Chapter 484: Cultivating The Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Art

 Chapter 484: Cultivating The Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Art

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The host cleared his throat, making everyone quiet down before yelling out, "This profound sword art is called the Gold Resonant Radiance Sword. The starting price would be twenty five thousand top rank soul stones. Each time, the bid will be increased by no lesser than one thousand top rank soul stones. The bidding will start...Now!"

"Twenty six thousand!!!"

"Twenty seven thousand!"



"Thirty five!"

It was almost a blink of an eye when the price had skyrocketed from twenty-five thousand to thirty-five thousand. It was the top rank soul stones after all, instead of the mid rank ones. They were extremely rare - among the Sea of Souls Realm warriors that Ye Chen had killed, some of them had ten thousand of them at most while some had only a couple of thousands at most. A lot of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors did not even have enough top rank soul stones for themselves to train. So, they had to explore around and search for treasures, then take them to sell in the auctions in order to earn a huge amount of top rank soul stones.

Ye Chen did not wait in the end like he always did as he raised up his hand and called out, "Forty thousand!"

The host started to look at the VIP room where Ye Chen was staying, then asked with a smile, "Forty thousand top rank soul stones...Anyone else?"


In another VIP room, a sword artist in gray raised up his hand.

"Alright. Forty-two! Anyone with more?"



Ye Chen's expression did not change, "Fifty!"

With Ye Chen's voice spreading out, most of the sword artists decided to give up, since fifty thousand top rank soul stones was not a small number. In fact, without killing other Sea of Souls Realm warriors, it would be impossible to have fifty thousand top rank soul stones. And killing a Sea of Souls Realm warrior was not playing house. If not careful, then one would be really likely to end up with one's own death, unless he or she had enough of power and confidence to win, along with all the situational advantages. Even if that were the case, there would still be a possibility that the opponent was just hiding his or her true power, or worse, hiding their ace killing attacks.

Therefore, without one hundred percent confidence, rarely anyone would want to kill someone above their realm.


However, the sword artist in gray was not scared of the price.


Ye Chen was not in need of the top rank soul stones, so he would not even care if he spent them all.

The sword artist frowned a bit, "Fifty-eight!"


Once the price had been said out, the sword artist in gray squeezed his eyes and did not speak another word.


Just as everyone thought that Ye Chen had won, the price had been raised by another ten thousand. It was no longer the sword artist in gray; instead, it was from a rather old and high pitched voice.

Ye Chen's eye brown raised up a bit, "Eighty thousand."


Ye Chen was about to raise the price up again when a voice appeared in his head, "Little buddy, stop it now please! Do me a favor."

It would be impossible for Ye Chen to give up on the Gold Resonant Radiance Art. The gold mentality was really important for him. If he could train the gold mentality to its limits earlier, he could then start his plan a bit earlier. Therefore, he looked just the same after he heard the voice and said lightly, "Ninety!"


This price had obviously reached beyond this person's limit. Hence, he made a grumbling sound and stopped biding.

"Ninety going once...Ninety going twice...Ninety going three times! Sold! Congratulations to our friend in the No. 48 VIP room!"

The host banged his hammer onto the table, seeming to be happy with the result.

Soon, staff of the auction had delivered Ye Chen his Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Art. Ye Chen paid them five hundred thousand mid rank soul stones and forty thousand top rank soul stones before receiving the jade that contained the martial art.

After that, the vibe in the auction got more fervent, as each of the subsequent items was extremely rare. Even if one had the money, one might not be able to find it anywhere else. It was only when the sun went down the horizon that the auction finally reached to an end.


Inside his secret room, the light was bright and clear.

Ye Chen let out a breath slowly as he held the jade and poured in Zhen yuan.


With that, an image appeared in his mind - it was an endless run-down meadow. A sword artist with a blurred out face took out his or her longsword. It shone with an unbearably bright light as it spun in the air and continued to vibrate. Within a blink of an eye, it seemed to vibrate thousands of times. Even the space seemed to shake, the ripples spreading in the air like water.

The longsword was waved in the air, causing an endlessly deep hole to appear out of nowhere on the ground. All of the mud seemed to have disappeared completely, leaving no traces behind.

"High frequency, sharpness... This is like a super electrical chainsaw!" Ye Chen could not help but feel a wave of coldness. Normal people would be able to cut through steel and iron, and this Gold Resonant Radiance Sword was powered by the gold mentality, which would be at least a thousand times more powerful than an electric chainsaw.

Turning around, the sword artist's eyes locked onto Ye Chen, and then he threw out a sword attack toward the latter.

That endless Gold mentality filled up Ye Chen's sight, causing him to feel a burning sensation in his eyes as if his sight had been cut open. Tears filled up his eyes; as for his soul or mental power, they were perfectly unharmed.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Sword! A low rank profound martial sword art that kills with a high frequency..."

Information was reconstructed before appearing in his mind. It was just as he had imagined: the sword attack it created was indeed powerful. With one sword attack, the Zhen yuan and the sword qi would vibrate at a high frequency, and should be able to cut through any defense at the same level.

"Once I have trained this to a certain level, I will not have to worry about lacking killing attacks even when I reach the Sea of Souls Realm."

