Chapter 455: Ye Chen’s Battle (Part Four)

 Chapter 455: Ye Chen's Battle (Part Four)

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"Did I sense it wrong? It was spirit level sword intent, wasn't it?"

"Indeed, it was the sword spirit level sword intent. Did he really learn how to form a real sword spirit already? I remember that forming a sword spirit for sword artists is harder than for warriors to form martial spirit. A lot of sword artists had not been able to achieve it even after reaching the Sea of Souls Realm."

"The attacking power of the sword intent is already more powerful than the martial intent, and now that there is even a difference of a realm, it was not unreasonable for Wang Chi to lose to Ye Chen."

It was like a tornado sweeping through the area as all of the young warriors present started to chat passionately.

Over at the Thunder Region, Mo Xiang looked towards Thunder Princess with a shocked expression as he asked, "Did he really develop a sword spirit?" The meaning behind was too heavy, since only the Edict Prince had managed to do so in the whole South Region; even the Thunder Princess had not managed to achieve it yet.

The Thunder Princess shook her head, "Although it seemed as powerful as a sword spirit level sword intent judging on power, but after sensing more carefully, there is some tiny difference after all. If I have guessed it right, he must have learned attributed sword intent, which is a couple of times stronger than normal sword intent."

"Attributed sword intent!"

Mo Xiang exchanged a look with Yin Zongli, both of whom looked extra serious now.

All of the warriors from the young generation here would be roughly separated into three different level. Without exaggerating, Ye Chen could already be put in the third level, since the advantage he had from the sword spirit would be hard for most of the warriors there to compete with.

"Attributed sword intent!"

Besides Mo Xiang and Yin Zongli, the two teenagers in black robes sitting right next to Sikong Sheng were also shocked. As one of the Seven Yes from the Evil Emperor Pavilion, they were all quite well-educated. Thus, they had naturally noticed that Ye Chen had not achieved the actual sword spirit completely yet, and the reason why this sword intent was so powerful was because it carried an extremely strong killing intent.

"No wonder you think so highly of him. It turns out he is not a normal sword artist." The seventh Ye let out a breath slowly as he said to Sikong Sheng.

Sikong Sheng knocked on the table and said, "I already knew that beating him would not be easy couple of years ago. And now, the power he has revealed so far still is not enough to surprise me. I hope he still has more coming. Otherwise, it will be simply dull."

"Hehe... What a madman!"

The sixth Ye and the seventh Ye were forced to chuckle.

On the stage, the conditions of Ye Chen and Wang Chi were utterly different.

Ye Chen still looked like when he just stepped onto the stage, extremely relaxed, wearing his sword around his waist, without any dust on his clothing. On the other side, Wang Chi looked rather awful- his clothes were torn open while blood dripped out the corner of his mouth. His hair were even messed up by the wind; his old look and reputation seemed to have disappeared altogether.


Without being able to force out the whole sentence, Wang Chi puked out another mouthful of blood.

He was angered out of his mind. Before, he had confidently said that he would beat Ye Chen with only one attack, leaving him no chance to fight back. It would still be okay if he did not manage to realize his words, but he somehow got knocked out by one sword attack. That dramatic ending was definitely a slap on his face, making his head spin. He kind of wished to somehow wake up from this nightmare.

"How is it possible? How can I lose to him? It is impossible! It should not be! I am the number one young warrior of the Wavy Cloud Region, and he is only a warrior from the South Rudra Region!" After puking out the blood, Wang Chi was drowned in thoughts as even his pupils lost their focus.

Ye Chen sighed. 'Is it really that embarrassing to be beaten by me?'

"Wang Chi, you have lost. Why aren't you stepping off the stage?" The Thunder Princess reminded Wang Chi so he would not embarrass himself more than he already had, since he represented the whole of Wavy Cloud Region after all.

Hearing her, Wang Chi stood up, although a bit lost.

Over at the Gold Sand Region, the Astral Spirit son sneered, "What a loser! Not only did he lose the battle, but also his reputation."

"Hehe!" The purple-haired beautiful lady sitting right next to him laughed, "The reality is always different from imagination. It would be reasonable to feel disoriented. However, this Ye Chen is indeed not simple. He has beaten the whole of Wavy Cloud Region with his own power, bringing the South Rudra Region to the second level. Even if someone in the future beats him, his efforts will not be forgotten."

"Wang Chi... Why linger?"

Right then, the Edict Prince started talking. His voice had the power to wake people up and bring them to the bright side. Whoever heard him suddenly felt extra clear, without any impure thoughts. Similarly, after Wang Chi heard him, his messy mind slowly started to brighten up again, helping him regain his normal self.

A blush appeared on his face - he knew that the prince had helped him so he would not embarrass himself more. Hence, he greeted him with both of his fists in front, "Thank you!"

The latter sighed, "Losing is normal for a warrior. If you want to not lose in life, then you will have to have the spirit to continue battling. This time, you have lost completely. Go down now."

"Yes!" Wang Chi had a bad look on his face. As he walked past Ye Chen, he whispered, "You have won this time. But next time, I will definitely not lose again."

Ye Chen did not speak a word. Beating his opponent was already enough, so there was no need to further attack his confidence.

"Head disciple has lost?"

Huang Kaishan looked even sadder than Wang Chi. During the Blue Mountain competition, he had already lost to Ye Chen without a chance to fight back. He thought that in this tea gathering, his head disciple would have the chance to beat Ye Chen, and he would be able to see the latter losing for once. But somehow, destiny seemed to be on Ye Chen's side, as even his hero head disciple had lost to the latter, and that too so easily as well.

"I think it is best not to mess with him anymore. We don't have what it takes."

