Chapter 482: One of the Main Characters of the Era

 Chapter 482: One of the Main Characters of the Era

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As the dark red light disappeared, the face of the figure revealed in front of everyone. It was a beautiful young lady who did not look a day older than twenty-five. Her long black hair waved down her shoulders like a waterfall, reaching all the way to the ground. Her eyes were like stars, shining with a mysterious light. Besides all that, there was nothing else to see, as it seemed to be hard to remember how exactly she looked for some reason even while looking at her.

"Mysterious Queen!!"

In fact, this was Ye Chen's first time actually seeing the Mysterious Queen, as that painting of hers was very blurry; it was almost as if there were layers of mist between him and her face. But now, Ye Chen was sure that this person in front of them was the Mysterious Queen with only one glance. Or, to be more precise, it was the will power image of the Mysterious Queen.

The Shining King was shocked. He had never expected to see the Mysterious Queen supporting her secretly. No one on this land did not know about her-she was just twenty-years-old when she attained the power to compete with the top king warriors like the Dragon King and the Evil King. If she wanted to side with the demon person race, then even the Surreal King would have to rethink what they were going to do. After all, she had such a great potential that no one knew exactly how powerful she could become.

"Mysterious Queen!"

The three of them held their fists to greet, looking respectful.

The Mysterious Queen looked at the corpse of the ancient demon king on the ground, then nodded slightly, "You guys did a good job. The ancient demon beast coming out of the ground would mean the end of millions of people. I had not thought that the Demon King would still have this kind of power after thousands of years. The demon race was indeed more powerful than the human race."

"This is something we should do." The Black Thunder King did not have the aggressiveness he had before. After all, nothing would be counted as majestic in front of the Mysterious Queen.

"Do me a favor and don't trouble her."

She was referring to Murong Qingcheng.

The Black Thunder King said without hesitation, "If the Mysterious Queen has said so, then we will surely comply."

"She is just a disciple who appeared out of nowhere. It doesn't matter to us if we kill her or not." The Beast King shook his head.

The Shining King nodded in agreement. Killing Murong Qingcheng would be something easy for him to do, but since it was no longer so effortless and meaningless, then there would be no reason for him to go forward with it. He was just mad earlier on about the axe.

"If the Mysterious Queen does not have anything else for us, then I would like to excuse myself now." Since the Demon King was killed and the extreme rank axe ended up in his hands, there was nothing here in the parallel space battlefield for the Black Thunder King to stay for. So, he held his fist and said.


The space was broken open, after which, the Black Thunder King disappeared within.

"Then, we will leave as well!"

The Shining King and the Beast King left one after another.

Waiting until the three had left, the Mysterious Queen turned her body and looked at Murong Qingcheng, "You, as a demi-demon having the perfectly balanced bloodline, will be doomed to having a tough life. The Mysterious Pellets that I gave you had three turns of helping me in locating you. As long as you carry the pellets, I will be able to trace your scent and travel across the space to reveal this image of mine. But after three times, it will not be me who can save you from troubles."

"Thank you very much for saving my life. Qingcheng would remember it all by heart." Murong Qingcheng frowned as she believed what the Mysterious Queen had said, but could not figure out what the trouble might be yet.

The Mysterious Queen laughed, "Back in the day when I was able to reach the Life and Death Realm, I had gotten a lot of help as well. Therefore, I have to return it one by one. Your demi-demon race is one I will also try my best to protect, but your family still carries the Ancient Demon race bloodline, which will cause a lot of problems. What happens in the future is something I do not know for sure. Hence, we will have to move forward one step at a time."

"No matter what, Mysterious Queen's favor is something I, Qingcheng, would remember forever."

She knew about the troubles that her family was facing, but she also understood that the people who were targeting them had their reasons as well.

Moving her eyes onto Ye Chen, Mysterious Queen said curiously, "I cannot see through you."

Ye Chen froze slightly, not knowing what she was going to say.

"During that Hidden Dragon Ancient City opening, the Dragon King and I were both there. We could see the potential of the people at least to a little extent. However, you were the only one both of us could not tell anything about. I think that it was a part of the reason that the Dragon King did not take you as his disciple."

Ye Chen said respectfully, "Mysterious Queen, you are flattering me."

"No, I really cannot tell. Your past, your future, they are all a wave of mist. When Qingcheng is with you, she also carries some of that qi. Perhaps, you can help her avoid some of the troubles, using your sword to cut through her destiny."

He responded, "She is my friend. When a friend is in need, I naturally will do anything to help her out."

The Mysterious Queen continued to say: "You are one of the main characters of this era, and none of the people around you are simple. But, you have to be careful of the others. In each era, there will only be one main character, while the others will only be left as sidekicks eventually, one way or another. There are doomed to be countless battles amongst all of you, and there will be wounds and deaths during the process. It will be something that no one will stop."

"My sword will not have any fear."

