Chapter 480: The Ancient Demon King

 Chapter 480: The Ancient Demon King

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When the claw appeared, a soul-shattering, horrifying evil qi spread out in the whole area. All of the bones on the ground were crushed into ashes, and the mountain could no longer handle the pressure of the qi either, turning into dust as well before disappearing in the air.

This qi was powerful to the extent of being beyond comprehension.

"What? The Qi of the Demon King?" The Black Thunder King was shocked. As a Life and Death Realm warrior, it was necessary to learn about the Demon race from the ancient era. This claw was not a beast one, but a demon one; of course, beasts were also a part of the Demon race, and were famous for their sizes. At the same time, the Demon power they carried also matched their size. Back at the peak era, any Demon King would have the demon power that would be hundreds and even thousands of times greater than the Life and Death Realm warriors at the same cultivation level. That was the case even though the demons did not train martial arts or comprehend the profound, and did not even have strong power of will. They only used their physical body and their demon power to attack. However, in a one on one, or even ten on one scenario, it would be the humans who would die instead of the Demon Kings.

If it were not for the huge population of the humans back then and the lack of Demons, it would have been the human race who would have disappeared from this land.

"What is this?" Hundreds of miles away, being guided by the king warrior's will, Ye Chen could see that hundreds meters long claw clearly along with that horrifying qi it carried. He suspected that if he did not have the master level sword intent, his soul might have already vaporized along with his physical body.

Murong Qingcheng took a deep breath and said seriously, "It is an Ancient Demon, a part of the Ancient Demon race. I cannot believe that it had been sealed in this parallel space battlefield for at least a million years now!"

"Demons? I thought that even the Life and Death Realm warriors could only live for one thousand years at max. Even if the Ancient Demon race had such a long lifespan, it should still not be longer than one hundred thousand years, right?" Ye Chen was curious.

"The Ancient Demon race had a lifespan ten times longer than humans'. Therefore, the ancient demon king would be able to live for one hundred thousand years. But, there were some who could live even longer than them. Living for three hundred thousand years at a minimum, they could sometimes even live for five hundred thousand years. Any of them could die of old age, but by sealing their power, the effect of time was decreased. In that way, the hundred thousand years of being sealed away could probably equate to a couple thousand years for this Ancient Demon."

Murong Qingcheng knew a lot about the Ancient Demon race, so she explained slowly.

Ye Chen looked surprised, but then he thought of something and continued to say, "Sealing power can decrease the effect of the time...Does that mean that a human king warrior could seal away their power and live for thousand years more?"

She shook her head, "Sealing the power would decrease the effect of the time, but it could also decrease the cultivation as well. If a human king warrior sealed away his or her power, it would take thousands of years...No, only hundreds of years to drain his or her cultivation all the way to their death. Only someone like an Ancient Demon king could escape his destiny of death because his power would be a hundred or even thousand times greater than a human king warrior. In the ancient era, the reason that the human race had achieved the final victory had a lot to do with the factor of learning how to use the sealed power."

"I see."

It was Ye Chen's first time learning about the details of the Ancient Demon race.

"We have trouble now that there is an Ancient Demon king appearing here! After million years or so, I think the seal must have been broken." The Beast King forced a laugh as he looked like he had thought of something, "Perhaps it was him who threw out that axe? He meant to attract Life and Death Realm warriors in here, so that the battling shockwave of theirs would generate the power required to break the sealing power and allow him to escape easily without using up a huge amount of demon power!"

In his sight, a single arm of the Ancient Demon King had already been reached out, and was thousands of meters long. At this moment, the Black Thunder King said in a low voice, "The decay of the sealing power allowed him to leak out his power to tear apart the space and throw out an extreme rank weapon, as well as create the space door for everyone! That black qi has absorbed a lot of human essence by now, so his power should have recovered a little."

The Beast King said strangely, "Could he be this smart?"

"They were thought to not be as intelligent, but that did not mean they had no intelligence at all. This kind of trick is actually rather plain and easy to see through, but we never expected to know that there was a sealed Ancient Demon king here! No time to argue now, let's battle! This ancient demon king has been sealed away for such a long time, so his Demon power should not be that intense. We cannot let him out...Otherwise, his demon power will be recovered fully once he absorbs enough blood and essence."

The Black Thunder King could not care for the axe anymore as he suggested.

"Yeah, the demons are not like the humans. They can heal themselves by simply absorbing other creatures' blood and flesh. Shining King, right now is not the time to hold a grudge. The rule of the human race is something you should know clearly." The Beast King looked at the Shining King and said gravely.

The latter said with a cold voice, "No need for your reminder...I know what to do."

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three of them were all Life and Death Realm warriors, so they set aside their differences and joined forces to throw out attacks together at the Ancient Demon King.

All of a sudden, that thousand meters long demon arm shook as chunks of mountain-like flesh and blood disappeared in the air; it was like they were bitten off by a giant.


The ground was cracked open as the roar of the Ancient Demon king spread out from under the ground. It was noticeable that the muscle of the broken arm started to move and heal rapidly, and the wounded area looked perfectly normal once again in the next second. It was just that the qi of the Ancient Demon king seemed to have weakened slightly.

"Five Thunder Print! Explode!"

The attacks of the Black Thunder King were the most powerful ones as he reached out both of his palms to release dark blue light prints which later exploded around the shoulder of the Ancient Demon king, bringing up dust in the air.

The Shining King also demonstrated his power by continuously attacking the Ancient Demon's arm, generating a constant sizzling sound.

The attacks of the Beast King were also extremely powerful as he continued to attack the wrist of the Ancient Demon king, breaking the bones as time passed.


All of a sudden, the head of the ancient demon king reached out of the ground, that skull full of bone pieces and looking both like a beast and a demon. Its eyes locked onto the Black Thunder King, who was the strongest of the three. It then shot out a black wave of light that was so fast and sudden that even the latter did not have the time to dodge it completely, getting scratched by it slightly.

As a result, half of his body was covered with his own blood and flesh, his bones almost emerging. The Black Thunder King gasped as he swore, "You evil thing! This cost me definitely half a year of training."

After reaching the Life and Death Realm, his Zhen yuan had fused into one with his blood and flesh. Therefore, it would take a much longer time to heal wounds. The more serious the wound, the more Zhen yuan it could cost to fix it. Furthermore, the cultivation of the Life and Death Realm Zhen yuan was extremely hard, which was why it might actually take a long time. To recover from that, he would have to spend at least one week. But of course, it counted in the effect of treasure and pellets that could be used for healing.

As he talked, the wounded area of the Black Thunder King started to repair visibly, as if nothing had happened to it.

"Such a horrifying power of recovery!"

No matter it was the ancient demon king or the Black Thunder King, their healing ability was too overkill. If it were Ye Chen who had taken on such wounds, he would have been on the edge of dying unless he managed to train his immortal body to the first level; in that case, things might be a bit better.

"Demon, take my hammer attack!" The Beast king used the Hammer King weapon, which was a half extreme rank. The hammer shadows spun in the air before landing on the skull of the Ancient Demon King.


With that impact, sparks spilled everywhere while the horn of the Ancient Demon King was knocked off. The burning sparks burnt through the ground, revealing the lower body of the ancient demon king, as well as that six-star sealing spell that chained him tightly. There was a crack in the spell, which was indeed the place the ancient demon king had crawled out of.