Chapter 481: The Demon Power Essence

 Chapter 481: The Demon Power Essence

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The Ancient Demon king could feel a serious pain, his other arm reaching out of the ground and slapping the Beast King a thousand miles away. That black light shattered the Beast King's protective layer and left a serious wound on his left rib and chest, shattering every bone it touched.

"Shining King, why are you not moving? I have wasted three years of my training here!" The Beast King made a face, struggling to use his Zhen yuan to fix his wounds as he yelled at the Shining King.

"Shining Blade!"

The Shining King's whole body had been wrapped up in a dark red light. The light compressed together and formed into a blade, bringing the Shining King along with it as it sliced through the neck of the Ancient Demon King.


Demon blood spilled everywhere while the Ancient Demon king covered his neck with his hand and groaned.

"Five Thunder Print! Seal!"

Without anyone knowing when, the Black Thunder King had reached above the Ancient Demon king with his fingers expanded as he pressed his hands onto the latter's body. All of a sudden, five dark blue light prints surrounded the head of the Ancient Demon King. That scrambling thunder tornado continued to eat out its opponent's demon power and physical body, giving him no chance to fight back.

After being hit so many times, the Demon king completely lost its mind. He pressed his and on the ground while his mountain-like muscles expanded, bringing his body completely out of the ground and away from the seal.


Because of his escape, the black net turned into a wave of energy, infusing into his body and allowing him regaining a lot of power. As a result, his battling power had increased to the next level.


The Thunder Storm was torn apart in the next second, causing the Black Thunder King to back out hurriedly. The demon king turned his head and suddenly reached out his palm, wanting to capture the Shining King who was the fastest.

The latter was obviously frightened, hurrying to escape into the surreal space.

But, he did not foresee that this palm of the ancient demon king was huge like a mountain and fast like lightning; it followed him into the surreal space and wrapped around his body in the deepest part of the surreal space.


The Shining King was shocked. He had not trained his body to the realm where he could be reborn with only a drop of his blood. If he had, he would not have been afraid of king warriors who were one level more powerful than himself. However, this demon king came from the ancient era where king warriors were extremely common. Plus, the Demon kings were already ten times stronger than human king warriors. Even if the Ancient Demon king before his eyes had only one-tenth of his old power, he was still deadly for him.

The Black Thunder King's eyes were trembling as he backed out. Actually, he did not care about the Shining King's death, since it would not be any of his business if he were dead or not. But, there were rules within the human race - they would have to work together one way or another in front of anyone from the Ancient Demon race. Whoever went against the rule would face the ultimate judgment from the race. Not to mention the Black Thunder King, even the most powerful Surreal King would not dare to disobey, since it would mean going against the whole human race.

Plus, now that this demon king still did not have all his power, once he absorbed the Shining King's essence, his power would grow to a horrifying stage, which would not mean well for anyone.


His eyes landed on the extreme rank axe that was not far away as he made a grabbing gesture, causing it to land in his hand.


The soul mark within the axe was long gone because of the time that had passed. Hence, the Black Thunder King did not have to try hard to leave his own mark. He yelled with the axe in his hand, waving it down onto the arm that was grabbing the Shining King.


The thousand meters long arm was sliced in half along with a loud sound, causing an unstoppable flood of demon blood to pour out like a waterfall, knocking down mountains after mountains.


That axe attack caused a huge damage to the Ancient Demon king. Being able to recover a sliced off arm was an ability of the immortal body, but it would need a huge amount of Demon power. That was why even the most powerful warriors would not want to have an arm sliced, since it would need a long period of time to rebuild and recover.

After escaping death, the Shining King could still feel the desperation, and his mood was ruined even more after seeing the extreme rank axe in the Black Thunder King's hand. He was already slightly weaker than the latter, and now that he had obtained the extreme rank axe, he would have reached the next level. Furthermore, the Shining King would not have any excuse to object, since he had just saved his life.

"Die, die, die! You all going to die!"

After being sealed away for millions of years, the mind of the ancient demon king was not very clear. It continued to mumble the word "die" as he waved his remaining good arm toward the Black Thunder King.

The latter held the axe with both of his hand and fought back with his maximum power.

In the next second, a rumbling sound was heard while a huge black hole appeared between the two. The Black Thunder King dragged the axe as he was blown a thousand miles away.

"Shining King, you should also have a half extreme rank weapon. Don't hide it now! Use it to take on the demon king!" The Beast King did not dare to attack alone, so he said to the Shining King.

The Shining King did not look well, but still, seven meters long iron wings appeared out of his back. It had a qi that was different from other half extreme rank weapons. It was more like a part of an extreme rank weapon that would allow the Shining King to increase his speed to the next level. Earlier on, he thought that he was already fast enough, so he did not take it out. But having almost died once, he did not think so anymore.


With the iron wings, the Shining King's body kept disappearing in the sky, as if his body did not exist in his world at all, which aggravated the demon king.

"Beast King, let's go!" The Black Thunder King and the Beast King stood together.