He looked calm, as he did not care about who would be the main character or the sidekick. All he cared about was living an interesting life. Since the universe wanted him to come to this world, then he would use his sword to battle to the last minute. After all, it was the process that he enjoyed and not the ending.

"Therefore, I cannot see through you."

The Mysterious Queen shook her head. Her art could dig right into a soul. Not to mention an Astral Reaching Realm warrior, she would be able to tell one or two things about even a Life and Death Realm warrior who had just reached the realm. However, Ye Chen seemed to have a secretive power stopping her from seeing anything. If she wanted to go around the blockage, she would realize that the power seemed to be endless, and she would almost lose herself within.

"Alright! The thing here has been solved, so I will see you later. Also, this parallel space is about to shatter soon. You guys go toward that direction, and you would find the entry where you both came through."

She pointed a path for them before stepping into her surreal door. The door closed behind her, disappearing into nothingness.


After she left, Ye Chen let out a breath that had been held back.

The Mysterious Queen did not mean harm, but even if she had tried to control her qi, being this close to her had still given him quite a lot of pressure. In front of that kind of pressure, he realized that he could not even use his soul power, even while the Mysterious Queen in front of them was merely a will power image.

Murong Qingcheng was also suffering a similar pressure. Anyone who got close to a king warrior would feel the pressure even if they were their children. It would be impossible to stay fine, which was beyond the control of everyone, even the king warriors themselves.


In the deep end of the surreal space, three human figures traveled within.

"She is indeed the Mysterious Queen. Only a will power image was able to take on the attack from the Shining King and give us that pressure." The Beast King said with admiration.

The Shining King said, "I did not try hard."

"I know that. But if you had, then it would be the Mysterious Queen's mental image that would have come for you. At that time, do you think you could have blocked her?" The Beast King looked at the Shining King with interest.

The Shining King did not say another word. Killing Murong Qingcheng was just a spontaneous thing. But, after seeing the Mysterious Queen shatter his attack so effortlessly, it was not hard to imagine exactly how powerful she was. Furthermore, the mental image of her would be even scarier, equal to thirty percent of her actual power. He suspected that Murong Qingcheng must have carried the Mysterious Pellet of hers, with which, the mental image of Mysterious Queen would not be lacking battling power beside the restriction of distance across the space.

The Black Thunder King said lightly, "Mysterious Queen's level is not something that we can reach yet. The universe is so mysterious itself, not something that a human can figure out all by him or herself. Only with opportunity can we become the top king warriors. And, the opportunity could be hidden anywhere."

The Black Thunder King was always full of pride, because he was also one of the top martial geniuses back at his era. Otherwise, it would be impossible for to reach beyond the Shining King and the Beast King, who were twice as old as him.

Crack! Crack!

At that time, a tiny cracking sound caught the three's attention.

"Not good! The seal breaking and the shockwaves of the battles have caused too much of an impact. This parallel space that had already existed for thousands of years is about to break down."

Without any more thoughts, the three shattered the surreal space boundaries and entered the parallel space.

They all had their disciples within, some of whom even had high potential to be the next top warriors. So, they could not watch them die in front of them.


A space door was hanging in the sky with a light layer within, which was where they came from and would go back through.

Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng went through the light layer and went into the passage within.

The crystal-clear path already had tiny cracks, which meant that the parallel space was indeed going to break down. The shockwaves from the crack would tear apart everyone who was under the Life and Death Realm. Normal Life and Death Realm warriors would be wounded severly as well, and even death was a possibility.

When they got out of the passage, the door behind them was already half gone. Skull-sized space shards shot out toward Ye Chen.


It was not his first time seeing the space power, and this space fragment was formed with materialized space power itself.

He reached out his finger and shattered it, landing on a mountain while looking at that breaking door.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Soon, countless human figures flew out one after another. Jing Aoxuan, Li Xiaoyuan, and Chu Zhongtian had gotten out as well around that time. Ye Chen could tell that their qi had increased a bit. They must have gotten a lot of stones inside just like him.

More and more people flew out, filling up the area. When the Black Thunder King, the Shining King, and the Beast King came out eventually, the space door exploded, resulting in a shockwave that was extremely chaotic. Some of the ones who did not manage to make it out died immediately without even being able to scream.

"Let's try to seal this wave away."

The three of them looked serious since the space power tornado was nothing to be taken lightly. Once it followed the gap of the door and reached the human world, everyone besides them would die. Moreover, even their cultivation would decrease drastically, and it would take decades to recover fully

Without using their profound martial art, the three used all of their Zhen yuan and formed a Zhen yuan blockade, laying it in front of the space door.

Pap! Pop! Pap! Pop!

The tornado continued to clash with the Zhen yuan blockade, bringing up intense sparks.

Soon, the power of the tornado decreased slightly, and the gap in space disappeared slowly. It was like a shattered mirror slowly undoing its crack. In the end, it seemed like nothing had happened in the sky.