Chapter 467: Astral Constitution And Sword Intent Radiance

 Chapter 467: Astral Constitution And Sword Intent Radiance

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Stepping out in the air, Chu Zhongtian stabilized his body while causing a circular wave to ripple out.

He calmed the surging blood and Qi inside his body as he looked at Ye Chen, who was a thousand meters away, then spoke in a cold and detached voice, "You are the first person to force me back among Astral Reaching experts. You can be proud."

"But, it all ends here. Next, I'm going to suppress you in every way possible until you can't endure. Better prepare yourself."

On the ground, the individuals from South Rudra Region creased their brows. This Astral Spirit son was too arrogant.

As they exchanged blows, those who had good eyes could tell at a glance that Ye Chen held the absolute advantage. Although he was unable to wound his opponent, his strength was displayed beyond any doubt.

"Suppress in every way?" Ye Chen shook his head, "No, you don't have enough capabilities."

Chu Zhongtian smiled slightly, "Perhaps you think that I'm too arrogant. But, once I bring out my actual strength, you'll realize your own ignorance."

The people on the ground didn't mind Chu Zhongtian's tone, but his words 'actual strength' piqued their interest.

Jiang Aoxuan and Li Xiaoyun exchanged a glance. In reality, although the battle between Ye Chen and Chu Zhongtian had been monstrous, it was not enough to move them. But now, it seemed that Chu Zhongtian had concealed some strength. They wondered if Ye Chen had some hidden cards as well.

Hearing his words, Ye Chen's gaze flickered slightly. This was the moment for both sides to reveal their strongest cards.

Faintly taking in a deep breath, Ye Chen said, "Ignorance is just a mystifying expression, really easy to speak of. It just shows how inflated your self-confidence is. But that's fine... Let me experience this true strength of yours."

The two stood strongly opposing each other, their battle intents blazing wildly.

"Whether it's ignorance or not, you'll find out soon!"

Staring at Ye Chen for a moment, Chu Zhongtian's eyes closed faintly. His body relaxed as much as possible before he spread his arms, as if embracing the sun.

"Zhen Yuan, release!"

His relaxed body suddenly turned taut while an extremely frightening and unbridled aura rampaged out of his body. At the same time, every pore on his body emitted dark-red mist streams. However, it was not done yet. The streams started to scuttle about at an extremely fast speed, converting from a mist-like state into crystalline threads, seeming like strands of dark-red silk that were thousands of years old and couldn't be cut even by treasured weapons. These threads came pouring out, breaking through the number of ten million in a short while.

At that instant, the sun in the sky had lost its splendor, and vast lands seemed to have turned black and white. Only the place where Chu Zhongtian stood seemed to retain its colors, in the form of a bright, dark-red spot in the air.


The exceedingly high density of Zhen Yuan had caused the heaven and earth to change.

Black clouds created a dense cover in the sky, bringing with them thunder and lightning. Inside the Thunder City, a hurricane spawned out of nowhere and started rampaging in every direction. The edges of the hurricane even condensed into a Qi wave, uprooting several flagpoles on the streets.

The people on the stage felt the changes the most directly. In their eyes, it was as if clear and bright sunshine had turned into rain, and spring was suddenly replaced by monsoon. The world had suddenly turned gray, and high in the air, the dark-red region around Chu Zhongtian made him seem like the king of the world.


Jing Aoxuan and Li Xiaoyun'e expressions turned into bewilderment.

"What type of constitution could let one create such a frightening Zhen Yuan?" Li Xiaoyun pondered hard.

Jing Aoxuan said while pondering, "Dark red Zhen Yuan...A constitution surpassing the attributed body...Could it be...Evil spirit body?"

As soon as these words came out, even the speaker's expression turned grave, much less to speak of Li Xiaoyun.

"How unexpected! Evil spirit body, a constitution which is hard to find even in ten thousand years, has emerged again. This means that Chu Zhongtian doesn't possess Zhen Yuan at all, but Evil Yuan, which is a grade above Zhen Yuan. Evil Yuan is exclusive to the Evil spirit body after all."


A thunder-like laughter rang out in the sky, after which, Chu Zhongtian said, "My constitution is the Evil spirit body, which is rarely seen even in ten thousand years. What I cultivate is not Zhen Yuan, but Evil Yuan, which is several times more powerful than Zhen Yuan. One move, one move is all I need to defeat you."

"Evil Spirit Body...So this was the secret!"

Ye Chen eventually understood how Chu Zhongtian's Zhen Yuan could be so pure and frightening.

The Evil Qi was the result of two different kinds of Yuan Qi merging together. In the same way, when two different kinds of Zhen Yuan merged, the resultant was Evil Yuan. Evil Qi's might was several times higher than Yuan Qi. Thus, the might of Evil Yuan was also several times higher than Zhen Yuan.

This endowment was precisely Evil spirit body.