Huang Kaishan decided that he would let Ye Chen go. In fact, he would not even dare to mess with him at all; otherwise, even Wang Chi would not be able to save him.

"Sister Feng is right. It seems like even the head disciple's feelings are not as accurate as my sister Feng!" Qing Zhu joked at Ling Hanye, who was standing in front.

The latter forced a chuckle, "I have seen it wrong. Since even Wang Chi is not his opponent, then I would not be able to beat him either. He can be considered to be in the third level for sure."

There were not many warriors in the third level. There were three to four of them from the whole thunder region, two to three from the light region while two to three from the Gold Sand Region; others from all other regions would amount to one to two together. Some regions did not even have one. And even now with Ye Chen being in it, there were still not many of them. However, there must be more hidden ones present, since the highlight of the tea gathering had not started yet.

"Ye Chen has won. Our South Rudra Region's reputation is about to reach beyond the Wavy Cloud Region!" Mu Lingfeng was very excited, seeming even happier than Ye Chen for beating Wang Chi.

Tuo Baku chuckled, "Watch it carefully! It will be you guys in the next tea gathering."

"Yes! I will try harder!"

Before, Mu Lingfeng was still kind of proud, thinking that he was no less than others. The only regret he had was not battling with Ye Chen and the others in the Hidden Dragon Rank competition. But now, he finally knew that wanting to get to even Yan Chihuo and Li Daoxuan's level would need him to train so hard already. And in order to get to Ye Chen's level, it might even take him forever.

In the little pavilion on the side, Li Daoxuan said, "He is still way ahead of us after all. If we want to catch up with him, it might take us forever."

Yan Chihuo said seriously, "Even if it takes forever, we will have to try."

"Ye Chen is one, but there is another person we will have to chase after. Don't forget, he is the only warrior in the whole South Rudra Region who is at Ye Chen's level." Li Daoxuan looked at Sikong Sheng, who was wearing black. He was even more mysterious than a couple of years ago. It was all because of Ye Chen, who had pushed Sikong Sheng this far; even Li Daoxuan would have to admit the courage and endurance he possessed.

Yan Chihuo also glanced at Sikong Sheng, then said, "Having someone to chase after is better than having nobody. Especially, this opportunity to meet other martial geniuses is really precious."

Li Daoxuan nodded, "Indeed! Chasing after their footsteps will allow us to grow faster. I also believe that since we are able to chase after them, then we will also be able to chase after the world as well."

Li Daoxuan asked himself if he would still be this powerful without the existence of Ye Chen. But, he knew that the answer would be no, since only with pressure would people move forward.

Having beaten Wang Chi, Ye Chen had already won three times in a row. His reputation could compare to Mo Xiang already at this point.

"Why isn't he preparing to leave? Is he preparing to battle all the way through?"

"How reckless! Although Wang Chi is quite powerful, but there are more warriors here who are more powerful than him... especially in the Thunder Region, Light Region, and the Gold Sand Region. Their top five warriors are all more powerful than Wang Chi."

"It seems like three wins in a row have boosted his ego too much, knowing that it would not be this easy to become famous."

"Hehe... We will just have to wait and see. There would be someone going up there to wake him up. I wonder though, who else other than the Thunder Princess and the Astral Spirit son would go up there."

Seeing that Ye Chen did not seem to want to leave yet, a lot of the warriors were a bit pissed off. They all thought that he was being arrogant and disrespectful to the others.

Ye Chen did not know what the others were thinking, and he would not care even if he did. He continued to stay not for challenging the top three dragon level top warriors, since it was a martial tea gathering and not a platform competition. Even if one wanted to challenge someone, one would have to see whether he or she was in the mood for it or not.

The reason he stayed was because he wanted to lift the South Rudra Region to the top level.

After it was done, he would then not join any of the battles in this level, as the others would no longer think so low of South Rudra Region anymore.

"Huh! It was just Wang Chi. I, the Black Sword Artist, will come challenge you!"

A teenager with a black sword and black robes flew towards Ye Chen. Besides that sharp sword aura that he carried, there was also a wave of evil qi that seemed to want to devour people. It would be the kind of evil qi created when thousands upon thousands of people had been killed brutally. The evil qi had been infused with his sword aura, creating this illusion that made people confused.

It was indeed the ranked number one sword artist, who also had the title of being the fourth ranked warrior, of the Black Gold Region. There had been rumors that he was as powerful as Wang Chi and Ling Hanye, so his power would be more powerful than the other warriors from the Black Gold Region.

"You are a sword user, and I am also a sword artist. I would like to see who is more powerful and deadlier." The Black Sword Artist was very confident in his own sword arts, since he knew that his sword arts were completely different from the others. They only existed for killing, and he believed that killing should be the ultimate goal for training sword arts.


Right after talking, he pulled out that huge black sword from his back and waved out a sword attack.


The platform was shattered as the black sword light shot out along with that sharp killing vibe. Wherever it passed, a wind storm had been brought up.

"What? The Black Sword Artist has also learned the Killing Sword Intent!"

"No wonder he is this confident!"

Without learning the killing sword intent, the Black Sword Artist's power was just at Wang Chi's level. But after comprehending it, Wang Chi could no longer be his rightful opponent. Black Gold Region was thought to be slightly weaker than the Wavy Cloud and the Snow Region. But, now that the Black Sword Artist had stepped out, it proved that the Black Gold Region was definitely more powerful than the other two.

As his body flashed to avoid the sword light, Ye Chen was a bit surprised. It was his first time facing other people's attributed sword intent. It was not hard to tell that the Black Sword Artist was more powerful than Wang Chi.