Chapter 469: Winner

 Chapter 469: Winner

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His weapon flew away like a shooting star as the veins popped on Chu Zhongtian's face while his evil yuan had been pushed to its limits. In the next second, the crystalline string-like dark red qi exploded out with a light that seemed brighter than the sun itself. Countless beams of red light had been shooting out with each second, seeming to cover the whole area without the slightest gap.

However, Ye Chen, who had just thrown out that sword qi attack, was possessing a rich sword qi himself that was invisible and shapeless. Each beam of light that attacked toward him was bounced away before shattering into nothingness.



The Greenwood sword stabbed onto the dark red protective layer, generating a high-pitched metallic friction sound. In the next second, the defensive layer had been punctured through easily.

Ye Chen was still expressionless as he waved his sword upward, which not only shattered Chu Zhongtian's protective layer completely, but also cut open his left arm.

In his sights, the sky above Chu Zhongtian was wide open, without any blockage in between.

A scene that could be regarded as one of the most classic scenes in history had taken place before everyone's eyes today. With that, Ye Chen put back his Greenwood sword back into its scabbard. As he did so, his destruction sword was taken out while he held the Thunder sword as well. All of these movements had been made within a split of a second, fast to the point of seeming unreal.

Sky Thunder Cut...Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!

With a breath held in his lungs, a tangible beam of light shot out of Ye Chen's eyes. Then, two beams of sword light crossed in front of him again, exploding and landing straight on Chu Zhongtian's chest.


In the next instant, a cross-shaped splash of blood spilled out. Chu Zhongtian was wounded clearly and blown away by the power of the cross attack all the way back to the audience seating. That wind pressure it brought up was stronger than even a level ten tornado.

Gasping sounds were heard from different directions in the audience seating.

"Chu Zhongtian has lost! Such powerful defense has lost!"

"I guess only a sword artist like Ye Chen could beat Chu Zhongtian. If it were someone else who had a similar power, it would not be possible to even make an impact on Chu Zhongtian."

"We never had a famous young sword artist from our region. But this time, we finally have one, and he is even one of the top ones."

Hearing everyone's chatter, Chu Zhongtian was obviously not feeling well. He had lost for the first time in the hands of a young warrior. It seemed that Ye Chen was even a couple of years younger than him, but his experience was nothing like a young man's.

Looking down at his own chest where was covered in blood, he saw a cross mark that had been left there. The center of the mark was where it had cut the deepest. It looked like it was about to cut into his chest bone.


How shameful was that!

The Evil spirit body was nothing like a normal human body. The wounds sustained by it could not be healed completely until one reached the Life and Death Realm. Therefore, he would have to carry this mark of humiliation for a long time.


An aggressive dark red colored qi flow rushed into the sky-Chu Zhongtian was about to battle Ye Chen again.

"Chu Zhongtian, you have already lost. This battle will end here." Jing Aoxuan stopped him.

Chu Zhongtian gave her an ugly and ferocious look, "You cannot stop me."

Jing Aoxuan said lightly, "The tea gathering is not a place of life and death. Losing even one movement is also a loss, I hope you can follow the rule."

"Huh? For me, I will have to have a real result if I battle with someone. Get away." Chu Zhongtian took a step forward as that aggressive dark red qi shot out intensively.

Jing Aoxuan did not say another word. However, thunder shone in front of her eyes without a loud sound. In the next second, a dark blue qi flow rushed up into the sky, carrying an extremely horrifying martial intent which tore apart the sky instantly.

The two flows clashed together, taking over half of the area.

The thunder princess was clearly trying to prove her power by showing him whose place this was.

Everyone was trying their best to block out the blast wave while feeling shocked by her power.

"Martial spirit level martial intent. And this Zhen yuan... It does not look anything weaker than Chu Zhongtian's evil yuan. Perhaps she has already trained her top rank Earth Realm martial art to its fourteenth level!"

"No... I am afraid it is the fifteenth level, the highest level!"

