Chapter 477: Killing With A Scabbard

 Chapter 477: Killing With A Scabbard

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"There is an energy vibration rising up ahead...It is Murong Qingcheng battling with someone."

A hundred miles away, Ye Chen increased his speed suddenly as he sensed Murong Qingcheng's qi.

From far away, Ye Chen had seen the place where the short elder and middle-aged man with a blade mark on his face were attacking Murong Qingcheng at the same time. These two were both at the spirit warrior level. But, they were both still at the early stage of Sea of Souls Realm, which would not be too scary for him.

While rushing toward the site, he took out his Destruction sword and threw out an attack, his sword qi shining brightly ahead.

"Who is that!" The short elder was the first to react as he waved his palm in front of him to block out the sword qi. However, the impact of the sword qi still pushed him a dozen steps backward and made his body wobble badly.


After a couple of flashes, Ye Chen appeared right next to Murong Qingcheng.

"Are you okay?" Seeing that she was badly wounded, Ye Chen frowned.

A smile blossomed on her face as she shook her head and said, "If you were one step slower, then I wouldn't have been okay." After saying those words, she puked out another mouthful of blood, dying her dress red.

"Little brat, go die now!"

The middle-aged man held his blade with both of his hands, waving it heavily. The blade light covered them two - the man was trying to kill them both at the same time.

Ye Chen's eyes became sharp as he threw out an attack with his double sword style art.


A huge light ball exploded, creating a hole in the ground with the deepest part reaching a thousand meters deep. Meanwhile, that middle-aged man could not compete with the shockwave and was blown a thousand meters into the air. After that, the remaining power had cut off half of the mountain.

"This brat will be tricky to take on." The short elder's expression froze a little. He knew very clear about the middle-aged man's power. Besides some of the top spirit warriors, no one would be his competition. In addition, he had trained the mud mentality, which increased his attacking power drastically. However, he was still not able to handle even one sword attack of Ye Chen's.

The middle-aged man flew back, looking a bit pale. He licked his lips while his evil eyes were focused on Ye Chen, containing a hint of seriousness and massive killing intent.

The short elder said, "Blade Mark, use all you have got."

The latter sneered in response, "Don't worry! He cannot harm me."

"Try to recover first...Leave them to me." Ye Chen could tell that Murong Qingcheng's wounds were healing at a rapid speed, which was really abnormal even for her. But, after remembering the mysterious secrets she might be carrying with her, the abnormality seemed normal.

She nodded in agreement, knowing that if she did not recover to a certain degree and still tried to help out, it would actually just work to drag him down. At the same time, she noticed with surprise that Ye Chen's power had already improved by so much in such a short time. He seemed even more powerful than when he was at the tea gathering.

"Brat, it will take more than you to battle with us."

The short elder let out a breath in relief. In a one on one battle, he might not have had a one hundred percent confidence in beating Ye Chen. But in this two on one situation, the difficulty had decreased massively. He was just afraid of Murong Qingcheng still trying to help out even though she was badly wounded. If that were to be the case, then the result would be unpredictable.

Ye Chen looked just the same, "You will know if it is true when you try."

"Let's go!"

Without another word, the elder and the middle-aged man attacked toward Ye Chen with one on the right and the other on the left; one used a palm art while the other performed his blade art. They were quite well-coordinated.

Ding! Ding! Dong! Dong!

Ye Chen was not afraid at all as he held his Thunder sword in his left hand and the Destruction sword in his right, separating his mind into two parts and blocking the two's attacks with his own power.

"What! Double sword styled sword art!"

After the exchange of attacks, the elder saw that they could not even get close to him, so he could not help but groan.

When Ye Chen used two swords to blow away the other guy just now, he was already suspecting this fact. But now, he could finally confirm that Ye Chen was a rare double sword artist who would be able to multitask with two swords at the same time.

With a bad look on his face, the short elder yelled while attacking again. Both of his hands turned into creepy claws carrying a ghost fire. He threw out eighteen palm attacks at the same time, each containing an intense fire mentality that exploded aggressively.

The middle-aged man did not dare to slow down either as he also threw out a blade attack with his muddy yellow colored blade, carrying a thick mud mentality. Each blade attack was potentially deadly.


Ye Chen shot out into the sky and then threw out the Sky Thunder Cut and Reverse Sky Thunder Cut from his left and right hand respectively, giving people the feeling that there were two Ye Chens overlapping on each other, looking extremely strong and creepy at the same time.

Pop! Pap! Pop! Pap!

The exploding sound of the qi never stopped. The two shadows of Ye Chen sometimes seemed to separate from one another and at other times combined together. It was all very confusing visually.

"Get down now!"

The middle-aged man reached out his left hand, causing a wave of powerful gravity to cover Ye Chen, dragging him down faster and faster.

"Gravity? I will cut that too!" A cold light shone before everyone's eyes as Ye Chen gave up on his double sword style art and combined his three swords together. He then threw out a sword attack combined with his destruction sword intent, happening to form a perfect circle.

A moon appeared out of nowhere, causing the gravity to separate into two.

The middle-aged man was frightened, "He can even cut through gravity! Who can freaking tell me what is going on? What the heck is happening?"

"Idiot! Who asked you to use gravity to attack?" The short elder had made up his mind to burn Ye Chen out. He did not believe that this kid would last that long. Multitasking would be exhausting, and would burn more than twice the energy. But, after seeing that the middle-aged man used gravity to attack him and Ye Chen switched his attacks from double style back to one sword, he could feel the anger burning up in his heart.

