Chapter 461: Satifying Ranking

 Chapter 461: Satifying Ranking

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The crowd did not have the energy to be impressed with Sikong Sheng's power anymore. They all knew that this tea gathering already had seen four top warriors from South Region: Tuo Baku, Ye Chen, Sikong Sheng and Murong Qingchen, who all had the power to reach into the top ten in the entire Southern Region.

For the other regions, including the top three powerful ones, the number of top warriors was actually less than South Rudra Region had right now. For example, warriors from the Thunder region who could compete with or even reach beyond the four mentioned would only be the thunder princess, Mo Xiang, and Yin Zongli. Even though the top warriors of the Light Region did not fully reveal themselves yet, there should not be more than three of them; the same went for the Gold Sand Region. Besides the top three powerful regions, the only to reach that level would be the Black Sword Artist from the Black Gold Region, and the number one warrior of the Fire Swamp Region, Si Mo, who had just been beaten by Sikong Sheng.

"Light Region, Lu Hun!"

After Sikong Sheng beat Si Mo, another powerful warrior stood up.

He was the second warrior of the light region, who was just like Mo Xiang, one of the top five martial geniuses of the south region; he was also at the dragon warrior level.

"I hope that he would not also get a draw." Mo Xiang did not think that Lu Hun would lose. But, even a draw between him and Sikong Sheng would be quite bad, although it would be quite likely, since battles in the tea gathering would only judge on general power that had been displayed.

On that two-miles-wide empty platform, Sikong Sheng stood one hundred meters away from Lu Hun.

It was almost at the same time when the two threw out an attack.

Sikong Sheng's body shook once, performing his second flash steps. It only took him one flash before appearing on one side of Lu Hun, as he threw out a fist attack at the same time.

Fist Rules Over Rivers!


That fist with the horrifying power had been blocked out by one palm, and the owner of that palm was naturally Lu Hun. His body was not bulky and his aura was not aggressive; however, that mountain-like stable aura made his movements extremely determined. He blocked the incoming attack from Sikong Sheng with an almost effortless palm attack.

The fist power and the palm power clashed together, bringing up a huge blast wave looking like an upside-down, see-through, huge bowl, blowing the two away.

"Fist Shatter Mountains and Rivers!"

Sikong Sheng wanted the win too much, such that even when he was being blown away, he still managed to throw out another attack, bringing his right fist back to his waist before throwing it out again.

The fist power punctured through the air, leaving a line of black marks as its destination was the chest of Lu Hun.

"True Martial Kill!"

Facing that rich fist attack, Lu Hun lifted up his right hand, turning it into a blade-shape before slashing it out as well. Cutting the route of that black mark, it shattered Sikong Sheng's attack.



The second the two landed on the ground, they both jumped toward each other again. It was the first time for many young warriors to see this extreme speed of shifting between fast and slow.

"Fist Rivers!" "Fist Mountain Sea!" "Fist Sky Shock!"

"True Martial Godly Fist!" "True Martial Kill!" "Meditation Reverse Attack!"

Both of them were using their best attacks, but the result was still unclear. What was clear was their fist shadows and palm prints in the air.

"Fist Shock Star Sky!"

Finally, Sikong Sheng performed the last movement of his Tyrant Fist Attack, whose power was equivalent to twenty percent of a profound sense martial art.

In the sky above the platform, stars started to sparkle one after another in a strange pattern; it was a sign of a powerful fist power appearing, as each drop of qi would form into a star and attack its enemy. Warriors who faced this attack would feel like that they were looking at the sky full of stars, without a place to escape to.

"Impressive! But, this attack is useless on me."

A serious look flashed past Lu Hun's face as he stepped on the ground, pushing his body up into the sky. Countless dark blue palm prints flew toward that incoming fist power, each palm shattering one star. As his Zhen yuan was pushed to its limits, that dark blue color deepened drastically while continuously forming into different beast shapes.

Sikong Sheng knew that it would be hard to beat Lu Hun since he was at the same rank as Mo Xiang; even if he were not that powerful, he would be close. All of his clothes danced in the air as Sikong Sheng took one step forward with his right foot, throwing out another fist attack.

That fist did not hit the ground; instead, it stopped when it was three inches away from the surface of the ground. However, a wave of ocean-like power shot out, slicing through the ground. In the beginning, it was scattered and lacking any order, just generally covering a huge area. However, midway, it was compressed into half of its original size. When it reached the ground below Lu Hun, its qi and power had already come together and exploded drastically.

Pap! Paw! Pap! Paw!

That qi had not even landed on Lu Hun when his qi field had already started to react, making a slight popping sound. Seeing this, Lu Hun was surprisingly not worried. A dark blue huge turtle made of Zhen yuan appeared from the ground out of the blue, then he stepped onto it and dove down.


The exploding sounds of qi power continued to be heard as the attack from Sikong Sheng did not even reach the other before it was shattered completely. That dark blue turtle had a shockingly powerful control over power.

"Dragon, Phoenix, tiger, and the turtle... The turtle carries the mentality of mud... Are you somehow expert of all four mentalities?" Sikong Sheng sneered. He jumped up while performing his profound sense martial art, which was the one that helped him beat the number one teenager from the Fire Swamp Region: it was indeed the Gravity Sink.

"Yeah! Quite a scary gravity power."

Standing on that huge turtle, Lu Hun could feel that it was extremely hard for him to move, as if he was controlled by that natural power coming from the center of the earth. Right in front of him was Sikong Sheng's enlarging fist; that horrifying fist power was also shooting toward him at a high speed.

