Chapter 485: A Secret Family

 Chapter 485: A Secret Family

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"It is indeed the Gold Resonant Radiance Sword... Even though I have just trained it to forty percent, its power is already equal to the Amaranthine Nature, capable of cutting down a mid rank weapon with only one sword."

Ye Chen opened his eyes and could not stop praising the art.

The Amaranthine Nature Art was similar to the Gold Resonant Radiance Sword in some ways. For example, the power was all layered up, and when it exploded, more power was released. What was different was that the Amaranthine Nature Attack had a lower frequency, but it spread out wider. Meanwhile, the Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Art could cause a sword to vibrate thousands of times within a short period of time and explode at the same time. The two were equally powerful, but were drastically different in style. But, judging on their elements, the latter was generated by the gold profound, which was obviously more powerful in terms of attacking power than the wood element.


Putting back his Destruction sword, Ye Chen picked up the broken mid rank long spear and threw it back into his storage ring. Actually, there were a lot of broken mid rank weapons in there already, all broken by him during training. It was not that these mid rank weapons were useless, but because there was no Zhen yuan within. Once Zhen yuan was poured in them, even Ye Chen might not be able to cause any damage to them, not to mention breaking them with one sword attack.

"I have trained the Gold Resonant Radiance sword attack to forty percent, and have created cultivated most of my organs according to the undying body. It is time for me to leave now."

Without him noticing, he had already stayed in Thunder city for more than two months now. Most of the young warriors who attended the tea gathering had already left in the first month, which included the ones from South Rudra Region. Li Xiaoyun had left in the second month, and Murong Qingcheng had also left one week ago. She needed to go back to her family and do a long closed-up training while she was there, and purify whole of the demon essence in her body.

It was him who had stayed here all this while.


"Master rain, has he left?" Inside one of the restaurants that was closest to the west city gate, two secretive men sat right next to the window. A middle-aged man in colorful clothing was the one who had asked the question: he was indeed the Five Poison Ghost Warrior.

Master Rain nodded, "If I want, all of the natural water yuan qi within a hundred miles radius will become my eyes. He cannot escape from my watch."

"Good!" The latter was very appreciative of Master Rain's power, as he knew that he would not lie.

"However, he has gotten all of the attention in the tea gathering. I am afraid that we might not be able to stop him. You know, after all, he is no normal Astral Reaching Realm warrior."

The ghost warrior sneered, "Of course! But, I have prepared for everything. This time, he will not escape from my control."

Master Rain held up his teacup and took a sip, "Five Poison, I have wasted months on you now. Perhaps now is the time for you to tell me what is so special about this guy, eh?"

The ghost warrior made an excuse, "I cannot tell you yet. But, I can assure you that if I get anything from him, I will not treat you badly. No...Whatever I get from him, you will have half, since there will always be opportunities for us to cooperate in the future. This will be our chance."

"Alright! I hope you will not disappoint me."

Master rain knew Five Poison very well. He knew that the latter was someone who did not give up easily. Since he was so obsessed with Ye Chen, then he must have his reasons. All he needed to do would be to get ready for his benefits. As for whether there would be any traps for him or the ghost warrior decided to double-cross him, the master was not worried at all. As a master of the Nine Ghost Cult, he had seen enough.

The teacup was half empty when the two got up and left.


Clouds scrambled in the sky, seemingly without any patterns.

A huge flying puppet traveled in the air, its speed reaching five times the speed of sound. Because of its extreme speed and humongous size, all of the clouds around had been crushed into pieces, a tunnel clearing out.

On the back of the flying puppet was a young man in blue.

He was indeed Ye Chen, trying to get out of town at his fastest speed.

"Using the flying puppet, I will not need to rest at all. My physical strength and mental power are still at the peak condition. I have to admit that this is a great invention."

The battling power of the flying puppet was not bad either. If filled with top rank spirit stones, it could fight against even Extreme Astral Reaching Realm warriors. There were also two top rank puppet bombs stored within its body, which had the power to blow up a town each. But, they cost a lot as well, equivalent to fifty top rank spirit stones worth of yuan qi.

Even so, the utility of the flying puppet was not for battling, but for traveling.

True top rank battling puppets would be able to fight against Sea of Souls Realm warriors, and the flying puppets were designed for traveling. With a flying puppet, one would be able to sit on top and travel for months without taking a break. Alternatively, be it Astral Reaching Realm warriors or a Sea of Souls Realm warriors, no one could fly for months.

Two hundred miles behind Ye Chen, the ghost warrior and Master Rain had followed him all the way.

Five Poison had a bad expression on his face, "Damn! Where did this brat get a flying puppet? It looks like at least a top tier mid rank flying puppet."

Ye Chen had put mid rank spirit stones inside his puppet, so its speed was maintained at five times the speed of sound. Therefore, the ghost warrior had made a false speculation, thinking that it was a mid rank flying puppet.

