Chapter 466: Fierce Battle In The Sky

 Chapter 466: Fierce Battle In The Sky

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Chu Zhongtian sneered as he chased after him.

Two individuals, one closely following the other, seemed like two auroras rising up, one blue and the other red.

In the sky, the two were no longer restricted by their surroundings and their speed reached a whole another level. Only two auroras could be seen incessantly colliding into each other, every collision leading to a huge shockwave which was a mix of blue and red, turning the sky above the Thunder City wondrous.


After one more time exchanging blows, the two retreated to create a gap of hundred meters between them.

"I admit your strength is a bit higher than my expectation." The battle just now was too quick, purely a fight of speed. So, Chu Zhongtian hadn't used any powerful moves.

Ye Chen glanced at the rapier in Chu Zhongtian's hand and said calmly, "This is merely the beginning. Actually, you were testing my strength, so how could I not be doing the same? If you don't have enough strength, there is no need for me to use my full strength."

Although their voices weren't loud, under the amplification of Zhen Yuan, it traveled across several li. Hearing Ye Chen's words, all the spectators were stupefied. At the start, Chu Zhongtian had said that he only needed sixty percent of his strength. Unexpectedly, Ye Chen had similar thoughts. He didn't use his full strength either.

"Heavens, is this really Ye Chen's first time participating in the Martial Tea Gathering? Why do I feel he definitely considers himself a true dragon grade expert?"

"Experts have the temperament of experts. If they can save power, they will save power."

Ye Chen's words caused all the spectators feel excited. They knew that this match would absolutely not be simple.

Chu Zhongtian's expression turned slightly cold, "Watch your words... You won't have the chance once you taste my rapier."

"I'll accompany you till the end." The sword intent coming from Ye Chen's body seemed to have turned substantive at this point.

The two looked at each other as their boundless auras collided, setting off hurricanes and making clouds change abnormally. The two then moved almost at the same time, charging straight toward each other.


When the two had almost met, the void in between them couldn't bear the pressure and exploded.

"Fragmentary Rapier!"

En-route, the rapier in Chu Zhongtian's hands turned increasingly brighter. Surrounding it were floating grains of dust which occasionally flickered with an illusory light. It seemed as if these grains of dust were compressed gems.

"Converting macro into micro, what a profound rapier art!" Ye Chen felt as if the time itself had stopped. As he saw the rapier and the grains of dust surrounding it, he could feel that this move was not normal, and contained a strange destructive force.

"Destruction sword intent, Sky Thunder Cut!"

Destruction sword intent poured into the Thunder Sword before it swiftly chopped down. With a flicker, a magnificent, luminous arc slashed out.


Pop! Pop! Pop!

As the sword and rapier exchanged blows, it resulted in a huge bang, followed by countless subtle explosions that caused sparks to fly between the two.

"My Fragmentary Rapier was broken!"

As Chu Zhongtian was pushed back by the shockwave, his eyes narrowed slightly. As the user of Fragmentary Rapier, only he knew how powerful this move was. Others wouldn't be able to gauge the extraordinariness of these grains of dust easily. They seemed as if they had no destructive power, but if one underestimated and let them get close to one's body, they would be left half-dead regardless of how strong their defense was. After all, each grain of dust contained a lot of compacted Zhen Yuan, making them extremely frightening once they exploded.

However, Ye Chen stubbornly obstructed his strike, which caused the grains of dust to instantly explode, thus causing them to lose their desired effect.

"Very well! You have the qualifications for me to take this seriously." Chu Zhongtian stabilized his figure in the air.

Retreating while dragging the longsword in the air, Ye Chen also dispersed the backward momentum and raised his head, "Whatever powerful moves or hidden strength you have, bring it all out! Before me, you have no superiority to boast about."

"Haha... No need to be this full of yourself. This move was not my strongest, and I can still augment my battle power."

While speaking, an extremely bright yet not glaring dark-red light erupted from Chu Zhongtian's body. His entire flesh seemed to have been made of diamonds, since it was unimaginable for human flesh to sustain such a degree of Zhen Yuan's purity. This purity was above any other person's Zhen Yuan.

"Fire soul constitution, right?"

"Or, is it earth soul constitution?"

Jing Aoxuan and Li Xiaoyun guessed about Astral Spirit son's constitution. They had never exchanged blows with him, and thus, the information they had about him was limited. They only knew that he had the strength to kill ordinary Sea of Soul realm experts.

However, be it fire soul constitution or earth soul constitution, it couldn't be this tyrannous. His constitution seemed to have transcended soul attributed constitutions, and thus, could support such a pure and fiery Zhen Yuan.

Fortunately, he hadn't yet condensed a true martial soul yet. Otherwise, he would have been much more frightening. Sometimes, one's innate superiority could erase others' entire lifetime of great efforts indeed.

"Ye Chen, if you can receive this strike, I'll admit that you're my opponent." Although Chu Zhongtian had turned serious, it was only partly so.

