Chapter 453: Ye Chen’s Battle (Part 2)

 Chapter 453: Ye Chen's Battle (Part 2)

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Without caring about everyone's shock, Ye Chen touched the ground with his toes and flew out like an intangible blue cloud, appearing in front of Wang Lin within a second.

"I will be your opponent."

Wang Lin examined Ye Chen, sensing that Ye Chen had an aura of lightness. That longsword of Ye Chen told him that the latter was a sword artist.

'Perhaps there were two top sword artists from the South Rudra Region!'

Wang Lin chuckled and said to Ye Chen, "Whatever you have got, bring it on!"

Ye Chen smiled lightly. He did not say another word; instead, he touched the handle of the sword with his right hand. He took it out, threw out an attack, then put it back in. The three movements became one, fast like lightning.


That half-moon-shaped sword qi suddenly landed on the blade which Wang Lin had just taken out of its scabbard. A bright, fiery light shot out towards another direction, looking like a sickle.

Wang Lin's body bent as both of his feet scrubbed on the ground, sliding out for hundreds of meters. He looked shocked at first and then enlightened, eventually looking extra serious.

"Using qi to enhance the top part of the sword." Thunder Princess parted her blood-red lips and slowly spoke out the words.

There were three realms for taking out sword and throwing out attacks. The first one would be using the body to enhance the effect of the sword attack; the second would be using qi to enhance the sword, while the third realm would be using intent to enhance the sword. Being able to reach the second realm would already make one stand among the top sword artists. However, there were three different levels within the second realm: the lower level would be entry level, which would not be smooth enough; at the middle level, the sword artist would be able to reach quite a smooth and subtle level, without any mistakes; however, the top level ones would be able to put the two together to the extent where the sword would be qi and the qi would become the sword. The warrior would be able to do whatever he or she liked in a battle then.

Once Ye Chen took out his sword, he had told everyone there that his sword was no weaker than Li Daoxuan, and was actually way more powerful.

"I cannot believe that there is another top sword artist in the South Rudra Region! No, that is not right! He is way more powerful than the last one. He has performed the top sharpness of a sword artist. If it were not for Wang Lin's good luck, that sword attack would have wounded him badly."

"Yes! If Wang Lin were a little bit more careless, then that sword qi would not have been blocked so easily."

Like roiling water, everyone started to discuss passionately.

"Could it be a coincidence?" Wang Lin could feel that his opponent somehow knew that he was about to take out his blade. Otherwise, it would just be unbelievable; he just could not make up his mind.

'I shall not be careless.'

Wang Lin looked extra serious, already treating Ye Chen as his top competitor. Without one hundred and twenty percent of effort, he might very likely lose this battle.

He walked back to where he was before step by step while that blade aura from him grew stronger and stronger. When he stepped out the last step, that blade aura of his exploded aggressively. As that blade in his hand was waved out, thousands of blade lights were shot out, each as fast as lightning, blocking out every potential escape route for Ye Chen.

Wang Lin had treated Ye Chen as his top opponent, so he used his deadliest attack from the very beginning.

Facing this horrifying attack with a wide coverage, Ye Chen looked exactly the same as he held his Green Lotus Sword with his right hand, waving it out from left to right. All of a sudden, countless beams of sword qi spread out the whole area, continuously shattering all of the incoming blade lights.

Unlike the two on the stage, all of the audiences were forced to move around because the clashes of the blade light and the sword qi had created quite a few blasting waves. Even though one such wave did not mean much, but they just kept coming. If the crowd did not try to block them out, then all of the platforms would have been blown away and shattered into pieces; the nice environment would be damaged as well.

Just as everyone was trying their best to protect the surroundings, Wang Lin attacked again. His whole body jumped into the sky as he held the long blade with both his hands. A single blade attack was thrown out with an extremely aggressive aura; it was like he wanted to ruin all of the platforms and everything within.


The platform shook gently as all of the top white jade turned into pieces and flew into the sky. That reckless blade light continuously spread out, attacking towards Ye Chen.

"I see! What an aggressive blade attack!"

Ye Chen had naturally realized how unusual this blade attack was. It contained the twisting and pouring power of fire. Once touched, no matter how powerful the protective Zhen Yuan was, it would find it impossible to block it out. It would be torn apart and destroyed completely while the warrior behind it would also be wounded badly.

"Shadow Explosion!"

It had been a lot time since Ye Chen had used his Body Shadow Movement Art. It was not that this movement art's time was over, but there was simply less chance for him to use it. Also, because of the fact that he had not used it for a long time, he managed to walk out of his old routine where he always used his movement art to escape and attack his opponents. Seeing that the blade light was about to reach him, Ye Chen's body shook once before countless black shadows shot out towards different directions. A lot of them clashed together, which increase their speed and allowed them to escape from the attacking zone of the blade light.


A huge hole appeared where Ye Chen was standing just now. The bottom part of the hole was very tough, as it had the thunder-patterned iron that could absorb thunder and resolve the blasting power of Zhen yuan. It was indeed because of its presence that the Thunder Princess decided to hold the martial tea gathering here.

Seeing that his blade attack did not manage to hit its target, Wang Lin became more alert as he hurried to fall back.

Unfortunately, he was too slow after all. That blue sword light had broken open his protective Zhen yuan layer one step earlier. Following that, his body was blown into the sky while he was backing out. The attack was obviously Ye Chen, who had just revealed his real body.


Ye Chen put back his Green Lotus Sword.

"I would like to know your name."

Wang Lin looked at Ye Chen meaningfully and asked.

"Ye Chen!"