"I have already heard about the thunder princess's thunder spirit body which she had trained at a speed a few times faster than normal. And today, I can say after watching her move that it is indeed not made up."

Although the Zhen yuan trained from element spirit was not as powerful as the evil yuan from the evil spirit, there was something that the latter could not compete with, which was the control over the specific elemental Zhen yuan associated with the element spirit. It resulted in an extreme training speed; others might be able to increase their martial arts by one level within a couple of years, but the warriors with the element spirits would be able to improve upto three times faster, leading to training their top rank Earth Realm martial arts to the highest level in a shorter period of time.

Without a doubt, Jing Aoxuan had reached beyond everyone else in the area of training her martial arts, and formed a true martial spirit.

Ye Chen, who had landed on the platform, had seen it as well, but was not surprised by it. If Jing Aoxuan did not have what it took, then she would not have become the host of this tea gathering. But of course, he had also realized that Chu Zhongtian's evil yuan was actually slightly more powerful than Jing Aoxuan's Zhen yuan, even if it had the martial spirit level martial intent. However, Jing Aoxuan was able to train her thunder element Zhen yuan at an extreme speed along with the mentality and profound sense of thunder, which would be something that Chu Zhongtian could not compete with.

Chu Zhongtian had obviously noticed it as well. In addition to that, he had burnt out a lot of energy already, due to which, his battling power was only eighty percent of his peak. But, even if he were at his peak condition, he might have still not been able to beat Jing Aoxuan outright, since she was at the same level as him. So, without really trying to put their lives on the line, it would be impossible to see who was more powerful between the two.

Calming down his evil yuan, he turned to walk to his seats while saying, "Alright! I will give you this."

Jing Aoxuan settled down her Zhen yuan as well and secretly let out a breath. She was actually worrying that if he decided to do something reckless and went wild, she might have to join forces with Ye Chen and Li Xiaoyun to be able to gain control over him, since beating someone and controlling someone was completely different. Moreover, Chu Zhongtian was the kind of warrior who was almost impossible to beat down. It was evident from the fact that even after taking Ye Chen's top attack, he was just slightly bleeding.

However, Chu Zhongyun's backing out had surprised her a little, since the evil spirit was quite hard to control, which was something that everyone knew. They also knew that he would be hard to talk out of the things that he decided to do.

Turning around, Jing Aoxuan nodded at Ye Chen. Judging from her eyes, she had already regarded Ye Chen as a warrior of her level.

"Then, I will go down to rest." Ye Chen held both of his fist in front of his chest to greet her before returning to his seat.

"Ye Chen has won. Ye Chen had beaten the dragon level warrior, the Astral Spirit son!"

"Our South Rudra Region has now been pushed to the peak of them all. After we go back, we will have to try even harder now so that we are not talked down in the future."

Amongst the seventeen people from the South Rudra Region, some of them were the winners of this year's Hidden Dragon Rank competition. They secretly chatted with one another.

Not only the South Rudra Region, all of the young warriors from other regions looked at Ye Chen with burning emotions. Some of them were jealous, some were envious, and others were full of admiration; everyone was thinking differently.

Inside his pavilion, Tuo Baku forced a chuckle: "I did not foresee that even the Astral spirit son would lose to you. I guess regarding you as the number one warrior of the entire Southern region would not be that much of a stretch."

Ye Chen shook his head and smiled, "Do not disregard Chu Zhongtian already. Seriously speaking, he was just as powerful as me, since defense is also a part of the power. If it were a life and death battle, I would not have the one hundred percent confidence in winning against him. As for being the number one warrior in the Southern region, you have underestimated the Thunder princess and Li Xiaoyun. They might not be able to beat Chu Zhongtian, but they might not also lose to me. Everything is just so uncertain during a battle."

Tuo Baku nodded, knowing that Ye Chen was right. But, whatever he had said, there would not be many warriors in the entire Southern Region who could beat Ye Chen for sure.

"Li Xiaoyun, let us battle now!"

