Chapter 472: Something is happening

 Chapter 472: Something is happening

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After the tea gathering, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng went back to the hotel. Inside the restaurant area of the hotel, the two settled and drank their morning tea.

Ye Chen saw that the latter was a bit out of it - she kept looking toward the north-west direction. He was curious, so he asked, "What is wrong?"

She arranged her hair and shook her head, "Nothing."

Ye Chen knew that she did not want to talk about it, so it should be something unspeakable. Plus, he noticed that ever since meeting up with her in the Extreme Ying Place, he had realized that she had changed a lot, in the sort of way that was impossible to describe. It was like her core had changed somehow.


The martial tea gathering! Ye Chen! Master level sword intent!

On this day, the whole Thunder city was super excited. No matter if one were in a restaurant, a cafe, or just out in the city, one would be able to hear those three things constantly everywhere.

A common scene at play everywhere on this day was -

"You know what? This martial tea gathering had a dark horse. Some nobody beat the Astral spirit son, Chu Zhongtian, and the Edict Prince, Li Xiaoyun, becoming the next host of the martial tea gathering. His name is Ye Chen!"

"Yeah! How can I not know? It has been spread out everywhere. Even that little brat from Wang family knows that Ye Chen is very powerful, and wants to ask him to become the former's master and teach him sword arts."

"Haha...That is nothing. I heard that there were rank 5 martial schools trying to ask him to join them."

"Rank 5 martial schools? Oh my god! Those are the martial schools with Life and Death Realm warriors! Ye Chen would join them, right?"

Within a day, there was no one in the whole Thunder City who had not heard about Ye Chen. Within three days, every city within thousands of miles around Thunder City had learned about the news. Without any surprises, the whole Thunder region would know Ye Chen's name soon, and within three months, his name would be spread out in the whole Southern region.

Twenty years old with master level sword intent...It would be impossible for him not to be famous.

These days, there actually had been masters from rank 5 martial schools asking for Ye Chen, wanting him to join their martial institution and promising him the position of head disciple, which would come with access to endless profound sense martial arts and advises from Life and Death Realm warriors. But of course, the condition would be him being loyal to them.

However, Ye Chen declined them all politely. 'What kind of joke is this? If I have to decide to join these rank 5 martial institutions, I might as well join the Dragon God Palace, since their leader would be one of the top king warriors just below the Surreal King. There is no comparison at all with these other institutions. Furthermore, Xu Jing is still there.'

Seeing this, these people did not want to just leave it there. They prepared to go back to their martial institutions and talk to their fellow masters about attracting Ye Chen into their school. If necessary, they could ask their leader to do the talking, since they believed that their leader would not want to give up on a martial genius like him who had trained his sword intent to the master level at the age of twenty. If they missed out on him, there might never be another one.


The Mountain Water Garden took over eight hundred miles squared area, including a lot of forests. Inside it, the lake shone brightly and reflected the mountains.

In the center of the lake was a not-so-big island, where a beautiful pavilion was located. At the highest level of the pavilion, Ye Chen and the other three sat while drinking tea relaxedly. There was nothing but a few columns blocking their view slightly. Hence, the beautiful scenery was clearly visible.

"What a wonderful place!" Ye Chen could tell that the garden used a profound sense as the theme of the garden. In here, it seemed to be easier to relax and taste his tea.

Li Xiaoyun laughed, "Ye Chen, there must be a lot of rank 5 martial schools trying to get you, right? No wonder though, since you are not a rank 5 martial disciple yourself after all. If they attract you to their school, you would become the top warrior holding up the whole school, and might even be able to bring the school to the next level."

Besides Ye Chen, the other three all had Life and Death Realm warriors holding up the forts, so they did not have to worry about that kind of responsibility.

Ye Chen chuckled. He was waiting until these people found out that there had been someone from his Sky Cloud Martial School who became the disciple of the dragon king. Then, he would never be disturbed ever again, since no one would believe that the Dragon King himself would let go of someone like him, unless he had his reasons.

The four of them were all top warriors of the Southern region. They had the chance to become Life and Death Realm warriors one day, and therefore, they would never underestimate one another. Hence, they always spoke after thinking.

Jing Aoxuan looked at Chu Zhongtian, who was looking rather serious, and said, "It is the peak era of this world right now. We are indeed at the top of the whole Southern region, but we cannot be short-sighted and content with what we have now. So, talking to each other would be the best option."

Li Xiaoyun nodded, "Princess Jing is right. There will be more martial geniuses than we can ever imagine. We are competitors inside the Southern region, but once we are out of here, we will be on the same boat. If we don't exchange what we know and have experienced, it would be such a waste."

This time, even Chu Zhongtian did not argue. He knew that they were telling the truth. He was reckless and full of pride, but he was not that stupid to think that he was at the top of the world. Since the peak era had arrived, it would not be just him who had the evil spirit body or a similar level physique. There might be even more powerful talents somewhere in the world.

"Ye Chen, I might not be able to help you in other areas, but in the area of thunder mentality, I think no one in the whole southern region knows more than me."

As the host, Jing Aoxuan knew that she would have to be the one starting the conversation. Otherwise, the other three would not jump out and expose what they know for sure.

After her speech, she stood up and tapped her feet on the ground slightly, flying out of the pavilion and landing on the wavy surface of the lake. Her movement and position on the lake water was kind of poetic at this moment.

In the next moment, her white-jade-like right hand reached out, and she pushed out her Zhen yuan, gradually increasing the depth and intensity of the Zhen yuan and Thunder mentality to release a clear image of the layers.

