Chapter 454: Ye Chen’s Battle (Part Three)

 Chapter 454: Ye Chen's Battle (Part Three)

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The head disciple of the Snowy Martial School, Ling Hanye, revealed an interested expression, "With Wang Chi on stage, perhaps we will be able to see something."

The battle was still going on, and even he could not tell who would win or lose for sure.

Wang Chi was rather powerful, no weaker than himself.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen also seemed quite powerful, as well as mysterious; no one really knew exactly how powerful he was. Therefore, he would not be that easy to take on. According to him, this battle would have a fifty-fifty winning chance for both of them, which was unlike most people who had thought that Ye Chen would definitely lose.

"Sister Feng, who do you think would win?" Qing Zhu asked Feng Yanrou.

Feng Yanrou said with a low voice, "I think, Ye Chen."


Qing Zhu was not that surprised. Regardless of whether she admitted it or not, Ye Chen was indeed powerful. Winning one hundred times in a row in the Blue Mountain was a proof of that. On the contrary, it was Ling Hanye who was rather surprised at what Feng Yanrou had just said. He was already quite impressed by Ye Chen and was on his side, but she was even more admiring of Ye Chen.

"You are quite powerful... But, that is it. You cannot be my opponent." Wang Chi had already trained an entry level martial spirit two years ago. Right now, his martial spirit had already reached its breaking point; with a slight step forward, he would be able to develop a true martial spirit. Besides that, the Earth Realm top rank martial arts he had trained had already reached beyond the peak of the thirteenth level. Plus, he had learned a profound sense martial art, which he had already trained to forty percent. With all of these top skills, Wang Chi did not think Ye Chen would be a rightful opponent for him. His opponent would be Ling Hanye and the Beast Prince, Mo Xiang. Only these people would make him use all of his power. Ye Chen would only be a little tricky to battle for him, and that would be it.

The corners of Ye Chen's mouth were lifted up a little, "You will change your mind soon."

"Oh yeah? I would like to see if you have got what it takes. Red Water Godly Fist!"

Wang Chi's eyes turned cold. Within a second, he used both of his hands to perform the exclusive martial art of the Red Water Martial School, the Red Water Godly Fist. That fist art in Wang Chi's hand was more powerful than the one used by Huang Kaishan. That rich fist power was like an ocean, one wave being more powerful than the previous one.

"Green Lotus Mountain!"

Ye Chen was not afraid of that fist power. As his feet touched the surface of the ground, lightning shot out furiously. When he was midair and midway towards his opponent, he held his Green Wood Sword above his head before waving it down vertically. The next second, that sword light containing the exploding power of that sky-enveloping green lotus tore apart the air, bringing down that mountain-breaking power towards its opponent.

A world-shocking sound was heard as Wang Chi's fist power was shattered by the sword light while the latter also scattered amidst the exploding wave.

In this first exchange of attacks, Ye Chen obtained a slightly upper hand.

"Not bad! You are worthy for me to be slightly serious." The expression on Wang Chi's face did not change since it was in his expectation for Ye Chen to have such power. If that were not the case, then he would be disappointed at his own judgment.

Raising his Zhen yuan to another level, Wang Chi bended his knees a little, then his whole body shot up into the sky. He threw out a fist attack towards Ye Chen while he was in the air. There were no tricks with this fist attack; it was just a bit faster and stronger than the last. With the enhancement of the water mentality, the fist power seemed to carry a purple lightning, which would be a sign that the power powerful enough to bring together natural electricity in the air.

Facing this extremely powerful fist attack, Ye Chen simply shook his sword, stabbing out his Green Wood Sword horizontally. A dot of sword light accumulated at the tip of the sword, eventually turning into a green lotus before shooting out again.


A slight numbing sound was heard as the fist power from Wang Chi had disappeared entirely with the green lotus formed by the sword light. The water splashes that spilled everywhere along with the sword light created a strange-looking fountain, shooting out water and qi in all different directions. Just this blasting wave alone would be able to kill a considerable fraction of normal Astral Reaching Realm warriors.

Wang Chi's body that was flying away turned suddenly; he not only managed to get rid of that aggressive exploding power, but also managed to turn it into a huge swirl which he could dive down through like an eagle, with both of his hands extended wide open.

"Strong Water Swirl!"

He threw out another fist attack. All of the natural water element in the air was sucked up, spinning along with that crazy fist power and turning into a continuously-compressing flat swirl. It was so condensed and sharp that a sharp breaking sound was heard as it sliced through the air.

It was indeed the last movement of the Red Water Godly Fist Art, which was equivalent to a profound sense martial art trained up to thirty percent. Wang Chi performed it perfectly, which made it even more powerful.

"Sky Thunder Cut!"

Right then, the Body Shadow Separating Flying Art would not be able to save him from the attack, since the aggressive sucking power from the Strong Water Swirl would attack everything that was not powerful enough. Therefore, it would be the best option for Ye Chen to attack the swirl itself from the best angle in order to stop it with force.

So, Ye Chen used his sword steps, turning his own body into a sword while stabbing at the right side of the Strong Water Swirl. At the same time, the Green Wood Sword in his hand had been replaced with the Thunder Sword suddenly, which had been held by both of his hands tightly together. He lifted it up closer to his chest, slicing through the swirl.


All of these movements had been done within a tiny fraction of a second. Once his sword sliced through, the sword light flashed with an electrical light and exploded inside the Strong Water Swirl.

"What? You broke it?" Wang Chi's pupil shrank to pinpoints.

"Take a sword attack of mine."

After breaking the Strong Water Swirl with one sword attack, Ye Chen did not stop; instead, he threw out countless sword lights towards Wang Chi along with his own body.

"Piss off!"