"The better things he has, the more we will gain. This time, we cannot let him run away." Master Rain also had a bad look on his face. No one could fly in the air for a week straight easily. Naturally, they were in a bad mood.

Taking a deep breath, the ghost warrior turned his head and said. "We are already out of the Thunder city and in the mountainous regions now. I wonder when this brat would come down and rest."

Just as the master was about to say something, his eyebrows flicked, "He is going down!"


Blue rock town was one of the many towns of the mountainous region. There were actually a lot of warriors here because of the hunting profession in the nearby mountains.

Putting away his flying puppet, Ye Chen jumped down.

"Welcome, sir. Please come in!"

''Mr. Wang, long time no see! Please wait for me in the guest room upstairs. I will come immediately."

In front of the biggest restaurant of the whole town, the waiter had the towel on his shoulder as he greeted his guests cheerfully. Although he was tired, he was very happy since this was not an ordinary restaurant. It was the busiest and most popular restaurant in the town. And as the waiter here, he got paid two to three times more than the other restaurants. Within a couple of years, he would be able to save up a huge fortune and buy the most ordinary martial art manual for his son, who would perhaps become somebody significant one day.

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, he looked around the room and realized that there was a new group of people arriving.

They were weird looking, wearing hats on a hot summer day. There was also a black cloth covering the bamboo hats, not allowing people to see their faces.

"Sirs, the lobby is full now. There are some empty spots upstairs." The waiter said carefully.

"You do not need to follow. We will go up by ourselves." One of them said coldly.

"Y...yes, sir! I understand."

Hearing that man's voice, the waiter could not help but shiver. What a horrifying voice! It was like being started by beasts. All of the hair on his back stood up, and his body went numb.

The group arrived on the second floor. Looking at the equally filled up lobby, they walked toward the rooms.

"What are you doing? This room is ours! Get out now!" Mr.Wang was very furious as he stared at the unwelcomed guests with anger.

One of the men walked out and stomped on the ground with his foot gently. As a result, this Mr. Wang was blown out to the wall immediately, with blood spilling everywhere.

"Piss off!"

That cold creepy voice numbed everyone's bodies in that room. Mr. Wang was a rare Clasping Yuan Realm warrior in town. But, he was so fragile in front of these men.

"Please don't be mad at us. We are leaving now...Now!"

Picking up Mr. Wang, the people inside the room left hurriedly.

"Let's sit down." The leading man waved his hand and rearranged the chairs before sitting on the main chair.


Soon, another guest arrived at the door.

"Young warrior, please come in. There are seats on the second floor." It was the waiter's first time seeing such a powerful young man, which was why he was extra passionate toward him.

Ye Chen gave him a piece of silver and said, "Take me up."

"Yes, sir!"

The waiter bent his body slightly and walked in front, leading Ye Chen to the second floor. After finding a clean table and sitting down, Ye Chen said, "Give me your best wine and some small dishes."

"Alright, I will be right back." The waiter ran down the stairs.

Taking a sip of the tea on the table, Ye Chen scanned around him. He realized that there were many warriors in this restaurant, but most of them were only Condensing Reality Realm warriors while the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors were all in the rooms.

'Eh? One of the rooms is being sealed off with soul power...Sea of Souls Realm warriors?'

Ye Chen shook his head as he did not care about it. Although the Blue Rock Town was rather far off, it did not mean that there would be no Sea of Souls Realm warriors, since they would also need breaks during their long-haul travels.

Soon, his wine and food had arrived, and Ye Chen started his fest.


"Although we have gotten rid of the Wang family this time, the bloodline spirit stones are still not enough. The two most powerful descendants of the Wang family are still nowhere to be found. I heard from within the family that those two had already awakened their six snake bloodline. If we let them grow on their own, it might be a bad thing for us." The leader said with a light tone.

The one on his left said, "Sixth master, they are only two six snakes. Even if they grow stronger, they still cannot threaten our family."

"No... If we have to protect our family, then we have to take care of danger before they even start becoming dangerous. If we decide to do it, then we have to do it perfectly, leaving no future troubles."

"Sixth master is right. Wang family used to be a king warrior's family. Although we were as well, it was still one hundred years ago after all. The Wang family fell and became peasants, but they could still return if we are not careful. Especially now that they seemed to have more bloodline spirit stones than we expected, I suspect that those two have them, and we have to find them."

"The world is so big! It will be hard to track down two people..."

The leader shook his head, "No hurry. This mission was too short, so we did not bring a blue eye tracker with us. He should be here within three days, and with his help, it would be easy to track them."

"Blue eye trackers are coming as well?" The others were slightly surprised.


All of a sudden, the leader frowned.

"What is going on?" The others asked.

"Not good! Someone is going to attack the restaurant."


A huge toad with purple mist around it landed on the restaurant, the purple mist spreading out in the whole area. Even from far away, people started to puke out white foam and fell onto the ground. The parts that the toad touched melted like cheese, bringing up more purple qi.