Ye Chen took a deep breath as he stared at her right hand without blinking.


At the moment, thunder appeared and shot out of her right hand.

"What a clever Thunder mentality!" It was not hard for Ye Chen to tell that she was demonstrating the birth and death of thunder. Only she could do it in such a detailed and clear way, which sparked a lot of ideas inside his head. It was like he would be able to figure it all out at any second now.

Taking her hand back, she flew back into the pavilion and sat down gracefully.

"Haha! I cannot take advantage of you. I have sealed the star power in my right arm, and perhaps it would be of some kind of help for you guys in the future."

Li Xiaoyun laughed and flew out of the pavilion next.

Hearing him, not only Jing Aoxuan and Chu Zhongtian, even Ye Chen's eyes brightened.

Amongst the different levels of the sky, the most mysterious would be the third level - the Top Sky, which was a part of the Milky Way. Even Life and Death Realm warriors would need to understand the profound sense of the sky to venture there, not to mention them. After all, only when humans went into space would they realize how tiny they truly were.

The power of stars was very mysterious. It seemed to have some kind of tiny connection with the actual stars in the sky. And with that tiny connection, Li Xiaoyun was able to learn the starlight mentality and become the previously ranked number one warrior of the southern region, and still was amongst the top four.

"Amongst the stars...That would be the best place to comprehend the profound!"

Jing Aoxuan had the biggest inspiration, since her thunder mentality was only one step away from touching the thunder profound.

"What do you think? This is my top art!" Li Xiaoyun flew back while smiling brightly.

Ye Chen laughed, "Since you two both are so generous, I cannot be stingy. I will now perform a sword art for you guys. This art is not simple sword art, but contains all I have learned from my past experiences and other martial arts. I think it shall not disappoint you."

"Oh! We are looking forward to it!" Jing Aoxuan was excited to know what kind of sword art Ye Chen was going to show them. Judging from the kind of person he was, he would not use any normal tricks to fool them, and he would definitely have his reasons and thinking. A lot of different martial genres all had something to do with the sword art. Hence, they were not afraid that they would not learn anything from it.

On top of the lake, the blue-clothed Ye Chen flew along the waves. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, but the second he reopened them, his right hand moved as he took out his Destruction sword.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

In that instant, sword light exploded out, bringing along with it an extremely sharp sword qi. At the same time, a wave of killing intent spread out in the area.

It was a killing sword art which showed the core meaning of killing directly. From this sword art, one could see killing at its simplest form, without any messiness. Killing was a part of human evolution; conflict would inevitably lead to killing. Killing was everywhere and happening at every second. The skill displayed here by Ye Chen contained within it this very concept.

"Ye Chen is so generous!" Li Xiaoyun mumbled to himself.

They were all not stupid. They were all top martial geniuses. It would be unlikely for them not to know that Ye Chen was indirectly showing them the source of his battling skills. Without a doubt, knowing about killing would allow one to understand and develop the skill of doing that. After comprehending this concept, each battling skill would be free from superfluous intents and movements, focusing on the killing methods directly.

After performing that sword art for the three, Ye Chen came back inside the pavilion.

"Everyone, what do you think?"

Jing Aoxuan laughed: "Just one sword art and I have already learned what I am lacking and what I was doing uselessly. Wonderful!"

"Ye Chen, you are a friend that I have to make." Li Xiaoyun knew that Ye Chen could have shown them the battling skills covering other simpler aspects, but he deliberately showed them the source of all his battling skills, which allowed them to learn about him deeper. Furthermore, it would not be something just for now, but something they could think about for a long period of time. And every time they did, they would be guaranteed to learn something from it. Its importance could never be ignored.

When the three were all looking at Chu Zhongtian, he couldn't help but make a face. He had to admit that he had learned a lot from that killing sword art, and now knew where his problems lied. Before, he always thought that his evil yuan was already powerful enough and was the top in every area. Therefore, he had ignored normal skills. Now, he understood that skills were meant to be learned by everyone, and they were there for a reason. He could not grow beyond a limit without it.

"I don't have anything else except the evil yuan formed string!"

After that, he flew out the pavilion.

Li Xiaoyuan said meaningfully, "That is the peak of his strongest art."

Zhen yuan and evil yuan were both energies, and energy was not something that was certain and concrete. Amongst the four, only Chu Zhongtian would be able to turn his evil yuan into the tangible shape of strings, which contained even more powerful attacking power. Judging from the tea gathering, he still had not achieved a lot of progress in it yet; otherwise, the result of the battles might not have been the same. Now that he had decided to reveal his secret, he was actually turning out to be a nice guy after all.

Sizz! Sizz! Sizz! Sizz!

The dark red string-shaped qi flow poured out of his body as he threw out his fist, turning everything in front of him into nothingness; it was like countless strings slicing the very air in front of him into nothingness.

Since he deliberately slowed the whole process down, the other three managed to see it clearly and learn exactly how he turned his evil yuan into the string-shaped qi flow, and how it exploded subsequently. After all, the speed was slowed down by about hundred times by him for their convenience.


Back in the pavilion, Chu Zhongtian said to Ye Chen, "I do not want to take any advantage of you, so this was me returning the favor to you."

Ye Chen only chuckled in response.

At this moment, a dark space gap appeared over at the horizon in the south-west direction all of a sudden. It looked like a half-opened black eye, with everything fuzzy inside. At the same time, the natural yuan qi suddenly started to travel at a fast speed toward that direction.


The four of them were extra sensitive to the natural yuan, so they had realized the change almost at the same time. Their sight crossed countless buildings, landing on that black gap that was an unknown distance away.