"Ye Chen... I will remember it. You are one of the top three young sword artists that I have ever met." Wang Lin held his fists together to greet Ye Chen before going back to his own seat.

After winning against Wang Lin, Ye Chen's reputation had cemented amongst the crowd once again. In addition, the South Rudra Region became more and more glorious because of him, and even reaching to the second level seemed quite possible.

Everyone thought that after Wang Lin, who was ranked third in the Wavy Cloud Region, had lost, Duan Linyun, who was ranked second, would come on the stage. But, no one had expected to see him sitting still. He seemed to have no desire to take on Ye Chen. After seeing Duan Linyun's attitude, Red Water Minor Man would also not go down there to take on Ye Chen.

"I am Wu Feihan from the Gold Sand Region. I would like to battle with you."

Wu Feihan was a young warrior ranked fourth in the Gold Sand Region. Being able to be ranked in the top four in one of the top three powerful regions, his power would surely be greater than the third ranked warrior of the Wavy Cloud Region. Even Duan Linyun, who was ranked the second, might not be as powerful as the former.

Once he stepped out, he threw out waves of shockingly powerful heat towards Ye Chen as an unbearably bright light continuously poured out.

Facing that burning hot palm power, Ye Chen only threw out one sword attack. Once it had been thrown out, that heat wave suddenly disappeared, and a corner of Wu Feihan's clothes had been cut down.

"Six Suns Form One!"

Wu Feihan was shocked at the outcome, so he performed his killing attack unconsciously.

Six sun-like burning hot palm attacks formed into one bright, huge palm, bringing out a layer of golden halo. The halo shock once, shooting out qi waves in different directions. The top rank white jade on the surface of the ground started to melt as they attacked towards Ye Chen, who was standing not too far away along with his great aura.

"Sky Thunder Cut!"

That burning hot, golden colored, huge palm seemed so unbreakable, but Ye Chen's Sky Thunder Cut could cut through mid rank great weapons; not to mention huge palms made of Zhen yuan, which looked extra fragile at this moment.


All five fingers of the huge palms were cut off by that single sword attack.

"What?" Wu Feihan was shocked, and he threw out another palm attack.


But, the palm power was shattered yet again. In the next instant, Ye Chen held his Thunder Sword and arrived in front of Wu Feihan after a couple of flashes, before throwing out a sword attack.

Wu Feihan hurried to form a layer of thick, protective Zhen yuan which was made with compressed fire element Zhen yuan. Any objects that touched it would be bounced back by that explosive power. He was confident that it would block out Ye Chen's attack.

However, he had underestimated the sword speed and the sharpness of the Sky Thunder Cut. That highly compressed protective Zhen yuan layer looked like red crystals as one pitch black crack appeared on it.

"I lost!" Wu Feihan took a deep breath; he was rather shocked.

As Wu Feihan gave up, warriors from different regions started to chat excitedly.

"Wow! How impressive! He has already beaten two top young warriors. It is quite something for the South Rudra Region."

"Wang Lin and Wu Feihan are both not weak. One is ranked top three in the Wavy Cloud Region, while the another is ranked fourth in the Gold Sand Region. They both belong to the second level already."

"I cannot understand the South Rudra Region at all. In the last tea gathering, only one of them was here. And this year, there are seventeen of them, amongst which, Yan Chihuo, Li Daoxuan, and Ye Chen are all so powerful. Is it possible that they were all very weak two years ago?"

"No way! Growing that much within only two years of time?"


Inside the Wavy Cloud Region...

Red Water Minor Warrior asked Duan Linyun via Zhen yuan, "Why don't you go and challenge him?"

"Why should I?" Duan Linyun asked.

"Huh! Are you perhaps afraid of him?" The former sneered.

"You don't need to worry about what I think. If you want, then go and challenge him." Duan Linyun knew that Ye Chen had not even used his real power yet. He was not a fool who would go on even while knowing that he would lose. As for the Red Water Minor Warrior, it would be good for him to taste failure once in a while.

The latter had no idea that Duan Linyun had already lost to Ye Chen before, and the fact was that even the Ghost Moon Spirit Warrior would not be able to touch Ye Chen.

"I, Wang Chi from the Wavy Cloud Region, would like to challenge you!"

Wang Chi in his red robes flew out onto the stage. It was not because what Duan Linyun had said, but solely because he felt like it. Although Ye Chen seemed tricky to take on, he felt that he had a chance still. Once succeeded, his next target would be Ling Hanye from the Snowy Region.

Once he decided to challenge Ye Chen, the whole place was filled in chatters once again.

Although some of the warriors who were on the stage before were already quite powerful, but they obviously could not compete with Wang Chi. Since he was ranked number one in the whole Wavy Cloud Region, his reputation was obviously not weak. He would be ranked in the top fifteen, or even top ten in the whole southern region. It would not be too big of a stretch to list him as a top level warrior.

Therefore, Wang Chi would definitely be one of the top warriors amongst everyone there. He was not someone Wang Lin and Wu Feihan could compete with.

"I did not expect to see Wang Chi to take on Ye Chen. This all is moving so fast!"

"As the ace warrior representing the Wavy Cloud Region, he should come during the end battles of the top warriors. Coming out now is indeed too early."

"This Ye Chen is quite good. If it were not Wang Chi competing with him, he might have been able to win a couple of more battles. What a pity!"

"Although there is a huge possibility for him to lose, the South Rudra Region managing to come all this way is already quite impressive."

There was barely anyone who thought that Ye Chen had a chance to win, since the Wavy Cloud Region was a huge region after all. Wang Chi was indeed the top warrior of the region, so it would be impossible for him to be weaker than Ye Chen. How could that be possible?