Chapter 468: Amaranthine Nature

 Chapter 468: Amaranthine Nature

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"Master level sword intent!"

Li Xiaoyun stood up suddenly, his face full of shock.

Jing Aoxuan looked at that sword intent without any expression, using all the energy she had to let out a breath and say, "Judging just from this aspect, he is definitely the top warrior amongst all from the ancient times till now. Different kinds of potentials have been displayed by now, and now, even a genius in terms of the soul and power of will has revealed himself."

Each time the peak era arrived, all martial warriors would have the chance to see a lot, because all of the martial talents that existed in the history would appear one after another, like the element spirit and evil spirit. Even the kind of potential that Ye Chen carried belonged to that category. Rumors had it that there was a possibility of an even stronger potential, such as the innate body which was so rare that people could not encounter one even after ten thousand years. Warriors with that kind of body would contain dozen times, or sometimes hundred times more Zhen yuan. As long as these people did not die, they would grow into horrifying existences.

"The Peak Era... The competition would be intense like never before."

Li Xiaoyun's eyes shone with a bright light. It was the kind of bright light that normal people could not find the right words to describe, because they would never be able to understand what it would feel like to stand on the peak of the world.

"Jing Aoxuan, I was just planning to battle with you, as there was no point in having a winner and loser. But, I have changed my mind now. You, me, and those two... There must be a ranking of some sort. Only with a result can we learn something from each other. Simply battling would not suffice."

Jing Aoxuan said lightly, "I was planning to say that as well. The world is all about competition. Only one warrior can stand above everyone else after all."


As the two were talking, Chu Zhongtian threw out his most powerful attack. It was indeed still the Tyrant Dragon Rapier Destruction! However, with all of his power, its attacking power had increased to at least twice compared to the one before. The dark red demon dragon qi flow looked like it was about to destroy the world.

"Sky Thunder Cut... Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!"

With that bright light on his forehead continuing to shine, Ye Chen held his Thunder sword with his left hand and the Destruction sword with his right. They both were slashing out in one direction, crossing in front of his body. That dreamy, mysterious sword intent poured out like the Milky Way in space, so mysterious and yet so unstoppable!


This time, the two were exchanging attacks thousands of meters high in the sky. That horrifying power shot out everywhere, creating a dozens of meters wide light ball that expanded like a tornado. It did not take long for it to grow into a miles wide light ball before exploding with an unbearable loud sound. The earth seemed to have been shaken while the air started to flow thousand times faster around them.

"The Evil spirit body is a few times stronger than normal human bodies, so it will be impossible for you to hurt me." Chu Zhongtian had been blown away again. He looked shocked at first, but then started to scream hysterically. He did not expect that Ye Chen's battling power could grow to this extent. He was not only being put in a disadvantaged position, he had been blown away outright. This was not what he had expected at all.

"If one time does not work, then I will do it ten times."

It only took Ye Chen half a step to stop his flying body. After that half step, he turned around to use his double sword style martial art again.


That crossed sword light exploded in front of Chu Zhongtian as his dark red rapier almost flew out of his hands. That cut had made the speed of him flying backward even faster. As each circle of blasting wave appeared around him, his speed of backing out increase further.

Having endured three blasts, he was flying back at three times the speed of sound.

This might have been the fastest speed of being smacked away for Astral Reaching Realm warrior battles.

"Damn! Stop!"

Chu Zhongtian's body shook once, causing the air behind his back to explode. The force of explosion canceled out that pushing power on his body, helping him manage to regain his balance.


Without taking a minute to slow down his boiling qi and blood, Chu Zhongtian's evil yuan exploded, helping him avoid Ye Chen's third attack.

"Such a fast speed!"

This time, it was Ye Chen's turn to be a bit surprised. It seemed that the evil yuan had not only increased Chu Zhongtian's battling power, but also increased his defense and speed to a new level. Even if his opponent was really reckless, there seemed to be no way for Ye Chen to beat him in a short period of time. Actually, it would be extremely hard to beat him, with his cockroach-like ability to resist and persist.

"Fragmentary Rapier!"

Tiny dust particles became visible in the air as Chu Zhongtian avoided Ye Chen's attack and threw back an attack.


Ye Chen used the Thunder sword in his left hand to block out Chu Zhongtian's attack and managed to push back some of the attacking power back at him using his own power.


Chu Zhongtian sneered as he clenched his left hand into a fist, then used it to shatter the energy wave.

Tuo Baku mumbled to himself, "This battle will not be that easy."

He naturally knew that Ye Chen was slightly more powerful, but it did not mean that Chu Zhongtian would be willing to lose that easily. Plus, the latter's speed and defense were too powerful!

The others were thinking the same. In fact, they were most shocked when Ye Chen revealed that he had master level sword intent, which was something they could not forget easily.

Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin!

The two were flying back and forth in the sky, bringing up continuous sparks from the clashes of their weapons. The light of the sparks seemed to be one step slower than their actual movement.

"Perhaps, only by hitting right on his body would I cause some damage." As he used his sword to attack Chu Zhongtian, Ye Chen thought to himself.

"You were able to bring the power of your sword intent to master level, which is indeed impressive, even for me. However, I am unbeatable with this evil spirit body of mine. Even two of you coming at me together would not make a difference." Chu Zhongtian had already figured out that wanting to beat Ye Chen beautifully would be an unachievable dream. So, he could only use his endurance to slowly burn out his energy right now and win eventually.

"Oh yeah?"

Ye Chen looked at him from the corner of his eyes. And whenever he looked, he would already arrive right next to Chu Zhongtian. The light he brought with him was like a sword light itself, along with an illusion that he was the sword himself.

"What kind of step art is this?"

