Chapter 456: Reverse Sky Thunder Cut

 Chapter 456: Reverse Sky Thunder Cut

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Another two beams of black sword light were shot out. They were extremely aggressive, bringing up a sharp black tornado and attacking Ye Chen from both right and left.

His clothes had been blown into the air and his hair danced along the wind as Ye Chen held his thunder sword, waving it out horizontally.


An earth-shaking sound was heard. At the point where the two were standing, the whole space started to twist; qi flow had been wrapped within, unable to get out. Meanwhile, that sword light which had brought up the black tornado had been shattered suddenly, chipping off the ground and leaving not even a single spot untouched.

"This killing sword intent is too horrifying!"

"This tea gathering is indeed full of hidden powerful warriors. There are somehow two sword geniuses who have both comprehended the killing element sword intent. Added with that Leng Zhuo from the Gold Sand Region, these three would be the top three sword artists of this year's tea gathering."

"Yeah! Leng Zhuo should not be underestimated either. He had beaten Wan Zhuoming, who was ranked second in the Gold Sand Region, and was just slightly weaker than the Astral Spirit son."

"I wonder who would last till the end out of the three sword artists?"

Everyone was chatting passionately again, seemingly very interested in the whole battle.

The huge black sword had been lifted up into the sky again as the Black Sword Artist looked at Ye Chen from a distance and said coldly, "I am different from most of the normal sword artists. Once I take out my sword, blood will spill for sure. Otherwise, it would be a mental blockage for me, which would affect my future training. So, you better prepare for being wounded badly, in case you complain later that I did not warn you."

Ye Chen smiled lightly, "This blood did not have to be from me... It could also be from you, you know?"

Ye Chen's voice was not loud, and he was also not too serious, but everyone there could feel a sharp aura and mentality spreading in the whole area.

"Although he is very arrogant, but I will have to admit that this man is not simple."

"Facing the Black Sword, who has already comprehended the killing element sword intent, he still dares to say such words. I wonder if he was born with this kind of personality or he is just extremely confident."

"But, what kind of confidence would he have to have in order to say such words?"


No doubt, Ye Chen's words had aggravated the Black Sword Artist as the latter said creepily, "We'll see whose blood it will be. Wolf Kill!"

The Black Sword Artist moved his right foot forward by half a step as he waved down his sword with both of his hands. That aggressive, evil, black sword light seemed unstoppable as it screamed and ran towards Ye Chen like an evil wolf.


Jumping up into the air as he twisted his body, Ye Chen threw out a sword attack to shatter the black sword light. He then brought out his left hand from behind his back. Two beams of green lotus sword qi shot out right after, seemingly leaving no path to escape.

"This attack is useless on me."

Black Sword Artist brought out his left hand as well, putting his index and middle finger both onto his thumb before shooting out two beams of black light. They were like blades, shattering the incoming green lotus sword qi immediately.

Pooh! Pooh!

But still, the Black Sword Artist had underestimated the power of those green lotus sword qi. Although his finger arts were not weak, it was still not as powerful as the green lotus sword qi that had been hidden inside Ye Chen's body. The black finger power froze a little before shattering completely while two blast waves exploded from where they were standing. They spread out at an extremely fast speed; however, they were still not as fast as Ye Chen's green lotus sword qi's speed.

Ting! Ting!

The Black Sword Artist had been forced to lift up his black sword, causing two sparks to explode in the air in front of his chest.

"What kind of sword qi is this? It is not weaker than the sword qi shot out of greatswords... It even seems to be more powerful! " The Black Sword Artist thought that Ye Chen had trained a finger art, making his finger power look just like the sword qi but having a power not comparable to normal sword qi. But he now realized that he was wrong; those two beams of sword qi were even more powerful than normal sword qi.

The Black Sword Artist was shocked; meanwhile, Ye Chen was also astonished as well. He knew that the power of the green lotus sword qi better than anyone. Under normal circumstances, the sword qi from his mid rank great sword would not be as powerful as the green lotus sword qi unless it was from an ace attack; only then would it be able to compete with the latter. However, the Black Sword Artist could even shave down half of the power from the sword qi with only his finger power. It must be a top rank Earth Realm finger art for sure, since only that would be able to achieve such a level.

"I have already used four beams of green lotus sword qi. I should try my best not to use it in the following battle."

His green lotus sword qi was his ace attack for close up battles, and Ye Chen did not want people to know his limit.

As the Black Sword Artist waved his sword to shatter the green lotus sword qi, Ye Chen's body suddenly dropped down. That thousand meters long sword light was like a heavenly sword that had been waved down with determination.


If it were a normal sword artist, he would definitely try his or her best to block out Ye Chen's attacks. But, defense was not a word in the Black Sword Artist's dictionary. He screamed as his black hair stood straight up on his skull; the ink black power rushed back up along the huge black sword in his hand to go for a head-on confrontation with the incoming sword light.


The two swords clashed and a dark blue energy ball appeared out of nowhere. It was only big as a fingertip in the beginning, but then expanded to one meter wide after half a blink of an eye.

"Not good! Everyone, use all your power to block out that energy wave!"

Thunder Princess frowned as her voice spread out many times faster than normal sound via her Zhen yuan, covering the whole place. And as she spoke, she waved her skinny palm in the air. A crystal-clear, lighting-sharp Zhen yuan blockade was formed, blocking the whole area behind. It continued to expand towards both sides, connecting with the other Zhen yuan walls other warriors had created.

