Chapter 478: The King Warriors Battle (Part One)

 Chapter 478: The King Warriors' Battle (Part One)

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"The Demi-demon bloodline is a combination bloodline of the human race and the Ancient Demon race, granting human appearance and Ancient Demon race's body features. As for whether the individual is suitable to train Zhen yuan or Demonic Yuan would depend on what percentage of the bloodline one has. With more human bloodline, one would train Zhen yuan, and vice versa. If both bloodlines were equal in manifestation, the individual would have the ability to train both, which would make him or her the perfect bloodline." Murong Qingcheng explained.

Ye Chen thought about it for a while and said, "How come I have never sensed anything different from you? It was only after the Extreme Yin Place that I started to find you different."

She nodded, "The first generation of the Demi-demon was the perfect bloodline. But as time passed, and the marriages between human Ancient Demon race beings and humans took place, the Demon bloodline started to decay and the human bloodline started to dominate. If one tested without the secret art, it would be impossible now to detect the Demon bloodline. That makes us no different from the others, unless some of us have an enlightenment one day and awaken the Demon race bloodline within our bodies."

"So, you have done that, right? What about the Demonic Yuan crystal stones?"

"Yes." She let out a breath, "Our people were afraid that there would be a greater dilution of the bloodline, so they started to promote marriage within the family. In that case, if the children managed to inherit most of their parents' Demon bloodline, then it would become even more powerful than the last generation. But of course, it would still not be all that powerful. The thing is that even a twenty five percent Demon bloodline would already be very rare, and I had been enlightened recently, realizing that I carried the perfect bloodline. Therefore, I can use both kinds of crystal stones, so I chose to use the Demon ones."

After hearing her explanation, Ye Chen could finally understand it. No matter if it was the human race or the Ancient Demon race, power would be the only thing that mattered the most. No one would wish for themselves not to be powerful. And obviously, the Ancient Demon race was a race above the human race, so choosing to train with the Demon stones would not be unreasonable. He would have done the same if it were his decision to make.

"Training the Demon stones would not make you turn into an Ancient Demon race person, right?" Ye Chen had seen that some of the Demonn persons were three meters tall at the minimum. Some of them were dozens of meters tall, sometimes even hundreds of meters tall. He did not want that for Murong Qingcheng.

She laughed, "It is just a bloodline. The human appearance will not change at all. However, by training with the Demon energy stones, it would provide me with a little bit more Ancient Demon race power, and I would only know exactly how powerful it would be only after I have cultivated the Ancient Demon body."

Ye Chen did not plan to ask for every single little detail; for example, how did she manage to have the perfect bloodline? She was willing to tell him all that, which was already her trusting him greatly. So, he opened his palms, causing dozens of Demonic crystals to appear, "I have no use for them. Take them."

"These are for you then." She took out all of her spirit power stones. The two of them smiled at each other as they exchanged them.

"I feel really relaxed with you. Too bad that..." She was trying to say something before she stopped.

Ye Chen sighed slightly, "Let's talk about the future in the future. Right now, what is important is to seize the day. You know better that only power will be the shortcut to control your own life."

"You are right indeed."

The two did not stop for long. After they left the place, they found a hidden mountain and opened two caves right next to each other to train their stones.

With that, one day passed by swiftly.

By now, Ye Chen had trained his spirit body to fifty percent. Before actually forming the spirit body, the closer he got to completion, the less of an effect the crystals would have. And after he achieved the spirit body, the efficacy of the stones would return. It had something to do with the body condition itself, which he did not possess right now.

As for Murong Qingcheng, she did not have this problem as she had the Demi-demon bloodline, which granted her the Demi-demon body that was would already a couple of times more powerful than the normal human bodies. However, indeed because of this, she would need way more crystals than a human would. So right then, she had just trained her body to twenty five percent completion only.

She looked just the same even with her achievement. But, only Ye Chen could tell that her aura was becoming more and more elegant and attractive. Her skin was becoming lighter, and it seemed to be impossible to find flaws in her with human eyes.

After consuming all of their stones, the two spent another day to stabilize their newly-gained power to prevent unnecessary waste.


On this particular day, Murong Qingcheng finally opened her eyes as a black light flashed once before disappearing. She looked down on her clothes, noticing that the blood was still there.

She stood up and walked to the wall of the cave. Pressing her hands there, she caused the mountain rocks to turn into powder without a sound, creating a ball-shaped stone room.

As she walked into the room, a black light wall appeared out of her body effortlessly. It was able to devour light, so human eyes would naturally not be able to look through.

Her clothes slipped down onto the ground, revealing her beautiful body. Her hair were like a waterfall, covering her shapely front. Her slim and silky body narrowed around her waist and widened around her hips. Her snow-white bouncy skin would make any man and woman go crazy. Her legs were straight, and took over two-thirds of her whole body; they were closed as she stood, revealing no gap.

