Chapter 458: Flying Assassination Strike

 Chapter 458: Flying Assassination Strike

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As far as everybody was concerned, Leng Zhuo, who didn't dare challenge Ye Chen, ought to have an undeserved reputation, and was unworthy of his title 'Life Seizer". He didn't deserve to be called one of the three great sword artists of the Southern Region. However, they were clearly wrong, as his strength turned out to be beyond their imagination.

Four opponents, all of which were reputed sword artists, suffered a crushing defeat in his hands.

The first was Lu Daoxuan: he only managed to receive one strike, because by the second strike, Leng Zhuo' sword was already at his neck.

The second sword artist was Feng Yanrou, who also managed to receive only one strike. It was not because her Snow Ice Sword Domain wasn't powerful enough, but because she couldn't even use it. The opponent's sword was like a ghost, slipping past her defense before she even realized it. It was frighteningly quick.

The third opponent was the second rank of Fire Pool Region, Serene Fire Sword Artist. Even though he was much stronger than the above two, in the end, he only sustained three strikes. The first strike was indecisive, the second parted his sword open, and the third broke his protective Zhen Yuan. By the fourth strike, there was already a sword on his shoulder. It happened so quickly that the spectators couldn't even begin to get excited.

The fourth opponent was none other than Misty Snow Region's number one, Ling Hanye, titled Misty Snow Sword Artist. Despite the title, his strength was more or less the same as Red Water Little Daoist, a bit stronger at most. Therefore, he was defeated as well; although, for better or worse, he survived seven strikes.

At this point, everybody realized that it wasn't that Leng Zhuo wasn't strong, but Ye Chen was too strong. He wouldn't be the latter's opponent even if he went up.

"What a frighteningly swift sword!" Mo Lingfeng muttered.

Ye Chen said, "If Black Sword Artist pursued the destructive sword dao, Leng Zhuo's style is a one-shot-kill. The two styles are different... But to some extent, Leng Zhuo is much more frightening."


Mo Lingfeng nodded his head. He was not stupid; Leng Zhuo seemed like an assassin sword artist. Therefore, those below him in strength would be much more unwilling to confront him.

In the consecutive matches, Bing Ling, Mo Yan, Gu Youyun, as well as Qian Yun went up to challenge other young elites. Bing Ling's strength was only a bit inferior to Li Daoxuan, causing many people to involuntarily call South Rudra Region abnormal. Just Ye Chen and Li Daoxuan were not enough, and now, this Bing Ling had appeared. Perhaps, with such a lineup, even though South Rudra Region couldn't compare with the big three regions, or the other regions such as Misty Snow Region in terms of overall strength, it was much better than Slashing Mountain Region. However, it should be considered that in the last Tea Gathering, South Rudra Region was simply a joke. Amongst several hundred participants, there was only Sikong Sheng from their side. Nobody could have imagined that just in the span of two years, it would undergo such huge changes that powerful characters would emerge one after other.

Bing Ling shined in her glory, but Mo Yan, on the other hand, was overshadowed completely. Of course, he was still an amazing and rare genius in South Rudra Region; however, this was the entire Southern Sector. The strength he displayed didn't seem much different from other geniuses here.

As for Gu Youyun and Qian Yun, although they didn't have the ability to make their mark here, the improvements they had made in these past years could not be ignored. Going by their age, it would be certain that they would certainly be included in the core of South Rudra Region for the next Martial Tea Gathering.

"Sheesh, a beauty with outstanding disposition!"

"Not only has South Rudra Region shed its skin, even their beauties are exceptional. Don't tell me the good old heavens have begun to favor South Rudra Region and that's why all the good things are accumulating there?"

"She is called Murong Qingcheng! Just as beautiful as her name!"

As Murong Qingcheng went up on the stage, the majority of young elites were stunned, and even some of the women that flaunted their beauty felt sour inwardly.

Murong Qingcheng's opponent was not some ordinary genius, but the number three of Snow Iron Region. Yet, the result was simply appalling.

The latter simply had no power to retaliate, and had to ultimately admit defeat.

The second opponent was much stronger- rank four of Floating Light Region, which was the Edict Prince's home region and also known as one of the three most powerful regions of the Southern Sector. Being ranked fourth there was possibly at par with the second rank of regions like Misty Snow. However, he was still not Murong Qingcheng's opponent.

"How is this possible? What happened in South Rudra Region? There was a cold beauty like Bing Ling before, and now this Murong Qingcheng seems even stronger."

"Honestly, based on the top five strongest individuals, South Rudra is number one after the big three regions. Too frightening!"

Since some time, South Rudra Region had become the core of people's discussions without stopping.

"Hehe, interesting! I can't help it."

In the area of Thunder Region, sitting beside Beast Tamer Mo Xiang was Young Lord Yin Zhongchi. He stood up and went up the stage with a huge grin.

"What? Yin Zhongchi is going to fight Murong Qingcheng?"

Yin Zhongchi had a huge fame in Thunder Region. In the last Martial Gathering, he was second only to Mo Xiang, and ranked third in the Thunder Region. At that time, Mo Xiang hadn't battled him. Precisely speaking, it was quite possible that the two were almost at par. Even if Mo Xiang turned out to be stronger, it would only be a slight difference. Both of them had the strength to be placed in the top ten of the entire Southern Region.

"Yin Zongchi... one of the ten false dragons." Edict Prince thought out loud.

The woman called You Xin shook her head, "He'll lose."


