Chapter 464: Edict Prince, One Fan Defying Nine Heavens

 Chapter 464: Edict Prince, One Fan Defying Nine Heavens

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Putting the swords back into the sheath, Ye Chen slowly raised his head and glanced at Mo Xiang, who was not too far away.

Mo Xiang's strength was actually was quite high, having long surpassed the realm of Astral Reaching Paragons. In other words, even an extreme Astral Reaching expert with an upper grade artifact wouldn't be his opponent, because he was simply above the level of Astral Reaching realm. At this level, one would have the qualifications to battle the lowest level Sea of Soul realm expert, which Astral Reaching Paragons were obviously incapable of.

Unfortunately, Ye Chen's strength was much higher than that. His strength was already twice that of Astral Reaching Paragons when he was at Blue Mountain Island. Henceforth, he'd been improving with every passing moment, not only in his basic strength, but also skills and sword dao cultivation.

After all, accumulating three great sword wills for himself, how could he not improve? Not improving would be simply a disgrace.

"Dual Sword King is the true dual sword artist. Moreover, his Slaughter Sword Intent can target anything that contains life. Only he exhibits the dual sword arts to the peak. I'm merely scratching the surface."

Ye Chen was quite clear that although he could display dual sword arts, it was only the very basic kind. Of course, even the basics were not something anyone could learn. A normal person would be simply incapable of dividing his or her mind into two parts and operating two different aspects. Apart from this, to use dual swords, one must have an excellent soul. Otherwise, one might even end up sundering their consciousness.

'The road I have to still very long...Sigh!' Ye Chen involuntarily took a deep breath in.

The spectators didn't understand why Ye Chen sighed, but his handsome and elegant figure in blue clothes gave off a charm like that of a lone flower admiring itself. Some of the beauties watching the scene were even tranced.

"Dual Swords is indeed a top-notch battle skill. I wholeheartedly accept my loss." The pale-faced Mo Xiang cupped his hands toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded.

Mo Xiang stepped down the stage, followed by Ye Chen. This was the second day of Martial Tea Gathering. Previously, none of the three true dragon geniuses had participated in any matches. Tomorrow would be the peak of Martial Tea Gathering, the moment of climax. As for Demoness' challenge to Thunder Princess, it was actually against the norm, and the latter had all the rights to refuse.

Next, the few injured quasi true dragon experts focused their entire attention on healing and achieving their optimal state as soon as possible. After all, every participant on the stage was now an outstanding young elite.

It had to be said that Thunder Region acclaimed as the number one region of Southern Sector was not without basis. Although in terms of peak strength, it was quite lacking compared to South Rudra Region, as far as the core strength was concerned, it was ten times more powerful. Even compared to other regions such as Floating Light Region and Gold Sand Region, it was much better.

Tuo Baku bitterly shook his head, "We alone aren't enough to make South Rudra Region get rid of its weak label. All we can do is secure our few spots."

Ye Chen said, "The standards of the Martial Tea Gathering are too high. How good it would have been if they allowed the participants to bring a few people along!"

'You're right. When they are made to see the difference between their world and outside world, only then they would think of cultivating while setting everything else aside, seeing it as race against time."

Whatever one did, one must have the will to fight. If one didn't come in contact with the outer world for a long time, their will to fight would inevitably be weakened over time. Thus, their progress would slow over time. How many geniuses trapped themselves in their own world and slowly rotted over time?

The two occasionally conversed while focusing mostly on the ongoing matches.

Looking at the matches of participants inferior to oneself would obviously be uninteresting. However, if one were to observe deeply, one could see the aspects that they were lacking in. For example, after Ye Chen observed several young elites that were proficient in wood mentality, it helped his comprehension of the ninth style of Green Lotus Sword Arts. If he were to comprehend it all by himself, it would have taken much more time. This was precisely the importance of gaining through other people's experiences, and was also the intent behind organizing the Martial Tea Gathering.

The night arrived and passed. At the dawn of the next day...

"South Rudra Region's Sikong Sheng asks Edict Prince, Li Xiaoyun's guidance."

As the dawn's first ray shone, a voice astonished everybody, making them all look toward the source.

Sikong Sheng!

"Sikong Sheng is challenging Edict Prince?"

"Edict Prince is Floating Light Region's number one expert, and Lu Hun is the second. Sikong Sheng's talent is even inferior than Lu Hun, then how can he challenge Edict Prince?"

"Who knows! Edict Prince is undoubtedly the number one expert of Floating Light Region. However, two years ago, he was no different from the current quasi true dragon geniuses. Perhaps, he hadn't made any major improvement whatsoever, or perhaps his improvement will be simply beyond our imagination."

"That's not very likely, but it may be so."

Amidst various discussions, the black-robed Sikong Sheng flew to the stage. Standing in the center of the vast stage, his eyes flickered with a sharp and cold light.

Edict Prince was somewhat startled, as if he didn't expect that his first fight would be against Sikong Sheng. He believed that it would be still the Thunder Princess or Astral Spirit son who would be the one fighting against him.

You Xin said from beside him, "Let me get rid of him."