Waiting until all of the Zhen yuan walls had linked together, wrapping whole of the area within successfully, the dark blue energy ball exploded.

The sound of the explosion was too loud for everyone to actually hear it. They could only feel the unbearable brightness in front of their eyes as their Zhen yuan wall was being shaved down inch by inch. The next second, the energy that failed to find an outlet shot out into the sky, turning into a two-miles thick energy light column, shooting right into the clouds and tearing the beautiful sky blockade apart.

Looking from outside the thunder city, that sky-connecting energy light column was extremely noticeable. Everyone within the thunder city gasped secretly. They had no idea how crazy the battles were in this year's tea gathering, since no normal men could generate this kind of mess.


After the light column disappeared, a huge sound was then heard by the people. However, there was not a single person on the field anymore, as both Ye Chen and the Black Sword Artist had disappeared completely.

"Ye Chen, it will be time for you to take my sword attack now!" Above the sky, the Black Sword Artist revealed his body, holding his black sword above his shoulder. He then put pressure on his back and accumulated a huge amount of power before pushing it towards the muscles on both of his arms, pouring into his palms like an explosion.


A black half-moon appeared out of nowhere as a wave of horrifying black sword wave shot out. Its speed had reached faster than most people's thought process.

Facing this surprising sword attack, Ye Chen took out the Thunder sword with his left hand and brought it up to face the attack, wanting to cut it open. He did not even adjust the way he was holding the sword.


The sword light without any shine and aura of thunder brightened the sky again; its aura continued to grow as it cut through the attack. Wherever it passed, the air had been sucked out and shattered, leaving a scary-looking sword mark behind.

Sky Thunder Cut!

The Sky Thunder Cut he threw out with his power right now was way more powerful than the one he had attacked with Wang Chi. He might have done it because he felt like it, but it might have been because of the way he was holding his sword. Ye Chen suddenly learned something after waving out that sword attack.

Sky Thunder Cut cut through everything, including the sword energy wave.

A sound of clothing being torn apart was heard. Not only had the Black Sword Artist's killing attack failed to achieve its goal, it seemed to have had some side effects as well. Of course, with his power, it was nothing much for him to care about. However, Ye Chen's power had alerted him.

"This battle... the result is so unclear."

"I thought that the Black Sword Artist, who had trained the killing sword intent, would be able to beat Ye Chen, or at least stand at an even level. But, why has it started to look like the battle between Ye Chen and Wang Chi all over again?"

"Perhaps, this Black Sword Artist is not a rightful opponent for Ye Chen either, eh?"

"The battle is still not over yet, so it would too early to tell. Perhaps, the Black Sword Artist has a counterattack."


With dozens of attacks, the two fought from the sky to the ground. Their sword qi that was able to tear open mountains clashed with one another as thunder covered the whole sky.

"Black Dragon Wave!"

The strongest sword attack of the Black Sword Artist was naturally a profound sense martial art. However, because of some kind of reasoning, his understanding of the Black Dragon Wave was not that deep; it was at about thirty percent, which was even weaker than Wang Chi. Therefore, that Black Dragon Wave he had thrown out was just as powerful as the last movement of the sword art he had trained. But, it was a profound sense martial art after all; so, even if its power was not enough, its profound level was not something that normal sword arts would compete with.

The black sword had been covered by a black light and smoke right now. As the Black Artist stabbed out with a sword attack, its sword light traveled like a floating dragon. There was no pattern nor routine to its movement, and even warriors who were at his level would not be able to avoid this sword attack; their bodies would be punctured through and shattered by the sword light.

"What a scary attack! It is impossible to see the route it travels in."

"Dragons are legendary creatures. I have heard that when dragons fly in the sky, although you might be able to see them with your naked eyes, it would be impossible to ever get close, not to mention touch them. It is as if they exist in another realm. The Black Dragon Wave, as a profound sense martial art, would naturally be different from the normal martial arts, using the word 'dragon' to boost its aura. Obviously, it was added after some thoughts; so even if this martial art has nothing to do with black dragons, there must be some relation to normal dragons at the very least."

"Ye Chen is going to lose!"

"Losing because of this sword attack is not shameful."

Not a single person at the audience seating was voting for Ye Chen, even if he had gotten the slight upper hand from the beginning, all the way until now. However, the critical moment deciding the result of the battle between sword artists was always short, just like this. Having the upper hand meant nothing; no matter how powerful and how great-looking an attack was, it would only take one sword attack for one's rightful opponent to take them down.

It was cruel, and it was also very real.

Right then, even warriors on Ye Chen's side like Li Daoxuan and Tuo Baku had started to worry about him. Mu Lingfeng could not even control his emotion anymore as his palm shattered the handle of his chair.

Facing this almost invisible sword attack, a light smile appeared on the corner of Ye Chen's mouth. He flipped his green wood sword and placed it behind his back. His left hand suddenly took out the thunder sword from the other side of his body, then he threw out a sword attack back up towards the incoming sword light. His sword light flew back up, wrapping around his opponent's weird sword light.

Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!

It was a movement that he had figured out just now unexpectedly. Even if it had been a short period of time, he had already understood it to an almost perfect level.


The second that shocked expression appeared on Black Sword Artist's face, he could feel a sharp pain on his chest. Blood dyed his eyes red, and all he could feel afterwards was the warmth on his face and the numbness running through his whole body.

Time seemed to have stopped. He did not know why, but the conversation he had with Ye Chen started running in his head. "This blood might not be from me... it might be yours..."