward the incoming army.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

The poisonous army attacked Ye Chen's protective layer, making loud popping sounds as like eggs smashing on a rock.

The layer got thinner and thinner as Ye Chen was surrounded by the army.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Sword!"

Without stopping, the longsword in his hand shook violently, and the sword light that poured out from within looked like it was cutting through space.


As a result, the mist area was sliced apart, with a tear appearing in the army.

"Damn it! Block it!"

The ghost warrior looked frightened, wanting to push back Ye Chen.

However, Ye Chen had already reached the edge of the purple mist, and his breach was going to be inevitable.


With a flash, Ye Chen appeared out of the mist area, running toward the ghost warrior and Master Rain.

The latter looked slightly shocked, as he had not expected to see him in front of them so soon.

"Little brother, you cannot compete with us. As long as you hand out the things he wants, I can let you go. How you make the decision will depend on whether you use your logical side or your anger."