Chapter 462: Ye Chen vs. Mo Xiang

 Chapter 462: Ye Chen vs. Mo Xiang

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"Jing Aoxuan, do you dare to fight me?"

Even after winning against Murong Qingcheng, Luo Shanv was not satisfied. So, she turned around and stared at the Thunder Princess with her beautiful, crystal-like, big eyes.

"What? She wants to fight the Thunder princess?"

"How ambitious! Does she plan to shock the whole Southern region at once?"

"Perhaps this is that spirit of not wanting to lose to a fellow female warrior. In this tea gathering, the Thunder princess and Murong Qingcheng were the bright ones. And right now, she had already beaten Murong Qingcheng. Then, there is only the Thunder princess left."

"I wonder if the Thunder princess would take her on this."

Jing Aoxuan, the Thunder Princess, took her cup and drank gracefully. She then put it down and said light, "Why not?"

Her voice was very calm, and her movements elegant. However, everyone present could feel that aggressiveness within her. When she said those words, the very air seemed to start boiling.

After sensing that powerful qi of Jing Aoxuan, Luo Shanv's jewelry-like eyes squeezed into a line, changing into a dangerous and serious look.

After standing up, Jing Aoxuan walked over.

"Let's start!"


The two stood one hundred meters away from each other, quietly looking at each other. When their eyes met, their aura seemed to clash in midair.

When it all happened, a strange sound was heard by the crowd. It was like electricity was accumulating, preparing to explode at any second.

Luo Shanv's pupils shrank; Jing Aoxuan's power was beyond her imagination. Not only had that aura she had failed to get the upper hand, but it had somehow gotten captured in that thunder tornado, continuing to be eaten away and weaken.

However, she did not panic; since she dared to challenge the Thunder princess, she naturally would have the confidence to fight with her as well. Before she came here, she had already trained her Luo Sha Martial Art to its fourteenth level, along with two other low rank profound sense martial arts which were both comprehended to forty percent. Besides actually forming a martial spirit, she did not have any other flaws.

Plus, she also had a purple qi pellet which was a top rank great treasure. It could contain a huge amount of Zhen yuan, as well as the ability to extract Zen yuan from around her, making her own Zhen yuan richer and more powerful to increase her battling power.


Luo Shanv took a step forward, her rich, purple colored light seeming like a purple sun. She stabbed out with the short spear in her right hand, fast like lightning.

Pap! Pop! Pap! Pop!...

That attack from Luo Shanv was not simple, it brought up a huge amount of qi tornado which grew stronger and stronger, pressuring right into Jing Aoxuan's area.


Jing Aoxuan was just like Murong Qingcheng; she also wore gloves, but hers had a crystal blue shine to them, silky and slightly see-through. As she reached out her right hand, countless qi tornado were shattered. Eventually, her two fingers caught the tip of Luo Shanv's short spear, generating a huge, crisp metallic cling.


Luo Shanv saw that Jing Aoxuan had only used two fingers to block her attack and got extremely angry, so she used another short spear and stabbed back.

This spear was fast like rich rain and heavy wind, which was indeed the attack she had been preparing for.

Jing Aoxuan looked relaxed, as her fingers which caught the tip of the spear rubbed together; in the next second, a blue electric bolt exploded. That extreme heat it created seemed to melt down the tip of the spear a little, turning it red. Luo Shanv felt the stimulation of that electrical shock and her body went numb a little, which caused her movements to freeze a little. It was at that moment that Jing Aoxuan took back her finger and turned them into a fist which punched away that short spear.


A huge wave of sparks rushed into the sky, looking like fireworks sparkling right in front of the two.

"Great! You are indeed Jing Aoxuan like they said."

Jing Aoxuan's relaxed attitude had indeed pissed off Luo Shanv; she jumped into the sky while opening her arms. The two short spears spun a couple of times on her palms like two purple wheels, and then fell down at a fast speed, seemingly tearing the sky into two parts.

Luo Shanv thought that Jing Aoxuan would try to avoid the attack and back out for a couple of steps. And if that were the case, she would then continue to throw out many attacks and eventually gain the upper hand. However, she had not expected Jing Aoxuan to continue moving forward, entering the shockwave voluntarily.

Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin!...

Jing Aoxuan's light blue clothes shook along with her movements, she continued to wave out her fists. Each one of them gave out the feeling of aggressiveness; that fist power was even richer, wrapping her fists within like a thin layer of protection. But, one could still see the electricity sparkling on top of them, generating loud noises. The lights that Luo Shanv had brought out had been shattered under those fists.

"Not giving away one inch... Typical style of the thunder princess. But, since you won't let me, then I will back out. I want to see who would be the last one laughing."


After the failure of her attack, Luo Shanv suddenly backed out in a very smooth manner.


The Edict Prince shook his head without saying another word. The Astral Spirit son frowned and did the same.

"Can you though?"

Two beams of electrical light flashed before Jing Aoxuan's eyes once before disappearing. With her at the center, the air within three meters around him was sucked up, turning the place into a vacuum space that pushed the rest of the air toward her opponent. With that, Luo Shanv started to back out slower and slower.

"Tyrant World Fist!"


That circular fist power had been thrown out and exploded in the air. With that, blood spilled out from the corner of Luo Xiang's mouth.

"I see now. If I didn't back out, then I might still have a slight chance. But, the second I decided to back out, then I just burnt out my last chance." Luo Shanv was clear in her head, knowing that she had made a huge mistake, a fatal mistake in front of Jing Aoxuan. She bit on her lips as she could feel the burning sensation on her cheeks. That purple qi pellet around her neck started to pour in an enormous amount of rich Zhen yuan. As a result, her aura grew drastically, and that purple light around her body outshone the sun in the sky.