"Will Ye Chen able to hold on? The Zhen Yuan erupting out from Astral Spirit son's body is already not one bit inferior to Spirit Warrior grade experts, and even the overall amount seems to just be a little less."

"That's right! This is the first time I'm seeing an Astral Reaching cultivation base having Sea of Soul level Zhen Yuan."

As everybody knew about the terror of Astral Spirit son, they couldn't help but be biased toward him. After all, the latter had long been famous, while Ye Chen had no fame in the Southern Sector.

Ye Chen didn't reply or give any explanation. He simply performed one action, which was to put the sword back in its sheath. Then, his body slightly trembled, making it seem as if a peerless sword was blossoming once again after shaking the dust off its body.


In the next moment, a towering sword intent that was as dense as water shot up straight into the sky.

The sea of clouds was cleaved through, revealing a spiral hole in the sky. The Stunning Sky was pierced through, and the purest Yuan Qi inside was tightly bound by the sword intent, not allowing it to leak out at all.

To pierce the Stunning Sky merely relying on sword intent... How strong was this sword intent?

Edict Prince raised his head and his eyes narrowed into slits before he said word by word, "Quasi Master Grade Sword Intent!"

Quasi master grade sword intent was basically the foundation of master grade sword intent. However, the latter could blossom into sword intent radiance. In other words, as long as quasi master sword intent could blossom into radiance, it would immediately blossom into master grade sword intent.

Chu Zhongtian was stunned before his expression immediately sank. He originally thought that him fighting was already giving Ye Chen face. However, at present, the situation seemed to have reversed. The latter was also giving him face by challenging him, and now, it had turned into him challenging the latter. As he did, the latter's sword intent had reached new heights again.

"Take this move... Tyrant Dragon Rapier Destruction!"

With a flicker, Chu Zhongtian's figure holding the rapier suddenly erupted with speed.

Ye Chen's eyes shone with a substantive light. Holding the Destruction Sword in the right hand and the hilt of Thunder sword inside the sheath with the left, he accumulated his power while waiting.


Before Chu Zhontian arrived, the gales created blew Ye Chen's long black hair like a black waterfall. Adding his refined and handsome face into the mix, he seemed like a sword artist from a portrait.

Arriving in the sky above Ye Chen, Chu Zhongtian's rapier was raised high up while emitting a luminous dark-red stream that looked like a dark-red demonic dragon, with he himself looking like a deity.

One was moving at extreme speed, while the other was just standing calmly. It painted a marvelous scene, and even the wind seemed to have stopped.


Chu Zhongtian roared as he chopped down.


Ye Chen's left hand and right hand simultaneously waved out. Two sword lights slashed out, one straight and one in reverse, interweaving into a bizarre pattern that resembled a crossroad while dividing the space ahead into four sections.

Tyrant Dragon Rapier Destruction!

Sky Thunder Cut; Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!

The two killer moves collided into each other.


The spectators heard no sound, only seeing a gigantic mottled light sphere engulfing the two and making their figures hard to see.


In the next instant, the dark-red dragon stream charged out, tearing through the light sphere.


On the other side, an overlapped sword arc appeared, emitting a sword light that soared to the heavens.

In the next moment, an immense shockwave erupted like a mountain flood and covered dozens of li in the sky in the blink of an eye. At the center of the shockwave, an interweaving dark-red and blue light pierced the firmament and soared up.

"Look, the buildings surrounding the garden are rotting away."

"The streets have caved down as well!"

Some people saw an astonishing sight. A high building made of firm Thunder Stones turned into fine sand and scattered with the wind. On the streets, dust and soil erupted as it rapidly caved in.

Just one exchange between the two produced such a destructive force that had startled everybody.

Not only the spectating young elites, even the experts inside the Thunder City were astonished. What kind of battle was happening inside the Glory Garden to have such reach? How high was the level of this time's Martial Tea Gathering?

Jing Aoxuan's corner of mouth twitched slightly. Fortunately, they had the protection of the defensive barriers. Otherwise, under the effect of this blow, the entire garden would have been obliterated. As for the buildings outside the garden, there were no residents there. Since the Martial Tea Gathering was being conducted, nobody was inside the buildings. Otherwise, who knew how many people would have died tragically.


In the sky, Chu Zhongtian's figure was blasted away. At his chest, his clothes had a criss-crossed sword scar which exposed his skin. There were no injuries on his skin, only two white imprints with his flesh slightly caving in. However, his face had a furious expression, as if his dignity had been challenged. An even more frightening aura erupted from his body, rampaging out uncontrollably.

On the other side, his opponent Ye Chen only retreated three steps before stabilizing himself and indifferently looking at the sorry figure of Chu Zhongtian.

"Not only is his Zhen Yuan powerful, his fleshy body is also frighteningly strong. The Dual Sword Style has no chance of harming him." Ye Chen's brows creased faintly.

The strength of Dual Sword Style was self-evident. Of course, when his strength also reached the same level, the might of Dual Sword Style would be equivalent to a forty percent completed profound martial skill. This was because Ye Chen had only learned the basics of Dual Sword Style, but its might was exceptional even then.