Chapter 463: Double Sword Style is “Scary”

 Chapter 463: Double Sword Style is "Scary"

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Inside the pavilion, Ye Chen shook his body, reappearing hundreds of steps in front of Mo Xiang like a phantom.

"If you think that you could win against me with that power from before, it will be impossible. You will lose." Mo Xiang was not sure what Ye Chen was thinking, so he said it to test him.

Ye Chen said lightly, "You just have to use all of your power."


Mo Xiang did not know where Ye Chen's confidence had come from, but he secretly knew that this battle would not be easy, since his opponent looked like he was still hiding some power away.

However, even if he did, so what?

Only if one had trained a profound sense martial art to at least fifty percent, then one might be able to compete with him. Unfortunately, fifty percent of profound sense martial arts would basically be drawing the line; anything above would need profound sense enlightenment to push forward. In other words, without learning the right profound sense, it would be impossible to train any profound sense martial arts to more than fifty percent, which would be the true powerful realm.

'Whether I need to use all my power to compete with him, I will decide later.'

Just as he finished his thoughts, Mo Xiang bended his legs and jumped into the sky. He was so fast and light, even though it was still the wild goose flying art which he used during the battle with Tuo Baku. Although it was a rather simple martial art and was already revealed before, but with him being the one performing it, it had zero flaws. It was so fast that it made him look like a shooting star.

While his body flew in midair, his right knee kicked toward Ye Chen along with a blue-colored flame dragging behind him.

So fast! It was an extreme speed!

That attack contained all of Mo Xiang's exploding power. Right then, thinking of a way to break his attack would be useless because in face of the extreme speed, there would be no time left for that.


Although he was fast, Ye Chen was even faster!

What was applied here was the speed of him drawing his sword.

In his hand, the speed of doing so could basically be ignored. As long as he had the thought, his sword would somehow appear in his hand in no time, and the sword qi would already spread out in the area, tearing apart the space around it.


That bended-moon-like sword light clashed with the blue starlight, causing a circular shockwave to spread out aggressively. The complete Zhen yuan wall started to make a cracking noise.

"Such fast speed!" Mo Xiang's pupils shrank. His wild goose attack had been blocked, and that snake jump attack did not even have a chance to be performed. It was something that did not happen during the battle with Tuo Baku.

Ye Chen maintained his position while keeping his feet on the ground as he slid backs. However, his eyes had already locked onto Mo Xiang, who was showing flaws after the shockwave. He then threw out a sword attack without the need to think further.

The sword qi that contained the sword spirit level sword intent tore apart the sky like a sharp knife creating an art piece. Subsequently, it cut through Mo Xiang's protective Zhen yuan precisely.


The sword qi was shattered as that blue qi flow on Mo Xiang's palm grew richer and richer, starting to scramble like a real flame. However, around his waist was a huge cut on his clothing.

He lowered his head to see the cut, and then looked at Ye Chen. The expression on Mo Xiang's face become more and more serious. That blue qi flow on his right palm exploded suddenly before he threw it out at Ye Chen.

"Tiger Bravery Attack!"

That blue light shot out into the air, its attacking power increasing more and more as it traveled. Mo Xiang was sure that with Ye Chen's power, it would be hard for him to handle this attack, and it was not even his most powerful killing attack.

"I guess I will have to increase my sword intent for this." The center of Ye Chen's brows swelled a little, then that sword intent around his body intensified drastically. If his sword intent before was only early sword spirit level, then it would be at the peak level right now. As his sword intent grew, his whole body seemed to infuse with his great sword and turn into an even greater and more powerful sword altogether. The sharp sword light even leaked out of his body, which was extremely horrifying. Even people who were sitting far away could sense its sharpness.

"Sky Thunder Cut!"

He held his destruction sword. Although it was not as powerful as his thunder sword, it would be slightly more powerful than his green wood sword. The sword light shot down and cut open that blue palm instantly.

"What? His sword intent increased again?"

"He did not only just hide some killing attacks away. He had hidden his whole power!"

Everyone was shocked before finally realizing the situation.

"Take my tiger cross cut!"

Suddenly, Mo Xiang shot out into the sky as a scrambling blue qi flow exploded out from his arms. He then lifted up both of his arms and crossed them in the air before throwing them down.

"Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!"

Ye Chen was already preparing for this. He held his thunder sword with his left hand but backward, and waved it out in the opponent's direction. That pure, light blue colored sword light wrapped around that crossed light immediately.


Eventually, that sword light and the crossed light both shattered. The blast wave that the clash had brought out had shattered a lot of Zhen yuan walls around. Luckily, there were more people building up more Zhen yuan walls constantly.

Mo Xiang was not surprised. That Reverse Sky Thunder Cut was way more powerful than the actual Sky Thunder Cut. So, it was not surprising for it to block the Tiger Cross Cut.

"Is this your real power? However, my real power is far from revealing truly yet!"


With that, not only his arms, but his whole body leaked out a blue qi flow. It rubbed with itself and brought out an even richer flame. When he was battling with Tuo Baku, he was planning to use all of his power. However, Thunder princess had stopped him before he was able to do so. Of course, he also knew that that huge lizard shadow behind Tuo Baku's body was not that simple, so the result would still be unknown. However, Ye Chen was not Tuo Baku. He would not be able to block it out for sure.

"Mo Xiang is about to use all of his power now. I wonder if Ye Chen can manage to handle it."

"I doubt it. Ye Chen has already done everything he can, and Mo Xiang is just starting."

"Yeah! That blue qi flow is just so horrifying. With it, his power would be able to grow a few times stronger at the very least."

