Chapter 471: The Next Host of the Tea Gathering

 Chapter 471: The Next Host of the Tea Gathering

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"Ye Chen, in the field of battling skills, I was never impressed by anyone. But today, I have to admit your power. However, with your skills, you might still not be able to see through the seven stars attack." Li Xiaoyun was admiring Ye Chen a little, but he realized that only with his killing attack, the seven star attack, he might be able to threaten him a little bit, and only with that.

The Seven Star Attack would have to extract the sealed star power from his right arm, while his remaining power would allow him to perform the attack two more times. However, the different thing now would be that he would not have to unseal his power again so it would save him some time. Therefore, he performed his attack even faster this time, getting those seven stars to already line up while blinking in the sky.

After all of them finished aligning and forming a mysterious connection with the seven stars in the sky, they started to absorb the power from the real seven stars to fulfill their own energy requirements. The next second, something unexpected happened - the space around the bright starlight emitting from those star pellets suddenly dimmed down. Everyone felt as if they were in the actual space, where the only brightness was originating from those "seven stars".


The light of the seven stars was released to its limit as it brought that ancient and eternal feeling with it and attacked toward Ye Chen, who was standing right across the 'space'. At that moment, even time seemed to be moving backward while the Milky Way seemed to be scrambling.

"That's a dangerous killing attack!"

Ye Chen's expression changed as he sensed the might of the incoming attack. His master level sword intent exploded in response; that indestructible sword intent's light ignored the rule of the stars as it shone its own light and fought with that pitch black darkness.

Seeing that Li Xiaoyun had already performed his seven star attacks, a bright light flashed through Jing Aoxiao's eyes. She had a lot of feelings toward that attack. Li Xiaoyun had used it to attack her before, but luckily, she had her thunder spirit body and trained the thunder element Zhen yuan, which allowed her to stimulate her body and senses and not get lost in the darkness, only to subsequently lose her will to fight back. The thing was that lightning and thunders also existed in space, and they never backed out, just like her. Besides that, perhaps only Chu Zhongtian and his evil spirit body would be able to fight against that seven star kill without trying to find its flaw.

"Lose, now!"

Li Xiaoyun stared at Ye Chen who was slowly devoured by the stars passionately.

But very soon, his face froze a little bit. In his sight, Ye Chen's defensive layer had not been shattered by the touch of his attack, that light around his body seeming to contain an immortal and indestructible qi. Instead, it was his own starlight and the darkness he had created that had been shattered. It seemed like nothing else besides the latter would last forever.

The most powerful sword intent! The immortal sword intent!


With the immortal sword intent protecting him, Ye Chen's eyes had never been clearer as his Amaranthine Nature attack went through four out of the seven stars. He then performed his Reverse Sky Thunder Cut and went back up, destroying the remaining three stars. With those two moves, the seven stars had been destroyed completely.


A breeze blew across the area as Ye Chen reappeared in front of everyone. He held his Greenwood sword in front of his chest, the handle at his chin level while the sword body shone with that immortal sword intent. Outside his body, the vibe of immortality continued to exude in all directions, causing that remaining dim starlight to extinguish.

His body moved while that Greenwood sword in his hand was stabbed out, still vivid and unstoppable like before. However, this time, it also contained the immortal sword intent. With the two combined together, there seemed to be some kind of a reaction which reached beyond the power of fifty percent profound sense martial art.

"Wind Impediment!"

Li Xiaoyun continued to extract the sealed wind power from his left hand, creating three wind walls. They shone with a crystalline light, and were thick and hard like metal.

But in the next moment, one wall was broken down, then the second one, and lastly the third one!

In doing so, Ye Chen's sword power had also been consumed by almost a half.


Putting his Greenwood sword back into its scabbard, Ye Chen said lightly, "I cannot win against you." As he destroyed those walls, the wind power on Li Xiaoyun's left arm had been restored to its peak. Compared to the right hand, the sealed power on his left hand seemed to recover more easily, and the possibility of burning it out seemed impossible.

Li Xiaoyun forced a smile, "Cornering me into only defending, I guess you are the first. So seriously speaking, I have lost."

What he meant was that he had lost the battle in front of them, but a life and death battle would obviously be something else.

Stars sparkled in the sky, and the night was almost over.

Ye Chen and Li Xiaoyun both landed on the ground, where Jing Aoxuan and Chu Zhongtian were also standing; the four of them all took up an area for themselves. They seemed to have divided the whole area into four different worlds; one with endless thunders, one with blood, one with bright starlight, and one covered in an intense sword qi.

The top four warriors of the whole Southern region were all there. The visual image of the scene was very shocking for everyone else.

Jing Aoxuan lifted her head to look at the sky full of stars, then said, "This tea gathering was held by me, Jing Aoxuan. Judging by the how it went, I think it was rather successful. Right now, as it is about to reach the end, I will announce the host of next tea gathering now."

"The next tea gathering host? I wonder who it would be!"

"The Edict Prince has already held it once before. So, it should be out of Chu Zhongtian and Ye Chen. Since Ye Chen has already won against him, so I think it would be most likely Ye Chen."

"Yeah, fair enough!"

The martial tea gathering was a party for the young warriors. Each host would be picked out by the last tea gathering's host. For example, the reason that Jing Aoxuan was the host of this year's was that she was picked out by the Edict Prince last year. And right now, it was her turn to handpick the next host.

Without a doubt, the person she named was indeed Ye Chen.

"Although not many people knew about Ye Chen before, I believe that after this tea gathering, his name will be spread out in the whole Southern region, and maybe even in the other major regions. Therefore, reputation would not be a problem. As for the power, I think everyone has already witnessed it with your own eyes. It has had been a lot of time for our south regions to have such powerful sword artists. His sword intent is even rarer when compared throughout the history. I think, there will not be anyone who would be against it, right?"