The possessor of this constitution had an innate talent to have a pair of composite attributes. It could be metal and wind, wood or wind, fire or wind, and so on.

Possessing composite attributes allowed one to combine the corresponding Zhen Yuan into a higher grade Yuan. If Ye Chen's guess was right, Chu Zhongtian's Evil Yuan ought to be the combination of fire attributed Zhen Yuan and earth attributed Zhen Yuan, called Fire Earth Astral Yuan in short.

Of course, this constitution was called Evil spirit body, but it was somewhat different from a spirit body.

A single attributed spirit body could cultivate the corresponding attributed Zhen Yuan at half the effort and yield twice the results. They could comprehend the corresponding mentality and profound several times faster. An example of that was Jing Aoxian's Thunder body.

However, Evil spirit body was not an integration of two types of Attributed bodies. Otherwise, it would have been so much frightening that Ye Chen would have been defeated right away.

It was as if the cosmos was keeping the power of constitution in check. The Evil spirit body was the integration of two agreeing attributes, but compared to single attributed body, these attributes were much weaker. Only after the two attributes were trained would the power exceed a single attributed body's.

In other words, the Evil constitution of Chu Zhongtian was not the combination of Fire Soul Body and Earth Soul Body, but the integration of constitutions that were weaker than the latter.

Despite that, however, the combination of two types of Zhen Yuan was still too powerful, several times more powerful than Zhen Yuan alone, both in quality and quantity.

This was precisely the true strength of Chu Zhongtian.

"What? Evil spirit body! Evil Yuan! It's said that Evil spirit body hadn't emerged in the last ten thousand years. Unexpectedly it has appeared in this era in the form of Chu Zhongtian.

Chu Zhongtian had never spoken about it, and people couldn't guess it immediately. The Evil spirit body was simply too mysterious, and they had only heard about it in some old legends. Thus, their thoughts didn't move in this direction immediately.

When Chu Zhongtian spoke on his own initiative, they were finally able to connect the dots, unable to help but have stupefied expressions as they were left speechless.

How powerful was the Evil spirit body? They were not too clear on this aspect.

They only knew that when this constitution emerged, it would rise and challenge the talents of the entire continent. Moreover, in this era, there were many geniuses on the continent in unusually high numbers. And this Evil spirit body was one of the numerous talents, the epitome of talents.

Moreover, all the possessors of the Evil spirit body had exceptional experiences. They were nearly invincible in the world; others made small improvements with time, but every step an Evil spirit body took was a huge improvement. Even if one could defeat an Evil spirit body, one might end up being surpassed in the very next moment.

An Evil spirit body was a monstrous constitution.

All the possessors of this monstrous constitution would sooner or later become monstrous characters themselves. This was the love and partiality bestowed by the heavens themselves.

"It's too shocking. Chu Zhongtian is arrogant, but he has the qualifications to be arrogant!"

"This cannot be blamed on him. All possessors of special Astral constitutions like his have unusual temperaments. Some are excessively fond of killing, some are excessively cold, while some are excessively arrogant. This is the result of dual attributes influencing their temperaments."

"Eh, although I was favoring Ye Chen a little before, I have to admit that hard work and wits can only be suppressed before such a freakish talent."

"No, constitution is merely a one aspect of talent. In reality, all geniuses have their own talents, and hard work is only a part of it."

"That's also correct. Geniuses all have all their own talents, merely being different in appearance and manifestation."

Spectators discussed their shock and amazement. The appearance of Astral Soul Body represented a big peak of generations. And now, they were even more certain of this fact.

"Tuo Baku, will Ye Chen lose?" Mu Lingfeng looked toward Tuo Baku and asked.

Tuo Baku shook his head, "I don't know. But, even if he loses, he can't be blamed. Chu Zhongtian's innate talent is too powerful. He is several times more powerful than experts of the same realm. Who can resist him?"


High up in the air, Chu Zhongtian had his rapier raised high in the air. A resplendent dark-red light converged at its tip while the space around him immediately turned into vacuum.

"One move is enough to defeat you!" Chu Zhongtian looked down on Ye Chen, his pupils tinted dark-red.

"Monstrous talent? Haha... Then, my soul talent is monstrous as well! Let's see who is more monstrous.!"

Ye Chen shook his head as his gaze instantly deepened. His forehead swelled to raise a diamond shape, then abruptly emitted a radiance that almost seemed incapable of existing in the world.


The black and white colors scattered, dark clouds dispersed, and lightning and thunder died down as a sword intent soared into sky. The frightening bit about it was that although this sword intent couldn't be seen like before, wherever it went, it illuminated that area completely.

This was sword intent radiance!

Radiance born from sword intent was precisely a sign of master grade sword intent. This level of sword intent had already crossed over the boundary of real and fake. The existence of radiance implied a tangible sword intent which could be seen and also felt, allowing it to manifest into reality.