"Purple Light Sky Attack!"

A purple ball of light had been accumulated on the tip of the spear as Luo Shanv thrust it out right at Jing Aoxuan. It was indeed one of her best profound sense martial arts.

"Emperor Extreme World Tyrant Fist!"

From the beginning, Jing Aoxuan had never backed out for even half a step, and it was the same right now. She stepped one step forward, attacking with a single fist. However, it was even more powerful than the ones before; that shooting power tore apart the sky as it shot toward its opponent.


That spear attack from Luo Shanv had lost its momentum because there was a fist blocking its way. She wanted to use her left hand to throw out another attack, but that aggressive fist power had gone along the body of the spear and was approaching her already, shocking her body into the sky. She could not help but open her mouth and puke out a huge chunk of blood.

Taking one step back, and then every step taken afterward would also be backward... It was the number one thing that should not be done during a fight with Jing Aoxuan.

After regaining her body, Luo Shanv wiped the blood off her mouth, "Royal martial arts... Indeed powerful! There seems to be no chance of one ever backing out."

Actually, she had noticed it as well. Even if she did not back out, she was still not a rightful opponent for Jing Aoxuan. She could only buy a little more time for herself, which would ultimately be meaningless.

Jing Aoxuan said, "Being able to force me to use my top fist art... you are already quite powerful."

"Losing is losing... I recognize my failure."

Luo Shanv was no bitter loser. Plus, losing to Jing Aoxuan was already something she had expected. If she had won somehow, then it would be surprising.

After the short chat, the two went back to their seats.

"After all, Princess Jing has won."

"Duh! Even if the Edict Prince and the Astral Spirit son battled with her, it would still be the same result more or less. And, that Luo Shanv is still weaker than those two."

"It seems like that this year would also have those three standing on the top."

Everyone was once again chatting passionately and excitedly.

"Haha! Since the martial art tea gathering had already been held, then there should be some kind of scoring after all. Lu Hun, come on... let's battle." It was Tuo Baku who did the talking this time. Not being able to beat Mo Xiang, he was very intrigued about Lu Hun; after all, he and Mo Xiang were two young warriors with different styles, but still powerful competitors.


Lu Hun was also full of battle intent. Not only him, Mo Xiang, Sikong Sheng, and Luo Shanv, who were all dragon level warriors, would not want to end just there. They wanted to have some kind of a ranking.

The two were at a similar level; so, the battle had just begun and it had already gotten intense. That shockwave arising from the clashes of their attacks had shaken the Zhen yuan wall created by everyone else to the edge of falling apart, which was rather terrifying for them all.

"White Tiger Kill!"

Lu Hun threw out a killing attack.

Tuo Baku was not as good at Lu Hun in terms of comprehensive abilities; therefore, his attacking power was not as powerful. However, he also had an extremely powerful bloodline. A huge lizard-headed dragon-body shadow appeared out of his back. Its neck had been extended as its dragon body stood in front of Tuo Baku's body, blocking that attack for him. It then reached out its shell-covered claw and blew Lu Hun away.

With his natural talent, Tuo Baku had beaten Lu Hun.

Of course, it did not mean that Lu Hun was not as powerful as Mo Xiang; it was just that Lu Hun's attack and his attacking posture was not as powerful as Mo Xiang's. Therefore, he was not able to win against Tuo Baku.

The battle between the two had boiled up other people's battle intent.

Mo Xiang could not help himself but wanting to walk out, trying to challenge Tuo Baku again. It was not that he did not want to challenge other people, but Sikong Sheng had been slightly wounded during the battle with Lu hun; Lu Hun was wounded in the battle with Tuo Baku; and Luo Shanv was also wounded when battling with Jing Aoxuan. Although they were all minor injuries, he did not want to have any kind of advantage at all. As for Murong Qingcheng, he actually did not want to encounter her even if he knew that she was just as powerful as him; he did not seem to have any battling intent toward her somehow.

Therefore, only Tuo Baku was not injured at all. With one night and half day of time, the two's wounds should be fully recovered by now. It was just that Tuo Baku had consumed a bit of his Zhen yuan just then, and that was it.

Tuo Baku was about to accept that challenge when Ye Chen stood up.

"Tuo Baku, this battle, you can give it to me. You have used quite a bit of your Zhen yuan."

Tuo Baku seemed to have thought of something, so he chuckled a little before walking off the stage.

Mo Xiang's expression was shocked. Perhaps...?

Everyone who was drinking their tea started to chat, discussing their opinion over the coming battle.

"No way! Ye Chen is challenging Mo Xiang!"

"Mo Xiang is a dragon level warrior! He is definitely one level higher than that Black sword artist. That Reverse Sky Thunder Cut would not make any impact on him, would it?"

"This is no longer about the martial arts. It would be about the basic skills."

"Yeah, judging on martial arts, Mo Xiang would not be weaker than anyone. So, even if Ye Chen has hidden even more powerful killing attacks, it would be useless on the former. Perhaps, Ye Chen just wanted to try his hand, or he simply just wanted to help his friend, eh?"

During the battle between Mo Xiang and Tuo Baku, that blue qi flow that leaked out of the former's body was very powerful, which was why he was able to block out Tuo Baku's huge lizard shadow. Therefore, rarely anyone was on Ye Chen's side, thinking that there would be no way for him to win against Mo Xiang with only his sword spirit level sword intent.