Ye Chen had three ace killing attacks within sword arts: Sky Thunder Cut, Reverse Sky Thunder Cut, and Amaranthine Nature. Although the Sky Thunder Cut had only twenty percent power of a profound sense martial art, Ye Chen had learned a lot from Jing Aoxuan. Once he infused his ninth movement of the Sky Cloud Sword Art into his Sky Thunder Cut, it would become a real low rank profound sense sword attack. But of course, without comprehending the actual thunder profound, he would not be able to complete the Sky Thunder Cut, since the profound sense sword art would need an actual profound element to support it.

Reverse Sky Thunder Cut was like the twin brother of the Sky Thunder Cut. The two were exactly the opposite yet derived from the same source, one going forward while the other going backward. It was surprising that the one going backward was actually more powerful than the original one, and contained a stronger killing intent. It could not only bounce back and attack, but could also surprise his opponent.

The most horrifying part was that the Reverse Sky Thunder Cut would become more and more powerful along with the actual Sky Thunder Cut, and always be slightly more powerful. The downside was that it would not grow without the Sky Thunder Cut improving.

As for the Amaranthine Nature Attack, it was more powerful than even both of them combined. As the top rank earth realm sword art, the green lotus sword art's last attack was so powerful that even Ye Chem himself was shocked. It was almost equal to fifty percent profound martial art. It was also why he had spent so much time in learning the ninth movement.

Judging by the power now, the Amaranthine Nature Attack would be his ace attack without a doubt.

Besides his top three sword attacks, he also had a lotus heart sword qi, which was extremely fast and sharp. Considering its power, it was no weaker than the Amaranthine Natural Attack. But of course, it was not as mysterious as the former.

The sword qi would be recovered every half an hour, but it could do wonders in close-up battles.

If he was able to train his Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Attack, even if it were only at fifty percent, his general power would double. He thus would have more choices when he was facing enemies, and more chances of killing them.


Ye Chen's yard could not be considered as big in the Thunder city, but it did have a pleasing scenery - there were fake mountains, plants, ponds, and even a pavilion. There were gardens full of flowers and fruits, and even a bamboo forest.

A breeze blew gently in the forest, complementing the green and soothing vibe.

On the path within the bamboo forest, Ye Chen stood there quietly while holding his Destruction sword with both of his hands. In front of him was a long spear; its light turned and spun while spreading out the kind of vibration that only mid rank weapons could release.


The surface of his sword had a green colored light covering it as Ye Chen threw out a sword attack toward the long spear.


Sparks were brought up as contact was made between the two. If Ye Chen had not used his Zhen yuan qi field to restrict his attacks in a small area, the whole bamboo forest would have been destroyed completely.

"No...Not enough. This sword only shook two hundred and forty times. It would be just equal to ten percent of its power. It cannot even make a dent on that mid rank long spear." Ye Chen shook his head.

He had been training for three days straight. His Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Attack had made some improvement, but it was nowhere near where he wanted it to be. He wanted to reach thirty percent within a short period of time, perhaps even forty percent.

"Yeah! The metal is shaking!"

Suddenly, he noticed that although the long spear seemed to have stopped vibrating, it was still shaking at a high frequency. But because how tiny the vibrations were, it was hard to see them with naked eyes.


With another sword attack, the long spear shook rapidly, its frequency becoming greater and greater. It eventually accumulated into perceptible vibrations, causing the air around it to hum.

"Gold mentality...vibrations...particles...combinations... Yes! It should be this kind of mentality, this kind of effortless, smooth mentality! Before, I was trying too hard, which was my improvement was actually too unnoticeable, as I was not really learning much."

The hardest part of training any martial arts would be to find the right way to go on with it. Once the warrior managed to find the right way, then everything else would follow at a much faster speed. If the method was wrong, then it would waste a lot of time.

Chin! Chin! Chin!

After finding the right way, Ye Chen could feel that his mind was traveling faster and faster. He continued to wave the Destruction sword and cut on the long spear with high frequencies.

Five days!

Ten days!

Half a month!

One month!

Ye Chen had spent a whole month on this attack, and what he had comprehended was almost unstoppable. The cracks on the long spear were getting more and more, and the edges were getting sharper and smoother.

"Although metals are solid objects, the tiny particles within are always moving. The vibration allows the metal to become tougher, and carry a greater attacking power. But, the vibration has its limits...Once it gets too intense, even metals would be shattered. At the same time, the power of the Gold Resonant Radiance Sword would reach its peak, as both of them work according to the same principles."

Ye Chen had drowned in a strange mental state; it was like he could sense the life of the Destruction sword in his hand, and its joy as well. Under this state, the training of his gold mentality processed at a rapid speed. It was so much easier and faster than his thunder and wood mentality from before. Perhaps, he should have learned the gold mentality a long time ago, since it was such a good match for him.


The Destruction sword started to vibrate in his hand as the Zhen yuan poured in it started to shake as well. The sword light that leaked out looked even scarier under the overlapping vibrations, looking like it was about to cut through space.

Without opening his eyes, Ye Chen took a step forward while waving his sword outward.


The mid rank long spear cracked from the middle. The edge was smooth like a mirror, and it was so sharp that it seemed like it would be able to cut through steel.

Ye Chen, who had just thrown out this attack, did not feel any kind of restriction while slicing through it. It was as if it was no longer a mid rank long spear, but a log of wood.