Chapter 459: Huge Lizard Figure

 Chapter 459: Huge Lizard Figure

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"Thunder region, Mo Xiang... I would like to battle with you."

Tuo Baku's power had attracted Mo Xiang's battling interest. In his opinion, the South Rudra Region had gotten enough of attention by now, and it is time to put some pressure on them. Especially with Murong Qingcheng, who had displayed a great power, if he still did not show his power, even he would feel frustrated and embarrassed. After all, he had said to her before when he was traveling to say out his name when she was in trouble. And right now, that line seemed unbelievably ironic.

His body dragged a long shadow in the air as Mo Xiang landed in front of Tuo Baku lightly. Before he even moved another inch, his sharp aura exploded and spread out.

"The main characters had finally shown up." Tuo Baku put away his relaxed expression. He knew that the beast prince was not just some ordinary guy; he was indeed the ranked second warrior of the whole thunder region, ranked in the top five of the whole southern region. Since reputation meant everything here, his beast prince title alone would make a huge impact on people, not to mention his hidden power, since no one really knew exactly how powerful he was.

The two stood hundred meters away, watching each other quietly.


A wave of wind blown from the south to the north towards Tuo Baku, while Mo Xian was facing it with his back.

Once the wind started blowing, Mo Xiang moved at a speed that couldn't be described with words. That kind of lightness was already not something a human being should bear; it was more like that of a flying beast. All people could see was his wide-open arms. Before people could even form a thought, he had already arrived in front of Tuo Baku, throwing his sharpest attack at him.

His body slightly tilted in midair while his right knee was kicked out- Mo Xiang's attack was both simple and aggressive.

Wild Goose Attack!

Tuo Baku's pupil contracted suddenly; at that moment, Mo Xiang was no different from a spirit beast in his eyes. That simple knee kick somehow managed to bring up a blue falling-star-like tail flame. Within a split second, all he found he could do was cross his arms in front of his chest and take it head-on.


One used all of his power to throw out the attack, while the other was forced to defend himself. Thus, Mo Xiang getting the upper hand seemed to be expected. Tuo Baku's feet rubbed on the ground while he backed out at a high speed; that powerful qi pressure was almost visible behind his body.

"So powerful!"

Tuo Baku had to admit that he had underestimated Mo Xiang after all. Being able to be ranked in the top five of the entire Southern Region would not be something easy; he must have earned it indeed.

With his first attack getting him the advantage, Mo Xiang did not stop attacking as his whole body rushed into the sky again along with that clashing power and then threw out another high kick. It had the power of hundreds of huge snakes attacking their enemy all at once. The horrifyingly powerful leg pressure made the air undulate like the waves in an ocean, scrambling toward both sides.

Snake Attack!

But, Tuo Baku was no normal warrior either. Even if he had lost the upper hand from the beginning, he did not lose his sharp mind. Facing that intense high kick, he sank his body into a stable position while backing out. At the same time, he threw out a couple of fist attacks in a row.

Ruin Eighteen Fist Attacks!


With Tuo Baku at the center, countless fist shadows blossomed in the air like flowers in the spring.

"Get down!"

Mo Xiang groaned and then brought himself together, shooting out seven human shaped shadows. They combined with his own body, attacking toward Tuo Baku even more aggressively and throwing out more powerful kick attacks. Each attack brought up a kind of Death mentality designed to make his opponent feel that he or she was a weak army doomed to die in the battlefield.


Bending his knees, Tuo Baku looked a bit shorter as the sound of his bones crashing together was heard continuously. He suspected that if continued, he might be smashed to the ground.

At that moment, a wild light appeared in Tuo Baku's eyes as he screamed, straightening up his spine and knees. The second he managed to stand back up, it looked like there were countless of air bombs exploding. A qi flow shot out everywhere, forming into a vague dragon shape that lingered in the air for a long time before disappearing.

Dragon Travel World!

Within a second, Tuo Baku threw out an extra horrifying dragon-shaped qi power. The "dragon" roared into the sky, its huge skull looking like it was capable of swallowing Mo Xiang and everything around him whole. The thinned out air had been stirred into a liquid.

"Bring out your top power. Otherwise, you are going to lose soon."

Mo Xiang suddenly shot out a blue-colored qi flow which seemed like burning fire. He then crossed his arms and lifted them in the air, before waving down out of the blue.

"Tiger Aura Cross Attack!"


That crossed light was just like a blade made of the sky. Once it was waved down, that dragon-shaped qi shattered into pieces. Tuo Baku, who was standing on the ground, puked out a mouthful of blood before flying backward.

"So powerful! Is this the power of the beast prince Mo Xiang?"

"Indeed, one of the top martial geniuses of the south region! Even Tuo Baku, who is at Ye Chen's level, could not compete with him. It seems that Mo Xiang's position will stay put without being shaken even once in this tea gathering."

Everyone was shocked at Mo Xiang's battling power, especially people from the Thunder region, who were all highly encouraged and full of pride. Mo Xiang being powerful meant that their Thunder region was powerful. Though, they did not even think of the Thunder Princess, who was even more powerful.

"This guy is so strong."

Wiping away the blood from his mouth, Tuo Baku lifted up his head. That aggressive expression on his face signified an even more heated battling intent, as his power seemed to have just woken up.


Mo Xiang could sense the change in Tuo Baku, causing his nerves to be tightened.


Tuo Baku bended his knees, also shooting out into the sky as he threw out a dragon qi power attack from each of his hands, attacking Mo Xiang from both right and left.

"I have said it before... it does not work on me. Tiger Cross Attack!"

That crossed light flashed through again, and those two dragon-shaped qi flows shattered immediately.