Li Xiaoyun smiled faintly, "No need. Seems like they doubt my strength, and think I haven't much improvement in these past two years."

He gave a light squeeze to You Xin's soft little hand and stood up, walking toward the stage.

Li Xiaoyun's attire was the same as his title- profound and mysterious. Moreover, his light-fitting seven-starred robe gave off a sort of free and unrestrained feeling.


As he neared the stage, a silver-colored iron fan appeared in his hands. As it appeared, ripples of a powerful artifact spread out.

Ye Chen inwardly said, "People who use a fan as their weapon are quite rare, and fan-type artifacts are themselves are rare. But, since they are rare, they are quite hard to deal with."


Just as Li Xiaoyun was a hundred meters away, Sikong Sheng attacked, immediately using a frightening low grade martial skill-Sinking Core. A frightening gravity spread out, forcing Li Xiaoyun to halt. Of course, the latter had no intention of moving either.

"Dragon Dance!"

With a rub of his thumb, the silver fan spread open like a peacock's wings and slashed out a silver arc.


As if the fan had gathered all the wind Yuan Qi of the world, a dragon like tornado bombarded onto Sikong Sheng.

Sikong Sheng's eyes narrowed. He wouldn't care about an ordinary tornado, but this tornado's wind force seemed extraordinary, seeming capable of easily ripping through a huge mountain. The dragon-shaped 'body' it had even glistened with a brilliant luster, condensing beyond imagination.

As his fist energy landed on the tornado, thirty percent of it was immediately expelled by the rotary power, and the remaining seventy percent was simply unable to deter the tornado.

Peng! Peng!

Since one fist was not enough, Sikong Sheng punched out two more times and dissipated the tornado.

"Pear Flower Dance!"

Li Xiaoyun advanced step by step and lightly waved the fan in his hand. With that, a pear-flower shaped hurricane shot toward Sikong Sheng.

Sikong Sheng brought his hands before his chest before he was swept away by the hurricane.

"Scythe Dance!"

Again, two scythe-shaped wind blades slashed forth. If it had been an ordinary person's wind blades, he could have easily dodged it. However, when Li Xiaoyun used it, they seemed quite mysterious. He could only dodge the first blade before being sent flying by the second, with a trace of blood at the corners of his mouth.

"Too powerful! They are simply on different levels. Who said Edict Prince's improvement is lacking? As I see it, even Thunder Princess might not be his match."

"I also didn't think Edict Prince would be this powerful. The quasi dragon grade Sikong Sheng didn't even have the power to retaliate, and Edict Prince hasn't even become serious yet."

"I originally thought that the tree true dragon grade experts would be separated from the quasi dragons by a fine line. But now, it seems like they are on a completely different level."

Everybody was astonished by Edict Prince's strength, including those from South Rudra Region. Tuo Baku smacked his lips with a dumbstruck expression. How could this be called swapping pointers? One was trying with all his might but was still blown away, while the other was simply taking it easy and had a faint smile all the time. But, even then, the strength he displayed was simply appalling.

This was Edict Prince's strength-the number one expert of Southern Sector when Thunder Princess hadn't achieved her fame. Even now, many believed that he still held the title of number one, and both Thunder Princess and Astral Spirit son were a little behind. Of course, as for the real truth, it would only come out later. Who knew if Thunder Princess had really revealed her entire strength in the fight before. As for Astral Spirit son, he hadn't fought a single match yet.

"Strong indeed!" Ye Chen had never felt threatened from a member of same generation, not even Sikong Sheng during Hidden Dragon List competition. However, at this moment, he felt how frightening Edict Prince was. He knew that he would have to use his full strength against the latter.

Just as everybody was thinking that Sikong Sheng was on the verge of losing, an unbridled evil aura burst out of his body, and a berserk martial will erupted. It pervaded the entire stage and even half of the Glory Garden. This martial will was not an ordinary martial will.

It was the Evil Dao Will.

"This is the killer move I saved for you. Let's see how you will endure."

Sikong Sheng exploded forth and punched toward Li Xiaoyun, carrying a frightening evil intent.

"Evil will... Not bad. But, its level is too low. Perhaps you'll be able to have a great battle with me when you have condensed a true evil soul. But, it's not possible for now."

Li Xiaoyun shook his head and whirled the fan in his hand into a complete circle, which then trembled.

"Seven Star Kill Dance!"

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Puff! Puff!

On Sikong Sheng's body as well as in the surroundings, seven flickering stars appeared. These seven stars seemed to be inter-connected like the Great Dipper, flickering with a cold light.


Spurting out a huge mouthful of blood, Sikong Sheng's evil intent went sluggish as his body was sent flying.

"Li Xiaoyun's victory!"

The spectators in the pavilions were looking at him with astonished eyes.

Sikong Sheng would have rather lost to Lu Hun rather than reveal his most powerful hidden card 'evil will'. He thought that he would be able to contend against Edict Prince with its help, but it was still not enough. It only made Edict Prince somewhat serious, but the latter was still able to easily defeat him.

In everybody's eyes, Li Xiaoyun was standing at the absolute summit, looking down at everything in the world and defying the nine heavens with a wave of his fan.