The middle aged man said annoyedly, "Who the hell knew that he could also cut through gravity? What a freak!"

"Never mind! Not multitasking or whatever, he will not be able to compete with me, especially not with one sword." The short elder did not want to fight with the elder so he barked out.

Ye Chen held three swords in one hand, turning it into a top rank longsword. Then, he threw out a sword attack at the short elder, performing the ninth movement of the Green Lotus Sword Art - Amaranthine Nature.

"Not good! It is a fifty percent profound martial art!"

Although there were still different rankings within the profound martial arts, it would be impossible to tell before actually comprehending them fully, especially at the stage of fifty percent comprehension when it was just reaching the point of advancement.

The sword qi was shooting out at an extreme speed, getting faster and faster. It would already be impossible for the elder to escape, so he could only form a layer of protective Zhen yuan in front of his body and counter it.


However, the layer was shattered contrary to his expectations, his shoulder bleeding like crazy.

"Piss off!"

At that time, the middle-aged man's attack had arrived as well. The hundred meters long blade light looked like a skyrocketing column as it attacked toward Ye Chen's head.



Sparks spilled everywhere as Ye Chen waved his sword to block out the blade.

"I want to kill you!"

Seizing this opportunity, this short elder could not care for the sword wound on his shoulder as he formed his right hand into an empty grip. With that, a huge hand emerged in the air, wrapped in a burning flame and about to wrap around Ye Chen.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

More flame appeared out of nowhere as Ye Chen used force with his arms, waving his longsword and slicing it with the blade. That attack shattered the huge hand, causing the flame to leak from the crack.

All of this happened within the second, about to reach the visual limits.

The blade qi dimmed a little as the middle-aged man changed the style of his blade attack from vertical to horizontal. The blade qi followed right behind Ye Chen, trying to cut through his waist.


Out of the blue, the blade was shattered, while Murong Qingcheng flew up in her blood-soaked dress.

"Soul Wave Attack!"

The black light ball in her left hand exploded, causing a black colored wave to spread out.

"Not good!"

The elder and middle-aged man flashed to the side. Although that black wave could not hurt them, their mind would be disturbed for a brief time. If it were before, it would not have mattered. But right now, there was Ye Chen here, who was extremely tricky to battle with already.

The elder managed to avoid the wave, but the middle-aged man was shaken because his protective layer had been shattered completely. As a result, his blood and qi started to boil, while his reaction slowed down.

Ye Chen got close to the two just as Murong Qingcheng was flying toward them. Therefore, when the middle-aged man had his moment of confusion because of the soul attack wave, Ye Chen seized the moment to stab out his top rank longsword.


That moment was so short and happened so fast, but the middle-aged man was still able to wave his blade in front of him at the critical moment. As a result, the right hand that was holding the blade was cracked open, blood dripping down onto the ground from his grip.

"Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!"

In other people's eyes, Ye Chen's sword art was too mysterious. It was because he held his sword and waved it in a strange way.

"The sword scabbard!" The middle-aged man exclaimed in shock.


The sword scabbard sliced through his chin along with the unbearable power.

"Blade Mark!"

The short elder had just avoided the black wave when he saw Ye Chen use his sword scabbard to slice through the middle-aged man's chin. He watched his friend's life slip out of his body, and his body fall down onto the ground subsequently.

Grinding his teeth, the elder gave an evil look to Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng before turning into a beam of light and shooting into the distance.

"Sky Demon Power Field!"

Murong Qingcheng made a reaching out and grabbing motion with her right hand, causing a wave of horrifying gravity to appear that stopped the elder's body in the midair. But, her Zhen yuan was still not as powerful as the elder's, so she was only able to slow him down a little.

But, it was enough.

Ye Chen turned around and flicked his finger at the elder. It was indeed his lotus sword qi, which could only be used once every thirty minutes.


The heart of the short elder was punctured through, killing him on the spot.

After seeing him die, Murong Qingcheng finally let out a breath in relief. It was still not long enough for her to recover completely, and what she did before was her trying her best already.

Putting his sword back into his scabbard, Ye Chen flew over. He frowned as he talked in a low voice, "Murong, are you from the Ancient Demon race?"

It was not weird for him to ask this question. During the battle between the short elder and the middle-aged man, he had noticed that she used the crystal stones to heal her wounds. But, those were not the spirit energy crystal stones, but actually the Demon crystal stones. It made him wonder about her origin.

Murong Qingcheng seemed to know that he was going to ask, "You've seen it?"

Ye Chen nodded.

"If I say I am not, would you believe me?"

"I will have to." Ye Chen answered after thinking about it.

"Thank you. I am indeed not of the Ancient Demon race. However, I am related...somehow." She said slowly.


He was even more curious now. There was nothing on the Ancient Demon race in the information that the Battle Emperor had given him. Therefore, he knew nothing about it.

She then continued to say, "The Ancient Demon race was a race stronger than humans. Back in the ancient era, they disappeared all of a sudden. However, they had left behind a tribe carrying their bloodline, and I am from that family, carrying the bloodline."

Remembering about Murong Qingcheng's personality of not liking to share things much, he said, "If this is really important, it might be best for you to not tell. I will understand."

"It actually is okay to talk about it, since all those Life and Death Realm warriors knew about my family, and half of them did not reject our lives on this land. Of course, the other half always tried to kill us, and are just waiting for an opportunity."

She laughed sadly, "My family is called the Demi-demon family, and we carry the Demi-demon bloodline."