Wang Chi used both of his fists as his fist aura was pushed to the peak within a second. He gave people the feeling that he was a broken-down dam that used to contain all of the water, which was now all pouring out unstoppably.

Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin!

The power of the fist and the sword kept clashing together, bringing up bright sparks. The burning qi flow had scratched down the surface of the platform layer by layer before shooting in all directions.

The Thunder Sword was bent at shocking angle when Ye Chen suddenly bounced away, using two fingers to shoot out two beams of sword qi which continually shot into the sky while creating a huge slicing sound.

"Not good!"

Wang Chi had not expected Ye Chen to be able to shoot out sword qi with only his fingers, so he only managed to punch out one fist attack to shatter the first beam of sword qi, while the second beam broke into his protective Zhen yuan layer, slicing out a string of blood.

"What? The Red Water Man was wounded by a beam of sword qi from Ye Chen?"

"Shooting out sword qi with only physical hand is indeed surprising."

"Have you guys noticed? Ever since the beginning, Ye Chen has managed to get the slight upper hand. No matter how much power Wang Chi decides to use, he is not able to change that fact."

"Does that mean that Wang Chi is not Ye Chen's rightful opponent at all?"

Most of the people had their mouths wide open, not knowing what exactly to say.

Over at where the warriors from the Thunder Region sat, Mo Xiang touched his chin and laughed "I guess what I said outside the city is now only laughing material."

The Thunder Princess glanced at him, "What laughing material?"

"Nothing. It was just a small mistake... I had treated him as a normal powerful warrior." Mo Xiang knew that he was more powerful than Wang Chi, so even if Ye Chen had beaten him only by a little bit, he knew that Ye Chen would not be much weaker than himself.

"It was just a little mistake. No one is perfect, so if this mistake is within an acceptable margin, then why do you need to care about it?" The speaker was a different-looking teenager who wore a tight long robe and a gold crown. He had narrow eyes and the expression of a player.

Mo Xiang chuckled and said, "It seems that young leader Yin has the confidence to take him down, eh?"

The young leader he mentioned was indeed the leader-to-be of the rank 5 martial institution Shining Martial School, Yin Zongli; the current leader was his great grandfather. As the decedent of a Life and Death Realm warrior, Yin Zongli had great potential, as well as a top comprehensive ability.

In fact, within the southern region, warriors with king warrior bloodline were not that rare. The key was to see whether the warriors would be able to reach their full potential.

"You too." Yin Zongli looked very relaxed, almost a bit lazy.

The martial tea gathering had the concept of battling for learning, so the Thunder Princess was already planning to announce the result of the battle when Wang Chi yelled, "Princess Jing, we have not reached a result yet!"

Thunder Princess said, "Wang Chi, losing should be normal for warriors. No need to linger or dwell on losses."

Wang Chi argued, "It was me being careless. Judging me solely on my carelessness would be unfair. Don't worry! I will only need one more movement, then I will be able to beat him!"

"Alright then." Thunder Princess nodded.

Looking back at Ye Chen, Wang Chi's pupil slowly turned red, "Very well! I did not think that I would be wounded by you just by being careless. But, if you think that you can against win me for sure, then you will be proven horribly wrong. With the next attack, I will make you lose with no arguments left."

Ye Chen did not care for it as he answered, "Alright! I will battle with you as you wish."

Ye Chen's relaxed attitude had completely aggravated Wang Chi. The latter did not speak another word as his aura became like water pouring from a broken tap - continuously pouring out unstoppably. It continued to grow richer and richer while rubbing against each other, creating a huge exploding sound. Waves after waves of water swirls spread out in the whole area.

"Water Beast Wavy Fist Attack!"

Wang Chi's ultimate ace attack was naturally the low rank profound sense martial art from his Red Water Martial School, the Water Beast Wavy Fist Attack. What was different from Huang Kaishan was that he had already trained it to forty percent, so its power would be even more powerful than the Strong Water Swirl.

After raising his Zhen yuan to its peak, Wang Chi threw out eighteen fist attacks at Ye Chen in a row. Each fist attack was like a swirl; with eighteen of them filling up the air, there seemed to be no escaping route for Ye Chen.

All of the swirls fused with each other until only six huge ones were left, forming into a star-shaped attack that flew towards where Ye Chen was standing.

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped.

"The Water Beast Wavy Fist has increased my battle power by three times. It combines both defense, attack, and targeting at the same time. I want to see how you plan to block this out."

After the battle from before, Wang Chi knew very well what kind of power Ye Chen had got; so he thought that the latter would not be able to block it out for sure. Even if it were him on the receiving end, he did not have the full confidence to block it out. Once he used his Water Beast Wavy Fist Attack, winning against even warriors who were stronger than him was a piece of cake. And here, Ye Chen was just as powerful as him.

Facing that horrifying incoming attack, Ye Chen maintained his expressionless look, "Do you think that was all I have got? I never liked using all my power to take down opponents. For me, using techniques to win is far more fun."

Meanwhile, his sword intent skyrocketed.

The space around him started to twist slightly, so much so that no one could see his body clearly. All of a sudden, that twisting area disappeared to the side as Ye Chen took a step forward, throwing out one sword towards the incoming humongous swirls. That sword light was tilted slightly without any tricks, but the sword intent it carried was enough to shock everyone there, since it had reached beyond every Astral Reaching Realm warrior's margin of acceptance; it was indeed at the Souls of Seas Realm. Under the enhancement of that extreme sword intent, that sword attack was incomprehensibly fast and heavy.

The mentality that had been created by the Water Beast Wavy Fist Attack was broken within a second.


A thick beam of electrical light shot out as Wang Chi's fist power was entirely shattered while he even puked out couple drops of blood.