While everyone was talking, Tuo Baku was staring at Ye Chen without looking away. 'Ye Chen, Mo Xiang has already taken out all he got. What about you? What are you going to do?'

Not only Tuo Baku, everyone was wondering. The Black Sword Artist who had lost to Ye Chen; that deadly sword artist Leng Zhuo, who had never battled with Ye Chen before; Luo Shanv; Lu Hun, who had just lost to Tuo Baku; Sikong Sheng, who was expressionless right then; and also the Thunder princess Jing Aoxuan, Edict Prince, and Astral Spirit Son, they were all waiting for his response

"When have I ever used all of my power though?"

He put his thunder sword back into its scabbard while his sword intent continued to increase. That almost completely solidified sword intent was vibrating in midair while that sword shooting sound stabbed right into the deepest part of everyone present. Eventually, that sword intent had no other outlet but to shoot into the sky, amongst the clouds.

Mid rank sword spirit level sword intent!

"What is going on? His sword intent is still growing? That sword intent is no weaker than a lot of powerful Sea of Souls Realm warriors now."

"Had he been battling with other warriors with the same level power?"

"So scary! How could an Astral Reaching Realm warrior have this level of power?"


Mo Xiang was shocked. He thought that his opponent had run out of tricks to compete with him. He had never expected to see that the other was just starting to reveal his real power. If it was not for his power, he might not even be able to push out his true power... No wonder Ye Chen was telling him to use all of his power before...

"Alright! Only this makes it interesting!"

That skyrocketing sword intent stimulated Mo Xiang's battling intent to its peak. His condition had never been better, so the blue flame on his body started to grow richer and richer.

"Take this!"

That blue flame wrapped around his body as Mo Xiang's speed, defense, and attack reached a new level. Within a flash, he reappeared in front of Ye Chen, throwing out a palm attack. It was indeed the Tiger Bravery Palm Attack. And it was not just that, as his other hand drew a line in the air and threw out a hook punch.

Ye Chen held his sword with both of his hands. His long hair danced in the air as he threw two Sky Thunder Cut attacks in a row.


All of the Zhen yuan walls around them started to crack down. Almost half of the remaining warriors had joined in to produce the Zhen yuan wall. However, the battle between the two had just started.

Tiger Bravery Cross Cut!

Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!

The two did not have too many killing attacks. But, because they were all extremely fast, it made their attacks harder to handle. The same attacks being performed in different conditions would have different effects.

"I have already figured out the ninth movement of my green lotus sword art! But, now is not the time to think more on that!" As he fought his opponent, he was also thinking hard. If Mo Xiang somehow knew what was going on in Ye Chen's head right now, he might have been shocked to see how powerful Ye Chen truly was.

"Back out!"

After getting away from the blasting zone, Mo Xiang threw out another attack.

"It is time to end this now!"

Ye Chen held his destruction sword in his right hand while his left hand held his thunder sword. He bended his body slightly, looking like a cougar that was about to attack its prey.

Sky Thunder Cut!

Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!

Both swords moved at the same time, crossed in the air!

As everyone had their eyes wide open, that bright sword light seemed to have cut the sky into four different pieces. The intersection of the cuts was exactly where Mo Xiang was present in the air.


The two beams of sword light layered together. Their attacking power had not only shattered the incoming attack, but also blown Mo Xiang far back into the air, leaving a crossed sword mark on his chest. Tiny drops of blood spilled out in the air.

Ye Chen won!

Mo Xiang had already fallen onto the ground, but the whole place was still dead silent.

It was only until someone had let out a gasping sound that the crowd started to release an exploding sound of chatters. It was so loud and chaotic that it was impossible to hear who was saying what.

"Two swords at the same time? Is he kidding?"

"It was like two sword artists were attacking Mo Xiang at the same time! Can one warrior really throw out two attacks at the same time?"

Everyone knew that throwing a sword attack with each hand at the same time was not that hard, but making both of them reach the peak level would be hard already, not to mention making both of the attacks top rank killing attacks. It was not just a matter of body coordination. Even if he had the thoughts, he would need to have enough attention to think over both attacks clearly, as it would also affect its attacking power and precision. However, Ye Chen did it so effortlessly and flawlessly.

Ye Chen was not so memorable before, but once he acted, no one could forget what they had just seen.

"Double sword style... Scary!" Li Daoxuan could not use words to perfectly describe his shocked emotions. "Scary" was the only word he could think of right then.

The corner of Yan Chihuo's mouth twitched once. He was not even able to say a word.

Mu Lingfeng, who had just a slight admiration for Ye Chen before, squeezed his teacup in his hand while unable to believe his eyes. Only until the cup in his hand shattered into ashes and tea had been spilled out did he come back to reality.

"Before, I thought I could catch up with him eventually, and I even thought I could somehow reach beyond him. Sigh..." Tuo Baku knew that he would not be able to fight Ye Chen. There would be no point in even trying.

Crawling back up from the ground, Mo Xiang stared at Ye Chen like a zombie. He watched Ye Chen put back his swords while looking extremely relaxed. That pinching pain on his chest was getting numb, and only his qi and blood were running crazy like mad kids. Ye Chen had given him too much of a shock, so huge that he did not know what kind of emotion would be right for him at this point. Besides the Edict Prince, he had never lost to anyone like this before. Ye Chen was his second.

"Is this your real power? Incredible battling techniques!"

Martial arts were no doubt important, but the battling techniques were also extremely important. Powerful warriors could be so perfect that even their simplest movements would contain an extreme power. Obviously, Ye Chen was one of them.