Chu Zhongtian was caught off guard as he hurried to lift up his rapier to block out the attack.

Ding! Ding! Tong! Tong!

Sparks continuously sprinkled down on the ground as Ye Chen threw out sixty-four sword attacks. Three of them went through the defense of Chu Zhongtian and landed on his shoulder, chest, and arms.

A tearing sound was heard, following which, Chu Zhongtian looked down and saw his wounds with a dark face.

"Using the body as the sword... Is he already at the stage of combining your body with your sword?" Jing Aoxuan was a bit confused.

Li Xiaoyun shook his head, "No. Normal warriors who manage to combine their bodies with their swords would not be able to do it so smoothly and effortlessly. That was still just a sword art, but he somehow managed to turn himself into the sword. Combining with the sword would still involve two entities coming together, whereas he himself was the sword there. So, there is some slight difference there."

Regardless whether it was combining the body with the sword or becoming the sword himself, it was undeniable that Chu Zhongtian was already in a disadvantaged position. Ye Chen's sword arts were already really powerful, and now, even his step arts were like sword arts. The former's speed looked one step slower at this point, which caused him to lose all hopes of getting an advantage.

The clothes on his back had been torn apart as Chu Zhongtian hurried to lift up his weapon again.

"No, this will not work. Normal attacks will not do any damage at all. I have to make sure the attack lands on him directly." Just as the shadow of the rapier grazed his chest, Ye Chen lifted up his left hand and flicked his finger.


The dark red rapier was blown away as a sword qi spread out in the whole area. Chu Zhongtian knew that this would not end up good for him as he had forgotten that Ye Chen could shoot out sword qi with his fingers, which was even more powerful than normal sword qi.


Aiming after finding the right chance, Ye Chen's speed exploded as both of his swords were slashed out from two opposite directions.

"No way!"

Chu Zhongtian threw out his left fist while shouting.

In the next instant, the sound of metal exploding was heard. Chu Zhongtian's fist went past Ye Chen's face as the latter dodged, leaving two beams of burning white prints in the air and sparks everywhere. On the other side, Ye Chen's attack struck home, the impact covering a radius of one mile as the former's legs became limp and his body was blown away.

"This level of battle has exceeded my level of imagination. I cannot wrap my mind around how Astral Reaching Realm warriors could have the kind of power."

"Yeah, Chu Zhongtian has the evil spirit body, and he can increase his battling power to such an extreme point while his defense is already one of the best. No wonder he was able to take down Sea of Souls Realm warriors."

"Ye Chen is even more horrifying. He has already perfected his sharpness as a sword artist to a flawless state, such that even Chu Zhongtian cannot make a difference in front of him."

"This is indeed a peak level battle, one of the top battles between members of the young generation in the Southern region."

Over at the audience seating, everyone was equally excited. They looked at the battle in the sky without blinking their eyes even though they could not see a thing with their bare eyes.

"Dark Flame Killing Wave!"

Having been pushed into the corner, Chu Zhongtian used his most powerful attack with the biggest coverage, which was his profound sense martial art, called the Dark Flame Killing Wave. As he waved out his weapon, the dark red colored light shot out like ocean waves all the way into the sky, trying to drown Ye Chen within.

People with good eyes could notice that there seemed to be a hole in the middle of that endless ocean waves. Vaguely, they could see a human figure in there with his swords crossed in front of him, forcing the waves to pass on his sides.

"Tyrant Dragon Rapier Destruction!"

Gaining the upper hand for the first time, Chu Zhongtian jumped into that dark red ocean of energy which had not dissipated completely, throwing down an attack from above.

A dragon roar shook the world as the dark red demon dragon qi spread out in the area.

However, in the next second, the dragon-shaped qi was 'decapitated'. Ye Chen in his blue robes rushed out while waving his sword and bringing up a moon-shaped sword light.

"Goddamn it!"

Chu Zhongtian's last bit of power had been used up in the previous attack which was thrown out before he could regenerate some of it. Hence, he had to lift up his weapon and try blocking out Ye Chen's incoming attacks.

"No, this will still not work. I have to use the ninth movement of my Green Lotus Sword Art. Only with it I can break open his defense and create an opportunity to attack."

With that thought in mind, Ye Chen put away his Thunder and Destruction swords, and took out his Greenwood sword.

His Greenwood sword shone with a soft light, within which seemed to be growing endless green woods. With his sword in his hand, Ye Chen followed Chu Zhongtian as he twisted the sword in his hand before stabbing out.

"The ninth movement of Green Lotus Sword Art... Amaranthine Nature."

Chu Zhongtian had his eyes widened as he stood there watching that sword light grow bigger and bigger before his eyes. This sword contained so much profound meaning behind it that it did not seem like a sword art at all, but the natural process of plants growing. All the secrets behind the workings of the nature seemed to be contained in this sword. Chu Zhongtian realized that no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to escape from this sword.

"Fifty percent!"

Jing Aoxuan, who was standing on the seating area by now, screamed out after seeing that attack.

Without fulling learning the profound, warriors could only learn about fifty percent of it. And Ye Chen's sword movement seemed to have reached a breaking point, which meant that with only one more tiny step, he would be able to learn the profound of wood. At that time, his martial mentality would be drastically different.

"Since I cannot escape from it, then I will make myself not attempt it." Chu Zhongtian screamed as he threw out his most powerful attack with the dark red weapon in his hand.


As the sword and the rapier clashed Chu Zhongtian's power was shattered the second it touched Ye Chen's. The skin between his index finger and thumb cracked open under that huge force while Ye Chen's sword attack continued to persist as if it would continue to grow for centuries like plants in nature.

This sword attack was even more powerful than the double sword style art!