Without returning to her seat, Jing Aoxuan looked over at Li Xiaoyun.


Opening his bright shiny iron fan, Li Xiaoyun flashed once before appearing on the stage.


The battle between Jing Aoxuan and Li Xiaoyun was no less intense than the battle between Ye Chen and Chu Zhongtian. Blast waves exploded on the stage one after another ceaselessly.

Jing Aoxuan's martial art had already reached the fifteen level, which was also the highest level. Her Zhen yuan was extremely pure, and she had also formed a true martial spirit that was combined with her thunder element profound martial arts. Each movement of hers was very intense, containing the sharpness and decisiveness of thunder.

Li Xiaoyun had also trained his martial art to its fourteenth level, though his Zhen yuan was slightly less pure than Jing Aoxuan's. However, his achievement in the power of will was just slightly below Ye Chen's-he had also trained the quasi-master martial spirit. Plus, he had trained a lot of different profound martial arts, to the point that he might be the warrior who had comprehended the greatest number of them amongst everyone present here. He had comprehended three profound martial arts of wind and two of starlight. In addition, his left and right hands both contained a secret power which could shatter Jing Aoxuan's attack each time it exploded.


The Zhen yuan wall shattered in front of the pavilion even when the fist wind was about to arrive.

Ye Chen flicked out a green lotus sword qi through the air to stop it from harming anyone there.

"Such a scary thunder profound martial art!" Tuo Baku said.

This time, the Zhen yuan wall definitely should not have shattered, since only the shockwave would not be able to completely shatter the defense layer that Tuo Baku had created. But, it was not the shockwave that had broken down the Zhen yuan, but actually Jing Aoxuan's tangible attacks. It turned out that Li Xiaoyun had avoided her attack, which lead to that fist attack continuing on its path toward the spectators.

The good thing was that the fist power had already been burnt out almost completely; otherwise, it would not have been shattered so easily by a flick of sword qi.

"Fifty percent comprehension of profound martial arts is indeed impactful!" Ye Chen himself also trained the thunder element, so he could naturally understand the implications of Jing Aoxuan's achievements in the thunder profound. In fact, her thunder spirit body combined with the thunder profound martial arts seemed to be even more powerful than normal warriors.

On the stage, Jing Aoxuan and Li Xiaoyun both jumped into the sky.



Thunder flashed in the sky as all of the dark clouds seemed to turn into a helping force for Jing Aoxuan.

But, Li Xiaoyun was just as powerful as his reputation as well. His wind profound martial art was always able to blow away the dark clouds along with the thunder, while his starlight profound martial arts contained an unbelievable penetrative power.

"Royal Extreme World Shocking Fist!"

Jing Aoxuan performed a fist art that was even more horrifying than her fist arts from before. The powerful thunder light generated was like a mad dragon that rushed out to attack her opponent.


The iron fan in Li Xiaoyun's hand was waved in the air like it was a part of a dance. While doing so, he performed a mighty wind profound martial art to cancel out Jing Aoxuan's attacks.

This battle lasted all the until the sun went down the horizon. However, there still seemed to be no winning or losing side in the battle.

Although they were both tired physically, their spirit somehow seemed to be even more pumped up. It was indeed an enthusiasm for battling that was brought out by their full focus.


After another thousand attacks, Li Xiaoyun finally stopped attacking and laughed, "I think it would take us longer than this. The tea gathering is about to finish by dawn."

Jing Aoxuan nodded, "Let's us call it even."

It was not that the two did not want to have a result. In fact, they knew that when they were about to burn out would be the best time to have a winner. However, the time obviously would not allow them to do so, since they were not the highlight of the tea gathering yet. They knew that they both would have to compete with Chu Zhongtian and Ye Chen once. As for who with whom, they could draw sticks for that. If one of them ended up battling with Chu Zhongtian, then he or she would not be able to battle Ye Chen, and there was nothing they could do about that as hey could only pick one out of the two. It would be the same for Ye Chen and Chu Zhongtian as well.