Chapter 483: Gold Profound Sword Art

 Chapter 483: Gold Profound Sword Art

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"Let's go!"

Ye Chen had learned a lot from the parallel space battlefield, and his spirit body was halfway completed. Although his power did not increase directly, there had been some improvement still. After all, sometimes even powerful defense could change the outcome of the battle completely. However, he could feel that the spirit inside his body had not been stabilized entirely yet, and knew that he would need one more closed-up training session.


Murong Qingcheng needed one for herself as well, as she had gained way much more than Ye Chen.

The Thunder City covered a huge space, so there would be someone selling their real estate every day. Of course, there were also people buying them, and Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng were one of them. Since the restaurants were too loud and full of people, and there were not enough places to train, buying a house with a garden was not a hard choice to make for them.

Since the fancy ones would be hard to come across, the two had to separate and buy a rather smaller one each on their own.


Ye Chen sat on the clean stone chair inside the secretive garden of the house.

"Outside this land are the endless oceans, and above the sky would be the endless space, beyond which is the unknown void. The whole universe is too huge, and I am just too weak...I do not even have the power to control my own destiny. But, I will have to take each step one at a time. The base of everything would have to be built gradually. An unstable base would affect my future training. I just wish that my plan will work, because once it does, I will reach the Life and Death Realm and stand on top of the world."

His qi and blood boiled inside his body while his mind had been made up and could not be shaken.


Letting out a heavy breath, Ye Chen slowly closed his eyes and entered the meditation state.

Three days later, Ye Chen woke up comfortably.

"Half is always going to be half. Although my power has not been increased by much, the physical body is twice as sturdy as before. With the activation of the Zhen yuan, no one below the Sea of Souls Realm will be able to hurt me. But, this does not include people like Jing Aoxuan and the others. They are only at the Astral Reaching Realm, but their power has already reached the Sea of Souls Realm. So, they are not at all simple."

Standing up, Ye Chen lifted his hand to examine. His lower arm and palm had a jade and steel like skin. A faint red light appeared, and if seen carefully, one could identify a change in the skin itself. There seemed to be some kind of a secret hidden within a pattern that seemed to emerge on his skin, making him no longer look like normal humans.


As he clenched his fist and punched out, a fist print was left in the air.

The print slowly faded away in front of his eyes as Ye Chen mumbled to himself, "My power had been increased slightly, but that exploding power is not like before. Does it mean that my core has changed?"

"Never mind this now. Once I begin the cultivation of my spirit body, the true improvement will follow. Right now, I will just have to continue to train my undying body."

After getting the training manual of the undying body, Ye Chen had never stopped training unless he had to do something urgent. Unfortunately, the effect of the training was not noticeable. All the way until now, he had just managed to leave a mental print on his heart and liver.

If the mental prints did not cover his whole body, they would not last long and disappear within a short period of time. If that were not the case, even the heart and the liver having the undying characteristics would not be a bad thing.

Of course, there were more days to come. Ye Chen did not expect himself to succeed within a short period of time, since with his cultivation right now, it would already be too early to have a true undying body.

"With the heart and the liver covered, it is time for the next part."


Days passed as Ye Chen managed to make more and more improvement in his undying body. On the third day of the next month, Ye Chen managed to put a mental mark on every organ of his. The time of it lasting had reached beyond fifteen minutes as well. In other words, if Ye Chen's body received deadly wounds, he would be able to repair it within seconds, unless the wounds were too serious and reached beyond his ability to recover.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

At that moment, a knocking sound was heard from the door.

Ye Chen woke up from his training mode and said with a low voice, "Only people who know where I am would be Jing Aoxuan, Li Xiaoyun, and the rest... Is something wrong?"

Pushing opened the door, he came into the garden. He then waved his hand and caused the wooden stopper of the door to be removed, opening the door automatically.

With that, Li Xiaoyun walked in with a smile on his face. The second he saw Ye Chen, he froze slightly-it had been only a month, yet there already seemed to be some kind of changes perceivable in Ye Chen. He did not know what it was, but it was already surprising for him to see.

When Ye Chen came out of the parallel space battlefield, he already had made a bit of improvement. Back then, he had a purer Zhen yuan, and his martial arts seemed to have reached the next level. And now, there were even more changes to be perceived; his growth was indeed rapid.

Forcing a laugh, Li Xiaoyun said, "Brother Ye, have I disturbed you?"

Ye Chen replied amicably, "I had just closed up for a month or so. I think I do need a bit of a break. I wonder why brother Li is looking for me though."

"The thing is that there will be a huge auction in the afternoon. I found that you had been here this whole time, so you might not know about it."

Hearing him, Ye Chen nodded, "I did not know indeed. Thank you for telling me."

Learning the gold mentality would requiring cultivating a top rank Earth Realm gold mentality art first. The Thunder City was referred to as the number one city of the Thunder Region, as well as one of the top ten cities of the whole land. There must be top rank Earth Realm arts in this auction. As for whether they had anything related to the gold element, it would be all coming down to his luck.

After informing him that, Li Xiaoyun said seriously, "I was afraid that you would not be able to control the people in the next tea gathering in two years. But now, I guess I am worrying about nothing. You were able to improve twice in one month. I am just afraid that I won't be able to fight you in the next tea gathering."