"If I cannot avoid, then I will go for a head-on. In that case, you would not be able to escape either. White Tiger Kill!"

Pushing his qi into his dantian, an almost tangible beam of light shot out of both of Lu Hun's eyes as he reached out his left hand while placing his right on his waist. He then threw out a fist attack along with a white-gold colored light, which clashed right with the fist power of Sikong Sheng.


A colorful, bright ball of light formed between their two fists.

In the next second...



It was not only Lu Hun who was puking blood, but also Sikong Sheng.

"How can this be?" Sikong Sheng realized that he was also kind of trapped where he was standing before, forced to take on that blast wave. He could feel that even his organs had suffered some kind of damage from that attack.

Lu Hun cleaned away the blood on his mouth, "My Martial Control Attack includes dozens of meters radius around me, which included you. The counterattack from that blast wave is very powerful, but it was already reduced by thirty percent. In other words, I had only taken on seventy percent of that wave. What about you?"

Sikong Sheng had a bad look on his face. He could tell that Lu Hun was slightly less wounded than him. If they continued, he would not be able to hold on for much longer.

From a distance, Mo Xiang, who was watching the battle, laughed out, "Although Lu Hun and I have relatively similar power, he is way much tougher than I am. While going for a head-on, it would be most likely his opponent being the one get more hurt."

As a true dragon level warrior, Thunder Princess had obviously noticed that as well, so she said lightly, "This battle, Lu Hun wins."

"He managed to push Lu Hun to this level! Below the top three true dragon warriors, only Mo Xiang had done it before."

"Even though he lost, this Sikong Sheng is indeed powerful."

The result was rather expected for the crowd. But, even though Sikong Sheng looked like he had lost the battle, it was more like a loss of control. If it were some other warrior who had a similar level of power as Lu Hun, then Sikong Sheng might not have lost the battle.

The sun reached the highest point of the sky: it was noon.

As the battles continued, each person had his or her own ranking for this year's tea gathering. Without any surprises, those rankings might come true in no time.

In most people's opinion, the top three would be the top three true dragon warriors, which were the Thunder Princess, Edict Prince, and the Astral Spirit son.

The next in the top seven would be Mo Xiang, Tuo Baku, Lu Hun, and Sikong Sheng.

Following them would be Ye Chen, Murong Qingcheng, the Black Sword Artist, Leng Zhuo, Yin Zongli, and Si Mo...

Those ranked below basically would not have a chance in ranking at all, no matter how hard they tried in the following battles. Therefore, it would be best for them to find warriors that were at their own levels to battle with.

In the afternoon...

Another top warrior from the Gold Sand Region revealed herself. It was indeed that purple hair beautiful lady sitting right next to the Astral Spirit son. She rarely traveled, and therefore, no one really knew about her. Even warriors from the same area did not really know about her or her power. However, once she started using her martial arts, the power she showed was enough to shock the crowd, which was frankly harder to shock at this point. She was actually another true dragon level warrior who was no weaker than Mo Xiang.

"Murong Qingcheng, let's play!"

That lady called herself Luo Shanv, and was seemingly very interested in Murong Qingcheng. After she beat a couple of opponents, she named her out.


Murong Qingcheng nodded and then flew out.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The two battled more and more intensely with each passing moment. The purple light and the black shine continued to clash with each other, taking over half of the sky.

Luo Shanv's attack was aggressive and reckless, each one of it extremely brutal. On the other side, Murong Qingcheng's eyes were extra sharp, leaving no flaws behind. Each one of Luo Shanv's ace killing attacks had been shattered by Murong Qingcheng; she seemed to be even more observant than Mo Yan with his Sky Demon Eyes.

Every time a black light flashed inside Murong Qingcheng's eyes, her battling power seemed to increase drastically, pushing Luo Shanv to defend herself, revealing more fatal flaws.

"I have judged it wrong. This Murong Qingcheng is not weaker than Luo Shanv. Does it mean that her power is also at Mo Xiang's level? She did not show it for a second before, so I had no idea!"

"So, in this case, the weakest in South Rudra Region turns out to be Ye Chen? How unpredictable!"

"I don't know. There are so many hidden talents in the South Rudra Region. Perhaps, Ye Chen has also hidden some of his power away."

"It cannot be! Tuo Baku, Sikong Sheng, and Murong Qingchen all have true dragon level battling power. Now Ye Chen as well? How crazy is it going to get?"

"Stop talking. The result will reveal itself soon!"


Qi flows spread out in the area as the two human figures both backed out.

"Sky Assassinating Kill! "

While tiptoeing, Murong Qingcheng threw out her ace attack.

Luo Shanv's purple hair danced in the air as a purple light shone out of her eyes. A spear brought out a beam of purple light which blocked out the former's attack. She then twisted her body while stabbing out her other purple short spear with her left hand toward Murong Qingcheng's chest.

That spear had almost blocked out all of the escaping routes for Murong Qingcheng; hence, there was no second option besides fighting head-on. However, in doing so, the losing party would very likely be Murong Qingcheng, because judging on battling power, she was not as powerful as Luo Shanv. However, right at that moment, a dim black light appeared on the surface of her skin. As it appeared, her qi field underwent a drastic change. Natural qi around her was pulled together, bringing out a beam of black qi flow. However, that black light on her skin was suddenly pulled away along with that black qi as if they were merely hallucinations.


Eventually, Murong Qingcheng lost to Luo Shanv with a slight wound.