Chapter 479: The King Warriors Battle (Part Two)

 Chapter 479: The King Warriors' Battle (Part Two)

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"You guys are joking, right? This Thunder region is so huge, and if we have to count you guys in whenever something lands here, then wouldn't it mean that no one would ever get anything? If you guys have methods to solve this, I would love to hear them." The Black Thunder King did not try to use his power to try to control the other two. Instead, he repackaged the problem and threw it to the Shining King and the Beast King.

The Shining King responded, "This extreme rank axe will belong to me, but I will give you guys something else as compensation. How about that?"

"Huh!" The Black Thunder King sneered, then said to the Beast King, "Do you agree?"

"Of course not. I know that you, Shining King, have a lot of great treasures. But, I do not care for them. On the contrary, I can compensate you two and take the axe myself." The Beast King loved heavy weapons, and this extreme rank axe was something he just couldn't bear to not have. It would be impossible for him to accept the Shining King's proposal.

The Shining King yelled, "Then what do you guys think?"

The Black Thunder King said, "Beast King, you have trained the mud element, and I have two mud yuan crystals which I got from the Sealed Planet. It should be able to advance your cultivation by forty years. It should be significant for you, since your lifespan right now would not reach beyond three hundred years, right?"

"What! You have two mud yuan crystals!" The Beast King was shocked at what he had just heard. Life and Death Realm warrior's lifespan would start counting from the moment they reached the Life and Death Realm. So, when they first reached the realm, their lifespan would normally not be longer than one hundred years. Even the Mysterious Queen only had eighty to ninety years of life in the beginning. When the Beast King reached the Life and Death Realm, he had an even lower cultivation level. Hence, he only had thirty years. He had trained for two hundred and twenty years, and used some of the great treasures he found to increase his lifespan. Right now, he still had two hundred and ninety years of lifespan. Therefore, forty years more would indeed be quite something for him, and would probably increase his battling power by fifty percent. Although it was not the same as the extreme rank axe, but if fighting by force, the chance of him getting the axe would be less than thirty percent anyway; he knew very clearly about Black Thunder King's power after all.

"What do you think?" The Black Thunder King was confident in what he had said.

The Beast King laughed, "Black Thunder King, even if I agree, it would still not mean much, since you would still have that Shining King to convince."

The Black Thunder King shook his head, "You don't have to think about this. As long as you agree to stay out of it, the two mud crystals will be yours, since I was planning to use it to trade with other kings anyways. There are quite a lot of king warriors who train the mud Zhen yuan after all."

The Beast King took a break, then laughed and said, "Alright! I will take on your offer. This extreme axe will be yours now. I am out!"

"Great! The mud crystals are yours." The Black Thunder King made a throwing gesture, causing two crystals with a yellow shine to shoot out.

Reaching out to take over the mud crystals, the Beast King checked carefully and confirmed their authenticity. He then said with his mouth widened, "Don't you worry that I would change my mind?"

"I believe you are not like that. Plus I, Black Thunder King, am not someone that easy to fool." There were rarely any fights between the king warriors. Once a hatred was formed, then there was bound to be death. Therefore, the Black Thunder King did not think that the Beast King was ready to go that far with him.

"Hehe... You have won. I, the Beast King, would indeed never cheat." The Beast King took a last look at the axe before waving his hand in the air and covering all of his people within his light, then moving hundreds of meters away. He eventually sat in the air, not planning to leave this early.

The Black Thunder King did not care for the Beast King who wanted to watch the battle. He turned his head to say to the Shining King, "Shining King, why haven't you backed out yet?"

"Black Thunder King, don't be so pushy."

The Shining King froze at first before getting furious. He had not expected to see his opponent make peace with his other opponent. Although he had already prepared not to accept any deals, he could still not accept the way the Black Thunder King treated him. A king warrior's dignity was not something that should be messed with, even if it came from a fellow king warrior.

"Damn! This Black Thunder King is so evil! Good thing that he chose me to negotiate first." The Beast King made a face; the Black Thunder King was clearly stronger than any one of them. After getting rid of him, the Shining King alone was not enough to compete with him. And, if he decided to take out the Shining King, then he knew the latter would not be the rightful opponent for him either. If it were not for the decision he made before, he would have had to go back home empty-handed.

The people from the Shining Martial School also felt embarrassed. But, the dignity of a king warrior was not something they could judge. None of them dared to reveal an angry expression.

The Black Thunder King sneered, "I am out of the line? You and the Evil Blue King had combined together and fooled me once. I had not even gotten the chance to take an account from you. Today, I will do both the things."

"You cannot stop me from the things I want." The Shining King did not say another word before turning into a dim light and shooting out toward the extreme rank axe.

Countless thunder and lightning shot out of his eyes as the Black Thunder King dropped down from the sky and cut open the light. Blowing that extreme rank axe into the air, he reached out his left hand and made a grabbing gesture.

The light appeared again as the Shining King shattered the Zhen yuan and will power of the Black Thunder King from the axe with only one palm attack.

The two continued to fight and struggle around the axe. As a result, the space around them was shattered like a mirror, creating a huge noise.

"Royal Extreme World Shocking Fist Attack!"

In the sky, the Black Thunder King's roar was like a world-shaking lightning. This movement had been performed by Jing Aoxuan before, but only as a low rank profound martial art. But, this one here by the Black Thunder King was a hundred times more powerful. With it, the sky had been punctured through, while the pieces of space scrambled around in the void.