Seeing that the Black Thunder King was holding the axe, the Beast King did not have a problem with it at all, since he had already gotten two mud yuan crystals, unlike the Shining King who did not get anything.

All of a sudden, the two attacked toward the demon king from both right and left.

"Power Cut!"

The hammer attack from the Beast King was heavy like ten mountains that had been compressed together to attack at the same time. It landed on the demon king's head and made him almost faint, blood dripping down his face.

"Five Thunder Print!"

Five light prints accumulated on the axe as the Black Thunder King yelled. He sliced open the demon king's throat again while the aggressive thunder jumped into its body. It continued to break his body tissues and devour his Demon power, which was shockingly potent.


The earth scrambled while a muddy wave shot into the sky. The Demon king did not want to waste his Demon power to repair his wounds or the missing right arm. He used the advantage of having a huge body and stomped his leg onto the ground, breaking through all the attacks. He ran toward the spatial door because he was not stupid; he knew that running into the deepest part of the surreal space would only kill him faster. Only by getting into the human world would he have enough bodies for him to consume.

"Don't let him escape!"

The extreme rank axe in the Black Thunder King's hand expanded, landing heavily into the demon king's right foot.

The latter did not foresee it coming, so he fell onto the ground ungracefully, creating a huge demon shaped hole in the parallel space battlefield that was hundreds of meters deep.

"This is the battle of king warriors! It is indeed hard for them to die." After seeing all of this, Ye Chen thought to himself.

Below the Life and Death Realm, no one dared to get seriously wounded, since it would result in drastically diminishing of their battling power and loss of their life. If they were not careful, then that would lead to their death.

However, the battles between king warriors would endure on. If the power gap between them was not big enough, then killing each other in a short period of time would be almost impossible. After cultivating the immortal body, they could maintain their bodies at the peak at all times at the expense of a little bit of their cultivation. Of course, too much of loss in their cultivation would also be bad for them. Therefore, the Demon King was trying to run away.


The Beast King was no longer afraid of the Demon King. It seemed that the years of being sealed away had not only chipped away most of his power, but also decreased his defense to its lowest. After all, the physical defense of an Ancient Demon was normally said to be a hundred times more powerful than a human's.


The head of the demon king plunged right into the ground while demon blood spilled everywhere, creating a river. The Shining King seized the opportunity, slicing the remaining arm of the demon king away


The Black Thunder King was even tougher, as he lifted up his axe and waved it down heavily. With an unbearably loud sound, the earth was shaken and a mountain-sized head was cut off and blown away. The Black Thunder King's body spun while waving his axe, along with him drawing a black light in the air. With that, he shattered the head of the demon king.

"Dead!" Murong Qingcheng said lightly.

Ye Chen said, "Could there be any more surprises?"

She shook her head, "It would be impossible now. The Demon King was not that intelligent. After reaching the Life and Death Realm, besides completing the first level of the immortal body which could allow them to fix broken limbs, the second level, 'Rebuilding the body', had not been trained successfully. Of course, if this were their peak era with an endless demon power for him to use, then it would have been every human's nightmare."

Ye Chen agreed. The demons already had quite a lot of advantages. If they were able to rebuild their body with a single drop of their blood, then the humans in the ancient era would not have been able to win.


It was then that the chest of the Demon king cracked open. It was pitch dark, and had nothing within. However, huge waves of demon power poured from other parts of the body in the next second, gathering together at the center of his chest and forming a huge black colored ball of Demon power. Black condensed light continued to spin within, getting brighter and sharper than any black diamond. It would be able to blind any ordinary human's naked eyes.


The light shot out of his chest, traveling a thousand miles all of a sudden and landing into the chest of Murong Qingcheng without leaving any trace.

"Demon Power Essence!" The three king warriors yelled out.

There was a special trick of the demon race. After they died, the demon power essence would be planted automatically into another demon race person, and would not disappear within a short period of time. But, after a while, it would slowly be absorbed into the other demon being's own demon power, increasing his or her cultivation.

The three of them had never taken on any demon race before, so they had forgotten about it completely.

The Beast King looked at Murong Qingcheng with a hint of killing vibe as he sneered, "The demon race should not be existing anymore. So, she should be someone carrying the bloodline. Little girl, you are quite unlucky, as I am a member of the anti-demon group."

"Ant-like characters...Just kill her then."

The Shining King was already unhappy about the Black Thunder King taking away "his" axe. But, he dared not to take on the Black Thunder King, so he wanted to use Murong Qingcheng as an outlet for his anger. 'A demon person... Just kill her then, No one would hold it against me afterward, since I am not trying to kill the whole family.'

As he waved his hand effortlessly, a dark red light shot out of the Shining King's hand and suddenly wrapped around Murong Qingcheng's body. Ye Chen, who was standing right next to her, did not even have the time to react, not to mention help her. King warriors were not beings he could take on.

Just as the light was about to devour Murong Qingcheng, a mysterious door opened suddenly right behind her body. A beautiful figure walked out from within, reaching out a jade-like hand and stopping the attack.