"Hehe... Princess Jing, you are flattering us. How could we have any objections? No one here does not acknowledge his power. I doubt there would be anyone here who would object him in being the next host."

"I support him!"

"Me too!"

Seeing so many people being on Ye Chen's side, Mu Lingfeng was very excited. If he could use only one word to describe him, that would be "almighty".

Sikong Sheng in his black robe had no expression on his face. The palms hidden in his sleeves had been tightened into fists. This time, he had lost again without the chance to even battle with him. He did not know what Ye Chen would be like when he saw him the next time. However, the one thing he knew was that he would not give up. Failure would only inspire him to work harder. The next time, he would arrive with a much more powerful status, and now, his goal was to become the First Night.

The Sixth Night and the Seventh Night looked at Ye Chen, both secretly shaking their heads. They knew that it would be Sikong Sheng's both good and bad luck to have such a powerful opponent. His existence would be his biggest inspiration after all.


Chu Zhongtian sneered. He did not care about being the host of the next tea gathering, but he did care about losing to someone. And today's shame was something he would remember forever, and return it the next time ten times more. In the next tea gathering, he would beat Ye Chen, who would be the host of the gathering; he could only smile at the image in his head.

Tuo Baku noticed Chu Zhongtian's expression and frowned a little. This guy should not be underestimated! In two years, no one could say where they would be and how powerful they would have become. He was still at the Late Astral Reaching Realm, and not even at the peak level. Although Tuo Baku did not know how hard it was to train the evil yuan, he knew that even the slightest improvement would be horrifying for everyone else. He could not help himself but start to get worried about Ye Chen.

But suddenly, he laughed at himself.

'Damn! Why should I be worried about Ye Chen? I can worry about everyone else before I worry about him! Look at what he has achieved in all these years! It can only be described as horrifying. It is already hard to reach ahead of him by that much, and wanting to reach beyond him completely would be just beyond one's imagination.'

In this world, was there anyone who had been caught up by Ye Chen and managed to reach beyond him again? Could there be one?

Tuo Baku thought, not knowing whether he should smile or feel sad.

Jing Aoxuan nodded in satisfaction, "Since everyone supports this, then it shall be settled."

She turned her head to ask Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, where would the location for the next tea gathering be?"

Ye Chen had already accepted the fact that he would be the next host for the tea gathering, so he said after thinking for a while, "Perhaps, the Mysterious Hills in the Black Dragon Emperor Nation of the South Rudra Region."

The South Rudra Region was not as well-resourced as the Thunder Region. There were no beautiful, fancy gardens, nor was there any powerful platform built with sealed power. Therefore, instead of setting the location at somewhere with a lot of people, he might as well pick a place with huge empty space and endless gravity. The gravity there was endless, which was like a natural seal that would be a challenge for warriors' actual power and adapting ability.

"Oh, the Mysterious Mountains! I have heard about that place... Nice!" Li Xiaoyun nodded while remembering what he knew about the place.

Chu Zhongtian said with a cold voice, "I have no problem with it."

"Alright! Then, the next tea gathering will be held in the Mysterious Mountains in the Black Dragon Emperor Nation. Everyone, you can go back to your regions now. Please try to spread the word about the result we got from here."

Jing Aoxuan had finally completed her job for this time.


"Wow! The Mysterious Mountains sound quite nice. Interesting!"

While this was being discussed, dawn broke as the sun peeped out of the horizon.

Jing Aoxuan took a deep breath and said, "This tea gathering is completed successfully now. If you guys are not in a hurry, feel free to stay in the Thunder city for a couple of more days. Perhaps, there would be some other events here as well. You guys could also gather together and make some friends or something."

Hearing her, everyone knew that the tea gathering had officially ended, and suddenly started to miss it already. In the past three days and three nights, they had learned so much and even managed to witness the highest level battles between the top warriors of their generation. It was something that would be hard to forget for the proud ones.

"I wish the next tea gathering would be here sooner."

"Well, you will have to wait for it. Two years of time is not that long, since it would already take months for each closed up training."

Everyone stood up as they chatted while moving.

On the stage...

Li Xiaoyun laughed and said to Ye Chen, "Congratulations on being the next host of the tea gathering. I hope that we can transform the martial tea gathering into a worldwide thing, welcoming all of the young warriors from different parts of the world to join our South region's tea gathering."

It had not been a long time since the martial tea gathering had been founded. The founder's biggest dream was to grow it into a worldwide event, and every host has been trying their best to achieve that in their own ways.

Ye Chen could feel his sincerity, so he nodded seriously.

"Ye Chen, you are not in a hurry to leave, right? The four of us could talk a bit more." This voice came from Jing Aoxuan's side. She was very impressed with his battling skills. Among the four of them, he would be the master of all aspects of battling, so exchanging experiences would be beneficial for all of them. Of course, she could also tell that Ye Chen had trained the thunder mentality as well, and she was on the edge of understanding the thunder profound. So, there could be a lot to learn for all of them.

Ye Chen answered without much thought, "Yes, I am not busy."

World development would need communication, and so did skill improvement. Without communication, there would not be much improvement, since training closed up in isolation would have its limits.

Chu Zhongtian was planning to leave the second the tea gathering was finished. But, after hearing her suggestion, he hesitated and did not immediately do so. He was not worried about not being able to improve, but he was indeed afraid of the three talking and improving much faster if he was the only one who left. If that were to be the case, he might as well join in and see what Ye Chen could say about battling skills.