Ye Chen thought about it carefully. After training his undying body, there was a vibe of immortality around him. Although this qi would disappear along with the mental print and still wasn't permanent, it was sensed by Li Xiaoyun nevertheless. It was no surprise that the latter thought that he had improved drastically again.

After chatting for a while, Li Xiaoyun said his goodbyes and left.


The sun reached the highest point of the sky-it was noon.

Normally, it would be tea time right now, but because of the beginning of the auction, Thunder city had started to get pumped up. Countless people rushed to the auction in the east side of the city.

Inside the fancy VIP room, Ye Chen, Li Xiaoyun, and Jing Aoxuan were all sitting together, without Chu Zhongtian and Murong Qingcheng, who were both still in closed-up training.

"The thunder city is indeed one of the top ten cities of the whole land. Sea of Souls Realm warriors were everywhere here." Even Li Xiaoyun had not met this many Sea of Souls Realm warriors before.

Jing Aoxuan said, "The Thunder city is indeed one of the top ten cities, but being able to attract so many people is because of enough rare top rank weapons in the auctions. There are also the remains of Life and Death Realm warriors, and jade manuals of the profound martial arts. There have been more than one of them in the auctions before."

"Profound martial arts jade manuals?" Ye Chen was a bit intrigued.

Jing Aoxuan nodded, "Some people cannot comprehend the profound martial arts for themselves, so they would seal it back into a jade and sell it in the auctions. I see that brother Ye Chen still does not have a profound martial sword art...Perhaps you can find one in the auction today."

Ye Chen laughed, "With my spirit stones, even if there is a profound sword art, I will not be able to buy it."

A profound martial art was an Astral Level martial art, and only mid rank spirit stones will not be enough; only top rank spirit stones would be acceptable for them. Although Ye Chen had quite a lot of mid rank spirit stones, he only had five hundred thousand top rank ones, and that too because that he had killed a couple of Sea of Souls Realm warriors.

Jing Aoxuan said, "I thought you would have quite a lot of mid rank spirit stones, brother Ye."

"Yes, I have a lot of them indeed, but not the top rank ones."

In the past months, Ye Chen had counted all the mid rank spirit stones he had inside his storage rings, and found that he had a total of seven million of them, most of which were also from the slain Sea of Souls Realm warriors.

"Then you will have nothing to worry about. The auction here in the Thunder city accepts mid rank spirit stones and exchanges for top rank spirit stones, the rate being hundred to one."

Ye Chen was curious, "I can use mid rank spirit stones in place of top rank ones? I have never heard of that before."

"Indeed! Although the purity of the mid rank soul stones' qi is nowhere near that of the top rank spirit stones, but they are still desirable for all those martial institutions. No one wants to use their top rank spirit stones from the beginning, especially the rank 5 martial schools. They also have people still below Sea of Souls Realm, so it would not be a bad idea to store up some mid rank spirit stones. Plus, the total quantity of top rank spirit stones' yuan qi would be thirty times that of the mid rank soul stones. If counting accurately, it would be worth about fifty to sixty mid rank spirit stones. One hundred mid rank spirit stones for one top rank one would not be a bad deal for both parties."

"In that case, there might be a fighting chance for me!"

There were always not that many sword artists, and the ones who had reached the Sea of Souls Realm would be even less. Moreover, Sea of Souls Realm sword artists who were richer than Ye Chen would be even rarer.

As they talked, the auction started officially.

The auction host was not a normal human, but a Sea of Souls Realm warrior. It was Ye Chen's first time seeing a Sea of Souls Realm warrior being the host, causing the reputation of the Thunder city to ameliorate further.

After a couple of rounds of bidding, the auction reached a small peak - it was a whole set of mid rank defensive weapons, including an armor, helmet, covers, and boots. The whole set would be able to cover the user's whole body, which was really different from anything people had seen.

'There are too many mid rank defensive weapons out there, so the defensive abilities would cancel each other out in a battle. But, wearing the whole set would provide eighty percent defense of the normal top rank defensive weapons. To be honest, obtaining a whole set of mid rank defensive weapons would be even rarer than a single top rank one. So, it is indeed a precious opportunity.' Ye Chen thought.

A whole set of mid rank defensive weapon would obviously be a few times more expensive than a single one, so its starting price was a surprising two hundred thousand mid rank spirit stones. It was ultimately bought by a Sea of Souls Realm warrior with thirty-five top rank spirit stones.

Ye Chen shook his head. There had been zero information on any top rank Earth Realm sword art manuals up till now. It seemed like it would be quite unlikely beyond this point. But, he still wondered if there would be any low rank profound sword arts.

"The fifty-sixth item, a jade with profound martial art!" The host with slightly white hair scanned the room while carrying a smile on his face as he said slowly.

"What! Another profound martial art! There have already been two of them before."

"I wonder what kind it is."

Everyone started chatting again while waiting for the auction host to finish his sentence.

After building up the tension, the host finally said, "The profound sense it contains would be at a low rank, relating to the gold element. But, I would like to remind you all that although this sword art is only covers a low rank profound sense, it has an exceptional sharpness. Warriors with low soul power should be careful in case of unnecessary damage."

"Sharp... No wonder! Sword arts are always famous for their sharpness. It also contains the gold mentality. With the two together, its sharpness would be almost unimaginable."