She soon put on a clean purple dress and walked out of the stone room.

In her sight, Ye Chen was still training, sitting there with his eyes closed and his spine straight like a sharp sword. His shoulders were wide and his waist was also thin.

"Three years...My family has only left me with three years..." She bit on her lower lips, a complicated expression flashing past her face.


As he let out a dark red breath, it punctured through the mountain wall in front of him. He slowly opened his eyes and turned his head to meet her eyes.

There was a moment of hesitation and warmth right there.

Shaking off the invisible dust on him, he stood up and said, "You haven't been waiting for long, have you?"

"No." She shook her head.

"Then, let's go out!"

He suddenly took out his longsword and cut through the peak of the mountain. It cracked open, and the parallel space special "sunshine" shone in, covering the two.


On the seventh day after the opening of the parallel space, the peace outside was finally stirred up.


The space was shattered as a middle-aged man in dark red robes did not speak a word before reaching out his hand and making a grabbing motion to summon out that extreme rank axe from the deepest part of the cliff.

"It is the leader! Our leader is here! The extreme rank axe belongs to our leader!" Everyone from the Shining Martial School looked quite cheerful. The extreme rank weapon was hundred times rarer than the top rank weapons, and any Life and Death Realm warrior who got their hands on one of these would increase their battling power drastically.

People from the other rank 5 martial institutions looked rather anxious, and they could not help but frown.

"Hehe...Shining King, what is the hurry? This axe does not belong to you." A hand that could block out the sun suddenly appeared out of nowhere, wrapping around the axe.

The latter was furious, "Beast King, how dare you!"

As he spoke, he waved his arm and cut down three fingers of that humongous hand. With that, the axe was snatched from the gap.

"Huh! Why not?"

The powerful beast king broke open the air and shot out two beams of tangible light from his eyes as he threw a punch as well. That hill-sized axe lost its control and plunged into the ground heavily again, shaking the earth while a shockwave shot out in all directions.

"It is our leader! Our leader is here as well! Hahaha..." At this moment, the people from the Beast Martial School got pumped up as well.


The Shining King also shot out a godly light from his eyes, looking right at the Beast King.

The two both had extraordinary eyes. The sky suddenly exploded and darkened as the four beams of bright light seemed to be coming from the space. Everyone felt as if they were in the sky right now, not being able to see anything except those surreal lights. It was like seeing two gods fighting.

"This is too frightening. Is this even ground under my feet? How can I not feel the gravity and the richness of the earth anymore?" Warriors who were below the Sea of Souls Realm could feel their feet trembling. They looked down only to see no ground, but a pitch black space.

A Sea of Souls Realm powerful warrior mumbled to himself, "Battles between the king warriors already reach beyond the normal worlds. It should be their will power disturbing our decisions and perceptions. Do not try to break through...Otherwise, the counterforce will kill the second you thought about it."

The Shining King's anger seemed to be able to burn through the earth right now, "Beast King, if you really want to fight it out with me, then I hope you don't forget that I got here first."

"So what if you have got here first? This extreme rank great weapon is so rare that you won't see one in a decade, I, the Beast King, will not let this one go."

Their bodies were wrapped by an unearthly light, so it was hard to tell their appearance. Even their words contained an extremely powerful will power, which would already be enough to affect a Sea of Souls Realm warrior's mind.


Just as the two were battling, a thunder appeared out of nowhere in that pitch black sky. The thunder did not disappear, but actually managed to shatter some of the light. A huge palm reached down at an extreme speed. It was just as clear as a real hand, but humongous in size. Its nails were like knives, shining with a sharp light.

"Black Thunder King!"

Both of the two reached out to shatter that huge hand.


A human figure flew down, his voice also full of will power, "Shining King, Beast King, this extreme rank weapon will be mine, the Black Thunder King's! It is closest to my Thunder city."

"It is our king! The king of the Thunder City!"

Everyone from the Thunder city jumped up with joy. He was not anyone else but the actual uncle of the Thunder emperor, which made him one of great grandfathers of Jing Aoxuan. Indeed, with him, the Thunder city was able to become one of the top in the Thunder region.

The Shining King sneered, "Do not talk to me about the Thunder city. As long as it is in the Thunder region, I, the Shining King, would have the right for it."

"Hehe... The Shining King has stolen my words out of my mouth!"

Although the Beast King was slightly threatened by the Black Thunder King, but not right now, as there were more than just him and the Black Thunder King. None of them here had the power to take on two others at the same time.

Some of the warriors who had just reached here because of their travels were shocked at what they were witnessing. All three king warriors were here, and the battle between their will power alone was already way too horrifying. Even though they were a hundred miles away from the actual battling location, something still seemed to act as a barrier between them and the actual battle. Trying to look further ahead, they saw literally nothing but darkness. Even their mental and soul power could not pass through, which truly frightened them.