However, the most unexpected happened in the next second. A huge colorful lizard appeared behind Tuo Baku. That huge lizard-looking shadow had the body of a true lizard while its head was a true dragon skull. With its enhancement, Tuo Baku looked like a God standing in the sky as he threw down a huge palm attack.


A loud dragon roar was heard as the neck of the huge lizard extended, biting onto Mo Xiang before throwing him down onto the ground.

As he ended up puking out some blood, Mo Xiang was clearly wounded from this attack.


Everyone was apparently not expecting to see this kind of change from Tuo Baku. Their mouths widened, not knowing what to say.

Right next to Mu Lingfeng, a strange look flashed through Ye Chen's eyes, "Huge lizard shadow... Three-headed snake shadow... Perhaps, there is some kind of connection between them, eh?"

When the member of the Wang family on the Snake Island battled with their full power, a three-headed snake shadow would appear behind them. The more powerful they were, the more heads the snake would have. On Wang She's body was a five snakes' tattoo, which meant that his bloodline was extremely pure and rich, and hence he would have even more potential.

"What is certain is that Tuo Baku does not carry the bloodline of a king warrior. The bloodline he carries might be even stronger than the former actually."

The bloodline of a king warrior would show up in one's potential, and would not have an impact on the current cultivation level. However, Tuo Baku's bloodline somehow could increase his power, which was something the bloodline of a king warrior could not compete with.

"This is your real power?"

Spitting out a mouthful of blood foam, the qi flow outside Mo Xiang's body started to scramble intensively again. Because it was traveling at such a high speed, it looked like he was almost boiling up. Blue qi flow poured out from within him and then started to burn like flames, twisting the space and blurring the area, making Mo Xiang's aura grow rapidly.

Blood Battle!

Ready to Battle!

"Enough... This battle would be considered a draw."

The Thunder Princes could tell that the two were starting to use some serious power, and if they continued battling, one of them would die for sure. The tea gathering was for competition, not a life and death battle.

Letting the huge lizard shadow dissipate, Tuo Baku chuckled, "You are lucky... Otherwise, even I would not be able to control what would happen next."

Mo Xiang sneered, "You are lucky as well. Besides that battle with the Edict Prince from the last tea gathering, I have never used my real power."


The two were still full of battling intent, and they wished they could continue battling to prove their power.

Seeing them being at the same level, no one in the audience seating thought it was funny, since this was already the most powerful battle since the beginning of this gathering. No matter whether it was the battle between Ye Chen and the Black Sword Artist, or the one between Murong Qingchen and Ying Zongli, they were not as intense as this battle that just happened before their eyes. In their opinion, Tuo Baku and Mo Xiang should be the most powerful warriors right below the dragon warriors. Without any surprise, the top six must have their names amongst them.

As for Ye Chen, his sword arts were crazy powerful, and that reverse attack indeed impressed a lot of the people present. However, leaving an impression did not represent his battling power, since they were two drastically different concepts.

"Honestly, I had not expected that the most powerful warrior of the South Rudra Region is not Ye Chen, but this Tuo Baku." Ling Hanye shook his head and forced a smile. He thought before that he would at least be able to rank in the top five in the South Rudra Region; there would be Tuo Baku, Ye Chen, and Murong Qingchen in front of him. So, he would be at most ranked fourth. It was already under the condition that there were no other strong ones there. If that Sikong Sheng turned out to be extremely powerful as well, then he would only be able to be ranked in the top five. He, as the number one warrior in the Wavy Snow Region, would only be ranked in the top five in this small South Rudra Region. The reality seemed to have made a joke on him.

Qingzhu sighed as well, "I thought Ye Chen would be the most powerful one in the South Rudra Region as well."

Feng Yanrou did not speak, but her instinct told her that Ye Chen would not be that simple. But, with this truth lying in front of her, she had no words to argue with it. Plus, that Tuo Baku was indeed unbelievably powerful. At the moment when that huge colorful lizard appeared, she thought she had been teleported back into the ancient era.

"What do you think? It was okay, right?"

Back in his own seat, Tuo Baku lifted up his teacup, drinking everything within before chuckling at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, "How can I not realize that our South Rudra Region is indeed full of hidden talents? Before, it was Murong Qingchen, and now, it's you."

There was one another warrior that he did not name, and it was indeed Xu Jing.

Tuo Baku knew what Ye Chen was trying to say, so he said secretively and mysteriously, "I cannot say anything about this."

Ye Chen gave a soft smile and did not say another word.

In the nearby pavilion...

The seventh Ye said to Sikong Sheng, "The plan seems to have changed. Four, I think your biggest opponent will not be Ye Chen, but Tuo Baku."

Sikong Sheng looked at Tuo Baku seriously and then said lightly, "No hurry."

Tuo Baku's rise up was something that he had not foreseen. Facing Tuo Baku head-on was not something he had confidence in. As for who was more powerful, he would only know after battling, since the audience could never tell the true details of the events happening within the battles. Otherwise, what would be the point in battling anymore?

A light shone from one side of the sky. Without anyone realizing, one night had passed.

The tea gathering was said to be held for three days in a row; but truth to be told, it was three days and three nights in a row, since for Astral Reaching Realm warriors, going on three days without sleeping would not affect them in any way. Once one reached the Sea of Souls Realm, even one month without sleep would not affect their mental and physical condition at all, and would only make them more high-spirited.

After the battle between Tuo Baku and Mo Xiang, that intense and exciting atmosphere finally calmed down. Everyone present would need time to absorb the experience they had gained from watching the battles. They started to drink their tea and chat with a low voice. Only until then did it start to feel like a real tea gathering.