"You want to beat me with only a low rank profound martial art! Break...Shining Light!" The Shining King's body turned into a burning sun. The light that shone as a result was so powerful that the Black Thunder King's fist power had been melted instantly.

"Hehe... Idiot! The fist attack was only used to burn your ace attacks. Five Thunder Print!" The Black Thunder King reached out his left hand that was placed behind his body. He opened his five fingers, each one of which shot out a bunch of dark blue light prints, dispersing the light wherever they went.

"It was you who is stupid. My Shining Light has more to it than just its martial power, and that is the speed. The Axe WILL be mine."

The Shining King traveled amidst the dispersed light, his speed reaching the possible limits. In the end, he became a part of the light and the light became him.

"Idiots are always idiots. Five Thunder Print, Seal!"


In front of the Shining King, the five bunches of prints suddenly froze, creating a space comprising of crazy thunder and lightning that blocked his way ahead.

Anger flashed through his eyes again. His palm sliced through the sky, cracking open a huge, pitch black hole in the air before jumping in. However, thunder was also there in the deepest part of the sky. But of course, it was already weaker than the ones outside, and could not cause any damage to his body.

He was just about to reappear right next to the axe when a huge hand appeared out of nowhere and flicked him out.

"Black Thunder King...How dare you! Don't you think you can have it so easily!"


The light formed into a rapier, dragging the extreme rank axe into the space.

"Alright! This time, I will truly scare you with my power."

The Black Thunder King took a step forward and arrived in the deepest part of the surreal space.


Once both of them disappeared completely, the world became normal once again. The warm sunshine sprinkled onto the ground, where everything was already a mess. Some areas had been punctured through and filled up with lava, creating a rather contrasting image.


The Beast King landed on the lava, the muddy yellow light around his body shining even more brightly. The cracks on the ground started to repair itself at a visible speed. After stabilizing it, he said without even looking back, "You guys do whatever you need to do. I will go check it out."

After saying that, he also headed into the deepest part of the surreal space.

The three king warriors had left, so the remaining people on the ground looked at each other without really knowing what to do.

"This is so frightening! This is indeed a battle between king warriors. Even the core of the earth was revealed at some point."

"None of their attacks had landed on the ground directly, but the shockwaves alone caused such a worrying damage. I wonder what would happen if they threw an attack at the ground directly."

"What should we do now?"

"Well, go into the parallel space of course."


"The king warrior bones inside the parallel space are getting less and less. It seems like the area we were in had the most of them. Plus, some of the king warriors' bone did not even have the crystals."

The broken bones covered the whole place, where Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng stood on a dark red, elevated land. The black qi squirmed intensely above their heads.

Murong Qingcheng said, "It is still not bad after all. This parallel space battlefield had a special kind of environment, so even the bones had been preserved rather perfectly. Otherwise, after just a few thousand years, nothing would have been left here."


As the two were talking, they saw thunder flashing ahead of them, with light spilling everywhere.

"Eh? Thunder and bright light?" Ye Chen showed a surprised expression.

A black light flashed through Murong Qingcheng's eyes, then she shook her head and said, "No, that part of the space is about to break down. Someone is fighting!"

"What kind of people fighting could make such a mess?"


Ye Chen had just finished his sentence when the space there started to twist and shatter. Then, two human figures appeared in the parallel space. One of them was wrapped in thunder while the other looked like a small dark red sun. All of a sudden, that passionate will power wrapped them within, confusing them and causing them to lose their judgment of the environment.

"Not good! It is two Life and Death Realm warriors battling."

The two gasped, then hurried to back out. But, no matter how fast or how hard they tried to run, it seemed impossible for them to escape from the pitch black environment.


The hill-sized axe followed the two and entered the parallel space before plunging heavily into the ground.

"Shining King, you are not powerful enough to battle with me. There is still time if you decide to give up now. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of your Yuan qi, and decay your cultivation unnecessarily." The Black Thunder King scanned around, and was slightly surprised at what he saw. It was a parallel space which was something extremely hard to find. It was only because the space had opened automatically that they could get in there. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the both of them to come in here by force. Taking a deep breath, the Black Thunder King looked back at the Shining King and said seriously.

The Shining King came back out of his thoughts and said, "Black Thunder King, who are you trying to scare? This time, even if I lose everything, I still want this axe. Do not try to dream."

"Since you will not take the deal, then don't blame me for being brutal. Five Thunder Print...Explosion!"

The Black Thunder King reached all five of his fingers out, causing ten dark blue beams of light to shoot out. They then exploded in midair, blowing the Shining King hundreds of miles away.

Woo! Woo! Woo!

Perhaps it was due the two fighting too intensively, the black qi in the air started to scramble and accumulate at a point, forming a black colored net that was connected to the "sky". It continued to spin and flash out black lightning while its insides was composed of materialized black light.

"What is going on?" The Black Thunder King stopped fighting, then turned his head to look at the net.

The Shining King also controlled his emotion and looked at it curiously.

The space cracked open again, and the Beast King walked in as well. After seeing that the two were not fighting, he got very curious. But, when he saw the black net, he finally understood what was going on.


Under the net, the ground suddenly exploded and a huge hand with sharp nails and scales reached out of the ground. It was just way too big compared to anything they had ever seen, with each finger seeming like a heaven-reaching column and surrounded by a strange black light.