The Edict Prince was rather surprised. If someone else had said these words, he would have pondered about it. However, since these words came from You Xin's mouth, he couldn't help but believe in them, even though he knew blind trust was not a good thing.

You Xin's strength was inferior to his, but he knew that she had a frightening eye and profound insight.

As Spirit Flicker School's young lord and grandson of the Spirit Flicker Leader, Yin Zhongchi was undoubtedly strong, and his fame was based on his ghost-like speed. Once his speed unfolded, apart from the Thunder Princess and the other two, anybody would feel a headache.




A dark yellow light flickered as Yin Zhongchi disappeared from everybody's sight.

"Light Chop!"

Suddenly appearing behind Murong Qingcheng, Yin Zhongchi waved his arm, emitting a several feet long and thin arc of light that swiftly chopped at her.


The light arc never hit Murong Qingcheng, and only the thunder-iron stage's surface revealed a huge spark. Immediately afterward, a protective energy immediately covered the thunder iron, not allowing any damage to befall it.

Yin Zongchi's brows creased; just now, Murong Qingcheng seemed to have moved a few steps out of nowhere, which was even faster than his flash steps.

"Hundred Gyrating Thrust!"

Pushing his speed to the extreme, Yin Zongchi turned around and attacked once again. In an instant, the entire stage seemed to have become his attacking ground, resulting in a bizarre sight.

"Expelling Sky!"

A black light flickered in Murong Qingcheng's eyes as she discovered his rhythm and then issued a premeditated palm strike, brimming with a repulsive energy.

"Not good!"

Yin Zongchi's figure momentarily paused before he forcefully changed his trajectory.


The repulsive energy was formless. Although Yin Zongchi was fine, Misty Snow Region's young elite one li behind him suddenly spurted out blood and shot back, flying out of the Mountain River Stage.

"She can see through my movements?" Yin Zongchi was bewildered.

Not just him, everybody, including the Thunder Princess and other two, were also extremely surprised. They themselves could only see vague tracks of Yin Zongchin moving across the stage. If it were them, they were absolutely incapable of a premeditated strike.

"No wonder you said he will lose!"

The Edict Prince admitted that he was inferior to her in seeing through his movements, and he guessed that Murong Qingcheng was similar to You Xin: both of them had an exceptional insight.

"It is the same as in the Underground world!" This was not the first time Ye Chen was witnessing Murong Qingcheng's perceptive ability. This ability of hers wasn't too likely to be spirit power. It was instead a much more profound and mysterious power, a power that other people couldn't cultivate.

After being repeatedly seen through, Yin Zongchi finally lost his cool. He was ranked number three in the Thunder Region, and didn't believe himself to be inferior to Mo Xiang based on his movement arts. When his movements were rendered ineffective, his splendor suffered a huge loss.

"So what if you can see it? Take this!"

Yin Zongchi used his profound skill and attacked Murong Qingcheng with his full power.

"Flying Assassination!"

As a genius of Flying Demon Sect, Murong Qingcheng couldn't have not learned a profound skill, and this was precisely it: a frightening killer move focused on assassination which befitted her peerless insight, instantly targeting the opponent's weak point, then leaping and finishing in one strike.


Having been struck in a fleeting moment, Yin Zongchi shot back while spurting out blood.

"Too powerful! Even Yin Zongchi wasn't her opponent. Don't tell me her strength is not below Ye Chen's?"

"A small, degenerating region has suddenly come out with two experts ranked in top ten. This is crazy! Even the big three aren't much better."

Thunder Princess was rather flabbergasted at this conclusion. But, as a true dragon level genius of the southern sector, she spoke with a calm voice, "Murong Qingcheng wins."

Murong Qingcheng faintly nodded and left the stage; she didn't intend to continue.

"Ye Chen, Murong Qingcheng is also so powerful." Mo Lingfeng looked over at Ye Chen. After witnessing the recent battle, he truly didn't know who was stronger, even if Ye Chen's previously displayed strength seemed more stunning.

Ye Chen faintly smiled, "You only need to know that she is not simple... never was."

Tuo Baku spoke with a meaningful glance, "Ye Chen, you take care of your position. Not just Murong Qingcheng, even Sikong Sheng and I are eyeing it."

Ye Chen said alarmedly, "If you wanna fight, bring it on! I'm waiting for you all right here!"

"Hehe... Before I show my strength, you won't take me seriously I guess. Then, let me go up."

With a chuckle, he walked up the stage with big strides. As he majestically stood straight on the stage, his body seemed to be cast in metal.


Irresistible like a hot knife through tofu and steady like a mountain, this was his image in the eyes of the spectators. Under his devastating attacks, his opponents suffered crushing defeats one after other.

"I'm already numb. Is this really the South Rudra Region?"

"His strength is actually not below Ye Chen's at all. One region with three people vying for the top ten spots? What kind of lineup is this?"

Sizing up Tuo Baku on the stage, the Edict Prince said inwardly, "He ought to be one of the ten false dragons. Adding Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng, South Rudra Region had three false dragons. It can't be underestimated."

Although he could see how many false dragons were in the sky, when meeting face to face, he had to distinguish them by himself. For example, before Tuo Baku went up on the stage, he had no clue that he had any relationship with the false dragon qi.

Seeing Tuo Baku, who was once inferior to him, Yan Chihuo felt suffocated inwardly, "So, he has already caught up to Ye Chen."

Ye Chen was the target everybody in South Rudra Region aspired to catch up to. However, at the moment, both Murong Qingcheng and Tuo Baku had shown strength similar to Ye Chen. This made him feel immensely pressured.