Chapter 465: Ye Chen VS Astral Spirit son

 Chapter 465: Ye Chen VS Astral Spirit son

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"Although Sikong Sheng lost to Edict Prince, he was remarkable indeed! He was actually concealing an evil will... He must have comprehended it from Evil King's place!" Retracting his gaze, Tuo Baku bitterly said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen faintly nodded. There were many roads that branched out of the martial dao, for example, sword dao, blade dao, and of course, evil dao. Evil Dao's position was even somewhat higher than blade dao, and was equivalent to demonic dao and sword dao. Evil dao was somewhat similar to demonic dao, but was a little gentler, not as unbridled and cruel.

Sikong Sheng being able to comprehend evil will was a testament to his talent. However, compared to Edict Prince, he was still lacking in the end. The latter had earned his fame before anybody present on the scene after all.

"Even with the evil dao, he couldn't endure a single hit from Edict Prince. How could he be so powerful?" Ye sixth and Ye seventh looked at each other in dismay.

In the Evil King Pavilion, only Ye First and Ye Fourth, Sikong Sheng, were able to comprehend the evil will. This was also the reason Evil King held Sikong Sheng in such importance.

Relying on his evil will, Sikong Sheng's offense was greater than martial artists who had early martial soul wills, even though he hadn't condensed an evil soul.

However, he was still defeated in one blow!

The Edict Prince, Li Xiaoyun, was too powerful!


The battle between Edict Prince and Sikong Sheng created too big of a commotion. It was to the extent that the matches of false dragons weren't able to gain spectators' interest anymore. It was only during the matches of quasi dragons that people recovered somewhat.

If the first two days of the Martial Tea Gathering were light refreshments, then the third day was the main course.

The participants were all false dragons and above grade experts. At this moment, the ongoing match was between Gold Sand Region's Demoness and Floating Light Region's Lu Hun.

Lu Hun was strong, but the Demoness was even stronger. After a hundred moves or so, she prevailed over Lu Hun.

Then was the second match between Tuo Baku and Mo Xiang.

During these battles, Thunder Princess had spoken beforehand that there could be no casualties. If they could stay their hand, they should. But, if the victor and loser still couldn't be decided, then it would be treated as a draw.

From the very beginning of the battle, Tuo Baku immediately released his snake-bodied and dragon-headed phantom, while Mo Xiang's entire body was covered with a flaming purple stream as well. The two had immediately unleashed their full power.

Tuo Baku's phantom could both attack and defend, and had no weak points. On the other side, Mo Xiang's speed, defense, and attack were all amplified by two times as well. His battle power was frightening, and was more inclined toward offense.

However, in the end, Tuo Baku lost.

He didn't lose on strength, but endurance. His phantom consumed a lot of Zhen Yuan. After a thousand or so moves, the Zhen Yuan in his body had been completely consumed. Of course, Mo Xiang was in no better condition either. His entire body was perspiring, and even his legs had gone soft.

The next was Lu Hun's match again. His injuries hadn't been heavy, and Mo Xiang and Tuo Baku's long match had given him enough time to recover. Not to mention being a quasi dragon grade talent, the pills and spirit stones provided by his sect couldn't be bought even if one wished. This was also the reason the participants were able to recover so quickly.

His opponent was Murong Qingcheng. As for Sikong Sheng, his injuries hadn't recovered yet.

Murong Qingcheng's offense wasn't too strong and could only be considered below average among quasi dragon grade. However, Lu Hun's defense was exceptionally strong, even if not at the peak. Therefore, the battle was quite arduous. Neither of them was able to do anything to the opponent. In the end, Thunder Princess could only declare it as a draw.


"Chu Zhongtian, I haven't seen you fight yet. Let me try for myself."

After Sikong Sheng challenged Edict Prince, another bomb was thrown on the stage. Ye Chen had challenged the Astral Spirit son, Chu Zongtian.

Wearing blue robes and carrying a sword at his waist, Ye Chen stood up as he looked at the latter.

Chu Zongtian's brows slightly creased as if he were displeased, and said indifferently, "You better sit down! There is no need for a battle between you and me!"

"Eh, why doesn't Astral Spirit son accept the challenge? Previously Thunder Princess and Edict Prince also did so."

"You don't understand. He doesn't think Ye Chen his is opponent, and so disdains to fight. Just look at his face."

Those with good eyes had hit the bullseye.

"Isn't his face a bit excessive? Even if he is better than Ye Chen, he should at least fight."

"He has always been like this, haughty to the extreme. Although, he did have the qualifications to be so."

"I wonder how Ye Chen will respond. His dual swords can't be underestimated. He actually might have a chance."

Ye Chen didn't show any anger. Instead, he raised his brows and said, "You don't dare?"

Sipping his tea, Chu Zhongtian's eyes dropped, "I've already told you, don't you understand? You...are not my opponent. Your dual sword style won't withstand a single blow from me. I don't want to waste time with you."

Ye Chen smiled, but his smile was a little strange.

As if feeling the meaning behind Chu Zhongtian's words, the Demoness beside him stood up and said, "Since my elder apprentice brother is unwilling, how about you and me have a match?"

"No need, he'll come."


If he didn't come, Ye Chen would bring him out. Unsheathing the Thunder Sword, Ye Chen slashed a Sky Thunder Cut toward Astral Spirit son's pavilion. This Sky Thunder Cut wasn't ordinary, because it contained the absolute peak rank sword intent. It was much powerful than the one he had used against Mo Xiang.

Demoness didn't think Ye Chen would unexpectedly attack without any warning. Her brows creased as she prepared to resist with a grave expression. However, her strength was also more or less the same as Mo Xiang, a little bit higher at most. How could she resist this attack? Amidst a flickering purple light, her body flew out, and it seemed as if the pavilion was going to be cleaved in two.,


Chu Zhongtian destroyed the sword light with a punch.

After punching out, he slowly stood up. As he did so, the space within several li, including the pavilion, started to distort as if it couldn't bear his pressure.

"Your strength is indeed good. But, at my current level, you're still too early to talk to me." After pausing, he again spoke up, "But, since you're so insistent, I'll grant you your wish. But, don't hope for much, as I can already tell you that this battle will be very short."

Although Chu Zhongtian was haughty, his arrogance inevitably rose the spirits of spectators to new heights, including Thunder Princess and Edict Prince's. They held this battle in high regard, because it would give them clues to Astral Spirit son's strength.

"As long as you agree to fight, it's fine by me. No need to think about the outcome, because you'll soon see that it will be very different from your expectations."

Ye Chen's voice was indifferent.

Chu Zhongtian stared at Ye Chen, and his corner of mouth raised slightly.

"A year ago, I fought with thirteen Spirit Warrior experts. Two among those were slain, seven lost, and four were equally matched with me. Among those who were defeated, there was one Sea of Soul sword artist."

As he spoke, he took out his weapon. It was a dark-red colored rapier.

Among the spectators, many couldn't suppress their astonishment.

Everybody knew that he had battled against Sea of Soul realm experts. However, they didn't know that it was against thirteen Spirit Warriors. Two of them even died at his hands, and seven were defeated. This sort of achievement was simply appalling, and enough to shock anybody.

Looking at Ye Chen, he said, "Against you, sixty percent of my strength should be enough." As he spoke, the rapier in his hands blazed with a dark-red Qi like a mist. As soon as it made contact with the sky, a large area in the surroundings immediately turned into vacuum.

Ye Chen's eyes slightly narrowed. Although Astral Spirit son was quite haughty, his strength couldn't be looked down upon!

Merely the Qi vaporized by Zhen Yuan could scorch the air. This meant that his Zhen Yuan's purity had reached unimaginable heights. At the very least, Ye Chen had never seen Zhen Yuan straightaway vaporizing the air, much less to speak of Qi vaporized by Zhen Yuan.

Only a trace of Zhen Yuan was this frightening, then what about the actual Zhen Yuan? It would be several times stronger!

"See if you can receive my rapier!"

Faraway, Chu Zhongtian waved his rapier, and a dark-red image of it immediately ripped through the air as it shot toward Ye Chen while carrying a sky-shattering aura.

"Why not? Let me have it."

Ye Chen raised Thunder Sword and chopped down.


Merely causal blows from the two surpassed any shockwaves created by the previous quasi dragon grade battles.

"Barely enough to have my interest."

Nobody saw his movements as he arrived behind Ye Chen before his sound traveled and he issued four hundred and forty six strikes. Each strike contained an immense power as if it were packing a huge mountain. Even more frighteningly, the wielder of the rapier had even greater power than a mountain crashing down.

Bang Bang Bang....

On the space above the stage, shockwaves appeared one after other. These shockwaves contained images of waving rapiers and dancing sword Qi. If not for the restrictive power of Thunder Stone, the shockwaves would have ripped through everything on site.

The four hundred people had their eyes wide opened, wishing to have a clear look at the battle between the two. But, only a handful were able to clearly see the battle, while the rest were wiping their eyes, feeling muddle-headed.

"F*ck! What is this battle? What is this attack power? Just the aftermath is enough to tear me into pieces."

The more people couldn't understand the battle, the more they felt aroused, and their faces became flushed with excitement.

That was the case because the more they couldn't understand, the more they could feel how frightening this battle was. It was a battle beyond their imagination. They also felt sincere admiration for Ye Chen, who could sustain for so long. But even more so, they felt dread toward the Astral Spirit son's strength. If this were sixty percent of his strength, then wouldn't his overall strength be enough to overturn the heaven and earth?

At the center of the unceasing shockwaves, Ye Chen slashed through the rapier phantoms, and without a change in expression, blocked the opponent's real attack.


A Sword and Rapier smashed into each other. The blue colored sword Qi and dark red colored rapier phantom made contact, creating a spiral shockwave. Ninety percent of Zhen Yuan protections were ripped through, and a lot of people coughed out blood while being blasted away, each of them having an astonished and pale face.

"We will fight up!"

Ye Chen faced up and rushed toward the sky.